Scam Letter(s) from Cynthia Chizizy Appiah to Gordon (UK)

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Letter 1

Hello, how are you ?

I am glad to get your message, ! i will start by introducing my self first, my full name is miss Cynthia Chizizy Appiah, 24yr old,fair in complexion,173cm tall,black eyes and black long hair. I was a nursing student from University of Ivory Coast college of health science, i m writing you from Republic of Senegal where i have been residing in a refugee home,after the brutal murder of my parents by some rebels,during the political crisis in my country Ivory Coast some years ago. i hope you will still like me after hearing all this because i know,a lot of people do not like hearing matters like this,i do not even like telling people the story ,but i guess i have to be real open to whom ever will have to be my friend, because what i really need in this period of my life is a real friend whom i can share secrets with,i just hope you are the one.So,this is my world,now you tell me more about yourself OK. In my next letter, i will tell you what i like,and enjoy most and more about me, not now because i know some people do not like long letters or probably do not have the time. Attached here is my photograph right now,i hope you will like it, sorry i do not have plenty of photographs because of my living condition,hope to hear from you soon. !!!!
regards Cynthia.

Letter 2

Hello dear?

Thank you so much for your immediate response my dear. It shows your kind of person. You sound so friendly. I have a lot of secrets which i think, i will go ahead and reveal to you immediately.Your age is not a problem for me i just need a nice person who will understand me and where i am coming from, and will not take advantage of me.

Because of the crisis in my country, my late Father sold his shipping company and deposited the sum of ( $4.750,000.00 USA Dollars) in his foreign account with one of the leading finance firm.But i escaped to DakarSenegal for my life when the crisis broke out, because of the peaceful and secured nature of the country.

I have really desired to move from here,that is why i contacted you with the trust that you will be a help to me being a nice person,with an understanding of some situations that come upon people which they do not have control over.I am so happy that im still living.
I am seeking for your assistance to help me transfer this Money to your account and position it for a good investment Project in your country and also to help me relocate to your country to further my education which is the most important thing to me now.I am willing to offer you 15% of the total sum for your assistance and that is only if you do not want to partner with me after the transfer.The deposit was made in my name as the next of kin so the transaction is 100% legal.

Please Help me to get out of this terrible situation and as soon as you receive this mail Please kindly reply me again ok. I am so afraid to reveal this secret that is why i said to you in my previous letter that i need a reliable friend who i can share my secrets with.

The bank is ready to transfer the money to your account as soon as you agree to stand as my partner or Business partner.i can no longer continue living in this place in abject poverty and deprivations.So please i really need you as a partner to represent me and effect the transfer as i can not handle it under my present condition.I will need all your data.

(Your full name) (Your telephone numbers) (Your address)(occupation).i require them so that i can know you better and also introduce you to the bank as my partner and trustee.

You can also call me with the telephone number of Rev. Cicero Kabar who is the Reverend Minister in charge of the church in this camp ( CHRIST DE SAVIOR MISSION). (+221-774-161-940) just ask about me,he will call me immediately to answer your call ok.

I wait a reply from you and have a nice and pleasant day !!!!!!

Yours Cynthia.



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