Scam letter(s) from Angelina Osie to Patrick (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Send me email when you get home.... I hope you had a nice trip back home ... MISS YOU .
Letter 2
Hi Sweetie, You are right about the price you send to me earlier, but i the price you send was in Euro because you look on Dutch site.. I have also look at the sites here too i check on the American site with Dollars and i the price was about 1343USD which is 933EUR .. I think its just a little different .... I will be glad if you can possible send 500EUR, that will be much easier for me, besides you are the man.. You have the info to send below.. we talk more later... Cheers...... Name..... Mathew Birski
City....... Mesa
Country.... USA
Zip code.....86001
Letter 3
ADDRESS........: 22028 MALDEN ST.
ZIP CODE............48336.
Letter 4

Dear Patrick, I wished you were here. I wish there is another way from this without been far apart... I know that you are really busy at work at the moment, Otherwise we would have enjoyed and chat more . Anyways no issues, You can always make a plan to chat with me if you really care... I hope you don't let work take too much of your time without practicing, because I'm going to defeat you... Missed you
Letter 5
Hi Patrick, Will you be online today ? If yes, what time ? Besides did you send already ? I need the MTCN number and your full details otherwise I can not receive here..... Please, create time to chat with me. I know you can't be so busy for 24hours without having time for your self and other things.. Clemons.....
Letter 6
Hi Patrick, Sorry i couldn't catch up with you later yesterday.... unfortunately, right now am not happy, i couldn't book the ticket yesterday as promised..... explained that it will be necessary for me travelers with pet are to pay extra charges... that it will be necessary for me to obtain the cabin service for my pet also with a micro cheap... It is necessary for me at all cost make 250usd for cabin and 150usd for the micro cheap.. My dear,i was so sad when I have found out this yesterday. In fact, i dont have such money at the moment ... Though i got my pay yesterday which i can easily pay all without any problem but it is never possible for me to leave the state with paying all my bills in full... My Dear, i am really confused and worried now... 11e would you just come back online ? we need to talk .......
Letter 7
My kind Patrick, I didn't expect to see one of my old friend yesterday, we use to be good friend back in school, she came by to my house and I was distract from you then, but I have to say sorry about that..... Anyway, I hope you read this sooner. I would prefer you send the WU to my friend's name.. Its will be easier for me here.. You can as well send to my name too. It depends on what you want ... Can we chat now? I hope you're not busy... NAME..... Carmen clemons.
CITY......Farmington hils
ZIP CODE..... 48336
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