Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Neil (USA)

Letter 1
Hello... I would like to get acquainted with you. If you do not object certainly? I saw your profile website Who knows, may be we are similar? It's very interesting, what's your real name? My name is Ekaterina, me of 34 years. My ID On Ekaterina-755369. In general I look my soulmate here. And you??? If you look for same it will be wonderfull! I for the first time get acquainted the Internet, I very much would like to begin with you acquaintance, also very seriously I concern to our acquaintance. Have great day. I'll look forward to hearing. Ekaterina
Letter 2
Good morning Neil !!!! how are you? thanks for message. Pleasantly that you have answered. I for the first time to get acquainted the Internet, never the abroad before got acquainted with men. I live Russia, city Saratov. To me 34 years. The purpose of acquaintance to meet worthy the man, for creation family, Love. Growth of 167 centimeters, weight of 56 kg, blond, eyes grey. I work the stylist the hairdresser in a beauty salon. Brothers and the sister I have no. Daddies are not present, only mum. I do not smoke. Alcohol to not use. I had in the past relationship, but never was married. relationship have ended 5 years ago. I do not have a certain ideal. Age for me too not the main thing. I think, that I shall be the quite good wife. Live alone. Character. Very kind, cheerful girl, gentle. Very much I love children and animals. I have a hobby. I like to play tennis. I like to grow up flowers in the an apartment. As well as all usual people I read books, I listen to music, I like to look films of an adventure, like romantic film. In relationship always to listen to the partner and to respect with opinion of the partner. Also very much I want that I the man respected with my opinion. I very seriously to concern to search of the future partner and I hope that our correspondence to not stop only letters. It is interested by you. Tell about itself more information. Tell about city in which you live, tell about relatives, tell about work and rest. What to write I do not know, ask about everything, I shall answer :-) tell about plans for the future. I wait the answer. Ekaterina
Letter 3
hi again Neil!!!!! It is very glad that you again have written. You have in detail written about yourself, now I know you even better. Neil at you a remarkable trade, good work. About itself. I always to live Russia, never there was an abroad. Studied in school well, visited various sports section. Studied institute an agriculture, the trade the agriculturist has received. (school and institute I study English). To not find work on a trade the Agriculturist and the new trade, the stylist the hairdresser is compelled to master. Work has found in a prestigious beauty salon and has started to work. The trade has very much liked, really female trade (always a beautiful hairdress, beautiful manicure, many hours it is possible to stir with colleagues and visitors, all what to like women :-) had experience home life, but never was married. I to live with the man of 5 years, both did not dare to marry. Then there was a strong dissonance, a result we left finally 5 years ago. I former one. I do not have daddy, it did not become 7 years ago. There is mum. It lives in a country house where we often meet, almost each Saturday we meet. I always dreamed to visit the USA. I also know that men in the USA good the family man and very reliable for home life. Therefore to search the man from the USA... Has a little written about itself :-) as usual American people spend weekend? For a long time I am interested in this question and now I can personally ask the present :-) American hope that we shall continue to learn each other. It is very interesting to me to communicate with you. OK I shall finish the message, I wait for a picture. Katya
Letter 4

Good morning Neil..... Gratitude for the answer and pictures. How your mood? My excellent. To me pleasant to receive your answer and to continue our acquaintance. Thanks. Now I you am even better than thanks :-) what in detail to write the nobility about the life. Neil anything boring, at you an ordinary life a bachelor :-) at me also only work and the house, weekend I go to mum. It is a little boring :-) to think and represent the future home life much Recently. I hope, that at me all will be good. My family will be the best and the strongest. Certainly I shall try to do all for the happiness, all for family. I am confident, that the good wife :-) it shall Would be much desirable, that the husband was always careful and accepted not less me participation in family affairs. Then the family will be really strong and happy. Neil can tell about women of your country? What they? Women of Russia very good mistresses. I too the economic woman. Women of Russia on the education betraid. I love a family cosiness. In my house always cosy and beautifully. I wish to learn about your preferences of women. To what likes character? Modest or free? It is more to prefer what type? To learn your tastes concerning women. The most important now, the person with which for ever is necessary is possible to construct family, reliable and fair. Other all nonsense. Together it is possible to overcome all vital and family difficulties. I wait your answer. I hope that we shall communicate much and it is better to learn each other. I am very interested by our acquaintance, with you it is interesting to me to speak. How you spend today evening? Write to me. Ekaterina
Letter 5
hi again Neil!!!! Excuse that not at once I answer, there was no Internet. How are you? Thanks for your good message. It is very pleasant to me to hear from you many good words. How your day? I today many hours worked also in the evening to do walk. We with the girlfriend to walk in park and went to cafe to drink tea. Weather now in Russia a rain, would be desirable to come back home and to not be late more quickly :-) Neil silly to ask now such question because you have described yourself as careful and understanding the man, also you already adult and taken place the man, but nevertheless to ask. You are assured that is ready to create new attitudes and probably family in the future? You are not afraid family difficulties? Many men are afraid a family life :-) I hope you responsible the man and all family difficulties for you will be not a burden, and on the contrary to make you more happily and assured. What to write about itself? I the usual girl, not whimsical, not ambitious, sociable. I perceive a life as the adult and responsible person. I am respectful to other people and never I go on the conflict. Often I forgive insult but if twice me to deceive and offend, I shall not forgive again. Also I care of friends and close people :-) to me it is interesting to speak with you. Probably once we meet not as friends, and it is more than friends. I am now interested only by you and I think that I shall try to approach with you. I wish pleasant day, write to me, I wait the answer. Ekaterina
Letter 6
hi Neil!!!!! Again not at once I answer. Problems the Internet. Yesterday there was a free day, has caused the repairman, has repaired the Internet. Neil in Saratov now autumn, beautifully. I love autumn. Here in Saratov a snow, but not so cold weather in the winter is a lot of. Approximately - 20 C - 25 C. In Other regions Russia happens very coldly - 35 - 45 C. I to live close to work, to go on foot approximately 20 minutes or to go public transport of 10 minutes. I have no the car, cost very high. Usually I go on foot on work when I am late to go public transport. Neil I wish to tell what men to me I like, hope you such and will always remain such or will try to become such :-) to me like romantic the man, give flowers, do not forget about our dates, the man which will not die away in 1 year a joint life and always will be close and careful. Like kind which to not show off :-) I hope you such. I go to work. Pleasant evening I wish. Write and send pictures. Katya
Letter 7
hi dear Neil!!!!!! thanks for messqage and picture. Neil wow your family very much greater :-) I like such pictures when to be photographed all family :-) how are you? Here in Russia autumn. A rain every day. dear Neil you seem to me kind, decent the man. I with you agree, the life without the partner loses sense and it is necessary always to aspire to find the worthy partner and to do family, never to lose hope. I have many those qualities which like men in the woman. Here in Russia other culture, other values at women. 90 % of women Russia to not search for luxury and rich the man. Almost women to search for all the man which will be cared, respected, loved and appreciated by the wife. I live a country town, at me education little bit old-fashioned. The most important family, children, the husband. It My values. All rest can be got gradually :-) you also you consider? There should be a sympathy, we have a sympathy to each other. But I should communicate with you in a reality completely to learn you. To learn your habits, to see your sight, to learn your character. I hope in the future once we meet and we shall be together some days to look that between us to turn out :-) you the good guy and I think that between us understanding :-) I now go fitness. Write to me. hugs kiss Katya
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