Scam letter(s) from Irina Smolenceva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my new friend . I am very glad, that you have answered my letter so quickly. I did not expect that you will answer my letter so quickly and on this Was strongly it is pleased. I am very glad that you have paid attention to my letter and have answered it. Fairly Speaking I at all did not expect it. I would like to ask you about much: than you are engaged, whether there are at you relatives and as much them at you, about your destiny and Much the friend, but for the beginning I shall tell about myself and the life. August, 27, 1978 in city of Kazan I was born. I have lost parents early and consequently almost I do not remember them. They were lost when to me was 5 years. After destruction of parents of me My aunt, very kind, tender and clever woman brought up. I am very grateful to her for all that that she for me has made. I very much love her, she the closest and native to me of the person. In the childhood I was the fidget and despite of it at school all subjects to me were given easily. I participated in Olympiads under the literature, a history, geography, mathematics. I was very active teenager and consequently participated in all School nonlearning actions; for what received letters and gratitude. After school has acted in Kazan State University. At university study to me was given also easily as well as at school. Student's years are best years of mine Let while also short life. I studied at philological faculty. I counted a trade of the librarian very interesting and Fascinating. After the ending of university, on distribution I have got in city Tetyshy to work as the librarian. This small, All in greens the city has liked me also I there was to live in it, But a work of the librarian not absolutely that I represented myself.The salary of the librarian very low and suffices it only on the minimum necessary. I may in the near future find Work it is more interesting and with the big income. I yet have not decided which I shall choose work, but I think soon I shall decide. Because of work Not always it will turn out to answer you letters in time, therefore beforehand I am sorry for a delay. I live in small beautiful city Tetyshy. It is near city of Kazan. In city it is a lot of greens. In the spring When all blossoms it is especially beautiful. I like slow to walk on city, about something reflecting. Also I want to tell you, that it is my first experience of acquaintance and dialogue by means of the Internet. Also I am sorry for mine English. At school I learned English about 5 years, but concerned to this not seriously. Now I have understood, that the knowledge of the first world language very important and consequently the beginnings is amplified to be engaged in the English language. I hope shortly in perfection I shall know language on which the most part of mankind speaks. Also I think Reggie. I will be interesting to you what listen to music? I listen to absolutely different music: cllassiks, folk, pop. My choice of music depends on my mood. When to me it is cheerful, I listen to vigorous, rhythmical music: something from modern executors. If to me I am sad listen to slow, quiet music. Once again I want thank you for your letter. If want to learn about me ask more, I with pleasure shall answer you. Hope we become good friends and we shall find much in common. I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Letter 2

Lovely mine!!!!
You where were gone love mine!!!!!
I so have strongly become bored of you!!!!
I can not live without you!!!!
I have fallen in love with you,
Do not throw me my sweet!!!!!!!!!
I adore you!!!!
I each day think of you, and very much
It is upset because of that that you do not write me my sweet!!!!
I love you and I wait from you for the letter!!!
Yours Irina!
Letter 3

Hello my dear. Today I have decided to make to you the small offer. From that as you apprehend it our attitudes will depend. We it is already enough for a long time with you are familiar also I has decided that there comes the moment when correspondence with you will not bring to us advance. And as I think is necessary that that to do that our attitudes with you do not burn. I think that you agree with other that correspondence about our daily life may tire and me and you. Therefore I want tell you that I might to stay to you. I do not insist, but understand me correctly, that time goes, and advance in our attitudes is not present. I begin be afraid that I can to lose you. If you disagree that I shall understand you. I shall understand you, that I to you not To like . But if you have to me feeling that I expects for understanding and complete support. Right now we may check up our feelings on durability. As you see I begin to take the first steps towards to you. And me it would like, that I have seen reciprocal steps in my side. Only I want to be will be sure that these steps in all sincerity. I want to tell to you one history which I did not tell because considered that time has not come yet. But it has come. Our attitudes came to that feature when our correspondence may not give us advance. At me 2 years back were the young man. It was good us together. he made all that I wanted. And business went to registration of attitudes. he has offered me a hand and heart. But then I began to notice that him frequently is not present beside, and soon after that the girl has come and has told that she waits from my young man of the child. I certainly was in a shock after that messages I had to throw him. And I do not want that this history has repeated with me. Then I have realized that it was necessary to operate to me earlier. But was already late. That I could arrive to you to me your support and the help is necessary. I could occupy money at Girlfriends on official registration of papers but I do not have money to trip. If you might help me, we might meet. I feel that it is necessary for me to meet you and I do not have more forces to wait. I certainly waited for this offer from you. I hope for your decision and support. Your Irina.
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