1. Select "Search options",
2. In the drop-down menu choose "Search scammers by age" option.
3. Select age range: from ... to ...
How To Search Scammers B Age How To Search Scammers By Age How To Search Scammers By Age

4. You can choose as many countries as you want - check "All countries" option OR scroll down and check only countries you are interested in OR start typing country name and then add it to the list.
5. Press "Go" button.
How To Search Scammers B Age How To Search Scammers By Age How To Search Scammers By Age

6. On "Search scammers by age" results page you'll see scammers with specific age range and from specific countries only.
7. You can view "Search scammers by age" gallery in 4 ways:
a) "Show newest first" (default option) - show profiles in descending order - from newest to oldest according to insert/update date.
b) "Show oldest first" - show profiles in ascending order - from oldest to newest according to insert/update date.
c) "Show most active first" - show profiles with most number of reports first.
d) "Show least active first" - show profiles with least number of reports first.
How To Search Scammers B Age How To Search Scammers By Age How To Search Scammers By Age

How do you search with this tool?
This function is quite helpful to check if the woman you are corresponding with is in our database or not.
They may change their names and/or contact information, but they can't change their age, because scammers use the same sets of photos most times and have to indicate the age, which would correspond to the age of the girl in the photos.
Perhaps you know that she is 25, try to search for her with 25-25 or 24-26 or 23-27 or other combinations, selecting the country where she claims to live.
When you search this way, it significantly reduces the number of profiles for searching and viewing.
Note: If a girl says that she is from the United States, Canada and Western Europe, we recommend to indicate simultaneously both Nigeria and Ghana as a "country" of her possible residence. As for other countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Senegal, Philippines etc., then declared country of residence and the actual usually coincide.


Name: Victoria
Age: 22
Name: Lara Olore
Age: 35
Name: Oksana Butovchenko
Age: 21
Name: Natalia Shporina
Age: 26
Name: Ekaterina Letinski
Age: 30
Name: Anna Vereycina
Age: 27
Name: Svetlana Philimonova
Age: 29
Name: Tatyana Vinokurova
Age: 27
Name: Melissa
Age: 33
Name: Oksana Shigaleva
Age: 28
Name: Maria Khoroshilova
Age: 29
Name: Caroline Grey
Age: 23
Name: Tatyana Borisova
Age: 26
Name: Olesya Polkovnicova
Age: 21
Name: Tola Adams
Age: 29