Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Korchyagina to Karl (England)
Letter 1
I'm from Russia!!!
I'm search for serious relations!
If you are interested in my letter,
I with pleasure shall continue our dialogue!
Letter 2
I am grateful to you for the answer!
It was very pleasant to me to see your letter in the mail box
For me the age has no value, in fact the main thing that you was young a body and soul
I search to myself of the partner in life is more senior than myself because men as children, at me were attitudes with my contempoparies and they have not liked me I search clever for the man to which it would be interesting to talk. The the man is more senior, the it more cleverly and is more skilled in all senses.
Thanks for a congratulation, but at us in the country celebrate a holiday from December, 31st till January, 1st.
I very much would like to visit the Great Britain, and it is possible, I have a passport for travel abroad and if we shall like each other all is possible...
You are not frightened with distance between us?'?
Personally I am done not frightened with this fact as I consider that the present love does not know borders!
I wish to warn at once you, that I do not search for long correspondence as dialogue on the Internet does not give full representation about me person.
I would like to meet you if we shall like each other.
I write to you in hope that you that person to which I can like and with which I can construct Serious attitudes.
I was very much pleased when today have seen in the mail box your electronic address I very much hope that in the future we with you can become good friends and is possible it is more.
I consider that "friendship" is a basis of any attitudes, therefore for the beginning I very much would like to learn you better and to tell as much as possible to you about myself.
I shall tell a little more on myself: I have no native brothers and I have no native sisters, only the cousine and cousins.
Now I live in two room apartment which I have taken on credit.
I was not married, children I have no.
I do not smoke a cigarette and very much I love a healthy way of life.
I very cheerful person and consequently very much love cheerful people I write to you from work as the at home I have no a computer and the Internet.
Please write to me more about itself if you were interested with this letter.
Please do not spend and my time simply if you do not interest serious attitudes.
Letter 3
And also he should be " the present - the best " the friend for me and our children!
I very cheerful and cheerful person!
I search for the man for creation of family, I search the partner in life!
It would be desirable to find the man internal qualities similar to me which has the same kind heart as well as I!
For me the external given men are not so important....
I think, that true the beauty of the person is incorporated deeply in soul'
If I shall find such person, this person will receive my love, fidelity, care, caress and attention on 100 !
I shall live with such person up to the end of the days.
If you are capable on the present love and to respect with the woman, you chance to win my heart means have!
Which person I shall grow fond not when will not be disappointed in me!
I that person whom the truth and only the truth prefers to speak!
I wish to find the person who could become for me the teacher in a life, and I in turn could be his the obedient schoolgirl.
Madly I wish to find second half, for creation of family!
It is my purpose, this my desire, it is my dream!
I very open person (I as the interesting book which it is necessary to read on page every day).
I can tell about myself with confidence, that absolutely sincere and sociable person!
With me there is no time to miss!!
I have very good sense of humour and consequently with me not boringly!
I adore to joke, laugh and smile, but do not think that I the thoughtless person:)
I adore the Madonna, Venice, fire, balloons and soap bubbles:)
Very good housewife!
I love is tasty to prepare meal!
Very clean!
I like to embroider and read books..
To crying during viewing film " Where result dreams ", also I laugh at tears from "Harmful Fred "...
You looked these films?
And What films you look?
You have pets?
In a youth at my place there lived cat Matvey, dog Barsik and parrot Kesha (Kesha there was very ridiculous parrot, talked much).
Now I do not presume to have to myself pets as, I do not have time, them to look after:
In the childhood my parents often drove me in a zoo and consequently I have very much grown fond of animals....
....... The Life is fine, though there are also bad moments!
I love a life and I can not look at suffering of the person!
My belief the Christian, and I very much love our founder!
Sincerely I trust that all people brothers and sisters!
I can not long take offence, but also I do not forgive treachery...
I do not love liars, lazy and greedy people....
I hope you not such person??
I have good education and I can not cause people a pain!
I adore cheerful and fair people!
I think, that the good and fair person does not require advertising itself....
Good people always and everywhere are invaluable!
I " try - I try " to understand and love all and everything, that surrounds me in my life!
I think so each person should act!! SINCERELY!
We live once and consequently it is necessary to live this life very adequately!
You agree with me???
About me speak, that I the most positive and clockwork person on this planet! Ms. the Positive:)
And still I very lovely and kind, the reliable and devoted friend!
My friends name me an angel!
Here only wings in washing and a nimbus on additional charge:)
The life is fine and surprising, and consequently I do not spend the vital energy simply!
I do not have megalomania!
Kind people do not suffer it:)
Letter 4

Hi Karl.
How are you doing? All is good? How at you weather?
At me all is normal, but became much better when I have seen the letter from you.
Similar on that I am really interesting to you.
And I am very grateful to you that you find time to write to me the letter.
Today usual day. But I always try to be pleased to each moment.
In fact for this purpose all all of us also we live: to give pleasure, happiness and love.
In fact all negative and so it is a lot of.
Now such time, that many people are ill. But I try to go in for sports and to conduct a healthy way of life.
My favourite color blue and green!
And what your favourite color? And who you on a sign the zodiac???
I have a hobby, it is a collection of ancient coins...
And you have a hobby??
At leisure I write poems!
I adore to bathe on a beach and to lay under warm beams of the sun!
And you love it???
Very much I love summer and spring, and also a holiday "Christmas"...
And what your favourite holiday?
I try help to those people who requires my help!
And you help to the person if this person required your help (I hope to receive the fair answer from you)???
I like to dance and I do not take alcohol!!.
And you love dances?
I want that my future children had good health!
Cigarette not when did not smoke and now I do not smoke....
And you smoke cigarettes?
In a youth was engaged in tennis and figure skating.
And what kind of sports is loved by you?
YOU in advance forgive me if I set to you many questions in this letter:)
Probably having read through this letter, you tell to yourselves " Anything to yourselves how many questions ":)
I hope to you my English is clear?
I talk much better, than I write...
It is very interesting to me to know: How you have a good time at leisure, what you do in week-end?
In the free time: I am engaged in cleaning of an apartment, I prepare meal, erase for linen, I watch TV, I read books and I listen to music!!!
In week-end: I like to get enough sleep, as at week-days I do not get enough sleep' Sometimes I go on a visit to the friends, we chatter about a life and drink tea, coffee!
Here and so I spend the free time!
I think to you it will be interesting to know it: My ideal of the man should have the basic three qualities in itself!
The first - ---is kindness!
The second ---honesty!
The third ——validity!
You have all this three qualities in yourselves?
Letter 5
Hello :-)
I try to not communicate with people from whom the negative proceeds.......
I try to get acquainted with people from which more proceeds a positive
Events in a life are good or are not good, in many respects depends on how we perceive them!
All difficult less perfect, than idle time!
My second half always will smile (a guarantee of 100 ) '.
I hope in the further we shall be good friends!
Please send me more than your photos!
I hope you will not frighten my questions?
Please try to answer my questions, it is very important for me!
Very much it would be desirable to know you better;)
Read with pleasure;)
With impatience I wait your answer..
Your new girlfriend Tatiana!!
Letter 6
Greetings my new friend!
Thanks for answers to my questions:)
Now I know about you not much more;)
How your mood?
At me mood good!!!
To me it is very pleasant, that you have quickly answered my letter!!!
You again give me a smile, having written to me!
Having seen your letter I have smiled also my mood it became much better!
I am really glad to see again the letter from you! Sincerely!
Now I can tell with confidence, that my day has gone right!!
On heart it becomes very joyful, when I think, that in my life there can be a person to whom ' I am ' it is not indifferent.
I very much would like to meet such person and on mine I have met him;).......
It is interesting to know: You like to arrange picnics on the nature?
You love walks on fresh air???
I very much love it!
I shall tell to you frankly, I would like to have family,
To be the family center.
Though and now I am lonely, but I think that all will be fast well.
And my heart to me is spoken that in the near future with my dream to be carried out.
It is pleasant to me to receive from you letters.
I thought much, what person you in a real life..
I already start to get used to your letters.
It seems to me that in them there is something native, such warm and soft.
I do not know why at me such associations))
Know that I always look forward to hearing from you.
I would like to write more, but I need to work.
I hope to see from you the answer soon. I shall wait.
Your Russian girlfriend Tatyana.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Karl!!!
FORGIVE, I so long did not write, at my place was not present
Computer, there were holidays the days off, today the first
The working day. At us in city these 4 days even the Internet-
The cafe did not work., but I therefore could not write to you
Very much missed and I hope as you too. I wish to congratulate
You with NEW 2010, I wish to wish you all
I am grateful to you in time which you spend for me.
I start to trust you, your letters become a part of my day.
I would like nosHaTb you is better, how much only it is possible.
Sincerely I hope, that in the future our mutual relations will give result.
I think, in a life there is nothing impossible if our desires happen sincere.
You agree with me????
Simply I in a life collided with men who simply used me.
And I simply wished to love and be favourite.
Unless it so is complex? As it has appeared yes.
To me 27 year, and I am lonely.
I very much dream to create the family, to be the favourite wife, to love madly husband, but at present my life, it only dreams and illusions....
After many disappointments at times it seems to me, that it is necessary to reconcile to the destiny.
But I think, that destiny of the person always in its hands and it should overcome all difficulties.
In fact if all was easily and simply - then it would be not interesting to live.
And in such questions I always address to the god.
I think, as in our street there will be a holiday.
And in our attitudes all to turn out.
You seem to me the lovely person who has the big and kind heart. Sincerely!
Sincerely the good person would be desirable to trust, that you, unable to hurt people.
I all heart, hope, that you that person who is necessary to me.
Even more often, when I remain, at home one I think of you.
What you in a life, than you now are engaged, of what you now think.
So it would be desirable though for instant to come to be near to you.
I often see enamoured pairs in the street.
Also I represent us with you on their place... As we together walk on park, we go to cinema, we have dinner in cafe.
I very much envy these people though I know that it silly.
But in fact without love human life becomes empty, and to become boring.
I thank the God for my acquaintance to you.
It can and there is a destiny, and we shall feel already soon heat each other.
I very much would like to live the remained life in pleasure and happiness with the favourite person.
I very much wish to trust, that you and are that person who will love me.
I am very glad, that you are interested in me, and very much I hope, that our attitudes to proceed.
I so would like to look to you in eyes, in fact I consider, that on them it is possible to tell very much much. But you it is far from me and it at present is impossible. But I hope, that very soon we shall look each other in the face.
But I even can present it....
Letter 8
My darling, tell about the feelings. I wish to know, that you think of me and about my ideas.
I would like to write very much still much, but now I need to go to work.
I hope, that at all of you it will be good.
Also I wish to wish your of good luck! In fact too much depends on it.
I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Good-bye, your sincere friend. Tatiana.
Letter 9
Greetings my darling Karl!
It again I --—" YOUR LOVELY FRIEND to HEART ":)
I am very grateful to you, that you continue correspondence with Me!
From that day when you have started to write to me, I have felt
It is better than itself (it not flattery, it is a naked truth)!'
At us in Russia speak: if in a life it will be difficult,
Look on face the friend!
I think you that person on whom it is possible
To look during the difficult moment of the life!'
Your letters force me, to feel better!!'
For today I have no doubts, THAT YOU DARLING AND
Now, " ALL my IDEAS ONLY About YOU ". This night " I I SHALL THINK OF YOU ".
Now, I can tell with confidence, that I begin
To get used to you and your letters!
Today I thought of that, on what your voice resembles?!
It is very interesting to me to know, what you in a real life!
Has passed some days, since then as we
Have exchanged the first letters, but I and already, begin
To feel predisposition to you!!
Such happens, when between two people is
Mutual understanding!
I think you understand me!
HEART (sincerely)!
And this main thing for me, in the man!
Probably you too are tired from loneliness???
As I would like to grow fond and be loved!
I am confident, as you too want it! Today I was in
When I happen in church I always I ask heavens, that they helped to people to follow the road true, and that all
Hungry people in this world were full" Sincerely!
I ask about it because when I see poor and
Hungry then my heart is ready to cry, from
Compassions and pity to these people.
And only therefore I wish each person
Happiness, health, love and the peace sky above a head!!!
My desires it is sincere and consequently I sincerely trust that
My desires will hear heavens'.
Probably if each person in this world tested precisely same feelings as well as I (to such people), then
The life on the ground has turned to PARADISE!!
But unfortunately this world is full angrily, lie, treachery,
Envy and hatred ............
I very much would like, that you understood me and each mine
I often dream to leave on a desert island (with favourite
The person) and to live there all remained life!
I very much would like to live the remained life in love
And pleasures!
I would like to grow fond so that from love it was turned
I envy people who can like and to be favourite!!
I am very happy for such people! Without love. a life
Each person becomes boring and sad.
I think you agree with my opinion?!
Passes day, there passes week, passes year, but in mine
Lives not happen new changes, all remains on
And it starts to oppress me, and I become closed
The person.........
As you think: probably, that our acquaintance was
It is conceived in in advance in heavens:)????
You are happy the life?
You have the reliable and true friend???
I have the reliable and true girlfriend, her Valery's name!
We are friends with her since the childhood!'!!!
We together went to school also university!
she very good girlfriend!
When to me happened alone and sadly, she always was
Close with me!
I trust her on all of 100 and she also trusts me!!
Three years ago she married, and now she lives
I am infinitely happy for her....
Now they live in other city and consequently we see
Very seldom... ' ^
They very good friends and consequently I very much appreciate them
The truth speak - - ——the reliable, true friend, it
Angel-keeper, for each of us!
You also think???????:)
It is a pity, it would be wished to write to you more, but mine
Time is finished it is necessary to work.
Do not miss;)
Gently I kiss you on the mouth!
Letter 10
Hello my dear Karl.
Thanks for your answer, me very much please your letters,
They as jiy^wK light in outer darkness for me
Dilute ray loneliness and melancholy.
At me the excellent mood, my working day at last comes to an end.
I earn about 13000 roubles a month (it approximately 430 $). For our city and for
Russia it is the decent salary. Me suffices.
Unfortunately I have no car, but I have rights and I am able to drive the machine.
On own car I yet did not earn:)
Probably, for the beginning I shall thank you for yours
Honesty and sincerity!
Perhaps you also are that person with whom I am ready
To live the rest of the days!!
Now I only wish to be convinced, that I do not build to myself
The destiny again gives us chance! And I am confident, that in this
Time, my heart does not deceive me!
It prompts me, that I make a correct choice! Mine
Ours of destiny in our hands, and if we now not
Let's take advantage of a case (to meet), it is more than another
Such case can not be...
The destiny is artful, if we turn to it a back
I think, time has come to understand ours
Desires and dreams and to undertake any actions!!
We have laid the foundation in our attitudes, and now
Time has come to pass to higher level!
Simply it seems to me, that one day will come, and I can
All to throw!
Simply you have opened to me eyes on all!
I the normal woman also am worthy the present love.
Each your letter, pulls as a magnet for my soul and
And here I cannot resist any more... Me with
Mad force draw your letters...
To me and this feeling, and during the same moment joyfully is terrible,
As not when before......
I do not wish to hide from you the feelings, and I wish to speak
To you the truth!
Your letters - - —-it is tears of pleasure on my eyes!!
You are similar to an ideal of mine of the man which I waited all
The life (I sincerely am to be trusted in it)!'
You compassionate, kind and fair, and consequently you
You have all chances to win my heart!
I am ready to risk, ready to present you the heart!
You would like to be mine the man???
There live two persons, (which thousand divide
Kilometers) that not knowing about existence, each other,
As suddenly, the destiny acquaints them, and already through the some
Time they feel necessity in each other!
Unless it is not remarkable?! Not looking that between
Us the big distance, we all equally feel character
Each other, through our letters....
Unless it not a miracle?! I think - -—this real
The miracle is knocked to us on a door and only to us to solve,
To let in it or not!!
Please, think, and do not hurry up with the answer!!
You always in my dreams, all time.
Good-bye, gently whole you!
With impatience I wait your answer, your intimate girlfriend

Letter 11
Greetings the owner of my heart!!!
My reason completely is captured, ideas on you!!!
As this feeling is pleasant!!'
It would be desirable to pull out the heart from a breast and to present it to you!!!
My heart 6beTCH all more quickly and more quickly - as a drum!!!
To me it is not trusted, that my desires and dreams are carried out!!!
Your letter - has filled my heart with pleasure!!!
Thanks for sincerity and honesty!! !
You my best friend!!! SINCERELY!!!
You have won my heart!!!
Now I would like to meet you more quickly!!!
My eyes are full some tears!!!
These are tears of pleasure!!
You are ready to become my teacher?!
I shall be the obedient schoolgirl!!!
To you will like, be my teacher!!
As, I very much attentive and quickly remember all!
I shall try to understand you at first sight!!!
I shall study you as a favourite lesson at school!!!
I shall be for you - as the sun for a flower!!
You not when will not regret, that I am with you beside!!!
You will always admire with me!!!
I am very grateful to your parents, that they have presented you a life!!!
I admire with your care of me!!!
You very gentle and careful person!!!
When dreams come true, then people understand, that the miracle exists!!!!
Dreams come true -—the person becomes happy!!!
Now I trust in a miracle!!!
My heart belongs to you!!!
I am happy!!!
I am glad!!! Sincerely!!!
The happiness was knocked at my door!!!
I open the doors!! ! !
The door is my heart!!!
Now you can come!!!
My doors are opened - for you!!!
Do not miss;)
Gently I kiss you on the mouth!
Letter 12
Hi my favourite Karl!!!
I so am glad to receive the letter from you. So it was pleasant to me to read it.
You care of me and to me it is very pleasant. I very much love you my dear Karl!!!
To me very much much is to be made for you that to you it was pleasant.
I would like to cook for your tasty I food!!!
What you kitchen prefer??? To me to like to prepare and I would prepare for you every day. Would do to you pleasantly. To like you it? The truth so does not suffice me you beside. If I only could touch you, and feel you!!!
Unfortunately it only dream. BUT I trust that this dream becomes a reality.
Tell to me where exactly and with whom you live? And in general it is more about itself. We live once and in this life it is necessary to risk and necessary try all that can. I think that at all of us can will develop it is necessary only will meet...
I have a passport for travel abroad, and you have Russian?
If you have, I very much would like that you have visited me in Russia.
You when HMoyflb were in Russia? Here is on what to look...
Think above my offer and write that you think?
Last photo it not at home, it in hotel in Sochi in this summer, I there had a rest with the parents. In this letter I send you a photo since new year, these are houses at my parents.
I Love you My native Man Karl!!!
I wish to be yours Karl!!!
I embrace you and strong whole!!!
Yours and only yours Tatiana!!
Letter 13
Greetings my Darling Karl
How you my good? How your mood? How has passed your day Kari?
I hope that at you all well!!! I thought that I very much wish you to meet 1 wish to see you of the present!!! I see under your letters, that I like you and even more!!!
You, probably, love me Karl?!!! For me this big happiness the nobility it.
The nobility, that at me is the person for whom I can hope. On which I can rely a difficult minute.
You always think, about me and wish to be with me!!! I too my dear Karl want it"!
I am very happy from such ideas. But I think, that time to us with you has come to meet!?!
To meet in alive on the present you!!! I very much want to you Karl!'! I Wish to be with you!!!
You understand me? We with you correspondence is sufficient for that that we have learned about each other from letters.
And I have solved for myself, that you that person whom I searched for alt life.
You kind gentle man Karl. You show care, and I feel intimate heat from you.
1 know, that I to you am not indifferent. Therefore I have solved, that I should see you really!!!
Simply we with you correspondence to end with disappointment. If we shall remain everyone at the.
You there, and I hereH! Therefore we do not need to write more"! We need to meet.
I offer you a variant of our meeting Karl. It will borrow all week. A maximum two weeks!!!
And we shall meet you!!! Then we can look each other in eyes!!!
Also we can keep for hands and speak really. Me very much it is would be desirable by my darling?!!
For this purpose I need to conclude the contract with agency. That I could arrive to you!!!
The agency prepares documents. Does the visa and the ticket!?? For this purpose I need from you all your data Karl!!!
All!!! A name a surname the Country City the full address the Airport where I shall arrive to you where you will meet me!!!
All this information is very important at the conclusion of the contract with agency.
In the contract I will need to specify all your information!!! You understand Karl???
Please, write to me all this information on.
It is very important to not admit mistakes in this information!!! Because I shall write your information in the contract!!!
You understand me Karl? 1 very seriously concern to our meeting. I want, that our meeting necessarily took place!!!
Therefore I ask you to write to me all in detail!!! The information on!!!
I love you my dear Karl. And I am ready to tell to you it now and at a meeting!!!
I have learned all in agency. That it is necessary for me that we could meet. Also I write to you all this.
For the contract with agency and for their services. I should pay 1 800 dollars!!!
It is not absolutely convenient to me to ask you money for payment to agency!!!
But I do not have other choice!!! Therefore I speak you the truth and I offer a fair variant!!!
I have no such quantity of money. Therefore I suggest you to pay to agency half-and-half.
So it is half these are 900 dollars I cry. And second half of 900 dollars you pay.
I think, that it will be fair. You agree with me the Darling?
Simply we with you do not have other choice!!' We need to make it!!' We need to meet!!!
We need to pay to agency and to conclude with them the contract!!! Then I can arrive to you Kari!!!
In two weeks we shall be together. We shall look each other in the face!!!
I know, that you will not refuse it. Because you love me. You very much want our meeting!!!
And I too want our meeting Karl!!! Above all I would like to see you really!!!
If you do not agree with me!!! Means, you do not want our meeting. I shall understand it so!!!
If you will refuse this variant!!! And there can be you doubt of my honesty?
Please do not think of me badly!!! I fairly and with all my Karl try to transfer you all my feelings.
My words proceed their soul. This purest that I can tell to you.
Because other way is not present!!! The meeting is necessary to Us. We need to solve it. You understand me Karl???!!!
After a meeting we shall be assured in each other! I! Also we shall know each other to face.
Sooner or later it should happen!!!' Because it is destiny"! And I thank destiny that has found you!!!
You for me all my life. You sense of my life. My ideas only about you and about ours with you to a meeting!!!
How we shall conduct ourselves, when we shall see each other???!!! What shall we tell each other? What our feelings and emotions will be!!!???
I constantly represent it. Before me fly by episodes from my dreams about ours with you to a meeting.
I trust in you Lovely. Also I trust that all at us with you will be good..
I very much hope for you Karl!!! I hope for that that you will understand me correctly!!!
To me would be desirable to nestle on your breast now. That you have heard me. My darling has heard my melancholy on you!!!
Please write to me the answer more likely. I wait for your decision!!! Whether you are ready to accept me!!!
Whether you are ready for our meeting!!!
I kiss you am gently gentle and is sweet sweet!!!
I wait for your letter Dear mine Karl!!!
All my tenderness and warmly with you Lovely!!!
Yours and only yours Tatiana!!!
Letter 14
Greetings my Dear the Karl!!!
I wait for your decision Karl. I can go and conclude the contract with Agency Karl? You want that I have arrived to you or not?
You wish a meeting with other? Why you do not answer me my letters Karl!!!? I wait for your letter. I all heart hope for you Karl. You man expensive to me!!!
I LOVE you and I want a meeting with you!!! Answer me please.
I wait for the letter...............
Yours and only yours Tatiana! ?!
Letter 15
Hello my dear Karl.
I read a letter from you, and with tears in her eyes I am writing you an answer!
Do not trust me, it's very annoying that could be for me.
I write from the heart to you and love you stupid.
But you began to doubt me. Why?
Because I'm Tatiana Korchyagina not Vladimirovna?
Silly me!! Do not you understand?
My name is fully Korchyagina Tatiana Vladimirovna.
Korchyagina is my Last name.
Tatiana is my name.
Vladimirovna is my middle name!
Complete my name Korchyagina Tatiana Vladimirovna!!!
I fear not write to you first my city where I live in the present.
And you did not write his name. Because I was warned that the Internet there are many fake people.
And one must be cautious. Do not need to start dating indicate your name and address of the city where I live.
I followed these rules since the beginning of correspondence with you.
But after we met, and further our relationship, we know each other well.
And I can openly talk to you about yourself. You have any confidence with me?
I also warned: With some of the girls become acquainted with the men leave them.
And then when they come to men, they take away all the documents and make them into prostitution.
You can prove to me that you have not done? Probably not!
But I do believe you and believe that what you write to me! I feel my heart that you are the man whom I was looking for.
And not pimp prostitutes. I'm ready to be with you and share the happiness and love.
I hope you understand my fears? I am also not a stupid woman! And I do not want to be deceived.
First, entering into a contract with the agency, I will point out your address, name and surname.
I will point out that you paid half of my way to you in the UK. And enter the amount.
For this I need all your data on what I asked you.
Passport. Name. Address. Understand?
My ticket will be up to UK and back. If with me that what happened then I will seek and come to you first.
If you're a real man who is willing to meet me as a woman in love.
That you are not going to ask many questions. I can sign a contract with the agency I send you a scanner of the Contract in which all will be indicated.
We will only pay for the agency and all!
Please do not think badly of me I have a pure heart you try to prove that I am not kidding you.
And telling the truth when meeting you yourself will understand everything. When uvivish me and look me in the eye.
We must trust each other Karl
We can hug each other. If you do not trust. I do not know how I give it to you yet.
I do not want to lose such a wonderful person like you! Do you really need me and I want to be with you.
If you listened to your heart and trust your feelings. So you would understand me!
But logic dictates how all the men. What woman can not be trusted.
I do not know how can I convince you still like that.. But up to you!!
I really really want vstretitisya with you and to know the real you.
because I love you Karl!!! Do you understand me?
You're the only person in the world for me which I love!
I hope you understand me? I am waiting for your letter. Do you believe me or not!
I await your decision KArl.
I kiss you my dear and I hope all of you. Waiting for your answer!
Your and only your Tatiana!!!
Letter 16
My dear Karl.
Excuse me. You asked me why I took so long to answer you.
I was expecting a letter from you. I do not understand why you are so long I do not answer!
I could not understand, I told you yesterday in your letter.
And your letter dated 25 January and 26 January. They were, somehow in the spam folder.
I miss those letters. Did not understand your question "Why so long between e-mails?"
Now I read these letters from the folder spam sent from you.
And I answered all your questions that you asked me!
I explained to you why I need your data to the Agency!
Or that you do not understand my dear?
I am pleased to know that you love me and are looking for meeting with me.
But I did not like that you ask questions in which you doubted me.
I really beg you my Lovely. Do not think badly of me.
I was very offended. I very strongly love you and seeking a meeting with you!
We must always meet. I hope that we will soon be able to have, see you.
Today I was in the agency and read the contract. I agree to the terms of the Agency.
In principle, the contract does not need to specify your name and your data.
I point out only your name in the contract and confirm consent to the provision of agency services.
This contract is no big deal. We will need to pay this contract until February 2.
I have already entered into the contract. And today I will take leave from February 5.
I have almost everything ready. I am waiting for your actions dear. It is waiting!
I've already made, it remains only to pay. And we meet.
I present to you our first meeting. Will be a lot of feelings and emotions.
I'm probably going to cry when I touch you and feel that you are real.
You do not pay any attention to my tears. That will be tears of joy that we had finally met!
Please, I beg you very much. I really believe you. And I believe what you say.
Everything will be fine. I want to feel you on this Karl.
You are very dear to me and I very much love you.
It remains only to hug each other and cuddle. Then we'll see each other's eyes!
I really want this dear Karl!!!!
I am sending you a copy of the contract, that you saw. What I really did everything as we have with you.
So, please. Very beg you to go ahead and answered as soon as possible.
I am waiting for your letter very, very much. I love you my dear Karl.
Pressed to your chest tightly. I kiss you tenderly and sweetly.
Your and only your Tatiana.
Letter 17
Greetings my Lovely and Dear the Man!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter Karl!!!
Also it is glad to that that you want that I have arrived to you. You do me happy!!!
It is very pleasant to me to know it!!! The nobility that I is not indifferent to you and you have feelings to me.
You very good Karl. And me very much I want to meet you.
You ask me about that that the agency is the intermediary?!
Yes the agency is the intermediary. It takes money for the services.
I do not have time to go to Moscow. To visit embassy of the UK!!! And to do all these documents most.
In the first to me it will be necessary where that to live in Moscow. And it costs money.
There Hotel costs approximately from 100 dollars up to 300 dollars for one day.
And I need to be there some days. It for me greater expenses.
I work. I cannot leave the work. To go to Moscow for preparation of the visa of documents and the ticket in the UK.
I hope you you understand me now well!!! ??? I have suggested you a variant to pay to agency together.
You will send me half of money these are 900 dollars. For payment to Agency!!!
And by that I can pay 1800 dollars for services of Agency!!!
You agree with me Karl? I simply think that you very fair the man and I trust you.
You really that which man I searched for all life.
We need to meet and then we shall know we approach each other or not!!!
But I know that all will be good!!! Because I Love you and even more.
You became sense of my life. You for me all my life and me would be desirable to be only with you Karl.
I hope for your honesty!!! That you will know me Karl personally. I too!!!
I am done not excited with smart you or not. The main thing you like me also I love you!!! You understand me Karl?
I am ready to be with you anywhere. The main thing to be near to you the Darling!!!
Our meeting will give all of us necessary feelings and emotions!!! You will be happy with our meeting Karl.
You do not need to do anything that I have arrived! To you tiresomely only to help me to make it.
And I shall arrive to you to the Great Britain. You will meet me at the Airport.
I only worry a little. Because I am afraid to fly in the plane a little.
But I am ready to overcome this fear for the sake of a meeting with you My Lovely!!!
I am ready to arrive to you. Only your help is necessary to me.
Your full Personal data are necessary to mej!!
1. The country the UK.
2. The airport. London - Heathrow, Gatwick, number Crawley.
I need to know your Home address and Last name. Write to me please all completely Karl!!!
Money you can send me through international system Western UnionI!!
It is the most simple way of transfer of money. It borrows all some minutes.
It is the address of branch Western Union: the Country Russia city. Irkutsk. Street.
Soviet, 58
And It is my personal data. Which you should specify by transfer of money:
The country: Russia
City: Irkutsk
Name: Tatiana
Last name: Korchyagina
Street: Litvinova, the house 17, an apartment 214
Karl. I hope to you all clearly that I have written to you?
Or you have what that questions? You asked me on how many I can arrive to you?
I think that approximately the permit will be for one month. I think that I can be with you about a month.
For this time we leam each other very well!!! Also we shall decide what to do to us with you further.
If we shall solve that I shall remain with you with you. Means we we will do all rest.
That I have remained with you for ever. You agree with me My Lovely?
I very much wish to nestle now on your breast and to be with you this minute.
That you could embrace me and I felt your heat!! !
My dear Karl. I very much want that at us with you all has turned out.
I very much experience for ours with you attitudes. I do not wish to lose you.
You are very necessary to me Karl. I am ready to be with you all life.
You elites the Man on which I have put mine!!!
And not that should not prevent to us that we were together!!!
I nestle on your breast and kiss you is sweet and is gentle.
Yours and only yours Tatiana!!!
Letter 18
Karl, my dear I am very glad to receive your answer!!
I love you, my dear, then finally it happens, our meeting is a reality.
I believe you well my lovely, and soglana with you!
Yes, I learned when bude plane. This Arranging flight into Heathrow can i fly it a in Saturday it February 6.
When we pay the Tour of the contract, then I will give out at the hands of a visa and a ticket in the UK.
And then I'll write you all exactly where I'll be arriving.
Which airport you will meet me.
I was told that I shall arrive at Heathrow Airport on Saturday, February 6.
What time I'll write you when I will be in the hands of the ticket. Well Favorite?
I'm waiting for a response from you, my dear. You write that you have not used a system of Western Union?
I think that you will not be difficult to send money.. It's simple.
You will code / number translation. You will need to send it to me and all!
From you I need the exact spelling of Thy Name, Name, Address.
In all the agency that they needed, I pointed out.
I have to fill out a short form before flying to London and all.
Is everything ready only to pay the remaining TOUR My dear!
Remained on Wednesday, next week, draw vacation at work.
My dear I do not veritsya like that that we will soon be able to be together!
I want to know and where I will live where, arriving to you?
I am very worried! I think that I will live with you!
It is so lovely? Just before the trip I was a little worried.
So I ask you these things :-)
I expect letters from you my dear man.
I very much love you my darling. I want to touch you,
And look in your eyes. My heart is beating very fast from such thoughts.
I press myself to you and kiss you gently and sweetly.
Sooner the better Saturday :-)
Await your reply to my letter........... Your and only your Tatiana I!!!! : -*
Korchyagina Tatiana
Country: Russia
City: Irkutsk
Street: Litvinova
House 17
Apartment 214
Letter 19
Hello Karl, my dear!
I am very glad to receive your letter!
I got the money, and go today, the Agency will pay the full amount!
I recognize the agency all the details.
After payment of the contract I will be given a visa and ticket.
Then I'll write you all the details.
What number, arrival time, number.
Now I can not tell you exactly.
Do not worry darling. I still write. I am very worried.
I'm flying to you at a meeting this week.
I am so glad that all of you and I poluchaetsya.
And you and I want to be together.
This is the most important idea is in my head.
I very much love you Karl.
I really want to pull over now to your chest and hear the beating of your heart.
You're so good I Karl. You do not know how I love you.
At the meeting we all look at each other's eyes. Embrace each other.
Feel the each other effectively. Dear meeting has not so far.
Soon we will be able to do all this really, my dear!
I am certainly a little worried because we're going to see the first time.
It will certainly strange. We will look at each other and be glad that it happened.
I am so happy to Karl. Happy because I have found thee.
You became my most precious person in my life.
I believe you that you will treat me for love.
I trust you my good that you do not make me ill.
I'm just a little worried. You must understand me Lovely.
Do you understand me and I'm not indifferent.
Do you love me and it gives me hope that all of you and I will be fine!
My dear, do not worry about what will you meet me for a whole day in search of the terminal.
ril write you in detail where, where and how much time I shall arrive.
I very much love you my good Karl.
OU until tomorrow. Tomorrow I expect a letter from you.
I write to you about how I went to the agency.
Clutching to your chest. I kiss you tenderly and sweetly My Lovely!!!
Your and only your Tatiana!!!
Letter 20
Hello my dear Karl. I have absolutely no mood. We will write why I have no sentiment.
The fact that yesterday I came to the agency. All paid in kaassu per contract.
I was told that I would have waited. I waited a bit, I was summoned by the agency manager.
I was glad he had me to consult on all issues.
Gave me a visa, passport grand!
I was so glad. With all the thought, finally I waited for this day.
I have a visa to the UK. I was in a good mood.
Everything was fine. Then he started asking me purpose of the visit UK.
I said that I was going to meet with one another. Simply using a tourist visa.
Ok! Then he told me that I need to fill out a questionnaire.
I began to fill out this form. There are simple questions.
The purpose of the trip? Are there any relatives abroad?
Have you tried one of my relatives? My preference of religion?
I passed a medical examination? Insurance? And so on all issues.
In general, all was well until I reached the item.
How much cash you have to go through customs?
I asked the manager that I have a total of$ 100.
He told me that this would be enough to go through customs.
You have to carry around from 1000 to 2000 dollars cash.
Otherwise you will not be able to pass customs. I am very scared.
As I think I need the money so that I could come to you.
I learned more from him about this.
In general, he explained to me, is a law for Russian citizens.
Who travel abroad on tourist visas.
Every citizen of Russia should have the cash on the trip,
It guarantees to the citizen.
What he can book a hotel and spend the money abroad.
Do you understand me Karl? I can not pass customs.
I will not be released from the country without money.
I need your help urgently, my dear !!!!?!!!?!
I so want to see you. I so want to meet. I can not give up on the tour.
I really want to come to you and be with you. I dreamed about it every day.
I do not have the money. You know Lovely? Help me please.
What do I do? I have no choice but to ask your help.
I need the money just so that I passed customs.
I give the cash to customs and all. This money will stay with me.
I will return you the money as soon as we met at the airport in Heathrow!!!
I am very worried, maybe you did not properly understand.
But this is true. Is a problem! I did not know about it. that we need more money.
This is all after I started to fill in the questionnaire. Only then I found out about it.
I just think you need to sign a contract and everything.
There is all inclusive. I did not know this rule. This Act.
In Russia, everything is always so. You'll find all too late. When everything is ready.
I very much ask you hurry to send me money.
Around $ 1000. And do not worry my dear Karl.
I love you. The money I will refund you immediately upon meeting.
I love you my darling, I love more than anything else.
And I do not want to all end badly. I want a meeting?
And you want me dear Karl. I got the visa! Tickets did not give me the manager.
He said that you should take with them the money.
When you are confident. And you will be carrying the money to go through customs.
Then you'll have to buy a ticket. I told the manager, everything will be fine.
Tell me the only time the plane and when I go, the terminal of arrival, number.
I wrote it:
Company Aeroflot
Saturday, February 06
Depart 8:30
Journey 9:35
Check in on Sunday 4:05
Number of Terminal 2, the second
My beloved Karl, I very much on you hope and believe that everything will be fine.
Please my dear do not let me down. I do so that our meeting took place.
I expect very soon a letter from you.
I really want to be with you my dear.
I very much love you, love, love.
Kiss you tenderly and sweetly.
Your and only your Tatiana!!!
Letter 21
Karl, my dear! Forgive me please!
I am not very comfortable in front of you. Because it happened.
I did not know these details. What do I need to be additional money.
As a living wage in the host country.
I can not do anything my dear.
In my eyes is tears. I cry because I feel very uncomfortable situation.
Has occurred. I can not solve it without your help.
Understand me correctly. I will not spend the money.. I will return them to you immediately once we meet.
Please dear, I beg your forgiveness. What has developed since my trip to you.
The money I needed. As early as Saturday morning, they should be in my hands.
I do not correctly written. I'm confused. Here is the information 100 correctly:
Since the administration at 08.30 hours on Sunday. And the arrival of London time at 9:35 pm.
Journey time 4:05 pm. Arriving in the UK, London City airport, Heathrow, terminal number 2.
Forgive me please that I do not know all the details from the outset.
The agency does not provide such information. It's natural!
The man must have money that it could exist.
This is the minimum subsistence guarantee!
What will I be able to live in a country where the food.
And this requirement of customs, and not the agency itself
Do you understand me, dear?? I am distressed that it happened.
But there are no more options. I really want to see you!
At the meeting I ask your forgiveness.
I will not be easy to look you in the eye.
I am very modest woman. You should understand me and help me.
Because I can not fly from Russia. And our meeting not take place.
But I very much want everything to be. So we met.
Please my dear Karl. Feel me now as hard.
I really feel bad my dear!
I look forward very fast response from you. Because you can not lose. It is necessary to solve this problem Karl.
I kiss you, dear gentle. Forgive me please !!!!!!!!!!!
Your and only your Tatiana?! ?
Letter 22
Karl, my dear I am very sorry that it all happened.
I love you darling. I beg your forgiveness for what happened is not good.
I have to lose 25 on tickets.
But it's okay just $ 130 will need to pay extra.
If I completely otkazyvatsya from the agency's services.
Since the agency has made all. And the documents are ready.
We are losing 90 of the cost of all services.
I beg you, I do not want to lose this money. I have no other choice.
Do not wart for May. I do not agree with you. Please Find these 1000 $ for us my dear!
I can not come to you in May. I have a job. And I already took a vacation.
I will not leave in May. I have to go to work at all..
I beg you do that then. To help us meet. February 14..
I just came from the agency. I delay a trip to seven days.
So it until next Sunday. On February 14 I will have tickets to London.
At the same time and on the same flight. I'll understand perfectly.
But you understand me, too, so that everything is not beautiful, it came out.
I had to ask your help. That you helped me come to you.
But do not worry for the money. I do it right, at the meeting immediately.
I very strongly love you and I understand that you can not immediately find $ 1000.
I also do not have such money, and so I had to request them from you.
Do not scold me. please, for this. I really want to hug you and kiss really.
At the meeting all this will not matter. But I really would not be comfortable in front of you.
My dear, I'll do my best. In order not to disappoint you.
I'll try to make my entire vacation for you. But I very much love you.
You are the dearest person to me in this world, you're a real gentleman.
And maybe our relationship with you will become more serious.
I believe in it. I'm ready to be with you anywhere. Where are you and me.
Yes, I want to have children from you. I agree that you propose to me.
But I have still to return to Russia. And to solve all problems.
Only then I could ever come to you and be with you the rest of his life.
I do not like Russia. I want to be with you.
I'm ready to drop everything. And work, and Russia and to be with you. my dear Karl.
When we're together, we address these issues with you!
As we continue to be in our relationship with you.
BUT I just want to say that I am ready to stay with you forever.
I am ready to marry you and bear you children.
And we bude family! I dream about it every day, Karl..
My thoughts only about you my dear. Our meeting.
The first meeting will give us a lot of feelings. My heart was beating when I am writing these lines.
I am very excited. Because what I think. What do you hope you understand me correctly?
Now I took a leave from work. I spend days just waiting.
When that day comes our meeting. My dear Karl.
I love you and look forward to your speedy reply.
Please do not scold me. As it happened with the trip for you.
But I know and trust you. What are you, you love me and do all that we were together.
I kiss you tenderly and sweetly Karl. And cling to your man's chest.
I YUBLYU YOU MY KARL You are my whole life!
Your and only your Tatiana! Waiting for letters from you dear...........
Letter 23
Karl, my dear!
I hope you understand a situation in which we here?
I am on a Sunday shall fly to you in any case.
If I have no money at customs.
So I can not come to you.
And 90% of the agency's services!
25% of the cost of tickets.
The money I lose.
Do you understand me dear?
Our efforts will be with you without result.
Our meeting did not take place.
I am not very pleasant this situation.
If only I had the money, but I do not.
My dear, why do not you write me a letter?
I worried a lot dear! Please do not think badly of me.
When we met I know that you will not be angry at me.
I am really very worried that because of the situation.
I love you so much love and understand your condition.
But you must understand me. But I did not do it on purpose.
Why do not you answer me? Why?
Soon already Sunday and I expect a letter from you!
I have no other choice!
I'm waiting for my dear. I am very excited!
I'm really not very comfortable in front of you!
I love you, and I want as soon as possible to meet with you!
Please tell me !!!!?!! I can not wait.
I need your support!
I kiss you tenderly and sweetly.
I believe that you do not do badly.
And make sure that our meeting will be held on Sunday.
Your and only your Tatiana!!!
Letter 24
Hi,My dear Karl
I understand you that you could not help me! Not able to find the money for customs.
This greatly disappointed me. Forgive me that I was not so attentive.
What's my fault too bad happened. I could not provide all the time and find out.
I do not want you to me was hurt. You are not offended by my dear?
I just feel guilty that our meeting was not held.
I love you, I dreamed about this meeting. But she did not take place. We are not met.
Today I went to the agency. Subscribe to cancel a reservation.
I paid this week, the remnants of money. They return me only 10 of their services.
And 75 of the cost of tickets. The fact that I refused TOUR VISITS.
The reason I explained simply. I have no money to ensure my stay in the UK at the time TOUR!
The fact that I will not pass through the customs border. And I can not get on a plane.
I am very sad now, my dear.
Tomorrow I will raise up on weekdays, and refrain from further leave.
So I can next time to take a vacation for 23 days! It this year.
I still believe that we'll all be scheduled and we did meet.
Perhaps closer to the summer. It will be May. You happy days like?
I love you and wait for your letters.
Kiss and I ask your forgiveness for it. Your and only your Tatiana!!!
Letter 25
Hello my dear Karl.
You ask me how I was left with money.
All the money I paid the Agency $ 1,900
1380 $ this service agencies. Of the money we lost 90.
Our money is 10. Accordingly, $ 138
A $ 520, the money was for tickets, of which I returned 75. is $ 390
In general, I returned $ 528. The amount I have left.
Dear I am very sorry that it happened so. What we have not met.
I really want to see you. I again went to work.
Now I am very sad. I want you to be with me in those days.
I dreamed about it. So we embraced. So we feel each other.
But this did not happen. I'm sorry. Darling, I hope that you are not angry at me?
I'm just not all had provided before the trip.
And so it happened. Forgive me please.
I love you and I believe that we still meet with you.
This is my dream to be with you. I really want to spend time with you.
I want to look into your eyes. I want you to embrace me.
I really really want this. Unfortunately we have with you there is no possibility!
Because $ 500 is not important. I have to do everything all over again.
Because my visa expires in early March.
She was only 30 days. At the time of my vacation.
Do you understand me dear? For our meeting will need about 2500 $ in the next trip.
I am hardly able to pay the money. I pay every month $ 670 loan for an apartment.
I stayed only about 3200 dollars, pay for the loan.
And then I can save money for the trip. I left to pay about 6 months.
Only then will I be able to pay for the trip to you. I am not able now to save money. You understand me Karl?
I have a good ideal If you only helped me with this. I could come to you at all. To live with you.
But I understand that you also can not now have the money. This amount so I think you should not think about it seriously.
If you could help me pay back a loan for an apartment. I could sell the apartment. And I would have about 70 000 dollars.
With that money I could come to you and you and I could start a new life together.
Do you think dear? This is possible? You would like this? I wish that I came to you at all?
Think about my proposal dear! I agree to this. The main thing to be with you. To live with you.
Wherever you may be. I want to see you. I want to leave this country to Russia- Not go back over here.
I would have stayed with you for life ... I love you. And I really want to be happy with you!
I kiss you and cling to your chest. Loving you Tatiana!!
Letter 26
Hello my dear Karl.
Finally I received a letter from you, more clear. And then I thought you walk with his former girlfriends.
I'm good, I continue to work. All the while, as before. I work, I go for a walk in nature.
Everything is fine, my dear. Thank you for asking!
Sometimes doing the morning run. This is useful for health!
Dear you can not imagine how I missed you, and your letters.
You're so long since I wrote! I really want to cling to you with his body.
Kiss you on the present. You are a man and I need you, Karl!!!
You ask me about what we do?
We agree with you that we will meet with you!!
Only when this happens? Everything depends on you!
I agree to come to you, but you know what the problem is money.
Once we have gathered the required amount of money, so once I contracted again and arrive to you!
I would like to ask you when we can do?
I will write to you, how I spend their money.
I get paid about 20 000 rubles. That's about 800 dollars.
Of these, I pay $ 670 credit per apartment each month.
Fm still around 130 dollars to have to eat and live.
Practically I am not in a position now to pay for it to go to you!
Because the money that remained. Those who returned to me the agency is 528 dollars!
I have not touch them. I kept this money for our trip.
We need 1900 dollars for a contract with the agency.
about 1000 dollars for customs, but it is not spending.
The money they will have me when I shall arrive to you!
They are necessary only so that I could go abroad.
And to ensure its solvency. What can I live on this money.
That you are familiar with. I know it well!
So let's calculate just how much money is needed.
1900 +1000-528 == 2372 dollars! That such amount is needed to ensure that we meet with you.
I do not know the road, whether we will have with you such an opportunity!
I love you very much Karl. And I really want to meet you!
But understand that without your help I can not come to you!
I am very sorry that you and I failed to meet for the first time.
I really was set to travel to you. I've thought that a few days we will look into each other's eyes.
But I did not know that this could happen. I do not think I need to have pocket money to leave Russia!
I beg your forgiveness. What I did not prepared well for the trip. But I do not even think about it and I just had not been warned.
I wrote to you about this already, my friend and I trust that you will forgive me for it.
We lost a lot of money. I am very sorry for it. For me my money yavlyayutsya part of my savings.
I also lost. And I also regret that I lost the money.
But what I do now? For the past will not return, and that happened, happened. And do not change what happened.
1 love you my dear Karl. How do I very much want to be with you.
I dream about it every day!! think that we would do now, my dear!
We would be together and doing love to you, maybe we could go with you s cinema. Or at what a concert!
I do not know, but my thoughts all the time with you! And in my dreams but you Karl.
My dear. That's all that you asked me to write to you, as I have been going on. I wrote to you all the details!
I think you make a decision and tell me that you're ready for our meeting!
My dear do not misunderstand me! Understand that without your help I can not come to you!
I love you my dear. And I believe that our meeting with you all, then, is it ever came.
I believe that you are the same man. With whom I want to be. And I believe that you always understand me and do not offend me!
I love you, my Karl!!! I'm waiting on you always letters. Write to me, my dear.
Waiting for letters dear! Kiss, kiss, kiss you Karl.
Pressed to your chest. I feel you my dear. I love you.
Your and only your Tatiana!!!!
Letter 27
Hi, Karl, my dear !!!!!!!!
Thank you for your letter. I am very worried about you.Are you all well. And it is quiet in my heart.I love you and will wait for letters from you my dear!!!!!!Write me when you can do it. Okay?I agree to wait for the month of May. I shall wait ..........With love and affection to you, my dear, yours and only yours Tatiana !!!!!!!!!
Letter 28
Hi Karl.
I read your letter. It was very painful to my heart.
I do not know what to say to you. I believed in you. I believed that we'd meet again.
And believe in what we place. But you wrote me a letter ...
I have a lot of tears from my eyes ... My heart hurts.
How could you do this to me. You promised me that we'll meet again in May.
I do not know what to write to you. I am very worried! I am upset with your letter.
Because we'll never meet. I really wanted to be with you.
But now I understand that these were only words. And there were only my dreams.
My heart is broken. I am very sorry that we can not be together.
You are very grieved me Karl, and what do I do next?
To me you had an entire hope. I believed in you ...
I have tears from my eyes ...
Your Tatiana!
Letter 29
Hi my dear man, Karl!
Karl, you do not go out of my mind! I miss you!
Why? Well, why can not we be together?
I thought that in the month of May, we'll be together!
Please write me! I'm waiting for letters from you!
Your woman Tatiana!
Letter 30
Hi my darling Karl.
I'm so glad you wrote me. Thank you my dear man.
So much time has already passed. And I really want to meet with you.
But you and I failed to meet. And unlikely to succeed.
Because the trip for you for me very expensive.
About 2500 dollars. I do not have such money. And you know it.
If only you could help me. One need $1000.
Then I would immediately come to you. And we would be happy.
You write that you were on vacation.
And you were bored. And I have every day one. I always miss.
AND do not you leave out of my head. You're always in my heart.
I love you, you understand that. But my hopes and dreams are not realized.
Because I do not have such huge money.
I would make all documents to travel now, if I had more money for customs.
Maybe you could help me and sent me the money.
Then I was able to come to thee.
I would give you back the money $1000, which you sent to me.
They only need to go through customs in your country.
You know that. Karl, maybe you will send me the money?
I would return them to you immediately after the meeting.
Do you understand me, you would not spend it.
They returned to you. Please think about it.
You would make me a happy woman.
Because I know that your heart is sad and misses me.
And you want to be with me. I want to commend you.
Because I think that you're my man. Do you understand me?
Please consider my suggestion.
I am waiting for your letter. My dear, my dear man.
I gently and sweetly kiss in your lips.
Your and only your woman Tatiana!
Letter 31
Hello my dear Karl...
You know how I love thee? Strongly much! Do you understand this?
I am waiting for your letters. But do not you write me.
I do not know. But I think you do not want to see me!
If you wish you'd done everything to meet with me!
It's true. And I want you to give me an answer.
I can not wait so long for you. Do you understand?
My life is linked. And all my thoughts only with you.
I think every day about you and about our meeting.
But do not you write me. Please write me a letter.
I love you Karl. A gentle kiss on your lips!
Your Tatiana
Letter 32
I love you Karl.
You gave me hope! Do not forget me.
Every day, think and dream to be with you!
I understand that your woman holds you and does not give us a meeting.
I agree to meet with you. I agree to your conditions.
I want to be with you for two weeks.
You're the most remarkable man Karl.
You know what I want a child, I do not know, but I want us to have you all got.
I understand you. And ready to do as you say.
Just tell me and I'll come to you. I'll wait.
When your woman leaves. I'll wait for these moments.
Because it hurts me everything. And I want to see you.
You're very dear to my heart man.
And I can not forget you. You know that.
I love you and will wait for your letters.
My favorite man. I agree to your conditions.
I'm waiting! And I believe that our meeting turned out.
The main thing that you helped me come to you. And all will be fine.
I have a lot of you gently kiss your lips.
I'm always yours Tatiana!
Letter 33
I love you Karl.
You gave me hope! Do not forget me.
Every day, think and dream to be with you!
I understand that your woman holds you and does not give us a meeting.
I agree to meet with you. I agree to your conditions.
I want to be with you for two weeks.
You're the most remarkable man Karl.
You know what I want a child, I do not know, but I want us to have you all got.
I understand you. And ready to do as you say.
Just tell me and I'll come to you. I'll wait.
When your woman leaves. I'll wait for these moments.
Because it hurts me everything. And I want to see you.
You're very dear to my heart man.
And I can not forget you. You know that.
I love you and wilt wait for your letters.
My favorite man. I agree to your conditions.
I'm waiting! And I believe that our meeting turned out.
The main thing that you helped me come to you. And all will be fine.
I have a lot of you gently kiss your tips.
I'm always yours Tatiana!
Letter 34
Hello, my dear male Karl!
I hope you are fine.
I still have waiting for your reply. You know my feelings for you.
And I'm ready to be with you for some time.
I am very boring, I need you Karl.
Do you understand? My heart is longing for you.
And all my body wants you. I await your reply to my letter.
Please my dear. Write me. I am waiting for your letter.
I love you and is ready for all your conditions.
Hard you kiss your lips, my favorite man Karl!
Waiting, waiting and waiting.........
Your woman from Russia Tatiana!
Letter 35
Hello my dear man Karl!
I'm happy you know me? Happy with what we finally can be together.
I am joyful because you love me and want to be with me.
Of course I'll come to you as soon as possible.
All papers and booking I will prepare.
Everything will be fine. I love you. I know that you can make me happy.
Of course! I'm prepared for anything. And all turn out.
Regarding money. So I felt that I needed.
Around 1000 Pound Sterling for passing customs. The money I'll give you back as we'll meet again.
And I need 400$ US, for the preparation of documents.
That's all I think it will be all right.
The full amount that I need about 1200 Pound Sterling . Of which 1000 Pound Sterling, I'll give you back!
I love you, I always missed you, my feelings are very strong.
You know what my heart wants to be with you.
You're the most wonderful man on earth.
These are my details to send money through Western Union! Name: Korchyagina Tatiana
Country: Russia
City: Irkutsk
Street Litvinova Building 17 Apartment 214 This week I am focusing on the preparation of documents.
But now I find it easy to prepare it all.
Once I do. I will write you about everything.
The time and date of arrival.
So I'm waiting for your letter. You can send money.
I look forward to our meeting. This is an exciting time for me.
I loved it. Because my heart very much wants to be with you.
You're very dear to my heart man! I love you!
You know all my feelings. I'm glad that you figured out with his woman.
She only got to be us together. " But I hope it does not make us a surprise when I arrive.
I worry about this. Do you understand my excitement Karl???
You promise me that everything will be okay? You must understand me!
I beg you, that I would not worry about anything.
And my stay to you, it was quiet.
Lest there be no problems. It bothers me!
But I hope that you can fix things and not allowed to be problems.
I believe you that everything will be fine. And we'll be able to enjoy together with love.
And no one we would not interfere. I'm not worried about what you are doing home.
The main thing is that we will be together. And you will be able to squeeze me into his chest.
And a kiss on the lips. I dream about it. You know my dreams and feelings.
I love you. I'll wait for letters from you, my love Karl.
A lot of tender kisses to your lips....
waiting for news from you my dear...
Your woman Tatiana!
Letter 36
Hello my dear man Karl!!!
I really missed you. Waiting for your letters.
I love you and miss you a lot of our meeting.
This week I almost had prepared all the documents.
Everything will be ready on Monday next week.
I want to ask you! On what day and month I book tickets???
When, what date? And when you will send me money for customs!
Write me. I am waiting for a letter from you, my love Karl!
My dear I am so happy that we will soon be able to be together for some time.
This is for me the best time. I hope you understand my feelings.
You are my very dear. You're a good man and I love you.
I'm ready to come to you and be with you. I understand you.
I worry a lot. And asked you to write me.
Please write me. I look forward to your letter, my dear man.
My heart hurts, because really want to be with you Karl.
Softly curled to your chest and kiss you tenderly on the lips...
Your woman from Russia Tatiana!!!
Letter 37
Hello, my love, my love, my man Karl!
You're making my heart happy. In my heart joy. Because we'll be together soon.
I love you, you're very nice man. And I completely trust you.
I know that when I come to you, then you will not let me or anyone to hurt.
I believe you that everything will be fine. And this woman, we will not interfere.
We'll be with you all some vacation days. And this is a great happiness!
I understood everything. I need to come to you 21/08/1910. And your vacation ends with 4 / 5 September!
All is well. So I reserve a ticket on 21/08/1910. I'm happy.
I'll wait for your letters. I'll cook the rest of all the documents.
My love Karl! I love you. I feel like cuddling up to your chest.
And to feel your hands. I want to hold me down with his hands.
And he kissed me with his lips. I hope everything will be fine.
We'll spend a wonderful time. I know we will be happy together.
My dreams finally come true soon. And I'm happy to do so.
Soon I will be able to be with you. And it gives me great joy.
I'm not afraid of anything. The main thing I'll be with you my love Karl!
I am waiting for your letters Karl. I decide all questions about tickets in the near future.
I'm happy. I have a lot of you kiss your lips gently and sweetly.
Your woman Tatiana!
Letter 38
Hi Karl. My dear man!!!
I understand everything, and I am ready to take that risk. I'll be with you.
And this is the most important thing.
Do you understand? I know, I believe, everything will be fine.
Yes, all right. Of course I'll give you ? 1000 pounds.
The money I need, just to let me into your country.
Do you understand? And of course I'll give them to you! Do not worry.
I love you, and do not want you to be omanschitsey.
I am a respectable woman. And do not think badly of me please! Okay?
Everything will be fine. Every day I think about that day.
The day of our meeting. This will be the most wonderful day.
My favorite man. I dream to be with you.
And soon it will happen. This is happiness for me.
I am waiting for your letters, my love. I look forward to our meeting...
Your and only your woman Tatiana!
Kiss you Karl gently and sweetly in your mouth...
Letter 39
Hello my dear Karl!
Thank you my man! You're making my heart happy.
Do not worry, everything will be as we expect. I'll come to you for two weeks.
I get the money and immediately'll do ticketing.
I will write to you, of course, all the information.
When, what date I'll come to you.
And where will you meet me.
As soon as the tickets will be on hand at me.
I'll write you a time and place of my arrival at Heathrow.
As well as number. Do not worry. Everything will be fine.
The money I'll give you back as soon as I come to you at the meeting.
Do not worry about it. I love you Karl!
Finally my dream comes true. I can be with you!
It gives me great happiness. You know.
I want us to have succeeded. And to me of you were children.
I want this. I am grateful to you for this my love.
You're a wonderful man. You're a good Karl!
B I to you will be fine. I'm not worried about what you are doing repairs at home.
Let it be a building. I do not care. The main thing I'll be with you!
I am very much waiting for this. This day will come soon.
My dear Karl. My heart is full of joy and happiness!
As soon as I receive the money and make the tickets, I'll write you all the information...
I love you Karl... I always wanted to be with you...
I'll be back soon my dear ... wait for me... prepare to meet...
I want to be in your hands, so you hugged me tightly and pressed her to him...
Your woman Tatiana!
Letter 40
Hello my dear, Karl! My beloved man. I love you.
I can not get the money. I have a problem I need to still pay for the paperwork.
I gave my passport to the paperwork. And I will give him before the trip for you.
I thought that today I will give it. But they said that while there is a clearance and I need to pay for other services the agency.
It is necessary that you went to Western Union changed the name of the recipient.
I asked my friend at work to get money.
We'll go with it and get it. Everything will be fine. Just do it as quickly as possible.
Time is short, but I need more time to book tickets.
I love you and wait for your letter... I think about you every minute.
Do not worry, everything will be alright... I look forward to our meeting my love.
I firmly and sweetly kiss in your lips.
Already want to be in your hands... Here are details of my girlfriend at work, to send money. Country: Russia
Name: Tatiana
Name: Kupriyanova
Address: Street, Zvereva, Hause 37, Apartment 9. Waiting for your letter my love Karl... Do it quickly...
I love you Karl, we'll be together soon...
Your lovely woman Tatiana!
Letter 41
Karl, you do not understand!
My passport to the agency, the agency took away my passport.
To make all documents and book tickets.
Do you understand me now?
I can not get money, I do not have a passport now!
Passport to the agency. And I will give him before leaving in the UK!
So I can not now get money.
And I ask you to send the money in the name of my girlfriend, with whom I work.
We will get the money, and I pay the remaining money to the agency for services.
Do you understand me? Western Union is not to blame.
This is a problem with me. I thought that the agency would give me a passport before.
But the documents are not ready. And I think that I will book tickets on August 22.
My dear man ... Do not worry! Do as I ask you, and everything will be fine.
I love you and do not want to have, any problems.
Change the name to Western Union and send me some information...
We will soon be together. And then we can look into each others eyes.
I'm working a lot and get tired, I need to do a lot to leave and travel to you.
I really want to be with you! Do you understand my feelings.
I do a lot of worry. And I believe only in our meeting with you.
That all will be well! I love you Karl!
I am waiting for your letter.
Many tender and sweet kisses in your lips.
Your and only your woman Tatiana!
Letter 42
Hello my dear man Karl!
All right money received and passed to me. I love you my dear Karl.
I am looking forward to our meeting! This will be the most wonderful time in my life.
You know what I really want to have children! And I want you and I all happened.
Tomorrow I'll go to the Agency, will pay the remaining services agency.
And find out how things are going with the paperwork and flight bookings.
I wrote in the questionnaire that book, tickets to London, I'll be on July 22.
I think it will be all right. The main thing that you met me.
I will write to you, What will be the terminal number and time of my arrival.
You've got to meet. I worried Karl.
This will be our meeting that I dreamed for a long time.
And finally, it will happen soon. I love you my dear Karl.
You do not even know what I feel before going to you.
I have a lot of excitement and apprehension.
I do not know what we tell each other when we meet.
Perhaps, just look at each other's eyes and embrace.
I want to kiss. Just when we meet, I want to kiss you.
It is very important to me. I want you to know this.
I want to feel you once. I understand a lot after will kiss!
My dear I hope, will be all right.
And your woman, will not hinder us. But I'm not afraid of that.
I'll be with you. And you will not let me be hurt.
You must understand me. I'll be in your country alone.
And only one person who can protect me is you Karl.
I believe you that everything will be fine.
I want to be with you alone and talk a lot!
I want to talk to you about the future of the child, which we will.
This is happiness. You know it is very important to me darling!
I love you, and you gently kiss your lips.
I want to feel your own body Karl...
I look forward to our meeting!
Your and only your woman Tatiana!
Letter 43
Hello my beloved man Karl.
Nice to know that we'll soon be together!
And be able to enjoy love! The main thing to be together.
Tomorrow I'll take from the agency all documents and tickets.
I'll be on a plane with a connection through Moscow from Irkutsk!
First, I'm arriving in Moscow from Irkutsk and wait plane in London for three hours.
The exact time of flight, I will write as I get tickets to the hand! And as the number of the terminal!
But it is precisely on August 22! I love you. We can, finally, something to embrace each other.
And watch each other's eyes! This is happiness for me!
I am happy from these thoughts! My dreams come true!
The main thing that we could get along with you!
But I think it will be all right.
Today I leave for work has issued one month!
Everything will be fine! I hope for you my love Karl.
I'll write you tomorrow, all the information for you to meet me.
In any case, write me your phone number.
I am worried, what if we do not find each other at Heathrow!
But I think, no problems!
I'll write you tomorrow... Waiting for your reply Karl!
A million kisses to your lips!
Yours and only yours Tatiana!
Letter 44
Hello my dear man Karl.
I have a very bad mood. I cried today, as soon as she learned the news.
I was not allowed out of Russia. I did not understand what was happening at first.
Why can not I go out of Russia. The reason I say that I have not repaid a loan for his apartment.
That is about 7000 Dollars. Do you understand me My Karl.
Please do not do bad conclusions. You must be thinking now about me.
But understand me, that it happened. And who knew what might be.
I thought that if I have debt for an apartment. That means I can not go out of Russia. I did not know this.
After checking all the documents. The agency found that I had debt loan.
And they can not book me a ticket to the UK! I'm sorry Karl, I was so upset by all this.
I do not know, you do not understand what's going on in my heart. Very much worry!
And the tears in his eyes when I'm writing you this letter.
I apologize to you for all that happened.
I do not know what to do next! Karl, do not be angry at me.
Understand me correctly. You must understand me that now is happening to me.
I love you, I have no words...
Because I know how you feel now...
Forgive me...
Your Tatiana!
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