Scam letter(s) from Olga Pimenova to Dave (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my love David!
I understand that day was also day it is not necessary on a place.
And me it is very boring without you because I love you. I am very glad that now I write you this letter. It is always pleasant to me to receive your letters and to answer them.
I waited for the end of the working day more likely to run up in the Internet of cafe and to read your gentle letter.
To learn that with you all it is good. I hope with you all well?! My lovely as your day has passed?
I want tell to you that I can't more without you. You to me necessary as the breath of life.
I can't live without you and day. I can't without you as if fish without water, as if a flower without a rain.
The darling, I wish to tell to you my religion Orthodoxy.
Darling David, I want to tell to you about yesterday. Yesterday my mum has prepared for me a surprise.
I didn't think that she will arrive to visit me. It for me was very pleasant surprise.
Yesterday I have quitted from the Internet of cafe with joyful mood. Also has gone home.
On the way home I thought of us with you. I represented as we walk with you and we embrace.
Also certainly very passionately we kiss. I have walked upstairs in the apartment. The door has suddenly opened.
I at first was frightened. But when I have seen that behind a door there is my mum I very strongly was delighted.
We with mum have planned to make a pleasant and tasty supper. We with mum prepared together and considered about you.
We have made 2 different salads. It is the most delightful meal. I very much love salads.
Darling, you love salad? I keep to a diet and consequently I don't eat a lot of meat and *** food.
I very much like to cook also the most important thing I want to cook all food for you, my darling David.
I like it to do because to me very much and very to be pleasant when all walk full in a family.
I always speak that my mum is fine also I very much I am proud of it. I like it to do and me very much
Almost whole night I talked to the mum about you my loved David. I told to mum what you the kind and decent person. And I have told her that I am proud of you. This morning I have again woken up with good mood.
Because my beloved it you my sweet David has dreamed me. I wanted to rise before my mum.
But mum already managed on kitchen. She made to me a breakfast. To me so it was pleasant.
We with mum have sat down to have breakfast. She has told to me that I had a smile upon the face when I slept.
I know why because to me has dreamed my love David. Unfortunately her it was necessary to go on operation.
I have seen off mum to a stop. By the way, I nearly haven't forgotten. My mum asked to transfer to you hi.
My love, I don't know as to live without you? It is a pity that I don't have wings. I with pleasure would depart to you today.
But between us the big distance. I would be very happy if was near to you. I am grateful to destiny and God that we have met each other. You always do and try to make to me something pleasant.
I am very grateful to you for it. My love to you will be eternal and infinite! You my destiny David.
I love you of all my soul and heart! Your love Olga!
Letter 2
Hello my Darling David!
I am very happy to see your letter today. Your letter of full sincere pleasure and sympathy for me. Thanks that you do not forget about me.
I think that we should talk seriously about our letters. I think that for that time that we with you correspond we very much have approached and between us there is a feeling.
I do not understand what with me occurs? I have a pleasure in life these are your letters.
My heart began to knock more often when I think of you. Your letters help me to feel your presence near to me.
I want to feel you, your tender look, your smile, your hands. I so need warmth and care and I think that I ask not so much. I search for pure, mutual love and eternal friendship in relations.
I love when all beautifully, perfectly, gently and romantically!
How your mood today? I hope that at you all well. I want it very strongly and I will pray god that you were healthy and happy. Your letters have changed my life. You have changed that that in my head.
Now I know that has no value where the man lives. All people in the world lead the same life and have similar thoughts.
And all can speak very well with understanding and mutual respect. Thanks you for understanding. I prefer silence and the world.
I never thought that I will write such romantic letters to which person I never saw in the life. I want to trust you.
Now I can tell that I want the following level of our relations. I feel that we spoke enough and this level of relations is full.
But I am afraid of the future I do not know as you will react to such words. But I know that nothing probably in this world.
All depends only on our wishes. If the person wants something it will try to achieve the object. I know it...
Yesterday I thought of our relations and concerning our feelings. I already have so become attached to you that to me becomes boring without your letters. I always think of you. I can do nothing with myself.
Therefore I want to go in the near future to parents to village. I want to talk to the mum about my feelings to you.
I have many thoughts and ideas to tell to the mum. It is interesting to me to listen to the mum that she to me will tell.
After all it has life experience. My mum will tell that to me to do? How to me to be? She will give to my advice.
It will be pleasant to me to listen to it. I want to receive your photos. I would like to know about you more and more.
On it I will finish the letter. And I will wait for your letter with the big impatience.
I will hope that you will write to me somewhat quicker.
Yours Dear Olga.
Letter 3
Hello my the most sincere and far love David.
To me it is very pleasant that has written to me today. Each time I when I come to the cafe Internet I check mail with a certain trembling because I am afraid that you won't write me the warm letter which helps me in so much unlucky days of our separation.
Only your letters are capable to give me all your tenderness and love.
I so often and strongly miss you. I so strongly want to be near to you.
I should think of you. Every morning I wake up with thoughts on you. I always think of you.
I very much love you David. Darling, I with a great patience wait for approach of that day when we can hold each other for hands. I am madly enamored of you. I can't present my life without you. You my angel.
Angel who has rescued me from melancholy and boredom. I very much love you David! My love v, I hope that we very soon will together. Every day my desire to appear near to you grows in a reality all more strongly.
In the future I dream to become your faithful wife and never to release you. I want that our love was infinite.
I want to feel your gentle kiss. I want that you have embraced me strong and have kissed. I very much love you David.
Excuse me that today my letter such short. Simply I have very much got tired on work and I have a headache.
I hope you me you will understand and you will not condemn. David, I want that you knew as strongly I you I love.
With love, yours forever Olga.
PS I very much love you, my David!
Letter 4

Hello my tender and gentle bear cub David!
Today was again very glad to see your letter. When I read your gentle lines, I felt your love and warmth of heart.
In your words always there is a love and care. I never received so much attention from the man.
And you the unique man who gives me so much attention and love. I madly love you and very much I miss you.
Darling, I very much want to meet you in really. But as you know without official registration of papers for travel abroad, I can't arrive to you. You understand I have no such great sum of money. That m by a buoy to do. I at all don't know as me to be.
As you know to begin process official registration of papers, it is necessary for me to pay 575 usd. But I have no such big money.
I have nobody to address for the help, except you more. I very much hope for your support. Darling I very much hope that we can soon begin official registration of papers and at last we will meet you in a reality. I very much love you David and very much I want to feel taste of your gentle lips in a really. My love David, I want to tell to you as has passed my day.
Today I have woken up a bit earlier than usually. I have taken a shower and have made a breakfast. I had breakfast and have gone for work.
Today in the street very good solar weather. When I went on a stop I thought of you and as to us it will be good when we will be together in a reality.
In the morning you will see off me for work and we will rejoice good and solar weather. My love David, what weather now in your country?
How has passed your day today? My love David, on work I kept mind only about you. I want to be together with you in a reality and never to be separated. I want that we would lie on our bed and didn't rise long. We would give each other our gentle kisses and gentle touches of hands. After I would rise, I would prepare for you a pie under the grandmother's recipe to which she has taught me in the childhood. My love David, with what taste you love - apple, peach or with meat? I would prepare for you the most tasty pie from all of what I know because I would enclose in this pie all love all the soul. My a gentle kitten David, I very strongly love you and I keep mind only about you. About that as we will spend our days. My bear cub David, I love you and I want to be only with you.
This night you were a number, I felt it! I felt your embraces kisses. In the morning, I have woken up with thought that you now are near to me.
I never met the man more sincere and sensual than you my love David. I want to appear now together with you in a reality both to touch you and to iron your hair, to embrace you for a neck, to feel tenderness of your lips and warmth of your breath. Loneliness - here that chasm which tightens me and your name - the only thing that can resist to it. It is truth! I know you should understand me! The further I remain one the less to me is trusted in that that somewhere is he: my only and the unique man! I know that it you, my most loved and the unique man: David - you my pleasure, my happiness, my dream. I think you is created for me. You my the most worthy man David!
I very strongly love you David! I very much don't have you. To me it is very boring without you.
Unfortunately, my time has come to an end also to me it is necessary to finish the letter.
But I will wait tomorrow again for your letter. I love you and very much I miss you.
Your sincere and unique love Olga
Letter 5
Hello my a tender bear cub David,
It is very pleasant to me to read all your letters on our love. Your warm words warm my lonely soul and my loving heart.
I very much love you my most darling David. To me it is very sad and lonely without you. To me it is lonely without your breath.
Alone without your hot kiss which would let to me know all your love and passion for an instant. Darling, I will try to talk to my parents about ours with you to a meeting in a reality. And I hope they can help me. But you understand 6 months it is very big term.
I want to meet you now because I love you very strongly and very much I suffer without you. You understand, at first it is necessary for us to legalize papers and only then to think of air tickets. The most important thing it to legalize papers for travel abroad.
I very much hope that in the near future we together will solve our problem and we will be together in a reality.
David, you my air drink, you the finest that happened with me in this life. And for this reason I am very glad that we with you have met each other in this huge world. My love David, you can't even present that you for me mean.
You my the brightest beam of the sun which awakes me in the mornings. You my the brightest star in the sky.
In the evenings to me happens very sadly because you aren't present near to me. I very much would like that we with you could be now near to each other. I want to touch you and to feel your heat. It is more to me it is necessary than nothing.
I want to be simply with you, but I can't make it because you are very far from me and I can make nothing with it.
I hate this distance that separates me from you. It is a pity to me that I have no wings. If I had wings, I by all means would arrive to you today. And I could feel your heat, your gentle embraces, your sweet kisses about which I dream every day.
But unfortunately it only my dreams. As it is fine and as is painful. We with you now very much love each other.
But realization of our happiness is interfered by this big distance which separates us. And consequently we can dream only about each other.
But I trust that sometime we can be together in a reality. I think every day of our meeting. At our meeting my lips will whisper your name which I constantly say before going to bed. Every day I wake up with thoughts on you as if from your gentle touch, you touch me in the sleep.
You have taken away all my rest. And I am happy that all it occurs to me. I am happy that I have found the love and I hope that our dreams will sometime be embodied in a reality. And then I will be the happiest woman because I will be for ever near to my most worthy man David. Though we now with you in separation, but you are constant with me. You are constant near to me in my thoughts and in my heart. I know that we will give nobody our happiness which at us is in a fit of temper.
We will allow to destroy to nobody, ours with you the love world. Our paradise in which we are. I am ready to offer the sun, I am ready to live in an eternal gloom because for me there is only one sun. This sun you my loved David. And I dream to bathe in beams of our love and to be heated in them. You are very necessary for me, my love David. It is necessary for me to feel you nearby.
I want to be near to you. My the love is very strong to you. I look every day at enamored people who go along the street.
I also very much would like to walk with you and to enjoy the pleasant moments which presents us life. My heart is broken off because we with you not together. Heart is a slice of love which very much disturbs my soul. If I only could be near to you in a reality...
But you are a pity to me that so far from me. I want that we were together in a reality. I very strongly love you.
My gentle love David, I will wait again your letter. I hope that we will soon talk in a reality. Your sincere Olga
Letter 6
Hello my a gentle bear cub David! Today you have again pleased me with the letter.
I am always glad to see your warm letters. My love David, I again very strongly grieve for you and only on you.
To me it is very boring without you. And my heart all cries, because I want to be with you and to love you.
Darling, I understand you want to hear my voice again. But how you want to call on public telephone booth? Same it is impossible.
David as soon as I will have a possibility, I will try to call you again. Tomorrow I will visit my parents and I want to talk to them about, whether can, my parents to help me. My tender bear cub David, I don't know that would be with me if didn't know you if you didn't write to me. I don't know that with me will be and consequently I write to you about all it, I want to share with you everything what to me occurs. And consequently I write you all that there is in my thoughts and on what I think now.
David, you know about what I now I think?! It is interesting to you?! Then I to you will tell.
I want to appear now with you in a room in which there are no windows, there there are only candles which shine for us.
And at this light at these romantic conditions we sit opposite each other and we look in the face.
And we see all the most wonderful that is in us. We see our love and we feel very happy.
We touch to each other. I very much want it, because this my desire of which I dream always.
And I can't think differently because you always in my thoughts therefore I love you and I want to make you very happy.
Because the destiny has presented to me you and I won't give you to anybody, because you my the most worthy man.
We with you the happiest people because we can dream. Let we have problems but we don't think of them when we together.
Because we only together and that can't prevent us and for this reason we are happy more than ever.
My the most sincere and desired love David, you know that I can write to you much.
But not in my forces to stop time which runs so quickly that I at all don't notice it. And from it to me it becomes very sad.
But I know that I can write at any moment because I know that you love me also you won't leave me never.
We were connected by destiny and now we aren't subject to anything. Our love the most sincere both the strong and this most important thing.
My gentle kitten, I only want that you knew that I very strongly love you also you always in my dreams and thoughts.
I always with you and never will leave you because I love you. Darling, I will always love you that to me haven't occurred.
I want that you have remembered these words because for me they mean much. I want that thought of me also much as well as I about you.
I want that you remembered me always, I love you David!!!!! Only you are necessary to me in this life.
I hope that our dreams will soon be embodied in a reality and we will be together in a reality and we can feel heat each other.
I can embrace you and feel your sweet kiss. I love you David.
With love, yours forever Olga.
Letter 7
I am very glad to receive your letter David, the letter which so is necessary.
It is necessary, because we not together now. But I hope that all is fast it will change.
I want to tell to you that every night I think of us, I think that could be if we were together.
And me it is sick that I can't embrace you that I can't simply put the head on your ****** and is simple listen to palpation of your heart right now. I always with the big pleasure receive the letter from you and I am glad that you in each letter speak to me about the big love. I as love you, my the most worthy man David.
I love you and it is a pity to me that we now not together. I with the big impatience wait for that moment when I can tell to you in eyes about the love. I am assured, my love David that then I will necessarily receive from you a kiss.
I want to have you close to me. I want, that we with you had possibility to speak not only in letters but also in a reality.
I want to embrace you, to kiss. I want to fall asleep in your warm embraces and to wake up from your kiss.
I am assured, my love David that for me it will be great happiness and I with the big impatience wait for that moment when there will come this happiness for us and we more never will need to write each other letters because we will be together. Every morning I wake up with hope of the best. With hope that soon all our dreams will a reality.
I love you David and to me difficulties aren't terrible. I am ready to overcome all difficulties if only to be with you together in a reality.
To be with you together in a reality and to feel your care of me it for me the most important thing. Because life without you is painful for me.
And I miss you more and more. Even sometimes it seems to me that I won't sustain separation from you because to me it is very difficult without your heat and caress. It is difficult to love and not to be near to the loved the man.
I wait for that moment when I at last can embrace you. When I can kiss you. When I can look at you.
I know that our hearts will soon incorporate in the only thing whole and more can separate nothing them.
I am valid, my love David, every day more and more I miss you. I was tired to live without you.
I was tired to come home and won't understand that you here. I was tired that me nobody waits for the house.
I want that I could come home and understand that houses me the husband waits my loved. I always try to come to the cafe Internet because only here I can have dialogue with you, only here for me waits, my only love David.
I am assured that only you can understand my feelings because you also love me.
You love me and you as with the big impatience wait for the moment when we can be together.
I hope that soon we can forget about these sufferings and to enjoy our joint life in a reality.
I want, that it could occur as it is possible soon because I love you very strongly.
But nevertheless, my love David, now I can't even continue a writing of the letter for you.
Now I need to leave again the cafe Internet because my time has come to an end.
But I hope that tomorrow I again can receive the letter from you. I with the big impatience will wait for this moment.
I love you also I with the big force I wait for our meeting!
Your gentle Olga.
Letter 8
Hello my a gentle kitten David!
This evening I write you the letter.
In a head one thought, I want to present to you happiness, a holiday, dream and certainly all my love!
I wish, that this letter has brought to you happiness. This night you were a number I felt it! I felt your embraces and kisses.
In the morning I have woken up with thought that in my life there is which most worthy man I searched for all life and at last has found him.
And I am very glad that in my life there is you. I never met the man more sincere and sensual than you, darling David.
I want to be with you now, to touch you, to iron your hair, to embrace you for a pin, to feel tenderness of your lips and warmth of your breath.
Darling, I want to tell to you, today I visited my parents and told him that at us with you exists problems with our meeting in a reality.
I have told to mum to travel to your country I should make necessary papers for travel abroad it is the visa and the passport.
And I have explained that cost of registration of all these documents makes 575 usd. About having heard such huge sum to mum also became not on itself.
It is valid very much a great sum of money. Mum has explained to me that they can't help me with such great sum.
But nevertheless my parents could help me and they have given to me 110 usd. But it is everything, than they could help me.
I want to tell to you at me also is a few money which I have saved for a long time it is 60 usd. But as you understand this sum not enough to begin official registration of papers. Now I have 170 usd. Me yet doesn't suffice 405 usd. I at all don't know where to me to find money more.
I very much want to meet you in really. Darling, I very much hope that together we can consult this problem and soon we will together realities.
I very much hope for your support. You understand, the faster we can begin official registration of papers, the faster we can meet you.
My love David since we together, my the world became brighter, the love became feeling from capital letter, life has turned to a fairy tale.
I can't present the heart which fights far from your heart! You my the slice of the happiness which has become for me by an award for any my acts and thoughts in this life. I wake up with one thought and I fall asleep with it! And this thought on you!
Before me for days on end only your person, yours road to heart an image. I can't think about something the friend.
I don't have not enough you every minute. When I think of you, at me the head is turned also heart as if is ready to jump out of a ****** now.
I close eyes and where I wouldn't be, you always near to me, in my soul. You are always close to me. And I always represent as I touch you, I hear your breath, I hear your palpitation. To feel heat of your skin, to embrace you, to kiss on the mouth. I know that this madness and there can be many my thoughts seem you children's and naive. My love, forgive me, but on another I can't. I love you very strongly and at times I can make mistakes in the aspiration to the best. To that to do you happy on the present. When I read your letter, at me the spark, tender as a kitten inside burns. It is pleasant to me it warmly and how it me warms. I want to feel your sweet both gentle kisses and soft lips in a reality. You my the small world in which it would be desirable to be dissolved and which will be not replaced even with all Universe. David, I love you very strongly. I wait for you. I wait for hour when we will meet you.
And then will occur merger two soul and two hearts.
Yours for ever Olga.
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