Scam letter(s) from Irina Smolenceva to Prabir (Saudi Arabia)

Letter 1

Hello my unique and most loved peach!!! How you today my Prabir? At me all is good due to you and your today's letter. I loved yesterday very long thought of us with you. I long did not sleep. Lovely I have to you offer. Yesterday I long thought of it. Even it was inconvenient for me. Whether I do not know I can offer you it whether or not. I all over again thought that now to you it I shall not speak. But I could not overcome myself. And nevertheless I have decided to tell you Prabir. I am slightly embarrassed but lovely I very much would want to meet you soon. Yes Prabir I want to ask you want to meet me in the person shortly???? It is important for me because I very much love you and for me am intolerable to be far from you. In general I loved mine want to visit you to your country and to begin to build our future with you???? To you probably it is interesting why to me so difficultly to offer you it?? I to you shall answer me very difficultly to you it to speak because if to me to go to you that it it will be very expensive to cost for me. Prabir I yet did not begin to do the passport for travel abroad and the visa, as for this purpose I should go to Moscow. I should be sure, that you Prabir may to me to help with tickets. I went to agency and have found out the prices for the passport, the visa and air tickets. The visa will cost 90 $, the passport - 150 $, the air ticket 600 $. I can borrow money to the passport and the visa in a duty, but I do not have money on the ticket. You spoke, that you may help me with tickets. I shall do the visa and the passport only then when you will send me money to tickets and I shall buy tickets in Moscow. I shall not do documents if you may not to me to help. Prabir you may help me? You love me? If you love me also I to you it is not indifferent, Prabir you should help me and we should meet as it is possible faster as I very much love you. I so wait for our meeting. You not leave from my head, I all time think of you Prabir, about our meeting. Sweet mine I shall wait your answer to my offer. I hope you seriously will approach to this step. Prabir I send you the most gentle and strong kisses!!!! I embrace you for one century yours Irina!!!!
Letter 2

Hello again my Prabir I am glad, that you could so quickly answer. I am happy, that you Prabir may to pay my tickets. If you want to send me money, that reliable will send them through Western Union. At us in city is such bank.
Advertising of this bank is located almost in all streets of city. It means that it is reliable bank. Prabir the faster you will send me money, the faster I can arrive to you. I can take holiday at work though tomorrow. Our meeting will depend only on you. If you can to send me money today I tomorrow shall take holiday at work and the day after tomorrow I can leave to Moscow to issue all documents (the visa, the passport). I to you send the data if you will conceive to send me money soon. Dear Prabir I so wait for our meeting, I hope you too wait our meeting. I dream of our first kiss at the airport. I shall wait your message. I love you Prabir!!! I want you!!! And now my data: Russia, Tetyushi
Irina Smolentseva Prabir write to me as soon as you can.
Letter 3

My lovely Prabir I to you send the data which are necessary for Western Union. 1. first name - Irina
2. middle name- Sergeevna
3. last name- Smolentseva
4. occupation- librarian
5. nationality- Russian
6. identification number---------
7. full postal address- Russia, Tetyushi, Soviet 45/34
8. postal code- 422370
9. eye color- brown color- black
11.height- 165 sm I hope, that have written all correctly. I so miss you. Prabir I hope that we soon shall meet. My sweet I so love you. I very much would like that our meeting was held more soon. Prabir to me now it is necessary to go home. I kiss and strong embrace you. With love your Irina
Letter 4

Hello my lover Prabir I so have missed of you. Prabir I so wait for our meeting. I hope we are soon will meet. I want to inform you Prabir, that I today have received money, which you have sent me. And I tomorrow will go to work and take holiday. Tomorrow there will be very difficult day as I should issue all necessary documents, inquiries. I so am happy that we soon meet. The day after tomorrow I can leave to Moscow to make out the passport for travel abroad and visa. I very much love you Prabir. I hope you of me not has stopped loving? I so want to see you. I want to be near to you Prabir. I want that you have embraced me the strong hands. I want to be only your and nobody's is more. Prabir you my love, you my treasure, you my knight on a white horse. I want that all this was not only dream, and I want all this in realities. I can not live without you. I think to me is time to finish with message. I send you the most gentle and strong kisses! Prabir you are very necessary for me. Yours Irina!!! Your bride Irina!!!
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