Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Pripevochka to Kazuya (Australia)
Letter 1

Hi my dear Kaz. My dear thank you for your letter and you just can't imagine how I am happy to see your letter and read that you have a common desire to meet me. Why you decided that I don't want to write you more? I didn't write you yesterday because library was closed because of technic reasons and so I decide to write you today - what's wrong? Thank you very much for it and I appreciate it very much that you understand my situation and support me in it. It is lunch time now and I read your letter today morning before my work but decided first to know about all and I have just returned from Sveta's work and asked her about my future possible trip to you. She told me that it is not easy to get a visa for simple people :) but she will help me and I think that it is really great that I won't have a problems with it. She told me that whole package of services for trip to you - as she told it consists foreign passport, visa, tickets to you and back to Russia, medical insurance, and other inquires will cost 1782 USD. She told me that all papers will be ready for me in 2 weeks after the payment and she told me that it is very fast for such procedure and thanks her a lot. And she told me that if I want to get a documents in time I need to make a payment as soon as possible. And also she found a flight for me which she will immediately book for me after the payment and here is a schedule: To Brisbane: Company: Aeroflot Flight number: SU321
Departure: 26 August, 14:39, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrival: 26 August, 16:50, Los Angeles Intl
Places: econom class, available Change city: Los Angeles Company: American Airlines Flight number: AA7298
Departure: 26 August, 23:19, Los Angeles Intl
Arrival: 28 August, 06:04, Brisbane Intl Arpt
Places: econom class, available Back to Russia: Company: Emirates Airlines Flight number: EK433
Departure: 25 September, 20:29, Brisbane Intl Arpt
Arrival: 26 September, 06:24, Dubai Intl Arpt
Places: econom class, available Change city: Dubai Company: Emirates Airlines Flight number: EK133
Departure: 26 September, 09:30, Dubai Intl Arpt
Arrival: 26 September, 14:39, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Places: econom class, available But when I heard about price about this trip it really made me sad because it is really terrible amount of money for me and I think that for you too and I am not sure if you are able to help me...I hope that you will be able because I just can't come to you without your help and as I told you we return you all money a little by little. My dear I really feelings myself impolite and discomfort to talk about money because for me money is nothing is this situation and all what I want now - to be with you...I am constantly thinking of you and imagine a moment of our meeting in the airport - you with flowers and me...I think that it will be really wonderful moment and who knows may be this time will change our lifes...I am missing of you my dear and can't wait a moment when I will be able to tell you this words face to face...really hope that you have a common feelings for me too. I asked Sveta if you want to help me then how you can do it and she told me that you can make a transfer to their company's bank account and they immediately start preparing papers for after after money will came to the bank account. Also she told me about second way - you can help with money directly to me by the on of the system's called Western Union and Money Gram - she told me that it is similar system and it is the fastest way and I will be able to receive money in 30 minutes after you send them. I didn't have a time to find out more about it but if it is ok for you I will go to my sister once again, find out about it and write you all what we need. My dear I still don't beleive in that it is really possible for us to meet each other and I just afraid to open my eyes and see that it is only a dream! Hope that you understand my feelings and have a similar desire for me too! My honey I have to go now and I am waiting for your answer with huge impatience.
With all my heart for you,
Your Natalya
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