Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Kosheck to Doug (USA)
Letter 1

Hello, dear Doug. I love foreplay, gentle touches. Would you like to except a kiss on your neck as you encircle me from behind as I'm cooking and nuzzle your lips into my neck, I love our foreplay, our gentle touches, a kiss on your neck as you encircle me from behind as I'm cooking and nuzzle your lips into my neck, would you encircled your arms around me and would your hands holding my breasts so tenderly. Can you drive me wild with foreplay, just touching me ever so lightly, hardly a touch at all, as we lie in bed naked next to one another, just a glancing touch, touching me so lightly, my breasts, until I simply beg you to truly touch me, or move your hand with my own hands to touch me more, or you are just unable to resist touching me with all your passion any longer. I think we can have lots of loving fun, fun loving, one another! I think it would be wonderful fun to indulge our passion for one another, until we were totally satisfied, exhausted by sex, but truly replenished by it, and then have so much energy that we would do all the mundane things together with such enthusiasm, going to the beach, taking a long walk, walking in the rain, hearing stories about my and your childhood, going to a flower show, going out to eat together, I'd cooking a meal for you, seeing a movie, doing all the non-sexual things together with such enthusiasm, with so much fun, with endless energy, until our passions began again. That would be wonderful living. Would you like to have such a life?
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