Scam letter(s) from Maria to Robby (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello my honey and dear Robby!
I am madly happy to see your letter again. How you today? How your state of health?
I want to remain with you as much as possible time!
You know I wish to tell that my inwardness now is on the big lifting. I think that you understand why it occurs. It occurs because I understand how much we became close and that we now mean for each other.
I am glad that between us really there is that trust, between us there are those feelings which I presume to undertake to us rather serious steps. Also I think that it is time to us to start to take these steps together.
In the near future I wish to organise the travel to you. I wish to be in your embraces. I hope that you too want it. My feelings wish to be with you. And my thoughts also I prompt that that I should be with you.
I think that for the trip organisation will correctly use travel agency. And for this purpose I need to descend there and all to learn.
The darling, I very much hope that you will not recede before solving actions. After all now it is much defined.
I send you one thousand kisses and embraces. I wish to be with you I
wish to be yours. I will wait for your answer. Only yours Marija
Letter 2
Hello my dear Robby!
I am glad to see your letter. Thanks for that that you do not leave me one in such difficult situation. Darling, it is really very suppressed by that that I can't to organize travel to you.
Darling, you really want to help me. Darling, I will be glad if you make it for me. But I don't need 500 euros. For working out of documents it is required only 350 euros. Unfortunately I don't have bank account. But it is at my friend, she with pleasure will give me the bank account to help us to be together. I think that I can to give you the information on it tomorrow. Well?
It is really a shame to me to ask you about the help, but at me doesn't remain other choice. I will wait for your answer. Only yours Marija
Letter 3
Hello my Robby!
I am madly happy to see your letter. How you have spent the weekend? I have spent time not bad. There was some time with friends. Also was engaged in fitness for maintenance of the figure.
Darling, I so am grateful to you for that that you want to help me. It so is pleasant for hearing. Thanks you huge for that that you help me with the organization of my trip. I am really grateful to you infinitely. My friend has agreed to help us and has given the necessary bank data. Here they:
Account of beneficiary: 40817978602790000928
I hope that here there is all that can it is required for remittance. I ask you to be attentive and not to commit an error.
Darling, I can't believe till now in that that very soon we will be together. Only you and I! I will look forward your following letter. Only yours Marija
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