Scam letter(s) from Victoria Zubitskaya to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello, Frank! My name is Victoriya as you might know, but you can call me Vika! I am searching here for pleasant communication, but the most important is for my second half and real love. Yes, i am rather romantic and believe in real and everlasting love.
Unfortunately i wasn't lucky to meet it yet in my life. So, that is why i am in the Internet now. I know English well, that is why i decided to search for a husband abroad. I am well educated, open minded, communicative and active girl. I will be very glad if you write me more about yourself also and ask whatever questions you want. I think there is a long journey in front of us if we want to get to know each other better:)
So, with best regards, i am looking forward to your answer soon!
Sincerely yours,
Letter 2
Hello, Frank! thanks for the letter! i really like it. I am telling you this from my heart! thanks for your nice photos also.
You are lucky to have two wonderful grown up daughters, so it is time for you to think about your own private life:)
As you are interested in me, my full name is Victoriya Sergeevna Zubitskaya. But close friends call me Vika (you may call me this way too:)) I am 27 years old. I am 172cm. I am free, open minded, cheerful, friendly, intelligent. To tell you more about me will help our further communication. I suppose you will be able to make your own conclusion soon:) Oh,Frank i know English well! i write you from work (in spite of that it is not allowed:)) as my computer has got totally broken. But i will do my best to write you as often as possible. ok? i believe it is important for our communication.
I think idea to speak on the phone is very wise idea of yours, Frank! i really like it and i am sure it will help us to get closer:)I already imagine your voice and trembling from excitement:))) Anyway, of course, darling, here is the phone number you can reach me at:+380669531583. Frankly speaking, it is my working number as my own mobile was broken by my ex (it's a long story). But this phone i have got at work i use for my personal needs too and my boss seems not to mind about it:) So, please, you are free to call!
My town where i live is called Chapaevo,it is situated at the east of Ukraine, not far from Kharkov. It is not big, but nice and friendly town. Together with it are connected all my childhood memories which are many and which are very sweet. I was born in a nice family in love. Parents gave me everything needed - care, love, education. I have two more sisters, by the way. One is 30 years old, and another 20 years old. But unfortunately my parents has got a divorce recently. My father has found another woman, but i am not in judge with him. Every person has got a right for happiness and love.But as for me, i hope i will not get a divorce in my life. By the way, i have never been married in my life. i don't have children. But hope to have this everything in future- dream about long happy life with a man who i love. For that reason i am in the Internet now. Searching for my one and only.
Looking forward to hear from you soon, dear Frank!
With best regards
Letter 3
Hi, dear Frank! thanks for your new interesting letter. Now i know more about your life in Germany:)
Thank you kindly for your nice comments and questions.
To tell you truth,Frank, i am alone for one year already. The last relations lasted for several years, but unfortunately they didn't last with anything good. I wasn't in rush with a wedding as most of my friends did, because i believe that the main is not wedding, but real feelings, understanding, sureness in this person. My ideal man is reliable, kind, sensitive, strong willed, patient, passionate, interesting, wise, experienced, respectful.
I believe it is impossible to love a man who you don't respect.
Man should be always smart and decisive, he should dominate in relations. At least it was with my family which was ideal in my eyes. My father is a military, he used to work in Police, but now he is retired. My mother is a teacher of Russian language in a local school. As for my profession,Frank, i chose paperwork because it was interesting for me, so i finished university and now i work at a private company as a secretary. This company produce different fences. It is not very big, but it is not so easy to find an excellent job in my town, so i am satisfied with what i have, besides, i work here for three years already and used to it. May be in future i will change place of working, or even place of living- i am not afraid of changes. What is more, i need them in my life now as i am tired of being lonely. I want to see the world, i want to believe in fairy tale in which girl meet her fairy prince. As you understand,Frank, in my opinion prince is not somebody very beautiful and handsome,but somebody with exceptional character, who is close to me in his thoughts.
If you think it can be you,Frank, please, write me back as soon as possible! i am waiting!:)Oh, and best wishes with your projects in work-waiting for your call!:)
Letter 4

Hi, hi Frank! you answered me and it means that you think we really have a chance! it is great news!:) Have to admit that i like our communication and i am truly interested to get to know as much as possible about you!
Oh, the weather is very unusual and hot in Ukraine too. You know, i think it is changes allover the world!
To tell you more about my likes and dislikes,Frank , I like healthy way of life, i go to gym and training all my free time. I believe that woman should be beautiful, well looking, healthy and sportive. I want to be ideal wife or somebody.
I like watching interesting movies, i prefer those which make me thinking. The last movie i watched which impressed me a lot was Forest Gamp. in spite of that it is not new, but i have never seen it before, and after watching it i was very impressed and crying. Life is really beautiful, no matter what! it teaches to be always optimistic and this is my credo in life too. Also i like cartoons very much,which are kind and make laughing. I am looking for a man with a good sense of humor as i like smiling:)
I wish i could make world more bright and happy!:) But i hope i will be able to make at least one person happy-my husband:) Also, i like good weather, i like warmth and bright sky, though warm rain and thunderstorm is very romantic too. By the way,Frank, i hope my life will never lose a romance. I believe it is possible to find something romantic in every day life, even if it is so called grey weekdays. I like going to the cinema, going to cafe with friends, attend different unusual places where i have never been in my life. By the way,Frank,i have never been abroad, but i travelled a lot through Ukraine and found out that we have a lot of interesting and unusual places, it is a pity only that our government doesn't care for them as we could have million of tourists there. But to talk about my country i will need another several letters-it is a long story:) What i don't like,Frank, is lie, rudeness, betray, rumors, envies. I can't stand movies where there are a lot of killing, a lot of violence. I can't stand rude and loud music. I can't stand people who like screaming.
Well, this is something more about me. Hope it will help you to understand more who i am:)
By the way, Frank, i am going to have very stressful day at work tomorrow, so could you, please, call me on Monday?
With best wishes,
Letter 5
Life is cool, life is great, life is unbelievable!:))) As long as you write me:) Really, thanks for your nice and warm letter! how are you today, Frank? how is your shoulder? i am sorry you have so many problems and pain because of it! hope you will be better soon!
As for the phone talk, i am sorry that i couldn't speak with you on Monday because as usually it was very hard day for me and i didn't even have a lunch. Will you be able to call me tomorrow for example? i hope you are not offended that sometime I don't mind about children who are screaming:) I think everything is allowed to these small angels:) I don't like when adult people are screaming at me:)
So, how are you today, dear Frank? I am very well, as you understand. today is a new usual day, but i feel happiness which is hard to explain. May be it is just influence of moon:)Frank, do you really believe in horoscopes, by the way? I am Cancer. You know that this is very family oriented, kind people? If to believe in horoscope, i am ideal wife:)
To tell you more about my personality,Frank, i like singing and dancing. I am not professional in these things, but when my soul needs it, i do it with all the affection!:) My dream is to learn Latin dances, but unfortunately there is no such classes in my town. That is why sometimes i want to leave everything and to move to a ****** town, with more possibilities. But it is not so easy, as here at least i have where to live (i live with my parents) and in some other town, Kiev for example, i will have to rent an apartment, which will be too expensive for me. By the way,Frank, i live in apartment with three rooms. I used to live at the same with my older sister, but after she has got married and left the house, i stayed alone. You know, i feel very lonely in spite of that i live with my family. I need to be close to my beloved man, i want to live for him, making him happy, sleep with him, love him! i believe it is so natural!
Are you passionate man,Frank? do you prefer to listen to your heart or to your mind?
Looking forward to your answer, dear Frank!
Letter 6
Hi, my darling Frank! it is very nice for me to have time to read your e-mail again and to be able to answer it! thanks for your beautiful photos! sorry that your shoulder still hurts...
Yes, i understand your point of view concerning children-sometimes they can be annoying. But my mother told me that when i will have my own kids, i will understand that nothing is annoying about them:)))
Today i have very stressful day! You see, in a morning, as soon as i come to work, my friend Liliya has called me crying. She had a big quarrel with her husband and he even hit her!!! They are married only two years, how come to lose love and respect so fast? I was speaking a lot with she and was trying to calm her down. What for friends are needed then? I am glad that i was able to help her a little bit. I told her that i have found a wonderful man in the internet and for sure there are a lot of other nice men here, so she should leave her husband and look for another-real man. Frank, do you think it was good advise for her?
I don't know, from one hand, i don't like when family are ruined, but from the other hand, i can't stand when man beats a woman! it is just something that makes me very angry! i don't understand how it is possible to beat somebody who is smaller and weaker than you???? I am sorry for sharing this everything with you-just too many emotions and i wanted to share them with somebody. As Liliya told me not to tell anybody about this, i decided to open this secret for you only:)
My honey Frank, what is your opinion concerning relations? should a woman suffer and endure awful behavior of her husband only to save a family? i know that all over the country men think that our women are the best wives, but unfortunately the big reason of this is that our women used to suffer a lot from men, but to be too weak and frightened to get a divorce...You know, i can understand everything, to forgive everything, but not rudeness from man. I am very compromising and understanding person, but there are some things which is impossible to understand...
Sorry one more time if this letter was boring for you or somehow sad...Frank, it is just really interesting for me to find out your opinion concerning this. ok?
With my best wishes, dear Frank!
Yours sincerely
Letter 7
Hi, my honey Frank!!!! darling, i hope you are fine there?
According to your letter, i understand that you are ok , though your shoulder still hurts- i am very sorry! thanks for your sincere letter and letting me know about abuses from your past! i think it is time to forget about them and to live forward! you are nice man and you deserve to be happy! I enjoy our communication a lot and i am surprised to open for myself that we are very similar in our thoughts and views:) Ithought that it will be hard for us to understand each other because of mental difference, but i am pleasantly surprised to see that i was wrong:) Frank, you are very understanding, attentive, nice man!
By the way, my mother asked to tell you helo from her:) I told her about our communication and she is happy for me, though a little bit afraid that i might leave her:). but you know, Frank, it is life-children always leave parents, and she understands this. I understand this too as i am adult girl and i really should create my family soon. I want to complete myself as a woman, if you understand what i mean. For me it means to become a good and devoted wife for decent man. I would be honored to become wife for such man as you,Frank, it is true:) How would you like me in a role of your wife?:) Have to admit, that i am not perfect and have some bad habits such as sleeping till long, or eating while cooking, or being unettentive...Besides, i have not perfect memory, as people say girlish memory:) That is why i want very wise, smart, strong willed, experience man to be with me, to support me in things which i don't know and don't understand. You know, men and women are quite different, everyone has it's own nature, which is for sure very beautiful and interesting and the main skill for a happy couple is to unit machismo and woman in harmony:) Do you agree, darling Frank?
I want to wish you, Frank, nice health, nice mood and nice people around you:)
Kisses and smiles, Vika
Letter 8
Hi, my honey Frank! thanks for your new nice letter and photos:)
so, you plan to travel a lot? it is great! i wish i could travel with you! but i have never been abroad and don't have an international passport:( And no, i can't drive a car.
Thanks for advise what to watch- i will try to find this movie:)
how are you today? you know, it is already as a habit for me to check my mail-box all the time when i have a free minute and to wonder how you are and to wait some news from you:) It is so interesting! thanks for giving me this chance to have very pleasant communication with an exceptional man! i really want to be the one and only for you! you know, have to admit that sometimes i can be jealous. But is not something crazy, just the desire person to be mine completely. But of course i understand that it is not right, and everybody has it's own life, and share it with who he wants...but me, i would really like you to write to me only, and nobody else, and don't even look at other girls:)
Do you know how to make me calm if i don't like something, Frank?
I will open you a small secret! it is very simple-just to kiss me, to hug me and to tell me something nice:) I think all people can have some misunderstanding and problems in relations and it is very important to be able to solve them quickly and nicely.
What shall i do to make you calm and happy, dear Frank?:)
I wonder if you have any secrets you never tell anyone about it?
i don't ask you to tell them now to me, as i understand that we are still strangers for each other, but may be in future? i believe that shouldn't be any secrets between wife and husband.
Do you agree? or do you think sometimes small lie is important too? I don't like people lying at all, but sometimes it is really necessary and can save from a lot of pain...What are your thoughts about it, Frank?
I wish you all the best,lots of smiles and good weather under your head:)
Your Vika
Letter 9
Hi, my honey, my close, my dearest Frank!
I have two feelings inside me now-happiness and sadness! of course, happiness is because o have god wonderful letter from you, i read youe warm words, i feel very good emotions because i am in touch with you.
Sadness because i am in big troubles. I was thinking a lot if i should tell you this, and theni realized that if we want to build future together, we should share everything together, no matter is it bad or good...Darling, i am in real despair this days, and i will explain you why now. You see, several days ago i made a very big trouble for all my family, but i didn't do it specifically. I was the last who left home. We have very bad water pipes at home, so all the time when we leave home we should turn off the small tab which overlap all the water. I forgot to do this because i was in rush...And Murphy law worked, pipes broken and a lot of water went out! We flooded all the neighbors under us! i live at third floor, so all the floors under us were flooded. Darling, you can't even imagine what a big scandal was in our house! all people blame me in this! and i realize that from one hand i am guilty, but from the other hand, there are house services which should take care of such things as rusty pipes! not me! Darling, i am so sad, so depressed! all the people are going to go to court against us. Court it is something really awful, long lasting, and not successful in our country. in Ukraine win the process those who give more funds to the advocate...This days are like nightmare for me, dear! Our family owe a lot of funds to everybody in our house now. My father made a deal with people that we will give everybody certain amount of funds not to go to the court as it will be much more expensive. So, overage, we owe $900 ($300 to every flat under us). I am in despair! i know that it is my fault, but i don't know how can i help. Father took a big credit in bank, but it is still not enough.
He told me that i should find $400 by myself, but i don't have an idea where i can get it...He and mother are angry with me, all the people in house are angry with me and i feel completely lost! I wish this story to come to the end sooner! I really don't know how can i get this sum now quickly. My salary is $150 per month...I don't know what to do, honey! i am sorry for sharing this everything with you, but i don't know who to ask for the help more. I ask all my friends to help as much as they can, and as you are among my friends too, i decided to take a risk and to tell you about this...I am sorry for bothering you with this long and sad story....I am looking forward to get answer from you soon and i will never forget your kindness if you will be able to help somehow! I am sorry one more time for my ask!
Waiting for answer from you soon, darling!
Take care of yourself!
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