Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Lesenina to Luca (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello my friend Luca.
Can I call you my friend?
So I can easily express their thoughts and feelings. I'm glad that you found time to write me!
I am pleased to write to you! I think a lot of things to write about before I to do so. I write what I think and I say what I think. I put all my ideas and thoughts are. I think this may be my fate to meet with you to the Internet, this is my first experience. Maybe it's your fate, too, we do not know yet. Therefore, I begin to write to you with a smile on his face and with a great mood! If you do not remember my name Katya Lesenina I am 26 years. I was born in 1984 year. By the way, I'll be glad to know you better too. I want to see if you understand me, and my thoughts. In this case I want to tell you about myself. Thus, very soon you will know me better.
If you do not want a serious relationship, please write to me about it, because I find a serious person here who is ready to create love and relationships. I want to find my love, I want to find someone who will understand me and share with me all the feelings and thoughts.
As for me, I was born in Moscow, Russia. My parents and I lived in Moscow for 16 years. My father was a firefighter job in Moscow. As I understood later, it's a dangerous job in Russia, my father put out fires and rescuing people. So my dad was killed 9 years ago. It was a tragedy for me, because at that time I was 16 years old and I studied in school. Once on a sunny day in my town began to burn a kindergarten, there were children, and assistance was to go immediately. My father and his crew were in a near-fire point of salvation, and my father went to this challenge to help save the children! When my dad came to the place of fire in the orphanage, he immediately ran to save the children, my dad was very fond of children and could not afford, that would be at least one child was burned. My dad, what he did? He got into this burning house to save the children, but as soon as he entered the house, it immediately struck a burning wall. Then, for the quenching of the kindergarten, my father died, and 2 of his team-mate who went for my dad. My father and his partner was a monument, and 2 children who died on that terrible day. It was part of my life in this world. Now I live the next part of my life. Yes, I was shocked when my father was killed, but I think we should continue to live. I do understand that all people in this world to come here and leave. This is real life. So I do not want to remember this story about my dad again.
After his death, I could no longer live in this city, my mom and I moved to another city. Now I live with my mother in Novosibirsk. I have a job here. After end School moved and I entered the Pedagogical University and studied there for 5 years after university, I received a diploma teacher young children, in a word I'm a kindergarten teacher. I really like my job because I teach young children and give them the knowledge, when they just begin to live. I love children, but I do not have their own.
Also, I like a healthy lifestyle. I go to the pool, like jogging, and I know how to ride a bike. You like sports? And what sport do you prefer?
I want to tell a little about my mom: I love it! My mom is a strong woman, very wise, she gave me the knowledge that much, I need them, after his father's death she is one I was brought up and helped me in all situations, I love her, she the most precious thing I have. I also have grandparents who live in the village about 100 km from my city, I sometimes go and visit them on weekends. I'm proud of my grandparents, they have been together for 35 years, they have an incredible love, They never give up and lived all their lives together. I've always dreamed of such love, as between them. Now I think about my own family, I want relations. What is most important in family relationships for you? I think children are the greatest creations! I realized this, because I saw how much my mother loved me. Now you know me a little bit better.
I will wait your reply with great interest to know you better.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend Luca.
I was very glad to see your letter, thank you very much for your response. I was interested to read that you wrote to me. I very carefully read your mail, and she told me was very interesting, I liked your speech and what you have written to me. Now, knowing that we are interested in each other, we can continue our acquaintance. I know that you are Luca, from another country, you can write more about my country, and how it? beautiful doubt? I have never been in Europe, but had heard much about it.
I have several friends who managed to visit in abroad, they say that abroad is very nice and everyone is very polite and decent, is it? As far as my country is very far behind countries in abroad. In my country, I can not find a man for love and relationships, all my attempts and searches only caused me great pain, and one frustration in people. Now I'll tell you about my bad experiences dating. When I was in university, I looked for a variety of young men. They are nicely told me compliments, and gave me different gifts, but in fact it was on their side lies in my eyes, in fact, they only want one. I really do not like such attitude, I could not believe these people because they only wanted just one, they wanted me, not relationships! I've always tried to explain this to people who only look at my appearance that I want the relationship, I need love!
I'm looking for a man who support me will understand and care about me. In a word, I can not find in my country the right man for me. Could you Luca write a story about your attempts to find love. You love to give gifts?
My favorite season is summer. In the summer I often go with my mother on the beach. On the beach I like to sunbathe and swim. I also enjoy reading books, most of all I like to read novels. The books I like the fact that people find each other. In the books ever written is very sensitive and detail, and I like it, because I am a sensitive girl. My favorite books are works of Pushkin and Onegin, as I love Shakespeare. I love to watch movies in the evenings after work, my favorite movies is Gone With the Wind, Avatar, and certainly the most famous film about the great powerful love is Titanic. Have you watched these movies?
Sometimes I gather from a dinner with my girlfriends, my girlfriends are mothers of the children in my kindergarten, where I work. I love to cook and when we get together with friends, I always cook a cake. I love sweets, I'm sweet tooth. When I invite friends, we sit drinking tea and eat my cake, and of course we have to talk about family life and how wonderful it is to have a family. I know how to cook different dishes in the main specialties.
I have a big open soul and heart. But the same time my heart is not open for everybody! I don't like to judge people by appearance, because I want to find my soul mate, my second half. I feel that I am ready to live happy with only one man. Dear I would like to know what you think about long stable serious relationship? Honesty and trust are the main things which I do appreciate in any relationship. I had different experience in my life. Now I choose one way, the way of love to create a family with trust relationship. Tell me please what you chose. Two people together could do everything! We could live a happy life together. What do you think about it? I will wait for your answer with a huge wish to know and understand you better.
Kiss you,
Sweet Katya.
Letter 3
Hello dear Luca.
Today when I came home from work, I really wanted to see your letter. Turning on the computer and saw your letter, I was happy and smiling, I was very pleased to see that you wrote to me. Immediately when I read it, I felt happy. Today my letter you brought me warmth and peace in my soul, and a better mood for the evening. I thank you for your answer! Expensive of course I know about the kitchens of the world, I love cooking dishes including and I love Italian food, I like Italian pasta. Dear I want to tell you the news today that I made yesterday before going to bed , I deleted my profile with Russiancupid, because I realized that I wanted to talk only with you my dear! I do not want no one to talk, but you're a man with whom I want to build their relationship.
I worked all day today, as I have already written, I really love my job. I have a story to tell about it. At work, since I work with young children, there are sometimes funny and amusing stories. Just today, for example, I had a very nice case, which I will long remember. I want to tell you it is very nice case. Today at work when he was a quiet hour, and all the children slept in their beds. I went into another room. Suddenly, one little girl started to cry, but I have not heard, I was in another room. On the bed next to a little boy stood up and walked towards me. When I saw the boy in its room, I asked him why he got out of bed? This boy told me that there crying his fiancee and she needs help. Oh, my dear Luca, you have no idea how I was surprised when he said that his bride is crying. It looked all so cute, I will remember this story. Dear Luca, you liked my story? I like the fact that even small children love, and children have the same love. Feelings they have for each person and no matter what age he or appearance. Feelings come to the man whom you know he likes you. As for my feelings, they overwhelmed me, in the depths of my soul, I feel lonely, and I want to be alone with someone you love life. Today I thought a lot about you, and I felt inexplicably, I felt you Luca, beside me, my thoughts with you. I'm looking for a great and long relationship of love, and I implore you to write only the truth about his feelings towards me. What do you Luca, feel me? Important for me to know about your feelings towards me.
Now, when I wrote you a letter to my mom came into the room and asked what I was doing, to whom I write letters? I told my mom all about our acquaintance with you that we have met and liked each other. I told my mother, your name, where you live and what you do. Mom told me that she is not against our acquaintance, because I have long time to find love and think about family and loved one. I am glad that I did not have to hide from his mother, the relationship between us. Mom always worried about me, and she was afraid for me, she wants to give me only the best and so she has little concern. But I convinced my mother that you are not the same as everyone else that you Luca good man, and you're not going to write that offensive. She understands me, and goes to say that if we have such a great distance to have feelings for each other, then we should not stop us two lonely people need to go further, then we will all achieve, of course only on honesty, trust and understanding, and We will very strong pair in the world. Dear Luca if you agree with my mom?
Now I am finishing my letter and I want to ask you, do not forget that I open my heart to you, and I hope that these words will be heard by your heart. I send you another photo of my because I feel you will enjoy them.
I'll wait for your answer,
I'll think about you!
Your Katya
Letter 4

Hello my dear Luca!
I must say that I waited your letter when I came home from work I just thought about your letter and what you write to me. And all night and all day, I was thinking about you and about us. I thought that could happen to us in the future. Now I feel that we could clean, trust and honesty relationship. Because all this is very important in a good strong relationship. Expensive, with each your letter I feel, how serious you are to me irrelevant. It is very important for me to hear, for me that you are serious to me what you want with me relations. Thank you for your letter. Dear you are right, I'm alone in the family, I have no brothers, no sisters.
Every time when I found your letter in my mailbox, I knew I would read something new and interesting. Also, I think you also make it a pleasure to read my letter. Am I right Luca? I want to thank you for your open and honest words that I read. Again, my intuition told me that this is not random a bond between us. Well, time has shown us that the real thing. Now I feel that our communication has become more profound, so I'll tell you about my life and me with openness and pleasure.
I am an honest and strong person, from time to time, of course. The girl should be delicate and gentle. I want that to our relationship with you to become a reality! I already want to see in your eyes and say all what I feel to you. I can not write about it, because words can not describe how many pure feelings I feel to you. I am honest with you. I opened my soul to you.
I told you about my experience and about my feelings but I want to prove all this in real life. I think about you, dear, and I understand that you think about me too. This fact makes me a happier woman in the world! But I will be more happy when I will see your eyes, then we can talk with you and to be with you anywhere! Day by day I understand how much I want to meet with you. By the way, real meet is a good test for our relationship. Do you think so darling Luca? I am very happy that with every letter we stand close to each other!
Darling, I want to say about a dream which I saw at last night. I went in forest I heard only birds and sound of trees. One moment I thought that it was in reality. It was so beautiful forest. In the next moment I am on clearing of forest where I see you. You lay on your back and stared into the sky. The warm summer sun shining and I saw a smile on your face. I came to you and said: “Hello my dear Luca, I have found you!” You opened eyes and looked at me so I understood all your thoughts and feelings. I saw the sincerity in your sight. At that moment I realized that you can be my lover. Also, your sight was filled with joy and happiness. I understand that you are happy to see me as much as I do. I lay down next to you. You took my hand very gently but firmly at the same time. We looked to the sky and you told me a lot of pleasant words. When you turned and wanted to kiss me, I woke up. At this point, I was a little disappointed because it was only a dream. My inner feelings say to me that you have very warm and pure feelings to me and I want to tell you that we can not show each other all our feelings via letters. I understood this after my dream about us. I will tell you more when I see your eyes, feel your breath and your touches. My dear, I hope you feel the same because I think that you are my soul mate. Only you can understand me! I feel it and that’s why I write you again and again. Dear I feel that you are my good friend and I very happy that you do not want to hurt me.
I trust you and I hope that you will not use this trust for selfish ends. Moreover I know that you are my soul mate, my second half. I know this because I feel it! I think that our meeting in real life will be better than any correspondence!!! I hope you feel the same! Therefore I always write you all my feelings and all my thoughts about you. Yes I feel all what I write you. And this words I want say in your eyes. Then I will see your smile! I wait for your answer with warm feeling in my heart!
And I want to kiss you so sweet!
Yours Katya
Letter 5
My darling Luca!
I' am happy to read such nice warm letter from you. I even understand that on the other part of world there is a man which name is Luca which wish me as i wish him.
I' am so happy about this. Unfortunately my english level can't say more. But i will try my best, because i see that you try to describe what you feel to me..
I will do the same. Because it is very very pleasure to do with you like you do with me. You understand? Because you become very close person to me. I also want to give you all my love and tenders which i have. And believe me you will be not disappointed because i' am very sensitive and honest person to people whom i trust, respect and love.
And this is you Luca. Heavens bless me when i found you. I' am very happy.
This days when we will be together i think will be so new in our live. We would be the best couple at the moment when we together.
You know, today i have understood how feelings jump in many kilometers. You and me.. right here with me.
You know, it is difficult to describe what the feelings of my cover when I write you a letter. Even harder to provide that I feel when I read a letter from you. Your words are wrote with love and care. I really can feel it. And now, I dream, that your strong hands embraced me and protected from all evils on earth!
I am very happy that with each letter we are close to each other! Dear I want to tell you a story about the dishonest. When I lived in Russia my father was a rich man because he worked in the fire. I was the best girlfriend (I thought she was better), who was always with me. She says that I'm the best one for her too. And I trusted her as himself. One day my dad was killed, I was upset, and I decided to call it, because I needed the support of others. She told me she could not support me because she was with me just for the money my father.
Then I realized that people can be very tricky. Dear, I feel that you are my good friend, and I am very glad that you do not want to hurt me. I trust you, and I hope that you will not use this trust for selfish ends. Also, I know you're my soulmate, my other half. I know this because I feel it! I think that our meeting in real life will be better than any correspondence! I hope you feel the same! Dear, I have already told you that I do not think a lot of things to write about before you start doing it. So I always write you all my feelings and my thoughts about you. Yes, I feel everything that I write to you. And the words that I want to say in his eyes. Then I see your smile! Yesterday I received a letter from his girlfriend Ekaterina. The letter was written that Ekaterina came to visit me in 2 months. I was delighted to have this news. This was unexpected, at the same time, good news. I wrote to you that Ekaterina is my best friend. We are close to it rather as a sister.
My love Luca, I can not miss this opportunity to meet with Ekaterina, you must understand we have not seen for 2 years.
Today at work when I sat and thought about you my love. I realized that I want to see you! I want to see you and be with you. I want to gently hug and kiss you, to be in your arms forever! I am very much in love with you. I could not stand the pressure of feelings today about you Luca. When I strongly felt that all: now I can not without you my love Luca. I was at work, I go into the office to his boss. With tears in his eyes asked to give me leave to come to you. Head to the work I have a strict woman, and at first did not want to give me leave. I stood in the office of the boss and cried, I begged leave. I told my boss about my feelings for you Luca, I told him I needed. I knew the headmistress exclusively as a woman. The boss has signed on paper, my vacation, telling me that let me go on vacation next week. You have no idea how I was glad that now I can see you!
When I got home I told him the situation of his mother. I told my mom that I took leave from work and want to go back to your guests, because I am very much in love with you. Also, I told my mother, why should I go to you right now, because to me coming in 2 months Ekaterina.
Favorite Luca, you want to see me next to him, in your country? Thou shalt be with me if I come to you? I love you, I can imagine how it will be good together, all of my vacation, we will together just you and me, maybe I'll marry you for life! I will be with you at your place we could test each other as husband and wife because we will live in one home! We will wake up and go sleep together. Also we will have a breakfast together and to do
together many any thing! What are you think about this honey?
Darling Luca, please tell me what you think about this? I'll wait for your answer, my dear!
I kiss you,
Your sweet Katya
Letter 6
Hello, my lovely Luca!
I'm so glad to get a letter from you! It's really great that you want to see me too! I understand that we can not meet right now. I am writing to you in my letters. My dear, I only think about us I feel, how quickly heart is pumping, when I read your letters. I feel that you want to see me in real life as strong. I believe your words are not just words you wrote me. You look like someone who can keep its promises I think you're my honey Luca. I was looking for it. I was looking for love relationship. And now I have a loving relationship with you honey, because I trust you, and I feel that you trust me too! My darling, do You know how much important for me to our first meet in real life?
Dear Luca, I believe we met for the first time in your home. Because this is a place where you live, you come here after work. Honey, I want to see you at such moments! I want to see your day to day activities, and I want to be part of your day to day activity, I want to be a particle of you my love. I will be able to understand your lifestyle better. Of course, more than anything that I want you to see and be with you, but I am also happy to know your family and your friends. My favorite, I want to know everything about you So I want to know its people. I think if I'll be with you in your place, we can become each other as the man and wife We'll be with you family, because we live in one house, we'll be together forever! We'll wake up and go to sleep together. Also we will have breakfast together and do together a lot of any thing! What do you think about this honey? Together we will be happy. Of course, I understand that you are busy at work, but I would like to make some surprises for you. I will prepare delicious dishes, but what about massage? I know how to do a good massage and I will do it to you every night, you love massages? my love Luca. I will try every day and only for you, my dear. I will decorate your home with candles, and we will be an unforgettable evening! Just you and me! My dear, I have many ideas for surprises for you, but you must understand that the surprises have to be surprises, so I can not tell you about it. I love to share with you what I can do, you're my other half and I can share with you all my inner feelings. Dear, I feel that your heart just like mine! And I want to be with you. My love Luca I must make a passport and a visa to come to you. My mom says it will be better and more convenient for us if I'm going to travel agencies to get more information about the trip to you in the country! You remember I told you that my mom is always willing to help? She agrees to search for the best travel agency in my city! It is a wise woman and with her help, I will choose the right travel agency! Tomorrow we'll go look for it. My darling, I will write you as soon as I know about the trip to you!
I want you to be very soon, I want to feel you so I decided to come to you on my only vacation. With the help of the agency I will be able to come to you very soon, within 2-3 weeks. This is for me the most convenient option to use a travel agency, because if I do all the necessary documents herself it would take too much time.
You are my soul mate Luca and I hope that we will be together very soon. Now I close this letter with the thoughts and hopes on you. I want to know what you think about this?
Please do not make a slow response, I am very worried and waiting for him. And, as an adult, and assured you can make a decision, I'm sure of it!
I kiss the sweet lips,
Your pure angel Katya
Letter 7
Hi, my dear Luca!
Your letters make me happy, I like it, and I would like community You, my dear Luca! We understand each other through letters rather enough, and I think, as we understand each other when they meet. My dear, I feel so happy when I receive your letters. I am pleased that we feel with each other through letters. And I want to feel you in reality as ASAP! Dear, I think about you a lot of time. I think about you all day and I dream about you all night. Last night I had Dream about you, about us. After this dream, I realized that you're a person Who can support me. And with you I will uphold and I will feel comfortable. Honey, I want to tell you about this dream. We balloon! We fly around the world! I saw the beauty of our planet, and I saw in his eyes that you are happy with me! Honey is sometimes in my We dream of landing on to eat something and rest. One time when we land near the woodlands. After lunch, we go into the woods. We were Only, only you, me, three, and I think the birds and animals. We enjoy silence and the fresh smell of the forest around us. You take me by the hand and look at my eyes. I saw in your eyes that you love me, and I felt that My heart tried to get out of my chest! At this point, I started I kiss you, we kissed for a long time and after you hold me, I feel your hands, your breath on my neck. I felt your passion Luca and I woke up with a very nice warm feeling inside. Today, I mean, my dream, and about you in this dream. I felt your passion, and I realized that I want to feel his passion in real life! I hope you hold me, and we will have a lot of good times in bed. I am telling you this because I feel I want you! I want to be with you in bed, feel the breath and the language on my body. I do not know what you think about it, but It is my desire. And I want to hear your opinion on this matter. Now I know I can travel with you everywhere, and everything will be okay because I hope that you and I know that you can always support me. My favorite, I with my mom looking for a good travel agency the day.
Today, we have found best travel agency. My mom has always been a manager caviling travel agency. He answered all her questions. She told me that it Travel agency better. I trust her so I decided to use this travel agency. Now I know that it's not so hard to get a visa and passport. It will not take so much time. My favorite, I Also looked at the price list. So I figured it would be difficult to pay for it, I'm crying, I can not pay. It was a shock to me, and I started to cry. My Mom said I should not cry because tears will not help to find solution! You know what I always say what I think, therefore I am I want to ask your assistance in travel costs to you, please, darling Luca, can you help me with the cost of travel to you! I will be grateful it and then I realize that your words are not just words.
My Honey, if you are ready to help you should contact your travel agent that we found. Also you need write to travel agency airport from which you can pick up me. My lovely here their email address is
Also you can see their web site: www. I am waiting for you answer, my darling, with the beat of my heart. I miss about you. You should ask them about exactly the price list and method of payment. My full name Katya Lesenina. In addition, you must write to the travel agency the airport from which you can pick me up. The answer, my dear, with a heartbeat. I miss about you.
Kiss passionately,
Your beautiful Katya
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