Who write me

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"Who Write Me" is a very helpful function which provides email tracking service. This tracking system can be used to monitor the status of email delivery on a recipient. The sender gets a read receipt when email is opened. With geolocation technology "Who Write Me" tool estimates the actual location of recipient on the map.

Immediately a tracked email is sent you can see its status. You will also receive a mail notification once recipient opened your letter.

We will try our best to provide the following in your tracking reports:

Complete delivery details
Date and time opened
Geographic location of recipient
Map of location
Recipients IP address
How many times your email was opened

It is allowed to send 10 tracked emails per day.

How to use "Who Write Me" tool:

1. Check all "Settings".

Display Name: Write here name (otherwise it won't work) which you use when corresponding with your recipients. This name will be displayed as "From" information in your letter. Not to arouse suspicion by the recipient, write here same name as you usually use when sending letters.

Time Zone: Indicate here time zone where you are residing.

Date format: Indicate here date format suitable for you.

2. Add "Email addresses" (if needed).

By default, your email addresses you register with on Stop-Scammers.com website will be listed. It can't be deleted or edited. If it's your current email address which you use for correspondence, then you don't need to do anything here. Perhaps you use other email addresses when writing letters to women, then add them here. You'll be able to choose any of them when composing letters.

3. "Compose" a letter.

Choose (if needed) email address you wish to be displayed as "From" address, write subject and text of your letter. You can add (not obligatory but we recommend) one photo to your letter too. Note: allowed image types are .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png.

Don't send tracked emails to yourself! They likely won't track (we provide tracking for your outgoing emails) and they might even end up in your junk folder because your filters thought they were "spoofed".

4. View "Tracking Reports".

Once your letter has been opened by recipient, you'll receive notification from us and be able to view tracking report.