Romance scam letter(s) from Eugenia Nelson to Mike (UK)
Letter 1
Greetings Sir,
This is an email for the Ghana Immigration Service, The Kotoka Internation Airport Division. The content of this email has been attached as a file and you are required to download in order to read it’s content.
Thank You
Officer K. Francis
K. Francis Kotoka Customs
Letter 2
Hello Mike, I am Lensumah and i work at the Labadi beach hotel. You used to send money to Madam Elvira through me. I had information earlier on that she has a problem at the airport so i went there this morning and she asked me to contact you and to let you know what is going on and also to ask you to assist her so when she comes she will give the money back to you. She was stopped from flying because on of the documents covering the sculptures she was flying with was absent. The customs have seized her passport and the sculptures and have asked her to pay a fine of 10000 pounds sterling and then provide the missing document before she can be left to continue her journey. According to her, the customs officers say she just has a week to do that.
If you can send it , i think it will be better to send it through my bank account so all can be sent and it will arrive in three working days. She asked me to plead with you to assist her. Madam Elvira is such a good woman and she needs your urgent help.
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