Scam letter(s) from Olga Pimenova to Andi (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hi dear Andi, I very long waited for your letter. And today has decided to come to the Internet of cafe and once again to check up mail. I hoped to see your letter today. But you already long time don't answer me. You speak nothing to me. And I don't understand what is the matter? I to you wasn't become interesting? Why you have ceased to write me letters? Explain to me please. It is very interesting to me to know about why you have ceased to write to me. I hope you to me you will soon write. I will wait for your early reply. Sincerely Olga
Letter 2
Hi my dear Andi, I very long waited for your letter. But nevertheless I haven't received from you any letter. And me it is again very sad and lonely. Dear Andi, I do not understand, why I don't receive from you any letters. There can be you write me letters, but your letters do not reach me. But there can be a reason in other - you have lost to me interest? If you indeed I became you not interesting then tell to me about it. Also I will not torture myself. Please write to me somewhat quicker and tell in what business. I will wait for your fast letter. I hope you you will not force to wait for me long. Sincerely Olga
Letter 3
Hello my darling Andi, Thanks for your fine letter. I very much was delighted when have opened the mail box and have seen your letter. For me has always been interesting to know the lives of people abroad, their work in the social sphere, their traditions and culture. And now in a distance I have darling a man which to me is nice. Now all interest which at me was to the oversea countries I will turn to you. For all this time I only also thought of you. To me it was very boring and lonely, when from you there were no letters. But today you have made happy me with the letter. And I am very glad. I am very sensual woman and all the emotions I experienced it openly. I want to tell you and today visitors have paid attention to me in Internet cafe where I gave an exclamation of joy at the sight of your letter. For me the most important thing that near to me there was a person with which it is possible to talk about all and it is possible to share the experiences. And such person can create balance in our relations and that the relation between us was sincere and fair. I think that I already have such worthy, wise, decent and sincere person. It you my darling Andi. For me not important material assets of the person and it is not important, whether is available for you an expensive the house. I consider as important quality of the person sincerity and honesty is. For me the most important in relations is honesty, sincerity and fidelity. But also special place in the person occupies soul. I think the more beautifully the internal emotional world of the person, the better the person. I think that you such person. I always dreamed to find the real half, loved the person to which would give all myself without residual. And except this person I wouldn't note more than anybody. Also I think that in the person should be the main thing - ability and desire to build serious relations. Without trust it is impossible to create the real union of two loving hearts. There can be I speak about love much but love this such feeling with which it is impossible to joke. And I try to inform you the thoughts on it that you knew as I concern such high feelings as love. Tell please to me about the thoughts concerning all told above? With impatience I will wait for your letter. With sincere soul Olga.
Letter 4

Hello my most gentle Andi. I again write you the letter my darling Andi. I again was delighted when have received from you the letter. To me it is very pleasant that you continue to write to me. I constantly want to receive your favorite letters. To me it is very pleasant on soul from your warm letters. It is pleasant to me to receive from you letters again and again. Darling Andi, for this small period of our correspondence I have understood that you for me mean much. I have much in common with you. Our thoughts in many respects coincide. It is necessary us difficultly without each other. My darling, I can't hide the feelings to you any more. I can't suffer more than it. I want to tell to you that I love you. Yes, I love you. I can't give to you words the feelings. You for me became a flame in my heart which burns me. You became so valuable to me that to me badly without you. You have really made me happy for those days that we with you correspond. You for me became very much the loved one. You are very necessary to me. Your love for me this most important. More nobody is necessary to me. I am very glad that have found you. I am grateful to destiny for that that we have got acquainted with you. I hope I don't confuse you with my sincerity and honesty. I can't hide more from you the feelings. I want to tell you words about love. I love you Andi! My darling, I have gone to parents to village. I have talked to the parents. Today the smile didn't descend from mine face. At first I didn't know as to begin with them conversation. I thought as me to tell to parents about you? I helped them on homework and was cleaned at home. As I to parents have made a tasty dinner and have baked an apple pie. Then they have asked me. Olga, what holiday at us today? And at last there has come the right moment to tell to the parents about you. I have told to parents that I to them have a serious conversation. I have told it about you. They were very glad for me. Mum was especially glad for me my. Mum in the face of had tears with happiness. We all family rejoiced for you. I have talked to the mum about you separately alone. We long discussed with her about you. She it was happy that I have found to myself the worthy man. My mum has wished our of good luck and good in ours with you relations. In the end of conversation she has asked me. Olga, you are really happy? I have answered her that never earlier I felt such happy as now. My the father as was glad for me. But in soul he worried about me. He worried for me. Because I the unique daughter in a family. More close to evening I collected things to go to myself home in settlement Pervomayskiy. When parents saw off me on a stop they have told to me that never early saw me such happy except the childhood. After arrival to home I at once was going to go to the cafe Internet. I felt very happy as if I fly in heavens. As I am glad that I have loved a man. Unfortunately, now I speak good-bye to you because my time comes to an end. But I think it not on long. Please write to me more. Write to me so much how many you you can write. I want to tell to you that now I live only your letters. I don't want to say goodbye to you. I want to be close to you. I want to embrace you my love Andi. I hope my words of love don't confuse you. I need you my loved Andi. I love you... With love your Olga.
Letter 5
Hello my dear and loved Andi. I always with such impatience wait for that moment when I can read all your letters And to write to you somewhat quicker. So it is pleasant to me to hear that you don't stop to love me. And only god has made so that we have never lost each other. I also want to tell to you my loved Andi that today I have woken up again with thoughts on you. And today I have decided to descend in church. I believe in God but unfortunately not so often I visit church. Because at me it is a lot of operation. But for such important point in my life I have dared to descend nevertheless in church. Darling Andi, to me it is very difficult without you. I can't eat and sleep as you always in my thoughts. I don't stop thinking about you. Today I worked only till a dinner. After a dinner I took a compensatory holiday at 2 o'clock. We with the colleague have agreed that it has replaced me on operation. The road to church was long. I have very much got tired. But I am not sorry about it. I long time talked to the priest. I have told to the priest about us with you. The priest has told that at all of us will be good only it is necessary to struggle for our feelings and not to stop before any difficulties. Has advised to us to address more often to god and he will hear our prayers and will always help us both with a grief and in pleasure. I have delivered a candle Sacred Ioan that he preserved us against all illnesses and troubles. Also I have delivered a candle Sacred Maria for a fast meeting with my darling. In the end of conversation the priest has given me a small icon with prayer words that I read them during the difficult moments of life. Also has told that when we together we should visit church. Then I was returned on a workplace. I couldn't wait evenings. I would wait for the fast termination of operation what to go to the Internet of cafe and to write to you my dear Andi. My loved Andi, me it is very heavy on a shower without you. You have presented to me hope. Has presented hope which helps to deliver happiness to me. Many thanks to you for it. You became a spark of my life which forces kindles a love flame in my heart. Fine tell to me please you also you worry about me as I worry about you? Answer me please to me it very important to know... I think of you much. I miss you. Now you in my heart. I want to tell to you that I need you and I won't withstand that if I will lose you my dear Andi. On it I say goodbye to you my love. I send you set of air embraces and kisses. I hope that its can give to you of a few thoughts on me. Your sincere Olga.
Letter 6
Hello my love Andi! I understand that day was also day it is not necessary on a place. And me it is very boring without you because I love you. I am very glad that now I write you this letter. It is always pleasant to me to receive your letters and to answer them. I waited for the end of the working day more likely to run up in the Internet of cafe and to read your gentle letter. To learn that with you all it is good. I hope with you all well?! My lovely as your day has passed? I want tell to you that I can't more without you. You to me necessary as the breath of life. I can't live without you and day. I can't without you as if fish without water, as if a flower without a rain. Darling, of course, I am ready to teach you to dance. Darling Andi, I want to tell to you about yesterday. Yesterday my mum has prepared for me a surprise. I didn't think that she will arrive to visit me. It for me was very pleasant surprise. Yesterday I have quitted from the Internet of cafe with joyful mood. Also has gone home. On the way home I thought of us with you. I represented as we walk with you and we embrace. Also certainly very passionately we kiss. I have walked upstairs in the apartment. The door has suddenly opened. I at first was frightened. But when I have seen that behind a door there is my mum I very strongly was delighted. We with mum have planned to make a pleasant and tasty supper. We with mum prepared together and considered about you. We have made 2 different salads. It is the most delightful meal. I very much love salads. Darling, you love salad? I keep to a diet and consequently I don't eat a lot of meat and *** food. I very much like to cook also the most important thing I want to cook all food for you, my darling Andi. I like it to do because to me very much and very to be pleasant when all walk full in a family. I always speak that my mum is fine also I very much I am proud of it. I like it to do and me very much Almost whole night I talked to the mum about you my loved Andi. I told to mum what you the kind and decent person. And I have told her that I am proud of you. This morning I have again woken up with good mood. Because my beloved it you my sweet Andi has dreamed me. I wanted to rise before my mum. But mum already managed on kitchen. She made to me a breakfast. To me so it was pleasant. We with mum have sat down to have breakfast. She has told to me that I had a smile upon the face when I slept. I know why because to me has dreamed my love Andi. Unfortunately her it was necessary to go on operation. I have seen off mum to a stop. By the way, I nearly haven't forgotten. My mum asked to transfer to you hi. My love, I don't know as to live without you? It is a pity that I don't have wings. I with pleasure would depart to you today. But between us the big distance. I would be very happy if was near to you. I am grateful to destiny and God that we have met each other. You always do and try to make to me something pleasant. I am very grateful to you for it. My love to you will be eternal and infinite! You my destiny Andi. I love you of all my soul and heart! Your love Olga!
Letter 7
Hello my Love Andi. So it is pleasant to me to read your fine letters. How has passed your day? My day has passed in expectation of your sincere letter. I always think of you. You for me very close and dear the man. I always thank god that we have met you. Your letters always bring to me huge pleasure. To me it is very pleasant that you love me. You the finest moment in my life. I didn't know before such fine feeling. Because my life was monotonous. I went for work, communicated with friends but now all differently. I never tested such feelings which I test to you now earlier. Dear Andi, I want to tell to you, we have asked the passer-by and it has photographed us with mum. Mum was interested as at you there are affairs. To mums it is very glad for us. How yours relatives? At my family all is good. I often come back home late from work. But I try to have time to come back home before dark. I am afraid darkness. But it is frequent to me to have to go to darkness. On it I try to go there where many people. I am afraid of criminals. I often watch TV. Basically I look news. Often speak about that as the criminality in our country is strongly developed. On it I don't go where few people. To me happens very terribly sometimes. And even it seems that who that watches me. But when I arrive home to me it becomes easy. I the emotional girl. As on the TV show that criminals very much don't love foreign visitors. In the majority of cases criminals attack visitors of foreigners near to the airport. They do it for the purpose of mastering by their money funds and jewelry. Criminals know that foreigners rich and have many jewelry. In Russia often enough there are such cases. And it is even more terrible that sometimes the police tries to seize jewelry of foreigners. Using the working position. Darling Andi, in your country it is a lot of criminality? It is terrible to live in your country? How concern in your country visitors to people? You often have robberies? I hope I haven't tired you with my letter today. Yours loving girlfriend Olga.
Letter 8
Hello my the most loved Andi. My love, I so am happy to receive your letter today. To receive your gentle letters these are such magic moments in my life which help me to cope with any weariness. Also help to forget about all problems. During such moments I remain alone with my thoughts. In these thoughts there is only you and I. I thank every night god for that that he has presented to me you. You have changed my life. You have presented to me hope to find the present female happiness. I am happy that between us there is very pleasant relation. Certainly we are divided by huge distance and we can't embrace each other and we can not kiss each other. But nevertheless we together on a shower. Together in ours thoughts and ideas. Together in our dreams. Together in our hearts. And in them there lives love. The love which unites us. I want to tell to you my Andi, I love you. I love above all. I love more sun which shines to us which heats us. Because you my sun. Most of all I like to be engaged in aerobics. I very much like employment on aerobics. At me not so it is a lot of friends. But the best friends it is Katya and Natasha. Darling, I watched yesterday a film. This film is called "A walk to Remember". This film about young men. Action is a film that begins at a meeting of young men in what to career. Young men have decided to play a trick on the schoolmate. And this joke has turned to very artful accident. To one guy have suggested to jump off from the high bridge in water. He has agreed. But when the guy has jumped in water it was knocked about a stone. And all unexpectedly were frightened and have decided to run away except one guy. As a result that guy should rehabilitate itself. And here he has been forced to ask the help from the girl from their class. She there was modest a girl which helped much. And so it has turned out that they have fallen in love in each other have fallen in love truly. But the girl was ill a congenital heart disease. He tried to find a method to cure the love. But it wasn't possible. Once at school on the girl have decided to play a trick when there was no guy near to her. And it has very badly come to an end. As a result the girl has got to hospital. The guy didn't know as to help the girl. He wanted one that it loved was happy. It is happy at least at that time which to it remains for life. But it is all has ended with a great grief. Him the girl has died. And when it has occurred on my eyes there were tears. I rejoiced when they were together. And till last moment hoped that there will be a miracle and the girl remains is live. But it hasn't occurred unfortunately hasn't occurred. And I in the face of had tears because I really worried about heroes of this film. And I have thought of you. What would I make, if you didn't become? And I couldn't present it at all. My heart was ill from it. And in my soul that that has turned over. I very much was frightened for you. I have understood it is necessary to rejoice lives. To rejoice such life what it is. With all it is troubles and complexities. When with you there is darling all it seems simple enough and easy. He will help you and will always support you when to you hard and painfully. Only for the sake of love it is necessary to live. Only for the sake of love. Because this really surprising and incomparable feeling. Feeling when you are ready make all that only you can for the sake of the Love. And I am happy that I have you. Which person I love. Which person I want in the life. The person with which I want to be a number. With love yours Olga.
Letter 9
Hello my love Andi. My love, I am very happy because you have again written me the letter. I want to speak always to you about love and about my sincere and sincere feelings to you. Andi, I test deep feelings to you. I each time think of you and I do not stop thinking only about you. Each your letter to disturb my heart and my heart fights with happiness when I open your letter. I love only you and you always cheer me up your letters. Andi, I can not live without you and I think that you understand me. My the happiness consists only in you my love. You always in my heart and you always in my life. My love, I love only you and I would like to tell these words and to look in your eyes. You want that I looked in your eyes and told words: "I love you!". I all time dream and probably I became very pensive. My love I love your letters and I can't live without your letters. My hobby is employment on aerobics. And also at leisure I like to read books. I heard about a version in aerobics Zumba. In Russia it isn't developed yet. Dear unfortunately I don't know a musical by name of Les Miesrables. I really also like dogs. And I like their fidelity to the owner. Dear Andi, I want to tell to you, I most of all like in to go on walk in countryside. I prefer silence and calmness in countryside, than city vanity. How your relatives? I hope that all well at your relatives. At my relatives all is good. My mum is very glad for me. It is pleasant to my mum to see me happy. Mum transfers to you huge hi. She it is very glad that I had such sincere and fair person. My mum always speaks that people should trust and love each other. My love, I also think that it well when people trust and love each other also I want that on our planet there was no war. And then people will understand that it is necessary to build and not to destroy. My love Andi, I want that the mankind has understood each other and always loved and trusted each other. My love you as think? I think and I reflect so because my thoughts are complete of love. Because I am enamored of you, Andi. And consequently I think of the world and I do not wish anybody harm. My darling, I want to tell to you that my great dream that all nations of the world to be happy and that they always loved each other and lived in the consent. I transfer all emotions and all that I think about us with you my love. I the person which want that people lived in peace also the consent. I finish my the letter to you but I don't want to say goodbye to you. I will wait for yours soon letter. With the big love yours Olga.
Ps on a photo I, my parents and my cousin.
Letter 10
Hello my tender bear cub Andi! I am very glad that you have answered my letter. I weigh day waited for it and couldn't wait that moment when I will open your letter and I will read your most tender which most wonderful words never my love Andi heard earlier from anybody except you! I want to tell to you the name of my cousin Nastya. And she waits for the child. She now married. Andi I can't live without your love day. I feel your love all more strongly and more strongly. And my heart burns from love to you. I in heavens from your love, from your caress to me. I never with anybody didn't communicate so sincerely as I communicate with you. I spoke to nobody so much kind sincere words of love except you. How your day has passed? How at you business on work? Today in our shop in a warehouse there was a repair. We recovered walls in a warehouse. I am today very strongly tired because it there was very big room and we have repaired it together with my friend Natasha. When we repaired walls I with my friend all time joked. She knows as me to amuse. Natasha very cheerful person. She saw that I don't have mood because I very strongly miss you. And consequently tried to lift my mood though what that in the image. Darling, you also miss me? I think you to you also as well as to me it is very boring. Andi, I am glad that I could to meet you and to fall in love. Now you became for me the loved one in this life, and I more never can forget you. Now you for me are valid as air, and I like to breathe this air. It really truth and I ask to trust me because now I speak sincerely. I always concern you with sincere soul and with pure heart. Because I love you! I would like to write to you more, but unfortunately I again should leave you as my time comes to an end in the cafe Internet. It is a pity that my time has come to an end but nevertheless I want that you knew that I love you, and I with the big impatience will wait for your letter, and to hope that it will arrive to me as it is possible soon. Your gentle kitten Olga.

Letter 11
Hello my darling Knight Andi, I am happy to receive again your letter. I don't cease to rejoice to your letters. Because they are always filled by heat and caress. Thanks for your letter which are necessary for me. I always miss you when I don't receive your letter. And even if the sun in the street shines and in the street warmly and well that in my soul is all the same cloudy. Cloudy because I miss you. But when I read the letter that all changes. And I rejoice and in my soul spring and happiness. I rejoice to a wind in hope that your letter will bring to me at least a particle you. My darling, me so at sadly night because you aren't present near to me. I come from work very tired. I have supper alone. And then I go to sleep. Not because I want to sleep. Because I would want that has come tomorrow faster. Because tomorrow I will share with the ideas with my beloved for me, it with you Andi. It is very difficult to me to fall asleep without you. I dream to fall asleep in your embraces when we will be together. We will love each other. And on every morning I will be happiest of the majority of beauties. Because I will wake up with such remarkable person, as you. I know that you can always Protect me. And you will make all necessary for me that to me it was good. I sleep one on my big bed. And me it is very cold without you in this bed. I want, that you heated me the heat of soul. I would like to love and be loved. I would like to come home and the nobility that I not one in this house. I would like to embrace and kiss the loved. Also I want to feel and be love warmed in beams. Now I feel very happy. I so long couldn't find the love and now I have found you, my love Andi. I wouldn't like to remember even my past. Now dialogue with friends doesn't bring to me such pleasure as it was before. At present only you for me are the most remarkable and valued man for me. Me more nobody interests, except you. Andi you're my life and belief in my future. I don't have not enough your embraces and passionate kisses. My the love and my desire to be with you nearby grows each time all more strongly and more strongly. And ideas about you are infinite in me. When I look at the night sky, I represent us a two. I would like to think of how we give each other sweet kisses. I love you Andi!!! And I know that you unique who is necessary for me with whom I will be happy. I love you!!! I LOVE... I LOVE... I LOVE... I LOVE... I am ready to repeat these words again and again. Because I have to your huge feeling. I concern you with all sincerity. Darling you are able to do me happy, you are able to bring to me a lot of happiness. I am very grateful to you for yours sincere understanding, for your love. I will wait for your letter with the big impatience. Your most gentle Olga.
Letter 12
Hello my love Andi, There is a person on a planet which I very strongly love! I love its private world and sincerity in dialogue. I feel a grief without its dialogue, and this person you my love. I love you! Andi you my love!!! I don't have any day without idea about you, my love Andi! I wait each your letter! I like to read romantic books about love. I go on park and I think of you. I look out of the window and I think of you. I eat and I think of you. I prepare for dream and I think of you. I wake up and I think of you. I sleep and also I dream of you. I can't eat, when I think of you. Each my day passes in idea concerning you, my love Andi. Each my new morning comes to an end with idea about us with you. My ideas are absorbed by you. I represent you and our meeting. I represent about our pastime together. You will look in my eyes and I will thaw from your kind... I can't think about the friend the friend except for our meeting... I wish you... To See... To Feel... To Touch you... To be in your warm embraces... Because I don't have sufficient your presence with me. I will suffer without you, without your dialogue. My imagination is filled only by you. You my dream. I can't live without you. I miss you. And each my day passes is sad without you. With your letter I become happy and I give happiness to surrounding people. You dream of me? You appear in my dreams. I want to be with you. I have no my idea without you! I will die without you. You are necessary for me as water for a flower. You my unique love. I am glad that I have you. I don't want to leave my ideas concerning you even for some seconds. I dream only of you. I am glad that at you the same feelings as well as at me. It means that you sincerely love me. Thanks for your love. You in my heart for ever... Your eternal love Olga.
Letter 13
Hello my loved prince Andi. Darling, it is very pleasant to me to read your beautiful letters. Your letters give to me of inspiration which for me so it is necessary. Andi, I want to be close to you. If I could be only near to you... I would enjoy each minutes, each seconds. I would be only with you my love. My love, I think of you. You my unique and big love. I constantly think only of you. Each divine day I dream of you. I dream of happy days of our incorporated life. I really express you all my sincere ideas. And I feel to you the big love and fiery passion. I want to speak to you that I love you my love. My heart belongs only to you. My love, last night to me was not than to be engaged and I has decided to read the book. In the book it was told about love. I like to read books about love. Because I think, only there I feel direct convenience. Because I love you. And when I read the book my ideas are filled with thoughts on you. I read the book to spend time faster. Not to think of loneliness. Really my yesterday evening has passed not considerably. Because I represented us together to realities and to me it was very pleasant. I want to tell to you about this book. In this book it was told about the man which searched for the love long time. And still it has found the love. In this book tell about life of this man about its childhood. In the childhood he had a girlfriend. He was friends with her. He suggested her to play various games. But then him parents have decided to move to other city. He has been forced to be separated from the child-hood friends. Has passed some time. When him 20 years he were performed has decided to visit the native city. And he has gone there. There he has got acquainted with one very beautiful girl. But soon he has learned that this girl is him the girlfriend of the childhood. He was in tremendous delight. He has been very strongly surprised. In the childhood he did not understand about love anything. Therefore he didn't think of the future. The end of their history was very happy. They have got married. They loved each other very strongly. Their love was the most sincere. My love, I want to tell to you that our love also is strong. I love you Andi. I am opened before you. I keep mind about you. I reflect on us with you. To me it is very difficult without you. I think that we sometime we will be together and we will love each other very strongly. And we always will be the happiest people in this world. I love you Andi. I will look forward your fast letter. Your gentle kitten Olga.
Letter 14
Hello my prince Andi! I waited your letter. Here I have received it and I am am overflowed with happiness. I read your letter and at me on face a smile. Today remarkable day. Today not hot and not so cold. In such weather it is very good to walk. But I wouldn't like to walk one. When I go on park one I feel lonely and to nobody necessary. But actually it not so. After all now I have you, my love Andi! But people don't know there for thousand kilometers I have a man which loves me which thinks every day of me. And consequently for people I the lonely girl which am constant one. For people, I the girl which constantly walks one, there is home one, to go to bed too one. I was tired to be in loneliness, to be constant one as though I is necessary to nobody. I think that my loneliness will soon end. And I shouldn't lie down more than one in cold bed. I think that I can soon feel your kisses in a reality. Likely it so is fine to feel your kisses in a reality. My loved prince Andi, I want to be for you your small princess. My darling Andi as time without you as it is cold to me without you even in good weather long lasts. But when I think of you. When I think of your letters which me wait in the cafe Internet. My time flies imperceptibly and my day passes very quickly. And here I rejoice again to your letter. I read your letter and to me becomes so pleasantly and easily on soul. My love Andi, I love you and I want to be near to you. I want to feel your caress, your heat, your love. I want to get acquainted with your relatives. I want that your relatives looked at us and we spoke that the finest pair on light. Probably your close very good people, because you my the most worthy man. You the most good person in this world. I want to get acquainted with your friends. Also I want to look at your city in which you live. I want to get acquainted with your fellow workers, I want to see your work place. But all it will be possible only then when we will be together. My time forces to finish again my letter. I don't want to say goodbye to you and consequently I speak to you I love you Andi! Also I send you a sweet kiss. Your lovely kitten Olga.
Letter 15
Hello my darling, the most worthy and most loved the man Andi. I am very glad to receive your letter. I am very happy because you have written me such fine letter. My love Andi, I don't represent my life without you. Dear Andi, unfortunately yesterday I was busy and couldn't answer you. I have late finished work and have left works very much late. I hope you me you understand. I so am happy that I in the face of have tears for pleasure. I am very grateful for your love, support and care. I want to tell to you that I love you above all and I very much want to appear in your warm and gentle embraces. I think of you much. I want to write you letters again and again. I think of you every day. I very much miss you. I think about every minute. My thoughts only about you my loved Andi! I very much miss you and it is a pity to me that I wasn't present me now near to you in a reality. But I hope that sometime in a reality we can be together. My favorite color red and white. At you what favorite color? I like to listen to classical music. My favorite composer is Ludwig van Beethoven. Darling, I want to tell to you, I like to have a rest and investigate new places. The shop name in which I work "victory". Darling, I said to you that I work in grocery shop it the m means sells foodstuff. You know I have no phone. I certainly can call you from public telephone booth. But you understand between us very big distance and I think a call to you will be very expensive. I have no brothers and sisters. But I have cousin Sergey. It is already married and they have daughter Anna. Still I have cousin little sister Katya. But unfortunately my cousins are located far from us. Therefore we them seldom see. They come to us on a visit approximately once a year. I am very happy that I have you. When I receive your letters to me it becomes very easy on a shower. I would like to flush as if the butterfly in the sky. It is very pleasant to me to receive your letters. I read your each letter attentively. And on mine face always a smile when I think of you. When I look at your photo, to me it becomes very pleasant and easy on soul. I really very much want to be with you and to spend precious time near to you. I very much wait when there will come day of our meeting in a reality and then I will be the happiest woman because I will be near to you. I dream of arrival to you much and to begin my new and happy life. I am very grateful to destiny that it you have given the chance to me to get acquainted with the best and worthy man, it my love Andi. Before we have got acquainted with you, my life was boring and dim. But now when in my life the finest man on light has entered, I feel the happiest and joyful woman. And I don't want to lose you. Because you really became very significant person in my to life. I very strongly love you Andi! I will wait for your fast letter. I will miss you very much. But I hope you won't force me to wait for your warm letter very long. Your sincere love Olga.
Letter 16
Hello my sincere love Andi. I very much waited for your letter. I am very glad to see your letter. Each time when I come to the Internet of cafe I represent us together and to me from it becomes very pleasant on soul. Your letter it is always filled by sincerity and love to me. I really liked your pictures. I was very pleased. Thank you for your beautiful photos. Dear Andi, I want to tell to you I heard about Michael Buble very little. To be pleasant to me writer Alan Milne and also writer Emili Bronte. Dear Andi, unfortunately in the Internet of cafe don't allow to use Skype in safety measures. My darling, you know I well enough I know English language and consequently I completely understand your letters. I am able to talk in English. Darling, I understand that you very much want to meet me. I also want to be with you together in a reality and to feel your heat and caress which to me it is necessary. You speak about that you want to arrive to me to Russia. But unfortunately we in Russia have a tradition. At first the girl should visit the man, look as he lives, to get acquainted with parents or relatives of the man. If I tell to mum that you want there will arrive to me mum against it. As I follow traditions at first should visit you. My mum strictly follows and honors to old traditions. She adheres to old customs. I hope you me you understand. I also very much wait our meeting in a reality. I very much want to be with you together in a reality. I want to embrace you strong and to present to you my a gentle kiss. You my dream and I hope sometime my dream will be embodied in a reality. I hope you understand. My mum won't contradict traditions. If you want, after I will arrive to you, we can arrive together in my country. It will be very pleasant to me to acquaint you with my parents. My love, to me it is very boring without you. I want to be near to you and to care of you. I very much love you. I hope that sometime we can be together in a reality. And then I will always care and look after you. I will love you. I very strongly love you Andi! I will wait for yours soon letter. I send you my sweet kisses. Your sincere love Olga!
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