Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Udina to Greg (USA)

Letter 1
My name is Aleksandra. I am a pretty girl.I am a cheerful, sociable, witty girl.I am 30 years old. Seeing me in the photo, you can see my beauty, but you probably think, why such a beautiful girl wrote to me? I tell you, I'm still lonely, I'm looking for the second half, I'm looking for love. I have many interests, many friends, but not beloved. Who will understand and respect me. If I you are interested, you can write me here I would be very nice to see your answer. But if you're married, then I beg you not write to me. So far, Aleksandra.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Greg! I am glad, that you have positively reacted for my lines. This just fine.
I wish to tell at once, that dialogue on the Internet for me it something unfamiliar, therefore you for me will be the first conductor in the Internet dialogue. I will be very grateful to you if this letter interests you.
And you will very soon answer. As I apply some photo, for your review, that you could understand, how your interlocutor, that is I Nastia looks. I will not write much, and to speak, as I do not know your reaction. But I am assured, if I have interested you.
That at you will be many questions to me. Therefore will be just fine if you write all questions interesting you, and in the following letter, I with the hugest pleasure, will answer each your question.
Yes, you have correctly noticed excitement in my lines, it is valid so. It is connected by that I actually communicate for the first time with the man on the Internet. And, should notice, that it is very interesting to me, as this process is very interesting and pleasant. I hope for your understanding, and mutual interest, a smile in your fast reply. Aleksandra
Letter 3
Hello Greg,
How has passed your day? What new at you?
First of all Greg, I wish to answer your questions. To me now 30 full years. I live in Russia my city of Buzuluk it is Orenbursky area!!!
I think, which you have already understood, which I have serious intentions to get acquainted with good person to have with it serious relations. Greg, I became interested in you and I want, as far as possible to study you, better, to me interesting everything, concerning you and concerning yours life. I will try to tell to you a little about my character.
I can tell to you that I very romantic woman. I seldom have a bad mood and about optimism concerns to life.
I love when round me cleanliness and a cosiness. I very inquisitive, in life I wish to see and try everything, actually life is given only once. Except for music wash passion - cookery. To me delivers great pleasure to make various dishes.
I like to communicate with interesting people. In men I appreciate such qualities as honesty and fidelity to the beloved.
Fleeting novels it not for me. I am ready to give completely directly only to it the person whom I will really love.
To that person I will not doubt whose love. Up until that time I never met the person who could win my heart.
Though I do not think that in me the big requirements to the man. On the contrary, I prefer, when the person is modest and simple in dialogue. I seldom peer on occurrence and even on age of men. The core a thing for me that the person was kind, fair, careful also it it was able to be pleasant to the woman, thus completely it is not obligatory to have many money.
I love men not for their money. Some people say that the love is not present. But I do not wish to agree with them.
The love between the person and the woman is present. How you think? You trust the enamoured? Once I wish to find happiness with the favourite the person. It seems to me that in life for the woman the most important a strong family and darling, in a place from whom it would lift children. I wish to ask you?. Speak to me, you dream, that that the woman every day about you to see direct?
For the sake of what the woman you are capable to make everything, it to grasp its heart and always to be together with it?
The justification?, it is probable to I still early to discuss with you such frank things. But it is very interesting to me to know, what girls draw your attention.? I short written to you my prospects on my future. If it is interesting to you then we can discuss these themes in more details, I will wait your e-mail.
Sincerely yours Aleksandra.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Greg!
It is pleasant to receive from you the letter! I am glad to feel your interest. It is pleasant for me.
I will not start to disappear that I really looked forward to hearing from you, therefore I am very grateful to you that you have not disappointed me and have presented me attention in the letter. And you? You wait for my answer as? I hope that it so. (Smile)
Well, sad lines will be correct to tell about me some. I understand that it is interesting to you my relations with the person, it is interesting, whether there is in me a person, and what relations in me were. I perfectly understand it.
But I should tell that it is an a bit unpleasant theme for me. I think that you will understand me. A problem that I had a beloved.
It was the fine person. But in due course its relations to me have changed. And we have decided not to be on friendly terms more together.
I hope that you understand me and that it is really heavy to me to speak about it. As it is the difficult period in my life.
Already almost year as I am one. No, I am not afraid of this conversation, possibly, I will tell to you about it, but not now, it will be possible after. Well, from your approval, we will leave this sad note, during certain time.
Yes, I understand that you ask a question why I have decided to begin dialogue on the Internet. Therefore I hasten to answer a question, interesting you. On the Internet to me to communicate easier, therefore as people actually, speak, is very much, and show not directly, but only the external covering, it is very bad! Here again probably to speak simply, freely on pleasant interesting themes, not to see that any certain irritates factors from the party. I consider that on the Internet, probably to find that, the person who will always understand me and actually. Yes, I communicate in life! But I am easier here at first to communicate, and then, for example, to communicate with them in the real! On the Internet I can show to the person that I as in a nutria, and outwardly to show minuses and the positive phenomena. On the Internet, there it is time to look narrowly and to understand that it is necessary for you or not in life! I hope, my first steps on the Internet, will be positive. And I can find that the person, what smog satisfies all my interests, accepts me such that I actually. To understand me, and to be that the person who should be with me..
In the end of this letter I want to underline again that I am glad to your letters and attention for me, it is really pleasant. Well!
I wait for your new bright and interesting letter (Smile). Aleksandra!!!
Letter 5
My the friend Greg,
Your letter has brought to me a smile. Greg, I would like to look now in your eyes and to guess your mood.
You know what the sight can tell more than one million words? My eyes sparkle pleasure when I check mail and I see your letter.
Thanks for happiness which you bring to me. I would want that you have sent me in the following letter the a photo. I will admire you!!!
Last night I together with the girlfriend went to the cinema. We watched film "Appointment-5 point". I liked a film.
You watched already it is a film? I looked all parts.
Please, tell to me, you prefer what rest? You like the noisy companies in discos or you prefer quiet rest?
As to me earlier I very much loved the noisy companies. I liked to have fun, and was soul of the company.
There were now some changes in my life, probably it is caused by that I became adult. It is much more pleasant to me to have now rest in the small company of my friends in cosy cafe. I dream of romantic evening with the beloved.
Greg, you the romanticist? You like to surprise the girl? I like romanticism... I like to observe of stars, I like to have supper at candles. Also I like to dance dance under slow music... However, already very much for a long time I had no all it.
Today I send you photos from an everyday life. Yesterday before a film we with my friend have walked on a city.
And it had with itself a camera!!! I hope to you will be pleasant a photo!!!
I will wait for your letter tomorrow. Your girlfriend Nastia!!!
Letter 6
Hello Greg,
I am glad to open today my mail box and to receive from you the letter!!! I hasten every day for work to see your letter.
I read your letter in the morning or during the lunchtime, and I have a good mood all the day. Now I have a free time, and I write you the letter. Dialogue at all does not stir ours with you to my work. I have time to do everything that is required from me on work.
Greg how you have spent yesterday evening? What plans at you for this evening?
I have bought today a new musical disk. And in the evening I want to listen to it!!!
My choice of music depends on my mood. I can listen rock, pop, transe. Also I like the Latin American music. You like to dance?
I well dance. In the childhood I visited dancing school. When I studied at institute, I was engaged in aerobics.
I very much want to learn to dance Salsa. Greg, you dance Salsa? Also I like to dance slow dance. For a long time already I did not dance slow dance. Darling Greg, you think of our relations, how about friendship? I want to know it. I very trustful girl.
My heart has been broken in the past! I do not want, that experience of unsuccessful relations has repeated for me.
You are pleasant to me. In your letters I read many compliments. You tell me such fine words which I never heard from men in Russia.
I open to you the feelings now. It seems to me that my life starts to be filled with sense. Sometimes I think of you during the day...
I represent, than you are engaged during this or that moment of time. Please, be sincere with me.
Yes I want to tell to you that me friends name Nastia, and full my name Aleksandra Merkulova. You can name me as you it is pleasant.
And how you name your friends? You have two names or one?
I already do not have time to continue to write the letter to you. Together with the letter today I send you photos which have been made in my apartment.
I wait your letter! Your girlfriend from Russia, Aleksandra!!!
Letter 7
Good Day Greg,
I have just read your letter. And it is pleasant to me much your letters. Your letters always give to me pleasure.
And I am always glad to read your letters. Greg, since then as we have begun dialogue, I had a liking to you. Your letters are very important for me.
Today I wish to tell about my feelings, I will be sincere with you and I will tell that I feel to you. I really have feelings to you, you to me very much like also to me it is pleasant to read your letter. It is very interesting to me. You are very important for me.
I go to bed every night and I think of you. Every morning I hasten for work what somewhat quicker to read your letter.
I come for work and the first that I do it I include the computer what to see your letter. I never could present that, feelings can arise through e-mail.
And now I am convinced of it. It seems to me that we are familiar with you very much for a long time and I can tell to you everything, you became very important person for me. I sincere with you, and I trust you on 100000 .
Greg, I wish to look in your eyes, to feel your breath and to look directly you in the face, to tell to you all that I feel, it is heavy to me to write the feelings, and I very much wish to have with you man-to-man talk. Now I write you these words, and my heart starts to fight more strongly. I worry now a little. Please accept my words seriously, and consider me seriously.
I think to have a meeting with you, and I reflect on it seriously. I really wish to visit your country and to visit you.
Our meeting will help to open our feelings. I really seriously think of our meeting.What do you think of it? Tell to me about the feelings. Please please.
Today my working day already is almost finished, and I would not like to go home, the house me is waited by empty apartment. I have a dream.
To come home, and that the house me would be waited by you. I would want that you have met me, have embraced, have kissed. I want it much.
It seems to me that it is the greatest dream in my life. You really became very important person in my life. You have changed my life, I became the happiest.
I as wish to tell that I do not communicate with anybody except you. Me other men only you do not interest. Tell you you write to whom be except me?
I am jealous you!!! Please answer me this question.
I will wait very much for your letter. Yours Aleksandra.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Greg.
It is how are you? pleasant To me to read your letters!!! I apologise before you, but I did not have a possibility to write to you.
As I am in business trip!!! I as miss your letters!!! You do not think that I have forgotten you. I regret for the short letter today, but I have many affairs. I come back tomorrow in the city and I will write you the big letter!!! I hope, what you do not take offenceat me?
Your letters bring warmth to my heart. I will be very glad to receive news from you. Yours Aleksandra!!!
Letter 9
Hello My dear Greg,
Today my worker. I have returned from business trip, and at once have decided to write today to you the letter.
I thought of you all these days much!!! You thought of me? You invite me in USA? I very much want to see your country and you personally. I think that we will have happy time together. You are valid very important, for me. I very much hope,
That we will love each other! I really want that between us there was a love and warm feelings. I want,
It between us was also trust and understanding. Mine Greg, I respect you very much, and I trust you!
You thought of me today? Tell to me, please, as you consider the future? What do you want in the future?
I was a part of your future, want? Every day I think of you, and very much I want, which in the future we would be together.
Mine Greg, I very much want, that we have met as soon as possible. I really see the matter, and I think, it is necessary for
Be prepared for our meeting well. Today I plan to speak, I dispose my vacation. I think that all will be good and then
I will define time when I will be prepared for a meeting. I already have gone earlier to Egypt, and I know to make travel
In other country it is necessary to be well ready. I think that I am ready to meet you.
You agree that I have arrived to you then, I will start to prepare for it! Well? At first I will speak about the boss of mine and then
I will go to travel agency. I am already familiar with a small amount of rules to visit, but I think, which for a trip in USA it is a little
Differently. I will inform you later, as I will have all things for preparation to arrive to you. Well? I understand that you work, but I hope,
That you can take short vacation. And we can be together. I will not prevent to work to you! I want opposite that you have inspired.
Mine Greg, I will kiss you every day when you will come home, and I will capture you! You want to kiss me? We also could go to walk!
I do not want that you have spent for me many money. Money is difficult and therefore we could be simply buildings and
I would make for you a supper! Also I can help you with work for the house, and I can make the order! I already dream of our meeting.
Well, I will start to take some steps to sew to a meeting. I will make, all consider and is correct, which we have met a little faster. Well?
I should take all things independently. But I want, which you wrote me every day and also inspired me!
I think that our meeting is necessary for both of us! Yes I have a mobile phone. But I never called in other country.
Yesterday after work, I have gone to photographic studio and have unpacked your photo, now your photo will always hang in my apartment.
I have hung up your photo on a bed, and now every day when I will go to bed, I will look at you and to think of you.
I hope that you like a today's photo. Write to me soon! I will think of you and to dream of our meeting.
Only yours Aleksandra!
Letter 10
Hello Greg,
Thanks for your new letter. Last night I have caught myself on thought that I miss you...
I was on a visit at my parents, and I have told to my parents about us with you. Greg, my father has approved ours with you dialogue.
The father has told that I should be careful. I have told that between us there is a trust, and already we communicate a lot of time.
My parents see that I happy. Mine mum and the father are very glad for us with you. Now we have a blessing mine of parents.
We can start to plan ours with you a meeting. By the way, today I talked to the director about forthcoming vacation.
The director has told that I can be on vacation four weeks. These are good news to us with you! I am very glad!
The director has told that my vacation will begin as soon as it will be necessary for me. Now it is necessary for me to finish some affairs, and I can be on vacation. I assume that the next weeks my vacation will begin. You are glad the nobility about it?
Greg, I now think of travelling in USA on vacation. I dream to visit for a long time USA. Now my desire has grown, because I had a friend in USA. My friend is you! During ours with you of dialogue, we became good friends, and I have a big desire to meet you. You want to meet me? You could meet me? I absolutely know nobody in USA, except you.
Though you could meet me at the airport. I will be glad to spend all time with you. Time which we will spend together will help us to learn each other. I have questions. Near to your house there is an international airport?
I could arrive to what airport for our meeting? I said to you that I have a passport which allows me to travel in the whole World.
I think that I will need to make out the visa to travel in USA. Next days I plan to visit travel agency in our city to learn more in detail about travel in USA. I promise that I will inform you any news which at me will be.
It is pleasant to me to know that it were pleasant to you to a photo from my everyday life. I wait your letter tomorrow.
I hope that tomorrow I can already give you any information on my travel. Aleksandra!!!

Letter 11
Darling Greg,
Already evening. My working day has ended, but I remained on work to write you the letter. Today I had a difficult day. How your day today?
I had not dinner today at all. A lunch break today I used to visit travel agency. I have learnt some information which is necessary for visiting USA. In my city there is no embassy USA. Today to me have explained that the travel agency has no powers to make out the visa. The employee of travel agency has told to me that I should visit St.-Petersburg or Moscow to make out the visa.
In Moscow there is an embassy closest to my city USA.
Greg, it is pleasant to me to know that you like thoughts on ours with you to a meeting.
Together with the employee of travel agency we have decided that the optimum type of the visa to my travel is a visa "Tourist".
According to the visa the Tourist, I can is in USA, and also free to move on territory USA, within 90 days.
I am going to spend in USA 30 days. As to me have informed, term of registration of the visa makes 10-12 days.
During this time it is better to me to live in the city of Moscow because at any moment of me can invite in embassy for interview.
Already I took the questionnaire which I will need to fill and give in embassy Moscow. I have some questions for you now.
Greg, what things I should take with myself to feel comfortable in USA? I should live in hotel or rent apartment?
Please, do not leave my questions without the answer. By the way, you can tell to me your address of the house?
My parents want to know your address in USA. Please, do not think that mine mum and the father do not trust you.
Simply my parents worry now. I wait your address of the house in the following letter. Well? Here my address of the house: Russia., the Orenburg region., Buzuluksky area a city. Buzuluk., 7th microdistrict., Krasnogvardejsky street., Index: 461047.
I cannot believe what be already fast we with you we can together. We can refuse letters, and talk endlessly in a reality.
Greg, today in travel agency to me have told that is possible at me will ask the invitation from USA when I will make out the visa in the visa centre. You could send the invitation for me? Though, probably the invitation is not required.
I will call in the visa centre to receive particulars about visa registration. Also I will learn the prices of official registration of papers
I the information which I have told to you now is assured that, became the good information for you. Nobody can prevent to meet to us.
Kisses. Aleksandra
Letter 12
Hello mine Greg,
Today I would run for work what to turn on the computer and to read your letter. I missed your letters.
I am very glad to receive your letter now.
Greg, I wait ours with you a meeting with huge impatience. You wait our meeting? Today I have important news.
Please, be attentive. Yesterday I called in the visa centre which is in Moscow. Now I know all information which is necessary for me for travel in USA. First of all to me have told that I should visit personally the visa centre in Moscow to begin process of registration of the visa. I have told that it not a problem. Already my vacation tomorrow will begin, and at any time I can begin visa registration. To me all documents have told, which I should have to receive the visa.
I should show a marriage search certificate, the inquiry from work, the declaration on payment of all taxes, and also the passport and photos.
Today i will try to receive all documents. Still to me have told that I should give 2 air tickets (the ticket for arrival in USA and for returning to Russia). Greg, me have told that the invitation will be unessential to me.
If there will be a necessity for the invitation, I will tell to you about it. Also I have learnt about cost of registration of the visa.
To begin visa registration, I should pay 70 dollars. Also I will need to pay consular gathering and an additional payment for registration of questionnaires. That to me have allowed to travel in USA, I should have medical Insurance.
As a whole cost of reception of the visa will make 400 dollars. This sum includes cost of medical insurance and all trivial expenses.
I asked about cost of air tickets, but the girl in the visa centre could not answer my question. When I will be in Moscow, I will visit the airport to learn the prices. I have savings. I have 1400 dollars to spend vacation.
Greg, whether I do not know there will be enough my money to get air tickets. The matter is that I should live in Moscow.
Visa registration will occupy 10-12 days. Today after conversation with the girl from the visa centre, I thought of how we can will meet much. Between us there is a friendship, and I am assured that we with you friendship will grow.
I want to know that ours with you of feeling mutual. Greg, it is necessary for me to be assured that you will meet me at the airport. You can help me with purchase of tickets if I will not have not enough money? I wait that you also, as well as I want ours with you a meeting. It is important to me to know about it and consequently I ask you about the help.
I do not have many money, and I not from a rich family. However, it is not a pity to me of money for ours with you of a meeting.
I have a feeling of pleasure, which has appeared since first day of our acquaintance. From my life the feeling loneliness was gone, and it is pleasant to me to know that in the World there is a person who thinks of me. We with you a meeting is a big step to ours with you relations. I listen to the heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy. Please, tell to me your thoughts.
I will wait your letter. I should know answers to my questions. I do not want to lose any day from my vacation.
Now I will go to the director to receive all inquiries which will be necessary for me for visa reception. I wait for your letter!!!
Yours Aleksandra.
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