Scam Letter(s) from Irina Kotelova to Greg (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Greg!
I got your letter today, and I'm happy.
I want to know more about you.
But I do not know where to start. I saw your profile and you liked me.
I hope you like it too.
I just want to tell you more about yourself. My name is Irina.
I am now 26 years old and I live with my mum in one apartment. I've never been married I have no children.
I live the city, which is called Kirov
I work as a salesman in a women's clothing store. This is not a large salon.
My job I like. I love when I see their happy faces.
Greg I started using the Internet recently.
At first I did not think about it. But decided to try.
Greg What would you like to know about me? Ask me and I will answer you.
I hope that you will send in their photos as well. I would like to get more of them.
I send you my photo. I hope you like it. Tell me Greg.
What do you like in women? What is character? What should she know? I would love to know.
I hope that tomorrow I again receive your letter and your photo. I will be waiting.
Greg Do not forget to write me a letter? I hope not.
I look forward to.
Your new friend Irina!

Letter 2

Hello Greg!
Greg How you feel? I hope all is well.
How has your mood when you get my letter?
I hope that my photo you like.
Are you also send me lots of photos? I hope that'll get them tomorrow.
I do not know why, but I believe you. I do not know you, but I do. I do not understand why.
Greg Do you know? I'll tell you more about yourself. My height 172 cm, weight 50 kg.
I appreciate in people kindness, sincerity, honesty and a good attitude towards others.
I like the clean and comfortable. When I get home I'm always happy, because the house is always clean.
Greg Do you love to cook? I just love it.
My grandmother taught me and now I always do everything herself in the kitchen.
What do you like?
What food? I asked you what you like women. For example, I like men who are calm, honest and not cheat.
I love and who loves me. Greg Do you think you can be to them?
Or not? I think that soon we will know it. When we learn each other better.
What did you do today?
I hope that when you receive my letter, it warms you and makes your day a success.
I hope that you will do well. I will wait your letter tomorrow.
I hope that the answers to all your questions and a lot of your photo.

Letter 3

Hello my friend Greg!
Greg Like you? How's your day? All that was a bad day in my day, immediately disappeared, leaving only good after I got your letter. I am very glad that you have not forgotten about me and wrote me.
I want to tell you more about your family.
I want to tell you about how I grew up, and who raised me.
I was brought up by my grandmother and mother. Mama Elena, grandmother Marina.
I live with my mother in an apartment in our city. My grandmother lived a village whose name Danilovka.
About the father I do not know, mother, grandmother and spoke of it.
My mother was crying and goes away when I ask her about it. So I do not know. I do not want my mother crying.
Greg I have a grandmother is very good. I lived it every summer and I liked. She is good. We had often walked together in the woods, went swimming and went to pick berries.
I wish to explain to you why I can not find the man of her dreams in their country.
We have men, many drunk and beat their wives.
But others have for her husband. So I decided to meet you.
You like to drink a lot? Greg Just tell the truth.
I hope not. I do not drink or smoke, only on occasions I let drink some wine.
I do not mind that the man would drink, but not much and not often.
Greg I want to say right away that I do not like to scream and quarrel.
I love to laugh and I wish that my love would always be happy and never sad.
And I'm going to do for it. I'm ready to kiss him constantly, if it makes him happy.
I wish that we had enjoyed with him our love, passion and tenderness.
I am waiting for your letter.
I'll wait for tomorrow.
Your Irina!

Letter 4

Hello my dear!
My dear where are you? I do not understand why you did not write?
What happened, I look forward to each of your letters and you do not write me!
Where are you my dear. My dear, please write me, I'm looking forward to a letter from you. I do not understand what's happening to you. Dear, I think that I'm not done anything wrong then, I just really want to talk to you!
Please write me!!
I look forward to writing!
Your Irina !!!!!

Letter 5

Hello my friend Greg!
I am glad that you answer my letters. I like you more and more.
I want to know you more and more. The more you learn, the more I like you.
Today I walked down the street and look at what surrounds me. I had a lot of things not noticed before.
Greg Can you imagine? I walk down the street, where walking is not the first year and I notice a lot.
I do not know how to describe it. Once acquainted with you, I think that in my life changed. And only the good ones. And you how are you? How do you feel?
You had a good day? What new has happened? Greg You like movies? What?
Do you like going to the theater? A dance? Danced before? Perhaps you have a good dance.
I love watching movies. Especially about love and comedy. Greg Do you love Celebrities?
my friend a few years ago went to Sochi. To rest.
I will never forget the sea which is so beautiful.
If you could be with me I think it would be much better. What do you think?
Greg I am sending you a photo. All the time I think I like you or not?
you I like you very much and I'm glad to meet you. Are you Greg?
I'll wait for your answer impatiently for tomorrow.
I wish, what would your day was good and full of happiness.
I look forward to your pictures and letters.
Your Irina!

Letter 6

Hello my dear Greg!
I'm so glad to receive your letter. I am glad that I'm interested in you.
I am very tired today. But the fatigue has passed, after I received your letter.
Greg Tell me about your work? What are you doing? What are you doing? Can you detail?
You work every day? I am every day except Saturday and Sunday.
But sometimes have to work in those days.
I work so I need to work a few times a week.
But usually I go in a week to her grandmother. Greg I have a very good grandma.
She taught me everything. I can wash, iron, look for clothing, repair it, cook wonderful meals.
My grandmother said that taught me the very best. I am very grateful for that.
Greg Would you like to try the pie that my grandmother to do?
I'm sure you would have liked. They are very tasty.
And what kind of dish you'd like, what would I cook? Or learned to cook?
I would like to send you my home address as well.
May be you want to me to send a card or just a letter. I would be very happy to do so.
I know that in Russia there are some people who have stolen packages.
This is just disgusting. I want to give you my home address and my full
My full name - Irina Kotelova.
And my home address:
Russian Federation
Postal Code 428 012
Kirov city
I'll wait for your letter.
I hope that you will answer as soon as you receive it.
Your sincere Irina!

Letter 7

Hi, my dear Greg!
How I miss you and am waiting to hear from you. How annoying not to have your letter a long time.
Happy to see a new letter from you. It was very interesting to know new interesting things about you.
I think that you and your family are not affected by the earthquake.
I'll try to write something about me that might be of interest to you, and the only things that I want to tell you.
And if you'll want to ask me something, do not be afraid to ask.
I always have only two picks when someone - that asking me something: Answer honestly, or not responding.
I will never lie. I would like to leave with you tonight, for example, attend a pub or small restaurant to have a chat at dinner.
What are your thoughts on this? It would be great! Is it popular to be outdoors is your country?
Which make the place you stay after you return from work? Who among them do you like best?
You - my beloved and dear friend, Greg you different from me, but you see me inside.
I think when there is an opportunity to be informed about the background necessary to understand that a person can be a better person and assess him likes and dislikes. This is true, is not it? Also, I love funny stories and jokes. Are your jokes in the message, or perhaps - you are listening to them?
You can tie me alone, please? I would be grateful and happy.
We are far from each other, my beautiful and unique. But I believe it will soon all be exchanged.
And we will be together. It is necessary to wait just a bit. This - is not enough. And then there will come happiness.
And if you say about relations with other world. There are only two parties - me and my family and rest of the world.
I love to cook and I love to create coziness in the house. I love nature and animals, good food and I - a very romantic person.
I just want to enjoy all aspects of life and need one person to share it! hope not frightened you with big letter
Every day I dream about you! I have a dream, how you touch me, hug and kiss, I feel the heat of your tender embrace, and I will go on view.
This dream dreamed me today. I woke up and thought, and this dream is reality whether or not.
I understand that, while it only dreams. But this is a sign, sent from above, from God is possible!
About my God as I would like it! But actually there is one intelligent sentence.
Not without reason, it seems, someone said that the division of love for the same thing that the wind for the fire: it extinguishes the small love, and the big blows more strongly.
Write me as often as possible.
It gives me pleasure to read your letters and think of you.
Thank you for lifting my mood. Waiting for your letter.
Your Irina!

Letter 8

Hi my love Greg!
Greg Your letter again to bring joy and happiness to my heart. I feel the warmth that spreads through my body when I get yours letter.
Greg How you feel? I want to know how is your day.
What are you doing? At what time you wake up? What do you think would be a day changed, if I come to you and been with you? How long we would be together. I wish that we spent time together, could enjoy our love and passion, kisses. I would like that we would wake up every day in the arms of one another.
Greg Do you think will happen as our first kiss. I I think it will be fine. I can feel your love and your touch, your tenderness and passion. I would really like to try your kiss. I'm sure he's fine.
Greg I do not know why, but after acquaintance with you, I feel well. I've got a lot of energy, want to do something. I happy. I do not know why, probably because I have you.
Greg You looked at the night sky? did you see the Big Dipper? It like a big bear. I send you kisses, many, many, which are not fit even in the bucket. I hope that they bring you happiness and success in the new day. Do you like kissing mi? Want try them in real life?
I will wait your letter tomorrow.
Greg I already miss you, and I want to ask you, today you will come to me in my sleep?
I'll wait for your answer as well.
Your tender and sincere Irina!

Letter 9

Hello my dear Greg!
Your letter again brings joy and happiness to me. I'm glad you're not forgot about me and wrote me. I am waiting for your letter. I hope what's your day, too, went well and all is well.
Greg We communicate is not the first day, and I feel that our peak at which we will meet soon. I learned that many of you. You do like you. But I would like to know more about you. Do you have a secret from me? To have something that you hide from me? Tell me, please.
Greg I have no secrets from you. I can talk to you about anything I want to. I do not know why, but I think you understand me. I do not like lie, I do not like people who lie. I brought up from childhood, so that would not lie. My grandmother says that to what would lie must have very good memory, that would not get confused. But I I think it is better not to lie. And then everything will be fine.
Greg I do not know what awaits us at the top of the mountain, the mountain on which we climb. May happiness, love, passion, tenderness, and may disappointment. I do not know. But I hope that the first thing yesterday Greg came to my grandmother. She said that I would necessarily give you hello from her.
Greg I hope you never get tired of my letters and questions. I want to know more about you, you owe me more and more like you and I'm glad that met you. I told you so. But I hope you're not tired from me.
I hope you like. I'll wait for your letter.
forward and I believe that will get him soon

Letter 10

Hello my love Greg!
Your letter as a ray of sunshine warms my day and make every second of my life enjoyable. I'm so happy that we communicate with you and like one another. I'm sure that between us there are no secrets, and you do not hide anything from me.
Greg In your life was a lot of girls? Such a man as you are probably a lot.
Really? Why you can not live together? Have you ever had different plans, or simply different, not matching the characters? For example, I could not find love because all it takes our boys is sex and alcohol. I want more, I want passion, love, tenderness, waking up in the morning in the arms of one another and enjoy every day together. And you Greg? I wish that life were filled with happiness, that she was full of smiles and love.
I want to know more about whom you spoke and how it ended. In my life there was a lot of guys. On the one I make friends at school, but he left when I was 14 years old in another town, and I do not see it. Then we started going to dances, and I met another. He was older than for two years. But then disappeared. It turned out that he married a rich girl, in which a rich father. And I was very hurt to learn it. It turned out that it requires only money. In college, I was familiar with the guy. He offered to meet. But that evening I learned that he had a lover only to drink alcohol and go out with girls. And I met with him anymore. Greg I thought that I did not find more good man who will understand me and not only see the beauty and want only sex. And met you. And my life changed. It appears that what is not enough for a long time. It's true. Greg Do you know what I think the cape you like mountain climbers, we will soon be on top of a mountain. Only from different sides. And when we meet at the top, then we are waiting for happiness, we will be able to enjoy the sky, stars, love and passion. What do you think? I send you my tender kiss, with the star, which you now see the first one.
Tell how to get it. Okay? Tell me how your life has changed after we met.
I am waiting for your letter, I miss and I hope that you will write me soon.
I hope that warms you photo and make your day a happy one.
I'm waiting. looking forward to your answer.
Your gentle Irina!

Letter 11

Hello my dear, my love Greg!
I miss you and await your letter, I am happy to receive your letter today. I would be very upset if you had not written me.
Greg All my friends and family say I'm very different. They surprised me and my happiness. And I want to thank you for that you make me happy. Thank you Greg. When I read your heartfelt letters, I feel fine during the day and I see beautiful dreams.
Greg I've thought a lot about our meeting. What do you think about it? As it happen? What do we do? I think about it constantly. Of all my dream to me like one. In this dream, I go out of their aircraft and I see you. I do not know what it looks like an airport, because you never flying, but I'm sure that I know you when I get out of the plane.
We run toward each other, I see flowers in your hands. I go up, and you give them to me. I'm in your arms, we enjoy our kisses. You take me in his arms, and we continue to kiss.
Greg I really want to feel your kisses!
I want to feel your lips, the sweetest and gentle!
We go to your house, and there prepares a wonderful dinner for two.
I cook light meals, we have dinner by candlelight, under the slow music and talk about everything.
Then we become one in the dance, we dance and walk slowly in bedroom. There we go to bed and undress each other. Our love, our passion, our desire to become one, and we burned in love, and enjoy the passion and tenderness.
It's so beautiful!
Greg What do you think, how will we meet? How will it be? What we shall we do?
I really want to know your opinion. I'll look forward to your letters, and I hope you tell me about his desire.
I want to be with you!
I love you!
Your and only your loving and gentle Irina!

Letter 12

Hello my love man Greg!
I love your letters. I do not know why, but every night I see dreams and represent only about you and how we will be together. I am more and more want to see you. I do not know how to describe my feelings. I want to cuddle up to you, feel your kiss, your kindness, your tenderness. View in your eyes, see your smile, to feel your fire of love and passion. I think about how to be fine when we meet. Greg Imagine our eyes meet, we run toward one another, and then a long kiss, a long evening and the longest and our first long night of passionate love. As it will be fine! I want that!
I've been thinking what to write on and how all of you to explain that I want to write to you. And still has strong that I'll start with the most important for me and I hope for your understanding. I am writing to you, and my fingers just do not want write that it is very difficult for me to ask you to help and for me it is - a very difficult psychological barrier to asking someone money. And I think you already understand. I do not have enough money to come to you.
Today I visited the tourist office and they informed me that I need my sweet that would fly to you and build our love and family visa, passport, insurance cost 330 euro. in my tears, because I was told that it is very much money for me, my salary is very little that's about 130 euro you know how I sad that I can not arrive to you?
I'd like, but I can not pay, what can I do?
Could you fly me, my love?
I very much want our meeting in my tears, because I I love you, and it says my heart that loves and is waiting for our meeting
Your loving and gentle Irina!

Letter 13

Hello my love Greg!
I am very pleased to see your letter. When reading your letter I had the joyous smile, and very happy that we met each other. Now I'm sure I'm not alone, though we are far apart your letters bring pleasure and good mood, I feel your presence in my life constantly.
My love to you I've already written how much money I need to come to you America. My darling I need 330 euro. My love and then I'll come to you. My dear, I think. What do you too very much want our meeting. My dear, I wish to engage with you love.
I want to give you all that I have, I want to make you very happy, because you make me happy. I feel very good, because I think that We shall soon meet again. I hope that our relationship to you of the road as well as for me.
And I'll never lose you.
Your love Irina!

Letter 14

Hello my dear Greg!
Thank you for your beautiful letter. I really I miss without your letters. Every day I live with my desire to see your letter. I walk down the street, and I dream about you. I want to look into your eyes and feel your strong shoulder next to mine.
My dear so that you could send me some money, you need to know my data.
Name Irina
Surname Kotelova
Country Russia
Kirov city
Yes, I have a cell phone, but now it's broken. I gave it to the repair and hope that it will soon be repaired. Once it repaired, I will try to call you. I would love it!
The repairman told me that the work will last for 2 weeks.
Travel Company
610 020, Kirov, Labour, 39, office 7
And what account I will send copies of your passport you zavatra.
I am very sorry that now I can not call you. Really, really sorry!
My love is Greg in the world do not have enough words to express all my love to you!
You make a smile on my face more often!
Everyone needs this for a while!
I'll keep you in my thoughts all the time. I send you my tender kiss and a hug.
Your love Irina!



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