Letter(s) from Anastasia Udina to Trey (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Trey, I am very strongly glad, that you have answered my letter. I am sorry, that so long did not answer at me there was no access to the computer, I Nastya. You remember me? Possibly you receive many letters from various girls? Never earlier I used the Internet for acquaintance to other men. The Internet does not cause trust in me, but I have got tired to be lonely... Now to me 31 year, I was born on August, 25th 1980. Looking at my photos you can estimate my physical beauty. However, till now I lonely. Men with which I am familiar do not involve me, all of them are boring. As I already spoke to you in first my letter I search for the man! I wish to meet the beloved! I wish to meet second half! I have a confidence. I am assured that in the World there is a man who will appreciate and love me. In Russia I have not met the man who becomes my husband. You are surprised? I live in Russia! I think, what the distance between us will not be a problem for you? Feelings I can not depend on distance. Now I to you have a feeling is a curiosity. It is interesting to me to continue acquaintance to you, and I hope, that my letter does not become finishing in our dialogue... I want to tell, that your address of e-mail has given me the man, Which works as the manager of a site. He has told, that you good The person and, that with you it is possible to build relations. Also he asked, that I when did not tell about that who to me have given your address E-mail because he can lose because of it work. I hope what you understand it? Never I was married. I do not have children. I am a lot of time I devote to work. I have achieved already very many. Each person at a birth has identical chances. I cannot stay idle... I cannot look at people who wait for favour from the God... I have got used to put the purposes and to achieve them. Now I work on prestigious work. I have a higher education. I have passed a difficult way, but I am proud of it. Trey, I the usual woman. I dream of usual female happiness. I wish to create family. I wish to wait for the husband from work, and to make a supper for all families. I wish to plan the future together with the husband. It what does not suffice me here. Russia the huge country, here there live the most different people. Many my girlfriends already married. I am assured, that at you also some friends already have a family. We with you lonely, and I think, that we should try to take up. I do not want, that my offer seemed to you vulgar. I wish to clear up, and I want, that you knew about my purposes. I have got used to communicate in a reality, never I wrote letters... Not be strict at reading of my letter. I have taken a great interest in a writing of the letter to you... I never thought, that I can write such letters, especially to the man whom at all I do not know. Trey, I hope, that you do not regret about time which has spent for reading of my letter. . I wait, that you will not ignore my letter, and will answer me. I send you my photos, I ask you as to send to me your photos from a daily life, I would like to learn you.
Sincerely, Nastya.

Letter 2

Good afternoon Trey,
I am glad to see your letter. Now I am on work, and I have repeatedly read your letter. Thanks for compliments which you speak about my photos. Trey, it is pleasant to me to know, that the distance between our countries is not a problem for you. I have a free time now, and I write you the letter. I concern responsibly the work. You like your work? Where you work? I work in a motor show. My post "Operating department of sales". I should work much with people. Also in my submission there is a department on work with clients. My post demands from me many attention and responsibility. I like my work. I receive sincere satisfaction from the work, and I can brag of it. I have passed the big way on career to a ladder. Several years ago I have started to work as the assistant of the manager on work with clients. I had to go much in business trips, I daily agreed about advertising. Now all it in the past. I hold a prestigious post. However, I have not calmed down... At achievement of definite purposes I have higher purposes. I have a higher education on a speciality "Economy and Book keeping". I have not found work on a speciality. In Russia deficiency with the workplaces,only some people can find work on a speciality. In your country it is a lot of workplaces? Trey, you have hobby? I collect female magazines. Also I have a big collection of soft toys. Especially I like cats. I live one, in own apartment. I do not have possibility to have a pet, for that my parents have 2 cats and I very much love them. You have pets? I like to visit a beach. In Russia the most part of year coldly... In the Summer I spend a lot of time on the bank of the river. I live in the city of Almetyevsk. I will try to send to you of a photo of the city. You like to visit a beach? Please, do not become angry that I set to you many questions. I wish to learn you better. By the way my growth of only 169 centimetres, and my weight of 61 kg, the truth on a photo I look much more above, isn't that so? It is pleasant to me to realise, that you find for me time and read my letters. You wait my letters? Trey, me it is important, that you were sincere with me. Please, do not give me false hopes. I have told to you about the purposes in the last letter. I wish to be happy together with the beloved. Never I can forgive lie, treachery and change. Remember it. In people I like straightforwardness. What qualities in people like you? Now I should go to continue to work. By the way, I again send you my photos, I did them when was on business trip in Moscow. I wait for your letter. Nastya.

Letter 3

Hello my friend Trey,
Today having come for work, I have read your letter. I did not have time what to write you at once the answer. Within the whole day, I could not work easy. I could not concentrate. Do not think, that dialogue stirs ours with you to my work. On the contrary, it is pleasant to me to think of you. I try to present, than you are engaged during this or that moment of time. Now I have a free time, and I write you the letter... Would be final to write better to you from the house, but 5 days ago, I have spilt on the laptop tea, and now it at me under repair, I do not know, that there happen, but as to me have told, what that the parent payment there has fused. At them it is not present available and they have ordered this payment in Moscow, our city small and the basic things order in us in Moscow. I understand, that you probably would like to talk to me on Skype or yahoo Messenger. Only the problem consists that I use the computer and the Internet on work. And I can have problems. My director is strict, and it does not suppose, that employees of our organisation were engaged in extraneous affairs. Do not worry, I will be cautious, and we can continue to communicate. How are things going with you? at you good mood now? I want, that together with my letter, to your person the smile has come. Trey when I read your letter, and I write you the answer, I forget, that I am on work. I try to present, that I communicate with you. It would be fine, if we lived in one city... We could will meet in cafe and to have conversation in a reality. You like thought on it? I think, that it can sometime happen in the future. Always I trust in the best. Yes, I the optimist! I like our dialogue. In each your letter, I learn about you and your life. Today I have agreed to go to cinema together with girlfriends. We yet have not solved what film we will look... I like to look films at a cinema, but sometimes I also look films on DVD. I have a big collection of films of the house. I like comedies, melodramas and historical films. Trey what films of a genre like you? You have an actor who is pleasant to you more? Probably you like to read the book? I very much like reading... When I start to read the book, I cannot stop and I cannot be distracted. I prefer to read books in the winter when in the street it is cold. I like to take cover a plaid and to enjoy reading of the good book. Trey, now I wish to acquaint you with the family. My parents very kind and sympathetic people. I am grateful to the parents for education which they have given me. I consider, that the future of the person depends on education at early age. Never I was the spoilt girl. Now I already adult also conduct an independent life, however often I come to the house of my parents. I help always mine to mum and the daddy. Name of my daddy Vsevolod, it all life worked as the engineer in the building organisation, now it on pension, for long service. My mum call Irina, mum worked as the teacher in initial classes of school, now it as on pension. It is necessary for me to go to continue to work now. Together with the letter, I send you a new photo which has been made at my place when I was engaged mega in cleaning. I with impatience will wait for your following letter. Please, tell to me answers to my questions. It is necessary for me to hear them. Nastya.

Letter 4

Hi the darling Trey,
Today I did not have a good mood since the morning. When I went for work in the small car, I have pierced a wheel. At first I have not noticed it, but then my car did not go exactly, and also I have heard noise. I left the car, and did not know, that to me to do, I was in confusion. Later I have caused recovery vehicle which has helped to deliver wash the car in car-care centre. In the evening, I will take away the car from car-care centre. Today I was late for work because of trouble which has occurred in the morning.I hope, that your day today, better, than at me. I did not have a good mood in the morning, but now I see your letter... Your letters bring to me pleasure. It is very fine to have sensation, that in the World there is a man to whom I am necessary. In the bottom of my stomach butterflies when I read your letter flit. You wait my letters, and it is rather pleasant to me to know about it. I try to check mail every day, but sometimes at me it is impossible to do it. Excuse me when I cannot write the letter to you at once. I want, that you knew, that I think of you always. By the way, I promised to you to tell about a film which I looked together with my girlfriends. We looked cinema "Bad Teacher". I liked this
film. Always I liked actress Cameron Diaz, and I try to look each film with its participation. You already looked cinema "Bad Teacher"? After film viewing, I together with girlfriends have visited cafe. We long time drank tea, ate a cake and talked. I and mine girlfriends, we know each other throughout the whole life. We do not have any secrets from each other. I have told to girlfriends that I have a friend in other country. Yes, I have told to girlfriends about our dialogue, I hope, that you not against it. Girlfriends have smiled, have looked to me in eyes, and have told, that they has noticed changes in me. For me it was surprising to hear it. They have told to me, that recently I became happier... My voice became more cheerful. . Trey, After the beginning of our dialogue my life has changed, and change in me was noticed by my colleagues on work. Now I have a smile on the person is much more often, in me there is more than enthusiasm and energy. Sometimes my colleagues ask me, that occurs in my life, but I tell nothing it about ours with you dialogue. I do not aspire, that everyone knew and discussed our dialogue with you. Trey, please, tell to me how you represent the future wife? What qualities the girl of your dream should possess? I have a chance to be your wife? These are very important questions for me, and I want, that you have sincerely answered me each of them. I send now to you new photos. They have been made more recently, I hope, that they like you. I with impatience will wait for your following letter. Please, tell to me answers to my questions. It is necessary for me to hear them. While, while, yours Nastya.

Letter 5

Hi my friend Trey,
I have got tired today on work. Early in the morning I was caused by the director, and has asked to prepare for tomorrow the financial report for 3 past weeks. Just I have finished all necessary calculations. Your letter has brought to me a smile... Trey, I would like to look now in your eyes and to guess your mood. You know what the sight can tell more than one million words? My eyes sparkle pleasure when I check mail and I see your letter. Thanks for happiness which you bring to me. Please, tell to me, you prefer what rest? You like the noisy companies in discos or you prefer quiet rest? As to me earlier I very much loved the noisy companies. I liked to have fun, and was soul of the company. There were some changes in my life, probably it is caused by that I became adult. It is much more pleasant to me to have now rest in the small company of my girlfriends in cosy cafe. I dream of romantic evening with the beloved. Trey, you the romanticist? You like to surprise the girl? I like romanticism... I like to observe of stars, I like to have supper at candles. Also I like to dance dance under slow music... However, already very much for a long time I had no all it. Today I send you photos from a daily life. It is a photo of 2 cats at my parents about whom I spoke to you. Well all I will wait for your letter. Do not lose me if that, I not always can simply answer. Nastya.

Letter 6

Hi Trey,
Today fine day! At me good mood since the morning. Today I have woken up before usual because I needed to hand over the report for my director. I have made all. Already I have returned from an office of the director. I have good news, the director is happy with my work, and he promised, that I can soon have a vacation. I have a possibility to have a vacation 2 times a year, but often I unite them. This year I yet was not on a vacation. Trey when you will have vacation? Yesterday I have thought that would be fine if we could have a vacation during one time. What do you think of it? The darling Trey, Today, I have some affairs on my work... Today the man has addressed in our motor show to buy the car. It is an ordinary case, and every day I have work with such clients. However, the car it has not appeared available, and I had to issue the order for it. Long time I spoke by phone with our colleagues from Moscow. Fortunately, all has passed successfully, and we have issued the order for the car. How there passes your day today? You have a lot of work? You support what way of life? I do not smoke. I care of the health. I do not drink alcohol, during a celebration I can sometimes drink a wine glass. Because as doctors speak wine in small quantity it is useful for an organism, at us in Russia on caucasus, to children since small years give 1 teaspoon of red wine in day, I the truth and itself about it have learnt recently. Because in fault many useful substances. The truth many they drink wine not correctly abuse it as some Russian alcoholics, I do not respect such people in general. Trey, in Russia I am am surrounded a lot of with the native... Here my family, my girlfriends, here my work. However, I have made decision to leave Russia if I meet the beloved. Earlier I did not think what probably to have communication on the Internet, but now we communicate... I trust you though we never saw each other. During our dialogue, you have never deceived me, and I trust you. You trust me? Till now I have some excitement, but now I worry, because I am afraid to check up in one day mail and not to see your letter...You set to me such questions (Whats your bra size?) on which it is not accepted to ask the girl, this very personal. I hope, that you will not offend me... Now it is necessary for me to go to continue to work. I wait for your letter Nastya.

Letter 7

Salut the darling Trey,
I wait each your letter, as if a gift for Christmas... Every evening, I come from work and I think of you. Yesterday, I have come home and have made a supper, I have included slow music and had supper in loneliness. I represented, that you are near to me! How you have spent yesterday's evening? You thought of me? Yesterday late at night I was called by my mum. Its phone call became unexpected for me, she has told, that now is in a city, and will come to me to spend the night. Mum came yesterday to a city to visit shops, she was late, and consequently has decided to remain with me. Mum was surprised, when has entered into my apartment and has heard slow music... She has thought, that I not one. I have hastened to calm her and have told, that I one houses. Trey, my mum very sensitive person, she can learn changes in my life even if I will not speak to it about it. We had very long conversation yesterday with my mum. I have told to mum that I have dialogue with you. I have told, that we with you have got acquainted with the help of the Internet, and now very good friends. Mum has approved ours with you dialogue though she has told, that I should be cautious. My mum the wise woman, and it to aspire to warn me against that I had a warm trauma. I have told to mum, that you the good man, and probably soon we will have a meeting. Mum has invited me to a supper today. Yes, tonight, I will arrive to the house of my parents, and I will tell more in detail about ours with you acquaintance to my parents. I consider as the debt to consult on parents, they close people for me, and they always will help correct council. Every day, I learn you more and more, and to me starts to seem, that I know you for a long time, dialogue with you brings to me pleasure. You know, I start to feel to you, and my feelings already more than simply liking. Your letters, obligatory part of my day, it is necessary for me to know, that at you all is good, otherwise, I cannot the quiet. I do not wish to hasten, and I am not guided by emotions, I sincerely speak to you about the feelings. I start to think more of ours with you to a meeting, and already I assume day when I can arrive to your country. Trey, it seems to me, what exactly you the man with whom I dream to create family. You clever, are interesting to me with you, we have some general interests, and the main thing at us with you the identical purposes, and with you it will be together easier to us to realise our dreams in a reality. You agree with me? Every day I think of ours with you to a meeting. I would like to be near to you. Our first meeting will present to us possibility to learn each other. We can spend some time together, and construct plans for the future life. I will soon have holiday, and I think, that I could have travel to you for our first meeting. I already said to you, that I dream of travel to your country, also I have the passport which allows me to travel all over the world. Trey, when you can have time to meet me? It is necessary for me to know about it to have conversation with the director, and to define dates of my holiday. You understand me? Instants which we will spend together will be remembered to us with you for all life. I am assured of it. Please, tell to me your full name? My full name Udina Anastasiya (or it is simple Nastya). Together with the letter today, I send you a new photo, that you could see my smile! I send you usual photos from a daily life. I hope, that you not will strictly concerns my photos... I with impatience wait for your letter tomorrow. Sincerely Nastya.

Letter 8

Hi road Trey!
At you good mood? I am very strongly glad to your letter... The Past night I have spent in the house of my parents. I like to remain in the house of parents. I feel the little girl, my parents care of me. For example, yesterday mum has made the big supper. The whole evening we were behind a table. Talked much and had supper. I did not see for a long time the daddy, and he asked me about work and about my life. Yesterday I have told to the daddy about ours with you dialogue. Surprisingly, but mum spoke nothing to it. My daddy has asked, what is your name, and I have told, that your name "Trey". My daddy set to me many questions... It interested, how we have got acquainted? Where you work? Whether there are at you children? I have sincerely answered the daddy its each question. Trey, I have no secrets from my parents, and I think, that you do not become angry about me that I have told about you to the parents... My parents worry about me, and it my destiny is not indifferent. Also I have told to my parents that is possible shortly, we with you will have a meeting. I have told, that I start to plan travel to your country. Mine mum and the daddy have got used, to that I often travel, but I always travelled only across Russia, and easy concerned my travel. However I the v-first arrive to other country for a meeting with the man. The daddy and mum have warned me against possible disappointment. Also the daddy has told, that to it cases when girls from Russia fraudulently entice into other countries are known, and take away their documents, thereby doing the girl the sexual slave. I have hastened to calm my daddy. I have told, that you absolutely normal man, and I am assured of your feelings. Also I have told to my parents about trust which exists between us. Please, do not leave me one at the airport. I trust you. We never met you, but we communicate, and you never deceived me. I do not want anything especial, I wish to be only near to you and to live your daily life. I think, that our meeting will be a fine gift for us. I feel, that already well I know you. Your letters, give every day me fine mood. I hope, my photo will give pleasure to your day today! My parents have told Hello for you! I with impatience wait for your letter tomorrow. Sincerely Nastya.

Letter 9

Hi the darling Trey,
Already the end of the working day. I have just read your letter. I miss on you... Between us with you the distance, but our feelings will help us to overcome distance. I have caught myself on thought, that I do not have not enough you... Till now my computer under repair, and I cannot see your letter each time when I will want. Trey, after our meeting, we can refuse letters. We will be together. We with you the first meeting will give the chance to us to learn better each other. Though, already I think, that is familiar with you throughout the whole life. Never earlier I travelled for limits of Russia, and I should learn the information which is necessary for me for travel. Tomorrow I plan to visit travel agency and to learn everything, that is required for arrival in USA. You did not expect to hear it? Trey, I do not say, that I will arrive to you tomorrow. I only want will learn what documents are necessary for me. You understand me? I do not have any secrets from you. You my closest man, you my unique man. Each of people has lacks, and it not the most pleasant theme for conversation. However, I do not want, that at our meeting, you have been revolted and have left me in loneliness. Yes, I wish to talk about it. It seems to me, that in the course of our correspondence, we spoke only the best about ourselves. Tell, you have what lacks? I do not want, that between us there were secrets. I like to read before a dream, sometimes I forget to switch off light and I fall asleep. I can sometimes fall asleep under TV sounds. I think, that all it from loneliness. I live one, and to me becomes boringly especially in the evening. You appreciate what qualities in the person? I appreciate such character traits, as tactfulness, punctuality, ability to listen, accuracy, kindness. I the girl, and what strong I would not seem, I like caress and tenderness. I dream about strong men embraces in which I can feel weightless. Trey, I dream of your embraces. Thanks that you always answer my questions. It is rather important for me. I also answer your questions. Please, do not hesitate to repeat to me questions which I forget to answer. My work takes attention from me. I do not have many affairs on work today. I already have finished all. Tonight I plan to visit cafe to have supper. The reluctance to prepare for me today, because already late. What plans at you for today's evening? Mmmm.... It would be fine, if we were a number. I wish to hold your hand and to walk in the street...I should go now... To me very much the reluctance to leave you. Trey, I think of you always. I will wait for your letter, yours Nastya.

Letter 10

Hi Trey,
Today at me very intense day. Just I have returned from the director. Our company is in heavy position now. Since the morning we had a meeting, and just we have finished discussion of all questions. Reduction of workers in connection with a difficult situation in the World was the most important question. The director has told, that I should not worry. I will hold also the post on work. The meeting was very strained, time most part was spoken by the director, and all attentively listened to it. After meeting, I remained in an office of the director. I talked to it about my forthcoming vacation. The director has told, that he waited for this conversation because I already work without rest the whole year. Trey, at me good news to you today. I will soon have a vacation. Now it is necessary for me to finish some important issues, and also to give the report for my director. 3-5 days think, that in the following, I will finish all affairs, and to a smog to have a vacation. I am very glad now. How there passes your day? I have already reflected on what things I should take with myself in USA. Now in our city air temperature + 28 degrees C. And what weather now at you. Please, pay attention to it. At me a lot of different clothes, and I wish to take with myself clothes that she should not be bought in USA. I have not visited till now travel agency because I at all did not have time. I promise, that next days I will find time, and I will visit travel agency to learn all details of travel. Necessarily I will tell to you all information which to me will manage to be learnt in travel
agency. Favourite Trey, I wish to ask you one more important question. When I will be in USA, I can live together with you or I should live in hotel? I hope, that my questions do not cause difficulty. I worry now. . Ours with you a meeting a serious step to our life, and we should approach to it responsibly. You agree with me? We should operate together and then we will be waited by success and happiness in the future. Also it is necessary for me to know the airport name near to you in which we will take place with you the first meeting? I should know this information at travel agency visiting. Tell to me about it in the following letter. Ok? I should go now. It is necessary for me to start to prepare the report for my director. This important task, and I should devote much time. With impatience I wait to finish all affairs on work, and to begin preparations for our meeting. I will think of you! I with impatience wait for your letter. With Love, Nastya.

Letter 11

Hi favorite Trey, This night I had a fine dream... I have woken up with a happy smile and thoughts on you. We were together in my dream. We very lovely talked and kept for hands. I was very happy. Since the morning at me good mood. In my city now cloudy weather, poured a rain and now in the street a lot of dirt. However, nothing can spoil my mood today. I rejoice to that I have You. Trey, for the sake of ours with you of happiness I am ready to change the life. I wish to be only with you. This morning I have visited travel agency. I talked to the employee of travel agency. I managed to learn the information which is necessary for me for travel in USA. In travel agency the girl has been surprised to that I wish to travel in USA. To me have told, that now resorts use the big popularity. I have told about the purpose of the travel. I have explained, that I wish to arrive in USA not only for rest, but also for a meeting with the beloved. From my person the smile today does not vanish... The Employee of travel agency saw my pleasure and impatience to arrive in USA.To me set many questions... Whether I Know English language? I have told, that certainly I know. Also me asked about duration of my travel in USA. I had to answer many questions, but they were not difficult for me. We together with the employee of travel agency have come to conclusion, that for my travel in USA is better the type of the visa "Tourist" will approach. According to the visa Tourist", I can be in territory USA within 90 days. Also I acquire the right to move on all territory USA. I will stay in USA for the term of 30 days. Trey that I could arrive in USA, it is necessary for me to issue the visa. Visa registration passes in some stages. The travel agency has no powers to make out the visa. It will be necessary for me to arrive to the city of Moscow and to visit embassy. As to me have told, visa registration will proceed approximately 10-12 days. Now it is necessary for me to collect all documents which are necessary for visa registration. I should have photos, the inquiry on the marital status, and also the inquiry from a workplace. It not a problem for me. All my documents are perfectly in order. Also today I have asked about approximate cost of travel in USA. It is the important information for me. To me have told, that the visa costs 73 dollars USD, also I will need to pay filling of questionnaires in embassy. Together with the employee of travel agency we have counted up, and it has turned out, that for registration of the visa 250 dollars USD will be necessary for me. Also I should live in Moscow. Most likely I will live in hotel because I do not have acquaintances in Moscow. The last what I will require for arrival in USA, this acquisition of air tickets. Now I do not know how many air tickets will cost. Now I have some savings. I have 1100 dollars USD. It is enough this money that I have issued the visa, a vein in Moscow. Trey, it seems to me, that at me at all does not remain money to get air tickets. You can help to get to me air tickets? It is important, and I wish to pay the big attention to this question. I cannot pay all expenses. I do not have enough of money. It is not a shame to me to speak to you about it. I trust you and consequently I ask you about the help. Now I do not know, will cost how many air tickets, it is necessary for me to visit the airport and to learn about their cost. I plan to arrive to Moscow within several next days and then I will speak you exact cost of tickets. I consider, that division of expenses it is fair. It is necessary for me to be assured that you wait for me, and you will meet at the airport. It is all information which to me managed to be learnt today. I think, that cost of air tickets is not big, and you can help us. Soon we with you will together. I have already prepared the report for my director. Likely already tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I can have a vacation, and I am ready to go to Moscow to visit embassy and to begin process of registration of the visa.I with impatience wait for your letter. Please, write to me and tell, what you think of the information which to me managed to be learnt today? Till now I am under impression of the dream. Tonight I plan to come home and to begin clothes choice to arrive to you. I promise, that I will be the most beautiful girl at the airport and you will be proud of me! With Love, yours Nastya.

Letter 12

Good afternoon Trey, Just I have read your letter. Now I on work. However today already I do not work. Today I have received all documents which are necessary for visa registration from my director. The director has wished me a good vacation. Already I have said goodbye to my colleagues. Now I have a lot of pleasure. I have a pleasure concerning that we with you soon will together. I am assured, that a forthcoming vacation for me will be the best. Trey, I wait ours with you a meeting. Last night I have collected things to travel to you. Today I will visit the house of my parents. I should say goodbye to mine mum and the daddy. Trey, thanks that you answer my questions from the last letter. I trust you, and I do not have any doubts in your sincerity now. Soon we will together. Tomorrow I will arrive to Moscow. I promise, that I will write you the letter every day, and I will inform, how affairs with visa registration are. Well? Your support when I will be in Moscow will be necessary for me. It is a huge city, and I will there absolutely one. I am assured, that feelings. Which are between us will help us to be with you together! Now I should go. Already I do not work, and I can not long detain the computer. Right now I will go on station to buy the ticket for arrival in Moscow tomorrow. I miss on you! We with you a meeting will be fine. Trey, you will have with itself a camera in day of our meeting? I very much want, that instants of ours with you we have carried by meetings through the whole life. I will write you the letter tomorrow. Yours Nastya.

Letter 13

Hello Trey, Already almost evening... I have very much got tired today. I have left my city yesterday at 20:45. Already 8:00 in the morning I was in Moscow. I rented a room in apartment. One day of rent will cost for me 40 dollars. The mistress of apartment very good woman. Her name is Nadejda Petrovna. It much more cheaply than to live in hotel. Trey, today I have visited embassy and the airport. In embassy I have written the statement for visa registration. It was pleasant to me, that in the visa centre affable people work. To me have helped absolutely in all. I have given all necessary documents. Also I have made photos for visa registration. In embassy to me have told, that I should get 2 air tickets. Air tickets are necessary for visa registration. The matter is that employees of embassy should be precisely assured of exact dates of my start and returning back to Russia. Today I have visited the airport, and have considered the prices for air tickets. A choice of air tickets very big. The price was the main criterion of a choice of air tickets for me. It was necessary for me to find cheap air tickets. The employee of the airport has helped me at a choice. I have considered air tickets on 19 August. Cost of one air ticket makes 584 dollars. It is necessary for me to have 1168 dollars that I could get air tickets. Trey, already I said to you, that your help will be probably necessary for me. Now I do not have money to get air tickets. I have paid registration of the visa and the medical insurance in embassy. Also I have paid residing at a room. At me now remains 450 dollars, but these are necessary day for me to live in Moscow. You can help to get to me air tickets? Already I said to you, that I should get air tickets in Russia. Today I also have visited bank. It was necessary for me to learn, how I can receive from you money. Never earlier I faced it. In bank to me have explained, that in the World there are many systems for remittance. We can use Western Union or Money Gram that you have transferred money from USA to Russia that I have got air tickets. Now I will tell to you the information which is necessary for you that you could transfer the help to me. MOSCOW-CITY BANK 115114, Russia, Moscow, 2nd Kozhevnichesky lane, 7. Udina Anastasiya. After you will transfer me the help, the employee of bank will inform you MTCN. You should tell to me MTCN that I could receive your help. I hope that you have understood me. When I can receive your help? Visa registration difficult process. Not to each girl can give out the visa to arrival in USA. Already my visa is in process of registration. I am glad to that I managed to begin process of registration of the visa. I hope, that very soon we with you will together. I have very much got tired today. I will go to have a rest now. I write to you from the cafe Internet. Moscow very big city. Please, do not leave me without your letters. I am perfect one here, and your support is necessary every day for me. I love you! I do not have photos now to send to you. All my photos remained at home. I wait your letter tomorrow. Yours, Nastya.