Scam Letter(s) from Janet Mark to Ron (USA)

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Letter 1

Good evening my darling...How are you doing?..I have arrived safely here but I couldn't get connected with the internet so earlier ,I lost one of my laggage containing my ipod,10k and some cloths.I don't remember that last place i rest .I will make a report to the police tomorrow because the police don't work during the weekends over here. That was why i did not write you earlier on but I am now glad to read from you and I can also write to you.I'm writing you from an internet cafe near the hotel..Thanks very much for your caring my love and I hope I will finish what am doing and fly to you soon....I love you so much and I believe we have a great future together..Don't have any fears my darling....We are meant for each other..You were born for me and I was born for you , but we got missing in the world wide and destiny brought us together.......I have no doubts in my feelings , because I'm self confidential...Love is said to be magic and that is what we have experience now....

I had a safe flight to Ghana and I was thinking of you all the time....A woman was sitting beside me but we did not talk much...She only said hi to me and according to her , she is only coming to Ghana for holidays...It was so beautiful to see the western part of Africa...I said "wooow that is Ghana" , because it was so warm when I got out from the plane...From the arrival hall , everybody was saying , "Akwaaba" which simply means welcome...For the firs time , I did not understand because is a Ghanaian language and later on ,the taxi drive translated it to English..I was introduced to the hotel driver when i got to the hotel .He is very good driver and also kind..He was telling me a lot and he said he will tell more about Ghana...He is the a driver from the hotel and he will drive me till i get out of the hotel..His name is Bernard....The hotel is very nice, they have swimming pool also here..The workers are very friendly and hard working...This morning I was outside with my driver for a walk and the room was well clean when I came back....They also have good security so I am safe here..

..The Cargo will get here next week at Ghana port and I will be going there to check on them , so that I can clear them in time.. How are you today and how is the weather ?I tried a new beverage this morning...This is called Milo , do you know about this?...It has the chocolate taste and is made up from cocoa..Is really nice and I enjoyed it....I added only a little sugar and milk with toast....It was sunny today but Bernard says they are in rainy season and it has been raining this days..The weather is cool at the moment and is partly cloudy...I really miss you so much and I'm counting the days so fast to finish with my business and fly to you....I love you so dearly and I hope to be in your arms soon...How was your weekend ?

I will now be on my way to the room..Probably , I will go to the store tomorrow and see if i can get my self some new cloths and foodstuffs.I love you so much . I will email you when I'm online and maybe we can meet online and have a chat..I wish you a wonderful day my love...You are deep inside my heart..

Love always ,




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