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Comments by Nils on 11/8/2007 at 07:23

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Rbrides have allot of scammers and they do not delete them!
I have written to them and reportet but nothing is happening and I get bored of this site so DO not go there.


Comments by valentine on 11/6/2007 at 19:20

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has anyone ever delt with valentine from gubukha russia. last name monasova. if you send her money. she uses her friend Irina Pokochailo to pick up funds by western union. she says she is going through travel company. never mentioned name. she has on her own given me her address. copy of her passport. and a copy of a flight ticket.just want to see if this sounds famaliar to anyone. trying to see if she is ligit. every name she gives. address and so on. even tried to run her passport across this website. in the database search. I shows nothing matches on file. if anybody heard of her. please let me know.

Russian Federation

Comments by Mark Ferguson on 11/1/2007 at 15:10

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Appreciate any info anyone has to share about Russian Marriage Websites.

United States

Comments by Frank G. on 11/1/2007 at 11:58

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I`m very glad about your Homepage!!!!! You make a great job and it helps me very much!!!!!!! Thx


Comments by Julian on 10/29/2007 at 13:06

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I am just browsing but am sure you are doing a good job for all the people genuinely looking for a soul mate.
Keep up the good work.


Comments by alan on 10/28/2007 at 07:23

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i would like to know if anyone knows who is aliyah davis is on the new scammers site love to find out she is on babyboomers black planet as bentbrendy and lovewithcare01 and baby boomers as tammy4luv her email is all on yahoo thanks guys watch out for her

United States

Comments by Heherson on 10/27/2007 at 17:02

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Thank you very much for this site. I did not realize I was exchanging email with a scammer until I googled her school and the first site that appeared was stop-scammers. I couldn't believe i was reading the email she sent me on here. hahaha. Good thing I found this out out so early. Great!

United States

Comments by Prefer not to say on 10/26/2007 at 02:24

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This is one of the greatest site i have come's great help for all the guys out there.i was been scammed i thought to register on this site. help from this site i planned to bust some scammeres.i have found a very inteligent scammere.who uses handler name as CATHERINES92. i like warn all guys out there about her.u name it, she will b there in each and every dating be carefull . and keep up the good work STOP-SCAMMERES.good luck.


Comments by Kobus on 10/26/2007 at 01:46

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Part 1: After posting my earlier message in this guest book, I realized that I was unfair to many true and honest ladies on various dating sites. I posted my profile on only two dating sites. Within a month my profile was on 7 dating sites – how it happened, I will not know. Ladies do have no control what the web masters of these dating web sites have done in my case. I want to state my point of view more clearly as what I did during my first guest book inscription. I am in my filthiest and when a lady of 30 years and younger initiate a correspondence with me, I do not trust her seriousness with me, no matter from which site she is writing. And when she kept on writing to me without any response from my side, I just deleted the mail without reading it. I also do not like the fact that ladies upload their best pictures of years back on dating sites and when it comes to the crunch they posted new photos where you will see a total different person. This is dishonesty.

South Africa

Comments by Jim Mac Fadden on 10/22/2007 at 22:28

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Great Site,Think i have put a few Scammers in here too.


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