Letter(s) from Veronica Alcantara to Theo (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Do u realy love me or just ur having fun with me...am serius to u wen i start with u...but wat u did u always have dirt minds of me...not all women the same..if u hurt before..then give space in ur heart have freedom to think..wat do u realy want...am asking do u realy my bf?...u dont even care for me...ur selfish..dont close ur heart and mind...ur veruy much afraid of everything then why love again if u dont know to handle it in easy way....ur my first bf in net that very serius and very jealous too,,,tanx for being patience to me..but u always do hurt me accusing me..that i dont do in my entire of my life..u better watch out wat u say,,,i have heart too...am not scammer...i dont chat anybody thats truth..regard veronica
Stay far away from this woman or you lose your wallet and credit card