Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Smirnova to Bernd (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Bernd!!!!
How are you today, hope everything is well. Today I saw you in my sleep. I am very happy that I have you. And also I am happy because soon we'll meet. This so romantic, here is already about month we communicate with you via email, and quite soon we'll meet each other face to face. I have such feeling, like I know you long ago, like I come to you as to my bridegroom. I feel that I love you so much. I hope, you'll love me the same, when I arrive to you!!!
My foreign passport is ready, but it will be remained in agency while visa is being made. The visa will be ready aproximately in week, but to get it, I'll need to go to embassy to Moscow. There I'll need to pass the conversations, and embassy will decide to give me visa or not to give. But don't worry, in agency I was said that I will not be refused in visa. I'll have a work visa, it will give me right to remain in Belgium for 90 days. The Agency will find work for me in Belgium, but when I arrive, I'll be able to find any other work, which is close to you. I am very glad that quite little time remain before our first meeting!!! I worry, even it is little scare for me, after all I have never travelled outside of Russia, more so, so far to Belgium, on the other end of our planet, I have tremor on skin under one even thought about this. But I immediately becalm, when think that you'll meet me, and I'll be under your protection. You will, after all, be able to meet me in the airport? Tell me, in what airport I have to fly you to be able meet me? I shall require your telephone number and a home address. I wait your answer. Well, it is time to go, it is already late, but else I need to come to the shop to buy the products for supper.
Good bye,
Your Tatiana!!!!
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