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    Hello,I have met a woman that is interested to coming tovisit me from Ukraine,she states that she has visited a travel agency that will do all her paperwork and prepare her visa to to the embassy for a chance to come here to USA,all she needs is 3 photos and our letters,the catch is I ahve to pay the agency which will cost 1210$ us,Is this possible or am I being taken?
    Female Scammers from Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Philippines

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    You are being taken. She must be a high-end western company employee or running her own business to get a visa, especially when we are a talking Ukranian woman. Otherwise, she has 0 chances and she knows it.
    Oh, and it does not cost that much!

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    DiscoDuck; Please go to the US consulate website (or your countries) to find out the actual requirements for a Visa to the US. If this agency acts in your name,you may be an accomplice in fraud. Atourist visa will not require any pictures of you. a fiance visa will require financial statements from you and pictures of you and her together! The cost of all visas is $100.Most real women would prefer that you come to vist them. But Do not send money.

    Randolph J Peters

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    Are you stupid man? Take the $1210 and get on a plane and meet her first.

    This is stupid. Yes she is a scam.

    You NEVER bring her over without first meeting her in her country.

    What part of the above do you not understand?




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