Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Ivanova to Garett (Australia)

Letter 1
sweety excuse me i many time have not Internet.probably you already have overlooked me. We have got acquainted in dating site,
i wait your letter now July, 10 at us. Karena
Letter 2
baby thank you for your message. excuse me that at once has not answered your message.
I had very difficult week and I had no opportunity to write to you many letters.
I went in the next city on a meeting with colleagues on art.I was in business trip and could not write to you the answer quickly.
well, not so long ago I went to agency where get acquainted with men. There I have got acquainted with you. It was a site
Then in 2 days I have removed the profile. because to me offered *** for money, and wrote words about ***. I was in a shock from these words.
Then I did not have opportunity to leave in internet, and I have not had time to give you the photo at all.
I want to find out you better. Because then we have written each other by one word. I shall write to you about myself that you knew me.
I hope to not lose with you contact. At us now day. I shall write later and to tell about myself.
I live in Russia now and I do not have children and the husband. I search for serious relations. I hope sometime them I shall find. Karena
Letter 3
Sweety by the way at me the groom was. :-( I have decided to write to you through the Internet when have understood, that to me to not find love in my village.
At me the friend was, but he has changed to me with other girl and has broken my heart.:-((
I hope you search for the girl, not because you too had tragedy. This heavy time in a life of each person.
It is impossible to be lonely. It is necessary for the person, that who that loved him. Otherwise the person simply
Will go mad. You agree with me? Therefore I have decided to find the man in city. But many of them drink Russian *****.
I do not like *****. I do not love alcoholics. Russian muzhiks of high opinion on. I do not love such people. It is necessary to be more modest.
Associates will estimate you if you modest. i live in Russia, More precisely on Far East of Russia, near sea of Japan in village.
I search for serious relations. I AM 27 years OLD and are necessary to reflect on the husband.
baby I cannot frequently write to you because I constantly to go in business trips. I hope that you will not lose me and will wait each time my letters.
i am glad that we continue dialogue. kiss you, Karena
Letter 4

Sweety if it is interesting to you, my height 5,6, My weight of 53 kgs and i am 27 years old.
my grandfather was more senior than my grandmother for 20 years. And they lived long and happily. They spoke, that the difference in the age of has no value for happiness.
Therefore for me the difference in age has no value.
My colloquial English very much Good. I learned it in University. I was never married and I do not have children.
But I very much to love children. I at the end of a month shall go in the next big city.
There there is a pay phone with the international connection and I shall CALL to you.
do you want it? Karena
Letter 5
Sweety i again here and shall continue our acquaintance.
I was a little surprised that so many men search for girls.
Really in your country so many lonely men?
I was seldom used Internet earlier.
Usually used it on work to find the literature on work.
As you understand I live in Russia.
Strange but the site of acquaintances does not enable me to be registered as the Russian user.
Therefore I have chosen the foreign country. well, I hope it will not be a barrier to our dialogue?
Or you want to communicate only with the girl of your country?
Baby my an exact place where I live in Village, is the Far East Russia. It near the big city of Khabarovsk.
I wait your letters. By the way what time at you local? At us time across Greenwich + 10.
I Moscow time across Greenwich + 3. At us a difference in time with capital of our country of 7 hours.
Russia very big country. yours Karena
Letter 6
Baby I had good mood and it was pleasant for me to write to you and to tell about itself.
I very much want to find out much about you about your lifestyle.
At us now night. I should go to bed. I shall go to shop in the morning, I have presented mum on birthday the book with recipes of tasty dishes.
Now she chooses the most tasty recipes and teaches me as them cooking.
Tell those to me please about that that you like to eat?
I to love salads and I do not eat a lot of meat. It harms for my figure.
Tell me you well understand my English language?
Dear friend I shall try to write to you tomorrow and to tell about myself still something.
If you have any questions please set them. I shall be glad on them to answer. Karena
Letter 7
Baby i want to tell a little about the life and about myself.
I already spoke that I live in the Far East. At us very beautiful nature and clean air.
In the winter, all city reminds the big amusement, for ice skating and a ski.
In the summer, each year, in our city competitions on fishing arrange.
My father very much frequently won these competitions.:-) At our place always there was a lot of fish and seafoods.
I hope to you interestingly it to read? Excuse me if I bother you with the stories!!!:-(
My mum and daddy high people. Probably therefore my growth too 5,6 as at my mum.
I always was harmonous and kept up a figure. I constantly practise at home that my figure was always beautiful.
Tell me of the girl in your country too harmonous and too keep up the figure?
To me interestingly what girls at you. As you see in photos, color of my hair and eyes. I am 27 years old. I was born August, 28, 1983.
I the only child in family and at me was not present native brothers and sisters, therefore my childhood
was very boring.:-(( I only have sister - cousine Yuliya. Well, sweety I wait your letters. yours Karena
Letter 8
Baby at us today on August, 9. I leave today to the grandfather in the village. To it it is bad. It is necessary to look after it.
You do not lose me. I specially warn you what to write I can not yet. That you did not worry.
I shall miss very much on you.
When I shall come back home I shall look your letter. I hope for this time all at us to be good.
by the way do you like music? I have left musical school on a class of a piano and very much I like to play on this fine musical instrument.
Such great composers as Bethoven, Shopen, Mocart, Sheet and Chajkovskij played on a piano.
My mum always spoke that in 18-19 century each girl and nobiliary family should play on this tool. It was considered as a parameter of intelligence of family and tenderness of the girl.
Therefore since 6 years my mum has given me to musical school.
In parallel I have gone to 7 years to study in usual school where studied 10 years.
Then I have arrived in School Isskustv where studied 5 years.
I am engaged in problems of art. Now I write serious work on problems in Art. in parallel I work as the designer in firm.
At me two educations in University. I all life studied.
Unfortunately the government does not respect art in Russia. yours Karena
Letter 9
Oh my sweety I so am glad that I can to write to you today!!!
At mine the grandfather now all is good with health.
Therefore, now I shall try to write to you more often. I will have more free time.
I'm fine. At us today Monday. On August, 29 today.
I yesterday all the day long worked in a garden. We reap a crop. Yesterday dug a potato.
This year her has much grown. Apples have already got ready. An onions, carrots, beet. A good harvest. I am very glad to this.
We worked in a garden for the sake of this good harvest much.
Now mum will start to do to do preparations for the winter. yours Karena
Letter 10
Baby what at you today weather? It is interesting to me in your country a soft climate?
I very much to like when in the street is warm. Thank God today at us good weather and I can take a walk
On an oak grove which to be near to my house.
I wanted to ask you you search for serious relations or only pen friend?
It is very pleasant for me to be to you pen friend, but I want to tell you at once that I the lonely girl.
I do not have young and favourite person here in Russia.
Therefore my overall objective it to find the unique love and happiness.
I search for serious relations and to me games and useless flirtation in internet are not necessary.
Therefore if you are married please do not write to me because you already have beloved - your wife.
Understand that in life each person should have favourite half.
You are very interesting to me, and I would not want to become interested in you as the woman,
And then to find out that from you there is a wife and you do not search for serious relations.
It would be very hurt for me. If you lonely the man and at you are not present the beloved,
Then I shall be very glad to continue with you dialogue and to find out you better, Karena

Letter 11
baby i have now thought that else it is possible for you to write, and have decided to tell to you about the childhood.
When I was born the USSR was some more and all our childhood has passed
In studying the biography of leaders of world proletariat!!!!!!
I shall tell it was direct awfully not interestingly!!!
Even children should know by heart Stalin's biography and Lenin!!!! Idiocy!!!
Now I already nothing remember from the biography of leaders of world proletariat, and thank God that I do not remember!!!
The communism was a myth which distributed the Soviet government
That people worked 24 hours per day for the poor salary.
In the childhood I had favourite toy - a paper doll.
I cut out it from a sheet of a paper and have decorated with its multi-coloured pencils.
On it the skirt and growing white a jacket was drawn.
I liked to play paper dolls.
From the childhood dream at me was to have doll Barbi. Now is ridiculous to recollect all this!!!!!!!
To me have bought doll Barbi when to me it was executed 18 years!!!!!
Incredibly, but now girls in 18 years already marry and I still played dolls in 18 years!!!:-))
Oh, the difference of generations is very much felt, now youth absolutely another.
We were brought up by parents to be decent, to drink to smoke,
to not swear and to not be angry with grown-ups,
To respect elderly and to help a beggar......
Now the youth became impudent and uncivilized.:-(
The story to you about my childhood has cast to me kind memoirs.
Oh why it is impossible to turn time back and to return to the carefree childhood.:-( yours Karena
Letter 12
my sweety at us very good weather!!!!! I now sit at home and I think of you.
We in the next city should have telephone automatic devices in the street and I can call you therefrom.
I plan to go there in 20 days, at me there affairs on work.
At the same time, in parallel with work, I can call you.
To tell the truth I can not wait when I shall hear your voice!!!!!
It seems to me that at you very beautiful and kind voice.
My mum was very much surprised when has found out that I want to speak with you.
Soon i shall receive the salary for one month 130 usd and I can buy a telephone map to call.
My mum and daddy are very much interested in our acquaintance.
They worry that between us very big distance. I speak them that we with you while only friends.
If something serious will be in our relations, the distance will not stop us.
But now I speak mum what early to speak about such serious things as a meeting.
You agree with me? Write I very much I wait your letters. yours Karena
Letter 13
Baby I still wait your full phone number c a code of the country.
Separately all write and explain. Because did not call abroad earlier.
at me today day of whim.:-))
my whim - I want to find out you better!!!:-)
The man seems to me that you very clever and interesting. I do not want to lose such friend and the interlocutor as you.
You know that any relations begin with friendship.
If between the man and the woman there is no friendship then their relations will not be prolonged long.
With a regret many my girlfriends married men with which at them *** before wedding was.
And all relations kept only on *** and mutual satisfaction.
They did not have friendship. They at all simply could sit,
have a drink together **** and talk about life and about plans for the future.
Therefore their relations were not long and in couple of months they got divorced.
Therefore I have decided that my future husband will be to me all over again the good friend and the kind interlocutor.
It is necessary to find out each other all over again before to speak about any feelings. You agree with me?
I want to tell you that I still the ******. I did not have still man. I know about *** only from books, TV, and magazines.
I have studied much about *** in the theory, but in practice yet did not try to be engaged ***.
I protect myself only for one man.
Unessentially I to lose virginity after wedding. It can be before wedding.
The main thing that this the man loved me, respected my feelings to him, and was the kind decent and gentle person. Karena
Letter 14
My sweety baby i any more do not know what to write, my ideas come to an end.:-))
well, my work very much to like me. Us at university always taught that we should love the work.
If to you to not like than you are engaged in life and as you earn to yourself on life then it is better to not work there. I have not rich work, but very kind and decent people there work and it is pleasant for me to work with them. In life not money, the main thing that you lived the main thing without a sin and respected and liked environmental people. Then to you there will be a same kind attitude.
So me the orthodox christian church teaches to live.
My salary as I already wrote to you 130 usd per one month. It not the small salary for our city.
On this money it is possible to live not poorly and to not starve.
In Russia rough economic growth therefore I is now observed hope
That in couple of years life here in Russia will be much better.
Now at Russian people of optimisms for the future of our country!!!
All Russian people trust that Russia will rise from a knee and again will show all world the greatness.
Now the Global economic crisis should end soon.
And people should draw conclusions to not repeat these mistakes in economy. You agree with me? kiss you, yours Karena
Letter 15
my sweety i want to tell to you about favourite things,
That you knew that to me to like and that to me to not like. my favourite meal are any kinds of salads!!!!!!!!
I very much like to eat and I am able is tasty cooking, is especial at me all kinds of dishes from meat well turn out.
Favourite kinds of sports - I am engaged Tennis, the Ski, Volleyball, the Aerobic. I like to look on TV football, Basketball, golf, soccer.
My favourite color - pink, blue, scarlet, light green. The favourite cinema, the favourite actor, the favourite singer - at me such is not present.
I do not like the fanatic on people. It is their work and me
It is simply pleasant to look any interesting and beautiful film to listen to any beautiful and pleasant song.
Thus I shall not look film for the sake of any separate actor. The actor and the singer are usual alive people.
They not gods that to idolize them. Their work does by their known people.
I respect therefore and composers of the past because they for a long time have died.
But memory of them was kept forever.
It speaks about that that they really were great people, worthy admiration, respect and memory.
My favourite favourite delicacy - certainly ice-cream!!!!!:-)))
I love all kinds of ice-cream!!!!:-))
Favourite flowers tulips and red carnations. A favourite drink - Mineral water.
my liked perfum - Lacost.
My favourite season spring and summer. At this time all blossoms, spring time of love.
Summer time of holidays and rest. You agree with me?:-) Karena
Letter 16
Sweety baby i have a little more free time, therefore I shall continue the story about myself.
Today at us on September, 7! My mum and father always helped me in life. They always taught me to respect associates and to observe Jesus Christ's precepts.
Probably therefore I still the ****** also search to myself kind for the man which will love me and will deprive with me virginity.
When at you the first *** was? How many to you was years?
Excuse for this not a modest question, it is simple to me interestingly.
My parents from decent families. My two grandmothers were one lawyer, another the mathematics teacher.
And both grandfathers were militarians. Unfortunately all of them have already died of old age.:-((
Parents have given me on education to a good kindergarten. In 4 years I am already skilful to read.
In 6 years I wrote letters mine to the grandmother and the grandfather.
They lived about city of Moscow - capital of Russia.
name of My mum Elizaveta, daddy - Anatolij.
They very much love each other and they my example on the future as it is necessary to love and care of the future husband.
I already wrote to you that my father by a trade of engineers - mechanics.
At him able fingers. he is able to make any things.
he can cut out any ornament from a tree.
He wants to make the hands a wooden icon where Jesus Christ will be drawn.
My parents too very devout people.
My mum now the housewife.
She stores a cosiness in the house and at us in family and in our apartment the atmosphere always reigns happiness of love and care.
My parents it is very good to the attitude to foreigners.
They regret that once they was to think that all foreigners enemies.
Now they have understood that it not the truth, and that all foreigners very good people.
By the way I have overlooked you to ask, you love fishing and shish kebabs?
I very much to love it and we with parents and friends frequently leave in a campaign and on fishing!!!
Write I shall wait your letters. Karena
Letter 17
Sweety baby my computer with which I write a to you is at me in my house,
Therefore I try to write to you as it is possible more often.
But it is impossible to write each day because not always I have access to Internet.
Not always on sale there is a map of payment Internet with which help
I to leave in internet and to write to you letters.
At tried each day to put programs yahoo message, but my computer very weak and does not want to accept it, this program at me does not work.
I have invited the computer master, and he has told that on my computer is possible only
To look films, to listen to music and to write letters. My computer can not perceive more serious programs!!!:-(
soon I shall buy an additional part to a computer and this program will work, I so think.
I a bit later shall try to try to communicate to you in online with the help of sending each other letters in online,
When we will sit together at a computer thus to send and check I shall esteem each minute.
So it is possible to communicate in online. I shall try to do it later, because now at me there is no time to sit about a computer.
At me on work has much put, I should write some clauses which I should have time to finish
by the end of the next week!:-(Write, I very much miss your letters!!!!
kiss you, yours Karena
Letter 18
Sweety baby in two weeks i will go in business trip in the next city!!!!
I shall call to you therefrom!!! You want to hear my voice?
I not good know grammar of the English language, but informal conversation at me very good!!!
Therefore I think that we will not have problems with understanding each other by the phone.
How you think it very unusually that we have got acquainted in Internet?
Or you have friends which are familiar with Russian girls?
At you is familiar which have fallen in love with Russian girls?
My daddy always spoke that Russian girls the most beautiful in the world!!!:-))
Can, he flattered me, because I his daughter.:-)) as you think?:-)
You like Russian girls?;-)) to me spoke that men in your country very decent and kind.
Also, to me spoke that girls in your country very bad, the egoist,
Love many money, do not appreciate emotional qualities of the man, and money this main thing for happiness, and they think that
Frequently to be rude and hypocrisy when communicate with men. It is the truth?
I was a little in a shock from this information!!!
About it to me has told my girlfriend, she recently looked TV and there was interview
With the Russian girl. She couple of years back became the wife of the foreigner.
She also told about men abroad and about foreign girls. yours Karena
Letter 19
By the way, now my mum tell you Hi!!!
She very much worries that I and you we live in the different countries!!
My mum knows that I still the ****** and very seriously speaks with me about it.
She speaks that we should not speak about a subject *** yet because we are poorly familiar.
I speak mum that I already for a long time not the little girl and I shall think about *** when I shall want.
My parents very strictly brought up me, therefore I have grown with ideas on that that there should be one man.
My mum and daddy never quarreled and always were happy together.
They always taught me to be the obedient wife and to carry out all orders of the husband.
I read about *** much. It is a lot of books and many films about *** saw and read.
I know much about *** theoretically.
But practically I never was engaged in ***.
But I very much want will learn this process with the man which to me very much to like!!!
Tell me at you wide experience in ***? You could learn me to this?
But still early about it to speak. We are still poorly familiar, and who knows I can to you I shall cease to like in the future.
I sincerely wish that our relations to proceed and will be even better than now.
yours Karena
Letter 20
Baby I hope to not frighten you of the plans about a meeting.
I think in a reality we can faster find out each other.
I THINK I to YOU ON VIDEO I SHALL LIKE.:-) i did not tell to you about the girlfriends!!!:-) At me it is a lot of girlfriends.
I very cheerful and cheerful girl also like to get acquainted with new people.
I everywhere find new familiar. Especially I to like to communicate with people which to protect a nature.
I was always sure that ecologists very good people,
They think of the future of our planet. You agree with me? I even in the childhood was in a mug of ecologists!!!:-)))
I have two best girlfriends - Lena and Marina. They my favourite girlfriends.
I him have told about you. They my best girlfriends. And from them I do not have secrets.
Lena and Marina have very much become interested in you. They speak that I should continue with you correspondence.
To like them that that you to me write. They speak that you very intelligent the man.
One of my best girlfriends lives in the other city therefore I am
very rare with her I meet.:-((Well, I very much wait your letters!!! yours Karena
Letter 21
Baby if we shall decide that I was necessary meet can to hope on your financial help? I think that my salary will not suffice to arrive to you. I worry a little to go to you. I trust you and I try to think only about good.
I know that the passport for travel abroad and the visa is necessary for this purpose.
But to me spoke that is necessary still more many other documents for our meeting.
I shall find out what documents are necessary for trip to you at my the native aunt.
She worked in travel agency earlier and she has a lot of experience in registration of such documents. kiss you, yours Karena p.s. My video is available. I shall send it one of these days when speed internet will be higher.
Letter 22
baby how are you today? How are your affairs? I am very proud, that I have such dear friend as you.
I send you now my video. I can not longer do, because Internet very weak. I shall send this letter all the day.:-(
Now, to me it is very sad, that we not together. I very much now would want to nestle on your ****** and strong to embrace you.
I so want that you were to those relatives to me the man, with which
It is possible not only be engaged *** but also to have pleasant conversation, pleasantly to spend time,
To look cinema, to leave on walk in park, to have an entertainment and laughter, and to fall asleep in your gentle embraces. And to waken from gentle your kiss in the morning.
If I shall come to you I want to see your house, your life. I want, that we were uniform the whole in our joint happiness. I want, that when I shall leave the plane you came to me and have kissed me.
I want to get acquainted with your relatives and friends. I would like to hold our meeting in any romantic place. Only you and I.
You would show me the city and the basic buildings of your city. We shall go with you to cinema and in park of entertainments or in park with trees.
We shall be photographed or remove constantly on the chamber our entertainments and our pranks,
That then was what to recollect. After many years we shall recollect all this with a smile on lips.
That I want!!! In day of our meeting I want to remain with you alone and find out taste and a smell of your body.
You not against? Then we shall go to walk on your residence
And you will tell to me histories from the life. When in aerosweat I shall see you, I shall wave to you a blue scarf. So you will see me from is far. ok?
I shall run up to you and I shall embrace you. You will kiss me in lips and will turn around of yourselves.
We shall find out each day each other. If you will be occupied with work I of you shall wait for a house and to look your children's picture album. You allow?
In the future we will have happiness. But it seems to me, that I meet the old age with you. Probably you my destiny!!!
Sweet kiss and love, sincerely your Karena
Letter 23
Baby I have learned all. today at us evening, on September, 18. Sunday.
It is necessary to me for trip to you 415 usd. I want to ask you that you have sent your remittance on name of my cousine - Nadezhda Ryabchenko.
She frequently comes to us on a visit, and we talked to her on this theme, and she has agreed to help me.
I think you understand why I ask to send a remittance on name of my cousine?
I began to make different documents and medical survey and my passport is now involved in official registration of papers for trip to you. Without the passport I can not will receive money in bank.
Therefore your remittance will be received by my cousine. and will transfer the same day to me. I wait yours for the help.
Now my cousine tell me what the information is necessary for you:
info for Western Union: Need 415 USD, Country - Russia, village - Takemitsu, full name my cousine - Nadezhda Ryabchenko.
The home address of cousine: village - Takemitsu, - street Lenina, the house 5. room 2.
I wait your remittance. after an 2 weeks I shall be at you. it is possible a week later or earlier. It will depend on readiness of documents.
If want I can arrive later, documents I shall are ready and we shall wait when you will have free time for a meeting with me.
I can arrive for that term what you will tell. For some days, for a week, for months, for ever.
It will depend on you. I should tell and send all this of money that I could begin process of our meeting.
You will deprive with me virginity if want I I shall give birth to you to the child. If not want, I shall not give birth. All will depend on you.
Tell when you will help me to arrive to you? Terms, exact are necessary for officials to legalize to me up to the end all papers.
At me phone is not present with the international communication. But I shall call to you from the big city when I shall go to receive your money.
I shall call you from Vladivostok, there there are pay phones on
street with international telecommunication, kiss you, yours Karena
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