Scam Letter(s) from Grace Dede to Ger (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

I don't know how to explain this am even thrilled and disappointed and so down...I don't know why all this had to happen this way... I am writing to you straight from the airport on their front desk... I was having a chat with this lady i met at the airport who also was a Canadian we were both talking about flights and life and change of environment.So i wanted to ease my self and told her to keep an eye of my luggage for me so i went straight with to the washroom i didn't leave my hand bag for her any way.I came back and she was no where to be found and my luggage was there.I was about to get on to the proccess my luggages and then i was called there is something illegal on my luggage i went to the customs office they opened my bag and to my surprise everything was different. same luggage with different stuff. they took some stuffs in Brown paper and asked me what it was i was so confused and they say they have to hold me back... They have to run a 24 hour search and let me know. They wont even let me go home i had to plead with the Immigration officer to allow me use their Computer to write to my husband and tell him... I also called few friends to come over. I told them it was not my luggage and they said i was the one with it so they have to go through stuffs. I am so sorry but am innocent of this.I don't know how to prove... Is like the happiest day of my life turned to be the worse. I hope you get this...I will get intouch with you as soon as i can... Take care... am so down.. Lost all hope... I feel like dying... Life is not worth living for me now..


Letter 2

Hello Sir... Its me Debby,Adrianna gave me her info to log on to hotmail and write to you ... Well the Immigration and Custom officers are saying the bags believed to be Adrianna's containing a bag of Indian herb which is strickly something that has been going on for some time in Ghana so they are very critical about this... The Custom officer are so mean and they try to shut Adrianna down but one officer told me that we should make sure we get Adrianna out of the custom office before they send her to police station from there her case might be worse... So i told him to help talk with his senior officers to prove Adrianna's innocence... So we are doing whatever we can and she told me to tell you not to be too worried. But to be honest with you she refused to eat any thing all she keep doing is crying all the time.I am even worried my self... Whatever it is i will contact you again but please keep your calm..She will be able to explain things to you her self when she get home.I will end here and give you any update.Now we have one officer helping us so i think everything will be alright ok.



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