Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to John (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi Dear Johnny!!!I am kissing your nose, I am kissing your ear DO you want more???
You know I am so playful girl ) Can you guess what I mean )???
Of course you may don’t believe me and think that's just another folly of some pretty girl. But in spite of everything I am going to touch your heart, making you change your mind….
I’m open about my feelings, about my likes and dislikes, and I expect the same from my man.
I am sure you are that man who I am looking for ... Why I think so??? Because as you wrote in your profile you would like to have real relations and no games!! The same me! You know I think that family is most important in the world!!! And you know I think that woman is the anchor of it! Can you agree with me?
I believe that strong family values, communication and honest open feelings is key for a long and lasting relationship. The family comes first and life sometimes has it's moments of ups and downs and I am sure you can to deal with those ups and downs.
Do you agree with me?
I hope you will reply me soon!
By the way do you like my lips?? and what color of lipstick do you want paint them??? )))
Kiss you )
Hope for your reply...
P.S. Don't forget to look at my video))) I have something for you there)))
Letter 2
Hello dear johnny again))) Thank you again for your lovely compliments) It's very kind of you! Should to tell I don't know English well... I am just a beginner... All my letters were written by translator... But I don't think it's can be problem... I am smart woman and I can learn even Japan for my beloved man)))
I hope to hear from you very soon))
And tell me about your intentions here??? And why do you have strange feeling looking at my photos???
Kiss you)
Letter 3
Hello dear Johnny!!! I read your letter very careful and would like to tell you the next! The first: thank you very much for adding me in your hot list... It's very pleasant for me to realize I am your number one from whole site!!! The second - I will never hurt you .. I don't play here because I am serious woman who has nice job and realistic desire in this life... No pink glasses... no man with Midas touch and etc...
I really would like to start learn English.. it is my deep dream... and I will do it when I will have enough finance for buying curses and need literature...
The third - I can't promise to you I am ready to have vacation with you.. I don't know... and it will be strange if I tell "yes" to strangers... and spent vacations with them... how do you think???
So, I think it's possible but we should know each other so I can trust to you and go with you without any fears...
Of course I know the fact it's payment site and my letters cost money.. and I can give you my direct email address... (of course not here because it will be block by this site).... Another problem is I haven't PC at home.. Maybe you think I am lie to you.. but it's what I have. I can reply to you from my friend but it will be not so often as you and I would like... It;s only up to you answer to this letter or no... BUT... I am real and material girl...
I don't know when the translator is work and when she sends letters (that's why it may be late)... Be sure I have also serious intentions... And I don't want hurt you or lie to you...
Hope to hear from you very soon...
Warmly, Tatyana
Letter 4

Hello dear Johnny! I am happy to hear from you again! Thank you for your long letter and your thoughts about future...
Yes I know my diploma isn't valid... and I think if that woman could overcome all problems I will also.
I know I will find new job and will learn English! I don't think it's so difficult...
As for children... Actually I really would like to have children!!! As you know I haven't any so it's obviously I would like to have little boy or girl... It's my dream and I have already ready to be mother.. because I have normal age for it and my career is already begin... so...
Do you like skates by the way??? You know we have nice skating ring here in Nikolaev and I like to go there sometimes...
So what do you think about my answers??? What did you like and what didn’t???
I hope to hear from you as soon as possible…
Kiss you too)))
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