Scam letter(s) from Grace Compaore to Gordon (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
My Dearest one ,

Good day to you, How are you and your lovely family, hope God is taking good care good care of you and everything you do, thank you or your calls to me this morning, Am very happy to hear your sweet voice and also read your mail today , It is my pleasure that we know each other very well and to tell you all about me and my life sad story which i don't know if you can help me out from it so that i will come and stay with you for the rest of my life. Thanks for your call today, i love your sweet voice, please call me agai, as soon as you read my mail so that i will know when i will be coming to your country to stay with you and we get married and stay as husband and wife. As i explained in my mail to you my name is Miss Grace Compaore i am single never marry, am from Republic of Cote D'ivoire Abidjan, am the only child of my late parents,i speak french and English Am a decent girl, a christain by religion, i came from a christain home. Please am sorry that i did not explain this to you in my first mail to you, am only searching for who will love me because of who i am, but i thank God you responded to me with your sweet word which made me to know that you are a good person and the kind of person i can spend the rest of life with. please understand me and pardon me if this looks like another embarrassing to your kind of person, it took me time to reply you because i don't how you will feel about what am passing through here and how you will feel when you reading this my mail. well what ever will be your reponse will be good for me.

Please read my below story and the condition am into right now which i need your urgent help to come and stay with you in your country, if you can give me the chance. Please read my below story and reply me if you can help me to come and meet you as i have no place to go since i lost my parents. My country Ivory Coast was in a big political problem after the November 2010 Presidential Election which President Laurent Gbagbo lost the election and refused to accept defeat and needs the power but his rival Alasan Ouatara insists his the winner.But after wasting many lives including my family,he was captured. This has caused so many deaths which includes the ****** of my mother and my late father who was also a strong politician. I am living as a Refugee here in Dakar Senegal in the female hostel doing nothing the political crisis deprived my education and my family which was killed by the rebels in my country, i will like to continue with you till the end of my life i mean i don't have any other relatives whom i can go to because they ran away during the crisis and only God knows if any of them still alive because our family was one of the target for the Rebels.

The only person i have now is Rev. Father Mathew Wolof of (Christ for all churches) here in the camp, he is my spiritual father as i told him all that happened to me he pitted for me and allow me to make use of his computer where i am writing to you now, except him i don't have any access to anything. As a refugee i don't have any right or privileged to any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country.I want to go back to my studies because i only on my 2nd year in the university before the tragedy that leads me to be in this situation now. My dear as you can see that i am suffering here, I like honest and understanding man not minding the age, truthful and a person of vision, hardworking and hate cheaters. My favorite language is English and french. I am sorry telling you all this, because it may not please you, please accept me and my condition . I attached here my pictures for you alone. Pleas tell me about your family, you marital status and your family background as i will like to know more about you, are you staying with a woman? what of your old wife? will your childdren like me, are we going to have more children? please let me know all this.
I am waiting to read your lovely mail with your more photos as i requested from you. Remember that true love does not count age or colour. May God be with you always, Amen. Am waiting to hear from you soon. Please call me so that we can hear each other voices ones gain. Many Kisssessess My LOVE Yours Lovely, Grace Compaore
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