Scam letter(s) from Anna Lavreinteva to Jo (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my name is Anna. I live in St.Petersburg city in Russia. May I ask, where were you born and what country you live now? I'm curious what the roots you have, from your parents, etc. I hope you do not mind my asking!
The words “communicative”, “sociable”, “reliable”, “like having fun” I think describe me best of all. Though I believe life is given to us to enjoy every moment of it I’m not looking for one night love or something like that. What I really look for is serious relationship, not games. Flirting is all great but only when it is the beginning for something big and serious for some true relationship. So if you like what you have read I would be please to tell you more about myself and of course to read your story. And of course pictures are so necessary when you write to someone that you don’t have a chance to meet right away as it gives the sense of talking.
Now I do not remember the site where I found you, because that day I was on so many sites. And I did not try to memorize their names. I guess it was, but I do not remember exactly, and maybe I could be wrong. But I think that now is not so important, because now I found you, and we can communicate and know each other better.
I will write you more about me in my next letter, as well as send you more pictures of me. Yours faithfully Anna!
Letter 2
Hello my newly - born friend!
Thank you that you have not disregarded my letter. And that have written me on e-mail. I hope that our friendship will develop and some day we can meet. I hope that you are not disturbed that I am from Russia. I think that in the modern world the distance is not so difficultly to overcome and it is only a length on a map. If people want to meet, it will happen. And I think, what even 1000 letters will not replace one meeting. You agree with me?? I understand that there are thousand miles between us, but I know many cases when people get acquainted in the Internet and then they meet, become friends, marry.
I even don't know from what to start:-)
What is interesting for you to know about me first of all?? My interests or my work or vital credo??? But I think that I should begin with something!!!!! Though it is difficult to describe all about the person in one letter, but I think, that we shall have time to know each other better... Well...
It is not necessary to describe my appearance I guess as my photo can tell you almost everything and you just can be sure that there is no photoshop used to make me more beautiful ;) I just don’t know how to use this program so all my beauty is natural. Though it could be not that easy to determine my age.
My name is Anna. I am 29. My birthday is on May, 21. I live in a wonderful city St.-Petersburg. Have you ever heard about this city?? It is really wonderful city.
I live separately from my parents for a long time. But they live not too really far from my place, so i have a nice chance to stop by all the time.
Have you ever been to Russia??? Do you have friends from Russia?? I work accountant in a building company. Right now I’m sitting in the internet cafe but most of the time I’ll be writing to you from my work computer. I will do that when I have free time and there won’t be any bosses in the office. From time to time I do use the internet cafe right next to my house.
Now I want to tell more about my family. I have daddy, mum and the senior sister (also aunts, an uncle, a grandmother).. I think I have a big family. Tell me about your family too. My mum works in a library, my father works as the engineer on building sites. You see that my family is usual like millions of families in this world.
About my interests and hobby. I like to dance, listen to music, to play tennis, to float, read... I listen to different music (from classical symphonies up to fate.. In my apartment I have many CD and I listen to music constantly. I play tennis. I am engaged in this kind of sports some years ago and I play 2-3 times a week. Unfortunately I have little free time from work, but at leisure I try to be active. I like to swim and be engaged in aerobics. I like to support myself in the good form. When I swim I have a rest soul. The sun gives a lot of pleasure for me. Because of the sun I very much love summer. To me very much to like, when the sun shines brightly and gives to the ground a lot of heat. It makes me vigorous and cheerful. As for my favourite cuisine - it's japanese cuisine. I love shrimps, lobsters , sushi, calamari and all this stuff. I love also snowboards and wind-surfing. Both I tried just once and was really excited...There is a million of things in the whole world, that I love, or must love but never tried...And it's important for me to hurry up, and to have time for everything.
With all this life I forgot what is love about. I really forgot. And have just one simple wish-to reconstruct my heart and to feel just once. To fall in love and never let him go. But russian guys are full of lie, disrespect and arrogance. Probably on the other side of our planet the life is just the other way round.
Hope so...The second reason is that a couple friends of mine and even some relatives immigrated to America, Australia and Canada. One of them , my really close friend, says that after she found him, her prince, the man of her dreams , it was like a space flight-now she has plenty of things that she could never have in our country. Moreover, she is beloved, and that's it. Enough.
I'm 29 years old and I feel that it's time to find a man to create a good family. I dream of a kind and understanding husband to give him all my love. I wish all these dreams come true one day ! What about you? I'd like to know more about your family and work if you don't mind.
The title of my address "madbadgirl" not connected with anything.
Because, this post helped me create my aunt, and we long to come up with a name and decided to write anything. So please do not pay attention to the title of my email.
Well... Dear I really would like to tell to you much about my life and to learn more about you. I want to tell to you that I search for serious relations and I do not play in games. The purpose of my search is to find my soul mate with whom I could live all life, to have a family. Maybe you are the man which I search... Time will show. I think, that I shall finish my letter for you not to fall asleep at the monitor when you read it :-)
I wait for your letter with impatience and I hope that soon in my e-mail I shall see the letter from you... Have a good day.
Letter 3
I’m looking for your letter and i hope that you will answer all my questions and of course I’m ready to answer all yours. I hope my letter finds you well.
Letter 4

Hello again Joe!!!!!!! So what's new going on? What you up to today? I just woke up at 6 o'clock, made up a small breakfast and went to work.
Yesterday night I was going to visit my friend , and we haven't seen each other for a long time, but when my friends wanted to pick me up, I decided to stay home. I was so tired. So I was just sitting home and watching movie. It was really good movie, "Die hard 4.0", so I spent at least 2 hours and a half watching it.
Well... I wanted to tell to you today so much and now I'm sitting and I don't know what exactly to write you. There are so many ideas in my head and I want to tell you so much... Well... I have no children and have never been married. Of course I had some relations with a man but they ended and now I can write only sad memoirs. I dated a man 3 years ago and after him had no relations. My ex-boyfriend drank a lot of alcohol, lost his work, and deceived me with the other girl.
My mum says that the most important for people is love and I decided to find the second part of me. Unfortunately it happens so, that people who really love each other, can't be together. Distance, wars, quarrels-all this stuff is really ridiculous. I just hope that it will never happen to me. Sometimes I feel so scared...probably that's my phobia- I'm really scared to spend the rest of my time alone...Sometimes I see dreams at nights about my loneliness and nobody can help me out. I ask...but nobody answers back. My mom often says that the most important thing is not to search for somebody, just not to be alone...I have to search for the right person.
In Russia I cannot find a good, gentle, kind person and my girlfriend advised to search a friend in the Internet. I want to tell you, that I am grateful to her. I have got acquainted with you and it makes me happy. I am really very glad that we have met I hope that our correspondence will continue.
When I first began trying to communicate through the Internet I have had an unfortunate experience of talking to a man in the internet. He wrote that he was looking for serious relationship but then he asked only for pictures where I’m wearing a swimming suit or even ****. Of course I have never sent him pictures like that and I stopped writing to him and stopped all the relationship because obviously that is not what he wanted. You know such behavior of a man hurt me very much. So that man destroyed confidence in me and I dropped the idea looking for true love and relationship in the internet.
But recently I have watched a film that is called “Lake house” with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in it. And you know this film revived me and I decided for the last time to try my fortune. I gave myself and the internet the last chance and I have a hope that this time it will work out. Now I have faith that it is possible to find one’s destiny ( I use this word in a good meaning;) So if it is possible to find true love by writing letters so that is what I’m going to do… Do you think this has a right to exist?
Dear I hope that you understand all things which I say to you. I try to express my ideas clearly and if something is not clearly for you ask me. Sometimes it is difficult for me to write my ideas short.
Especially if it concerns my emotions. How can you describe your character?? I think, that it is not easy and I've never done it before. But I think, that I am an optimist and I go with a smile on a life. I frequently help people, I try to give advice and if I have the opportunity to help somebody I'll do it..
I think that I have inherited this character trait from mum. But I think it’s enough to write about me. I have some questions to you. How many friends do you have in the Internet (I think, that I ask about women :-)))). Is it the fist time for you to search love in the Internet or you have had some experience??
I am very pleased to talk with you, and I decided to do for you the video that you would understand that my emotions are real. I hope you like it, and calls on your smile.
Well... I shall finish the letter and I wait for your letter with impatience... Beforehand I thank you for your letter and answers.
Letter 5
Hi my friend Joe! How are you? I did not when I will not leave you. When I read your entire story, I felt sad, and I understand in what situation you are, and what is your life now. But I think that in this life does not stop, you need to live and enjoy life, so let's you and I will not talk about the bad, and we'll talk only about good.
I find you a very interesting man. I am very pleased, that we have got acquainted with you. What's news at you? I'm going to the movies with my mom and her friend at 7 pm, we're gonna watch "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" with many stars. I think that it's interesting film notwithstanding what this a fairy tale.. By the way what is your favourite movie, and what genre you prefer? As for me I like comedies (a Little Man is my favourable), and psychological thrillers (Butterfly effect). By the way I prefer american movies, but some of our russian ones are not bad either. As for music I love electronic music, cause listening to it i entirely relax. I don't have to think about the words in a song, it's just music, and I love it. I love also jazz and blues, specially the time of Hollywood in the early 20-30 years of this century. I like reading also. My favourite writer is brazilian Paolo Coelho, Theodor Drizer and some our russian ones.
What about you? Also I'm going to attend the driving school and have to find out some information on-line.
Well...I have some question for you...It is very interesting for me to know what you wait from your future girlfriend. What are your plans for the future? What is important for you in a person?
The most important things in a man for me are his kind heart and romantic soul, his individuality. I am interested in what is there in his heart. I am a usual girl. And it is very difficult for any person to be lonely. I just need someone who will be the best friend and the loved person for me, to whom I would devote all my life and love. I search for the opened and fair person who can protect me. I dream to make a happy family with such a man. I would like, that this man would be with me at difficult moments of life. I want in my house to be cosiness, heat and tenderness. I want a loved man to be near me. You may be this person. I want to continue to learn you better very much.
It is very important for me.
I can't find in Russia the man which loved me and respected. As one wise man has told "when we live we are in search, in search that who can go with you on vital ways, because to one to go very much and very much Difficultly" I think that you agree with me!!! And if is concrete, that I search in the man this that he was kind and careful.
Probably it only children's dream.
But I want to ask you, you watched the video that I sent to you because I am trying very hard to do it for you. But you do not like not comment on it, maybe you do not get it. Now, I'll send it to you again and hope you'll watch it. He will file mp4, maybe you will have trouble viewing it on your computer, you will need to look on the internet, you need to do to watch mp4 files.
For me the purpose in life is to find the man which can cares of me and about ours children. I shall apply to this all efforts to what I am possible and there will be always with this man a leg in a leg that help and support him. In fact the happiness are the favourite person, friends, relations between people. I know many people who have no home or have no opportunity to have many things which other people can have. But, answering question - "Are you happy?" - they with pride and tenderness spoke - " YES, I Am happy. My house and my hearth is the heart of my friend; my bed and my riches is the heart of my beloved ".
I have home. I can have many things, but I do not want it. And, answering the same question I cannot tell "YES". Because there are things without which people cannot to be happy. And I - an example because material things never was able to make me happy. I need another, and without it I do not feel happiness in heart. And I think you understand what I am speaking about. It is my life and it is a part of me. And how you would learn me more if I would not tell you it, really? And I as well would be glad to learn more about you. Your life is very interesting to me. Are you grateful to destiny for anything in your life? Do you like the nature, rivers and lakes, woods and mountains? Are you a religious person? I will wait for your letter so please write me soon! Sincerely and with the best regards. Your friend (I hope) Anna
Letter 6
Hello dear Joe!
Thank you for your letter. Today I'm in a wonderful mood. I walked with mum in the park much. You know, I adore spending time on the nature. I like the nature very much. I always spend a lot of time on the nature though I have such an opportunity seldom. I like to read books, or simply to enjoy music and make various homework. I like to walk in the park or to be in my bed all day long :-))))))
I like camping, sunsets and sunrises, life in a tent, the smell of the river and bulrushes, a rustle of a small waterfall; night starry sky and amazing brilliance of a fish dissecting a water surface of a small lake under captivating moon light. It is very beautiful and romantic.
Do you like to be romantic? I hope, yes. I like fire and I am sure that there is nothing more tasty than meal cooked on a fire or firebrands. And when air is filled with aroma of the forest and timber raspberry, river freshness and a smoke of the campfire, all this brings into my soul the feeling of freedom, and untamable desire to live.
I tried to register on the site that you wrote to me, but I did not work it gave out such an error here "We are currently under maintenance. We are installing updates to our back office. Please be patient, these updates shouldn't take long." It is also interesting to me why you wrote me? What is this site, and why should I register it?
You also talked about the fact that I did not answer your important questions. I apologize if I really did not, but you can ask again and I will definitely answer them.
I'm considered to be an optimist, and I strongly believe that my dream, my man will be found soon. I'm not dreaming of a Prince Charming with millions of fans, with money, which I don't even know where to spend. I need just LOVE, nothing more, but i know that I ask for much. Cause love is makes born all the other things in the world-such like happiness, care, tenderness. I'd love to be sweet for my lovely person! i'd love to give happiness, to get it and to make our own world! I hope that it's available to happen. At least I hope so. And strongly believe that there's still a place for love in this cruel world. Ok,here I stop being sentimental and sad. There's a thousand of things to talk about, so let's talk.
Ohhh, actually when i was going to write this letter to you, I was thinking about one woman, my teacher. One year ago she moved out and made up her mind living abroad. She lives in South Caroline in the USA and she's happy. So she (her name is Svetlana) was divorced for many years and had the only son, who is 17 now.
Once upon a time, girls from our faculty were practicing in the office of international marriages and decided to fill out an application form . That time Svetlana knew nothing about their idea, they brought a couple pics and then when letters attacked them in some days, and they told her about that. Svetlana never got upset or angry, she just smiled ...but never believed in something real . She didn't believe in her happiness anymore. But at least 20 letters arrived every week,there were long and short, comic and serious cut a long story short, she chose consisted two lines. Eric is her husband now, they overcame all the difficulties with papers.
Now they're living in his house, her son studies here, but probably in a couple years will move to the USA. Eric takes care of horses. When Svetlana told me some things, that are really cute, my eyes were filled with tears. She compares her marriage with space flight. She has beautiful rose garden , 3 cats, and 1 dog. She can do now plenty of things which she couldn't do here. I think it's nothing more than happiness,but what else people need? Nothing. Ok honey sorry for my long story...
Dear again I want to tell you that I wait for your letters with impatience. Your letters became a part of my life. I see, that our relations develop. And maybe our friendship will develop in something stronger than simply a friendship. I have caught me on ideas, that I think of you constantly. I wake up and I think, what my friend is doing now. I have dinner and again my thoughts are about you. I want to admit you, that these thoughts frighten me a little. In fact we've never met in a reality. It is so strange. But I feel that the distance between us with each letter becomes less and less. I want to meet you very much, and I think that we can make it real... Unfortunately I should finish the letter.
I promised to visit my parents now ...
I'll wait for your letter and think of you ... Kiss you Yours Anna
Letter 7
You know, you became very dear for me. I appreciate relations with you very much, and I am afraid to lose them. It’s the first time in my life when I try to begin relations with a person who is so far from me. I do not know what is waiting for me in the future. But I already thank the destiny, that I have met such a wonderful person. But I would be happy to have relations with you in the future. And I would be happy if you want it too. And even that we try to make our relations on the distance I'm grateful to the destiny for what I have now. It is very valuable for me. And I believe that everything that was in my life, - all ups and downs, all tests and losses have taught me to appreciate life and to be wise, to make decisions and to make a correct choice when the time of a choice comes. Well... I'm really tired today. Yesterday evening my friends and I went to the disco and that's why I didn't sleep enough time. I was very sleepy all day long, so my eyes were about to close every second. I hate such feeling when you can't control your body. But yesterday's night was really wonderful and I don't regret it. I danced a lot and met many friends there. But sometimes such evenings don't make me happy. I want to spend my time with a man in some romantic place or just at home enjoying each other. And I think you're the right person and we would feel wonderful together in such evenings...
I think that I had to pass through this way - to be ready to meet a man who will become my soul and heart, with whom I will build the small world of love and tenderness, to whom I would give all my care, fidelity and infinite respect, with whom I would be up to death because he would give me the most important things in a life - the sincere love and care. These are the only things most important for me. And I am sure that these are the things that you appreciate as well. I hope I have not bothered you with my ideas about you and our relations. I think, that if I shall not stop, you will escape from a computer :-) I do not want to hide my intentions and I want to talk to you fairly. I do not try to find just pan pal friends. I want to find something serious and long-time. And now it is important for me to know that you want from our relations and as you see continuation of our acquaintance. I love your letters, I love the way you are. But we can write each other millions letters, but and we can not find out our true feelings. If we spend together even 10 minutes are will help us to be more close to each other. I understand that very not enough time has passed from the date of our first acquaintance, but now you become a part of my life. It is interesting to me to find out as passes your day. I want to know that you wait from our relations?
Actually I forget to tell you about one thing. I used to study in the school where students learn two or sometimes even more foreign languages. So, I had an opportunity to learn for 11 years and then I entered The State University of Foreign Languages. There I've been studied for 5 years. But it was supposed to cost me like so much money, so I decided not to take it. By the way I'm entirely happy, that I've got the Higher Education. Probably it's not that easy to get into all over the world, but in our country it's really hard. If someday I'll move out from this country and try to live abroad I'll keep going further in my education. Just to get a nice job.
Well ...Now I want to tell you a little about the plans for the future.. I want to start to attend rates of sewing. It is my old dream too. You know I like to experiment. I already wrote to you that I like to experiment in the kitchen and now I want to start to try to sew clothes. May be I will become the world famous fashion designer:-)))
These rates will last about 2 times a week. What do you think of it??
I think that when I end these rates the first thing which I'll try to make is a jacket for you. I have already thought up the design of this jacket. I hope that is pleasant to you:-)))
My family had a lovely dinner together, we cooked turkey. I'd love you to try russian cuisine-we have so many pies, cakes , delicious salads and thousand plates with potatoes. I promise I'll cook for you one day. I'm sure you'll like it. So, my mom said that I look differently now. My eyes are shining, I'm smiling. I've never felt such a feeling.
Probably the reason is you- i do love your letters and the way you are. I'd love to hold you by hand, walk along the streets, have barbecue at weekends, just to sit with you and touch you...When I think it over, millions of needled walk around my body. Every day I think for our meeting. God will help us by all means- even 1 minute with you can never place thousand of letters. One physical touch can never place talking on phone.
I hope that my thoughts are like yours. I hope that it's mutual...
Dear I want to ask you some question. What clothes do you like to wear??
I'll wait for your letter...
You in my dreams
Have a good day!!! Yours Anna
Letter 8
I have very good work, I like my work! At first sight my work seems not interesting and boring! It not so!Unique problem that to me badly pay for this work. It is not enough. We have a lot of interesting! If I was interesting to you shall write in detail! What you like in the work? What entertainments you have? What you prefer in rest? I was not outside Russia and very much want to visit other countries! We have the good program on TV about resorts of all world, I practically always look this program!
We had a corporate party because recently we have signed a very important contract on building a rather big business center. So our chef decided to celebrate this happening. So we went out from the city for a barbeque. And actually I was the one who marinated the meet for the barbeque. I enjoy doing that even though in Russia it is a man’s responsibility to marinate and cook the meat.
Well, all of my friends and colleagues trust me do this very important part with marinating because the taste of the cooked meat depends greatly on that. And I have some secrets that I do not share with anybody, my barbeque (“shashlik”- as it is called in russian ) was called a lot of times best in the world!;)
During our corporate party we played in snowballs, men played football and drank some alcohol like **** and *****. And how do you like to spend time outside? What is your favorite hobby when you have free time? And what do you prefer for drinking? As for me I practically do not drink because women’s organism is not strong enough for that though the men’s is ok I guess;)
You know during this party I understood that lately my life was very dull. And I am very glad that a man like you appeared in it. With talking to you my life definitely became brighter and more emotional.
I am not sure if writing to each other in the internet can be counted as personal life but for myself I have decided that if someone asks whether I am in a relationship or not, I will be saying that I am.
Don’t you mind? I know that we know each other not that much time but I think the first step is made and I’m ready to tell the people that I have a man and that I am in a relationship and tight now I don’t want to be talking to any other man than you. Do you agree?
I brought this moment up as I was asked several time if I am single or not during the corporate party. And in order not to make those men await for something I told that I’m not. And in general the party was good.
As I life being outside and watch a beautiful nature very much! When I studied at the university I used to go hiking rather often. And I enjoyed the romance of it and sitting and watching the fire in the forest.
There were some great times.. But now I had to work a lot and my additional course of accounting at the weekend doesn’t let me get out from the city so I spend all my time in the asphalt jungle. Well, maybe it is too much calling my beautiful city like that. WE have wonderful architecture and a lot of monuments and nice parks. I’ll try to look up some pictures in the internet and send them to you when I have time to do so. Your Anna!
Letter 9
Hi my dear Joe, your letter makes me happy. Your words warm me up. And it is amazing! I never could imagine that it is possible to excite such wonderful emotions with the letters only! Do you feel something similar reading my letters? Of course I’m not going to call my feeling with big words but what I intend to say is that you became closer to me the recent time. I can’t call you just a friend… Do you understand what I mean?
I am so glad that we understand each other. And I ask you let the time do it all. Each day I feel less and less lonesome and I am not all by myself anymore. I know that there is at least one man who thinks about me every day. Am I not mistaken?:)
Yesterday before going to sleep I watched a tv program that is called “Travel Club”. I like programs like that since my childhood.
Culture of all other countries in the world is so ethnic and so unique.
This variety makes me feel so curious and I always want to learn more and more. It is not of course only about others cultures. Architecture, monument, traditions, nature – this is all unique for every region and it is so fascinating! I just love to read articles and look professional pictures in such magazines like GEO and National Geographic. I’m excited not only by huge and ancient and grand monuments and buildings sometimes a picture of a small Italian street fascinates me even more. Just because it is another culture and it’s new and unexplored. There are so many beautiful city in the world that I have seen on TV only like Paris, Vienna, Rome, Venice, Munich, Barcelona, Prague… And I wish some time I will be able to visit all these places and to feel their atmosphere.
Life is just getting started for me and I believe that I will have time for all these;).
You know there are a lot of beautiful places in my city as well and learned everything about them and visited them many many times. I still like them but I feel that need to learn something new. Getting to know new things and places it is always so exciting! Don’t you think so?
Oh I almost forgot. My mom asked me to say “Hi” to you!;) Your Anna!
Letter 10
Hello my sweetheart Joe!
I hope you do not mind if I call you "sweetheart"? I think it's very cute *)
I was waiting for your letter with impatience and when I received it there was no limit to my happiness and I even began to sang a song :-)
I hope now you have wonderful mood and enjoy life. And I hope that my letter will make your day brighter. With each letter I feel that there are serious attitudes between us. Do you feel it too? I don't want to deceive my heart. I do not want to repeat a mistake of the past. I want to have the happy and light future. I know that I know you not enough time, but I feel very warm feelings to you. I never saw you in a real, but I feel your kind heat. And what about our correspondence. I think that People always send the best looking pictures, they tell the funny stories, the good things that happen in their lives, but never the other stuff, so in the end when you live or share life with them your illusions dies, because the image you had of who they were was all a very pretty lie... I didn't want that for us it will be like I told now, and I think that you are not like all other, I feel that you are better then other.
Dear I want to ask you. Does the nice appearance mean much for you???
I know, that for many people the beauty plays the important role. But in life I understood that the beauty does not matter. The main thing - internal beauty, the beauty of the soul and heart. I see beauty both external and internal in you. I think that it is seldom possible to meet the person who combines all these qualities, but I'm so lucky!!!!!!!!! I have found such a person. I think, that you have guessed who it is. It’s you. Not many people possess such beauty, but such people make a fairy tale real and force to trust in miracles. I searched for such a person!!!!!!!!! For me you, are the beautiful person, first of all you are a beautiful and noble man. Unfortunately now many men forgotten about such words as LOVE and FIDELITY. But my female intuition prompts me, I was so lucky that I have met you. I hope you understand that I want to tell. I hope that you feel the same. I do not want to stop on a way "Friendship". I want to go further. I want to advance our relations further and I see, that you, want it too. I always was sincere with you and always wrote that I thought and I felt. I want to meet you in the reality and I'll make much for this purpose.
I would like to see you in a reality. But it is very difficult for making. It is fine dream. How you think, she may be carried out in a reality?
My dear, do you trust in love at first sight? If you never saw me in a real, can you feel something to me? I think of you. How you think, may something happen with us? You know I want to see you in a really. I understand that it is very difficult for making. How you think, is our meeting possible in a reality? My dear, I'll not speak on this theme, because I don't want to build illusions. I know that we learn about each other not a lot, but how you think may be we will meet? we any way must meet at the someday, cause if we will not meet, we will write to each other all life?
I want to tell you so much , but I can not find suitable words to transfer everything, that I feel to you. I very much want to meet you to tell you all i feel. I want to see you, to speak with you, to feel you, to smile you. I want to walk with you, joining our hands, to laugh with you, to kiss you. May be my ideas will seem to you too impudent, but it is so. I would like? to meet you. It makes me sad, when I think, that you are so far from me. But in fact distance is nothing? isn't it? Perhaps you are more serious, than I, but I you have simply fascinated me from the very beginning. I can do nothing with me. Write me please, what you think of it, what you think about our meetings. I think of it more and more frequency. I would like to see you. Let me see you!
Remember, that the love connects people all over the world. I believe that are you my second half, and very much I want that you thing the same way. Please, do not break my heart.
Dear I think of our meeting much. I want to see you in a reality very much. I think, that our meeting cannot spoil our relations. On the contrary we learn each other in a reality ... I want to meet you very much. Dear at the end of the letter I want to tell you that you are the person to whom I have opened the soul ...
I think, on it I shall finish the letter. Write me, what you think in this case. Take care, my dear, I send my kisses to you!
I wait for your letter Hugs and kiss Only yours Anna

Letter 11
Hi my Sweetheart Joe! I so am happy to receive message from you because for me too is for the first time to communicate through the Internet with the such great and the loved man from other country and now when I saw your message, I felt that I can trust you, at you very charming smile, kind eyes, beautiful features, looking on you and reading your letters, I know, that I can feel near to you confidently and easy! Thanks for fine message, that for me ever spoke this best the man!
I too consider, that the person is allocated by intuition that in turning points of the life to accept critical decisions, such as now.
Our attitudes should pass to a new level because I understand that we should learn, whether we can trust each other and build new light attitudes! Now my 6-th sens prompts me, what you the fair and sincere person and I can try to trust in you, I hope, what you think of me too most? I feel, that you do not play with me and our dialogue for you as is serious, as for me!
I am very glad that you divide my feelings in occasion of our meeting, it means that we can start to move in a direction of the organization of a meeting! I understand that you not the rich person, but in it there is nothing terrible because in our life not all is measured in the money, the most important it to feel happy near to the person whom you love! You so do not consider? I many years search happiness in the country, but I never had anything similar, I have decided to search for the man from other country and now I think that I am happy that has met you and I think, that when our meeting takes place, we shall learn each other more close and we can become the happiest people in the world!
I think that we need to start to plan our meeting! I wish to stay to you for some weeks or for a month! Whether it is possible? You will not be complicated by your work? You can spend time with me?
I hope that you can! I never travelled to lives abroad, therefore I do not know that is required for my travel and how many it could cost, but I shall find out it from my aunt! My aunt works in agency of travel which is in our city and it can tell to me all details of travel and what I should legalize papers! I ask you to not worry about cost of my trip, I have some accumulation which I could spend for travel to you country! At me long time was not holidays from my work, now I think that I am ready to receive it and I very much wish to have a meeting with you!
I accept this step, only because I feel that you very reliable person and you will not hurt me! I too have been injured many times, but now I am confident that you very kind the man both will care of me and do not do much harm to me! I shall meet tomorrow my aunt and I find out the information as soon as I shall know more I I shall write to you about all in the letter! I hope that you too have very well thought and really wish our meeting! I with impatience shall wait for your following letter!
With great kiss! Your Anna!
Letter 12
Hi, my sweetheart Joe! My lovely soft teddy-bear!
When I receive your letters I begin to smile from an ear up to an ear:-) It is a pity, that you do not see me in such moments. I don't want to start this letter with plenty of things i usually start. I'm ready to tell you one thing. Don't just suppose that the are just words and nothing more. I couldn't sleep last night, I was thinking.
And made up my mind tat I'm ready to tell you this.. I'm extremely shy now, even seems that now you look into my eyes, believe me,honey, I never told to anybody first...but i decided, I feel I need it, seems that it's love. I love your warm words, I love your letters, I love my days, fulfilled with your name!
I wake up in the morning and think about you all day long. I daydream about you a lot at work when I am doing my job. This makes me smile and I have a wonderful day. I daydream about our lives together. I daydream about when we first meet. I daydream about you. I day dream about our meeting and what all we will talk about. This brings a smile to my face. These are happy thoughts for me. These are the things that help me make it through the day until we are together. I cannot wait for our meeting. I will finally be able to touch-hold-caress-hug you!!!!!!!!!!! I dream that we are walking together down a road holding hands. We laugh and play too. We are so happy. I know I dream this.... All I know is I want so badly for you to be with me right now!!! I want so many things but most of all, I want to be with you! I am happy you like my letters. I understand your feelings and my feelings are the same about our feels!!!! I cannot imagine life without you now. I hope you feel the same way about me. I never felt this way about anyone before. It is odd and so unexpected. I will know it is true when I see you at the airport. I feel like this is a dream and I am going to wake up and be alone again.
Every day I understand more and more, that I cannot leave without you.
I need you very much. I don't want to rush into things, I'm ready to wait, but I'd be so happy if you let me see you. I know that you want the same. This world suffers from loneliness. We're so tired to spend our nights alone, to wake up in the morning alone. Do you feel the same? And if this is a dream, I want to be put into a coma, so I can never wake up! I want this never to end!!
I have good news to you, I today talked to my aunt who works in agency of travel and have asked for it to learn for me all details of my travel to you country, it has told that tomorrow will give for me the information because it for memory did not remember all of a detail!
But it has told precisely, that I should begin as soon as possible process of official registration of papers for a trip: the Passport for travel abroad, medical examination and to issue the visa! Process of registration can borrow about 3 weeks if I shall begin now! It as has told that the trip to your country costs greater money, it has told that tomorrow for me will inform how many it will be costs and that I need to do to begin registration!
For me it will be necessary to conclude the contract with agency that they helped me with preparation for a trip! I shall hope for that which those savings I have sufficed me have because I very much wish to be near to you so soon how much it probably! I hope that you as strongly wish to meet me and will help me with preparation for arrival in your country!
That I shall legalize my papers to require some data about you:
- Your full address
- City
- State, area
- The country
- Closest airport
- A phone number together with a code of the country
I hope that tomorrow I shall know the information concerning my travel and I shall inform all of you in the following letter! I with impatience wait for your letter and our meeting! Your princess Anna!
Letter 13
Hello my sweetheart and the most desireble man Joe!
I would like to tell you so much in this letter. I would like to discuss with you many things. I would like to tell you about my feelings though you already know them. The time is so short and we will be together and my heart is absolutely brimming with both happiness and the anticipation. We will be apart for only such a short time and will be together soon. That is such a wonderful thing to realize, for I know that in listening to your words those years will be filled with both love and so much happiness. You are a very unique person and I am so proud that you would find love with me. I am so very lucky and will guard my blessings and not let you down in any way. We will find the first times a little uncomfortable for we will both be cautious to do the right thing in the eyes of the other. I give you my word that you need not worry and not to be cautious for I have already accepted you as who you are.
There is nothing that will change my feelings toward you. Loving is twice more in acceptance with the one you love for not only whom they are but anything they may do. I just am so glad that I have finally found you. You have no idea how long I have been waiting just for you.
I am so glad that I have not dated much or I would not have been in the right place to find you. It seems as though our destinies were meant to collide at just this particular time.
Usually I am hesitant to let my feelings go but with you I have had no problem in doing so for all seems so right and at the perfect moment.
You make me so very happy. I am simply walking on a cloud every moment. I know the time will simply drag until we are together, that is how much I want you with me. I cannot wait for our meeting. I have good news about the trip. And I would like to tell them to you. Now we speak with you only through e-mail, but we'll soon communicate in the reality.
I for you have news concerning the information for my travel to you! I today at last have met my aunt and it has devoted me in all to a detail of my preparation for travel to you country to you in embraces!
So the easiest way to travel to the USA is to get a travel visa. I was told that there are no that many refusal from the consular section nowadays. To obtain this visa I will have to get certain documents then fulfill the DS-160 form, then I will be appointed for the interview. My aunt will help me to send that through Pony Express (This is the only official company that makes the appointment for the interview to the US embassy). And in 3 or 7 days after the interview I will get the visa. From the moment when the embassy gets all the documents till the day of the interview it takes about 2 weeks but the consular section of the Embassy have the right to delay the interview for 8 weeks maximum. Unfortunately this thing happens rather often…
Before the interview I have to have the whole travel package: air tickets, hotel reservation. The travel visa with the service of travel company and delivery service will cost 230$, my aunt will book the cheapest hotel possible for me as I’m not going to live there but the prepayment of 290$ for is still necessary. Round trip air tickets will cost 1050 $. The best duration to plan the trip for is a month. The point of getting travel visa is to persuade the consular officials that I’m a tourist and that I want to see the USA and to learn about this country and culture. So one month is just perfect for trip like that. So with all this documents I will have to pay to Pony Express 131$ and this sum was already included in 230$.For travelling consular of The USA usually gives a one year multi visa. So once I get it I will be able to come to you more often without all these hotel reservations and consular interview. I’m sure there won’t be any problems as my aunt is very experienced in all visas questions. There are a lot of things that I’ll have to do to get the document package: reference from work, registration document, document on property (my mom’s and my apartment) and so on and so forth. I also will need to get several photos of myself and I will have my fingerprints taken.
There are so many small details that you can’t even imagine. I have some bad news now, but I hope that we can fix it together: total I need a 1550$ to pay for my trip! I have saved 600$ and I need another 950$ to have the entire amount to pay for the travel agency. I did not expect, that the trip will cost so much and thought that my savings will be enough, therefore I now am upset( Official registration of papers will borrow approximately 4-8 weeks. It is very complex to me to speak about it, but I think that I cannot receive by own strength missing 950$ for travel, therefore I wish to ask from you the help for this purpose! If you can help, it will be simply remarkable, because I wish to meet you so strongly as the person can dream of a drink of air! If you say you will not be able to help our meeting, I'll understand it and we think that we take on! Perhaps there are other ways to solve this problem. Today I already gave my passport to agency of travel that they began registration of the passport for travel abroad, and tomorrow I shall go to do photos for it. As soon as I shall finish it, it will be necessary for me to pay to agency of travel all sum that they began preparation of documents and booking for my travel!
I totally agree with you, and I have a dream that we would fall asleep with you together, and that I would wake up at your shoulder. I really like your promises, and I hope that you will do what you promise.
My full name Anna Lavreinteva. My full address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, pr Strikes, Building 44, Apartment 3.
I do not think it's a good idea of what you sent me gifts by mail, because it is not safe. I heard that a lot of valuable things lost in the post office in Russia, so I think it would be better that you gave me presents when I come to you, personally.
I can't write this stuff anymore, every second I close my eyes and imagine our first meeting...My knees will tremble in the airport, and I'll feel million of butterflies in my stomach. I want this happen.
I'm waiting for it. It's the only thing that doesn't let me sleep well enough. I see a moon through the window ,stars-and I know this you see them too. It's so touchable. Thanks to you, honey, I open really warm feelings in my heart, I thought I could never tell to somebody, but yes I do. It's so great, that love rushed into my life, that I an love, and even through Internet give you my warmth and happiness. We should share this love together. For the rest of our lives, until death can separate us...!!!
Thousand kisses for you!
Yours Anna
Letter 14
My dear Joe, I can’t imagine that the worst days in my life are over for me. I can smile and laugh and I didn’t want do neither this or even talk a few days ago.. I’m so glad that you are still in my life and that you want to be in it. When my mom first saw me come home crying from the travel agency she couldn’t understand what was going on. First I just even could tell her anything properly because I was crying all the time how my dreams were ruined but then I finally did.
My mom such a wise woman! She told me that if you Easten feelings, you will help me. And she was so right! I was afraid to tell you that I have enough money for what I would come to you. But my mother told me that I should not give up your dreams and tell you everything. And I wrote to you, and I am so happy that you are willing to help me. We should never give up on our dream, right? Do you agree?
My dear right now I am lack of 950$. And if you promise help me within the then go to the travel agency so that my application would be reviewed. I want to hug you so much and I want this to happen as soon as possible that’s why I don’t want to lose even a day!
My dear, please tell me about the day when you send money. Because I have to say about this travel agency workers, as they need to know when I will fully pay for their journey to you.
My dear, I'm looking forward to our first night with you, and I am sure that it will be perfect. We will engage with you love all night.
That's why you need to have a lot of energy to our meeting with you.
In our first night together, we will have no sleep, and I think that we'll fall asleep until morning. I hope you feel the same way?
The one thing that I’m sure right now is that I will never give up my dream and sooner or later we will see each other not just on the pictures only. It was my weakness when I thought that our relationship might be ruined because of the cost of the trip. But it is not our fault that our countries are situated so far from each other… The distance shouldn’t separate us. We are so much stronger than the distance when we have each other! I love you my dear, your Anna!
Letter 15
Before meeting you I didn’t really understand what it means to find you half. I knew that expression but I never felt this way to any of my boyfriends. I think it is because I was trying to find a perfect man by the criteria that I made up in my childhood. There were a lot of about appearance and the way man behave himself on public. I understand now that this is was so childish. But after several serious relationship and with the experience coming to me I have changed my mind about my ideal man. Now I know what I want. I don’t need someone perfect I just need a man that would do for me. And I was so fortunate to find such a man, I’m so thankful to God that I found you, my darling! I am so glad that I found you!!! I didn’t really believe that the “half” do really exist.. and I didn’t believe that I would eventually meet my man who would the right for me and who would be my better half. It seems to be just like a fairy- tale or a sweet dream but it is all real and it makes me feel even more happy!
Just for you, I learned about the offices of Western Union that are next to me and a lot of them in St. Petersburg, the closest Western Union office is located about 15-20 minutes away on foot. So I ask you not worry about it. My love for Joe, as I have said I already ordered my journey to you all, visa and all other documents and their paid $ 600. And because I ordered a visa and all other documents, my passport is currently in registration for a visa to travel agency, which is why I can not take your money. But my aunt Julija, who works in a travel agency, said he would help us with this. It is not the first time confronted with this situation, and she always tries to help his clients. To me it just will help because she is my aunt. So will need to send money to its data: Name: Julija
Surname: Britvina
Country: Russia
City: St. Petersburg Tomorrow I'll be waiting your message with the details of money transfer that would be as soon as I get them, along with his aunt, Julija, we will go to Western Union office and we will pick them up, and then immediately go to a travel agency and then I I will fully pay for their journey to you. And then I go back, what would you write a message saying that everything was successful.
Tomorrow we are together with my aunt prepared to take your money, so you can feel free to send them, and I along with my aunt Julija will successfully take your money, so tomorrow I'm in a place with my aunt Julija will be waiting for your message.
Now I am so much happy that we'll soon be together. What are you and me from the meeting are only a few formalities, and a small amount of time. I am so much happy that very soon I will be able to fall asleep next to you and waking up on your shoulder, I was so much I dream about it.
By the way do you know the myth about two halves?;) I’ll tell you. In ancient times humans were androgynous and they were very powerful. So the main god Zeus got afraid that these humans would infringe upon the god’s power so he split then in 2 halves . And since those times people search for their own half and when they meet, they hug and kiss and don’t want to do anything apart. And I feel like we are as 2 halves and when we get together all things in life for us will be in its place.
Letter 16
My dear Joe, I have one the craziest day at work. We are running late finishing an important project. It sometimes happens that the supplier put us in bad situation and we have to be responsible for it.
And if we don’t finish in time according to the contract we would have to pay penalties to the client. So the whole office trying our best to negociate with supplier and the client and to work the situation out.
And everybody is being so nervous and there is kind of a mess in the office. But this problem shouldn’t worry you as it happens from time to time and I have an immunity for solving such problems:) and I am not being as much nervous as others… I will cope with that.
My dear, please do not worry, there is nothing more terrible is that you can not send money yesterday or today. I am willing to wait several days. I only ask you, what would you say to the day when you do it. Since I have to say about this travel agency employees. I have to keep them abreast of all developments. As soon as I will fully pay for their journey to you, I can choose the tickets to you, and then I'll write you all the information about their tickets. So I'll write you a ticket all the options that you would help me in emissions of tickets to you. Now the most important thing that you had told me when you send money. And I hope that it will be soon, that would be as soon as possible we could be with you, and enjoy every time of each other.
I just want to tell you how much I love you! And even though I am so short of time at work, I will always find several free minutes to write at least several lines to you. It is very important that you are here for me. And I want you to know that no matter what I am always here for you. I want our feelings to grow into solid and true relationship. And I’m sure this is possible if we always be here for each other. Love you Anna!
Letter 17
Joe, I can’t stop thinking about the time that we will spend together very soon. I think it will be the best time that I have ever had in my life. I hope that one month will be enough to know each other better. Of course we opened up to each other in our letters and I feel that we will make a perfect couple and we are just created for each other. But nothing can replace being really close to each other…
Special moments and special words that can’t be said in the letters…
intonations that are not possible to catch in the typed sentences. The feeling of the touch and of the scent, feeling of the heart beat and the breath… there is no way I can describe this in words, we both really need to feel all these things… I think that we will be the happiest couple in the world because when the 2 halves meet nothing in the world matters! I love you my darling and I can’t wait till the moment that you can take me in you beautiful arms and give me the kiss with all the love that you have to me!
My love, I wrote you all about my journey detal few posts ago. So you can watch and learn all the details about the exact same procedure would be for any country. How are you doing, my love?
Letter 18
My darling Joe . These days are being just so wonderful for me.
I’m living in the feel of love to you. And it makes my life so amazing and usual day turns to the brightest one as I know that every time I check my e-mail I will almost surely find a letter form you… No letters in my life made me happier than yours do!
My dear, I could arrive to you in London. Today I spoke with her aunt, and she said that to me is a little harder to get a visa in the UK than in the USA, because in Russia there is a more complicated procedure, but she said that everything should be fine and she will help me in everything would not have not any problems. So I can come to you in London for a few days. Just my dear, if you want, then I can come to you in the USA for a few days, or as you wish.
Now I want to ask you if you want that I would come to you in London, tell me what day it is going to happen. Because the registration of documents and visa registration will take time. I hope that in the next letter you will tell me his plans for our meeting with you and we have finally begin to embody our meeting with you in reality. Now as I have already told you, I ordered all my travel to you in the USA, and has already paid the 600 US Dollars, and now I can do is pay a further 950 US Dollars. You said that you will help me and send 950 US Dollars, but do not do this. I beg you to tell me when you send money.
Because I have to say about this travel agency employees. So I hope that your next statement you just drop me a day when you will send money. Or I'll be very happy if tomorrow I'll come in from Internet cafes and your message will know that you have already sent the money.
I already wrote you the data you can send money to their former posts.
You must send money to my aunt's data Julija. Fully all the information you can look at my past posts.
I can talk to people only about my love and you and I can’t do anything about it… Of course at work I have to talk about work and to do it but when for example I meet my friend the most important topic for me to talk about is how much I desire to see you and about my dreams and how I miss you every day. I need someone here next to me to share all my emotions and as long as we are not together my friend will be the one to share it. The good thing she doesn’t get offended by me talking about what I think. Though of course we have some other topics to discuss like films and music and theatre but nothing really matters to me as much as our relationship with you, my dear. My friend is happy for me and she envies me in a good way. And I’m happy to share my feelings with her in such a wonderful period of my life.
I had just a few minutes to write you this letter. I hope you are doing well. I just wanted you to know how crazy I am about you. Bt the way my mom told me to say hi to you. So I did Love you!
Letter 19
Today it was such a crazy morning. It just hard to imagine all these things happened to me in one morning when I’m always short of time getting ready to work. I’m all day busy with millions of things at work and I so love to enjoy quite mornings when no one and nothing bothers me.
My love I understand that you need time to find that money, and I fully understand your situation. I only ask you what would you say to me how long it takes for that would save money and send it to me? I beg you to tell me that because I already ordered all his journey to you, and paid 600 US Dollars, which I have had. And now I need to tell employees about the travel agency when I am fully pay for their journey to you.
But today wasn’t at all like that. I was about to make a cup of coffee and to enjoy it taste and smell so when I turned on the water in the kitchen it just pumped out of the tap and it broke and couldn’t make the water stop… it was quite funny I guess if somebody watched me running around the apartment screaming and having no idea what to do..
I tried to stop water by closing it but I couldn’t do that. Then I called one friend of mine who is good in technical domestic things and she explained me how to turn it off. But she also said that I couldn’t leave all that like it is till the evening and that I had to call the technician now. So I did. And while I was awaiting for technician I was wiping the floor from the water because all floor in the kitchen was covered with it… it seemed that there were a lot of litres of water in there and I tried my best not to get all that water to the neighbors that live under us.
I don’t think that I have ever wiped the floors faster than I did today morning )))) this is a hilarious morning. I think if you could see me freaking out and running and them swiping the floor you would laugh very hard. Because when I was walking (or better say running) to work I imagined the picture and laughed It’s good to have a sense of humour and an ability to laugh at yourself, isn’t it? I think I got plenty of that
My dear, your last message you were talking about two issues. But I do not understand your questions, please write them more clearly, that I could accurately answer them.
I wish we could laugh at this story together… I wish to hear your laugh very very soon. I think that when people laugh sincere it is such a pleasant sound. At least for me. And finally very soon I will be able to see your gorgeous smile not only on a picture but the one that will be addressed to me and I hope much more than the one, actually And how was your day starting? I hope it was more relaxing than mine! Please describe what you did in as much details as you can.. It will be great to feel myself out there with you doing all the things, my darling. I believe that details can help a lot. Love you
Letter 20
Do you remember I told you that I got fond of painting. Lately I have painted a new picture. It was kind of a scenery. On the picture there was shore, sand and waves… there was also and blanket and a sun umbrella… and a little table with two cocktails on it… I painted two person who are in love in each other and who were walking along the seashore holding their hands and were looking in the direction of the sea… they were looking in one direction. I believe that love is not just an ability to look at each other’s eyes. Two people that love each other and are the partners should have an ability to look in one direction. Do you understand what I mean? I have a feeling that I our thoughts and our minds are being in one direction. We gave similar points of view to the thing that is called life.
My dear, I have several posts in a row would ask you, what would you say to me when you send money? I beg you to tell me the day because I have to say about this travel agency employees. So I hope that the next message you send me a day when you send money in order that I would have completely paid for their journey to you.
I completely agree with you that we should be open and honest for each other. I always tell you the truth and nothing but the truth, and I did not when I will not deceive you, because I love you and want to be with you. I am very pleased that you chose me for a swimsuit, it's very nice. I hope that when we're together we'll choose it, what would you look and say that to me fits.
We have never really met but I know that we will need only half a word not even the whole one to understand each other.
And this feeling is so strong that nothing can go wrong, I’m sure.
When just your letters make me the happiest woman in the world I’m afraid to imagine what it will be like finally find myself in you hug…
My dear, I can’t wait till that day to come.
I love you and you know what? I will try to photograph this picture that I painted and send it to you so you can see what I was talking about… and see all my feelings to you in the paper.
Letter 21
My dear Joe. You won’t believe but the picture that I have lately painted and told you about in so many details does really exist. There is such a shore in the real world but not only in my fantasy!!! Isn’t it amazing?!?! ))
Lately I was looking through Geo magazine, the articles they have are rather poor but the photos are just incredible. I love GEO for its photos . I so can imagine myself on them. But right now I’m imagining not only myself but us both together. Well, what I was going to tell you is there is such a shore that I have in my dreams. It is the Maldives! I saw a picture of the islands and they are just fascinating!!! Have you ever seen any? If not you definitely should look at some in the internet, my love. That is a perfect place for people who are madly in love with each other and who need time to be just together..Romance, white sand, tropical trees and flowers and a person who you love and who love you next to you.. There is really something to dream of!
My dear, I understand that you have a lot of business and I hope that you will soon be sending money. Because workers in the travel agency is already tired of waiting, they are starting to think about what I cheat them, that's why they ask what I would rather pay the full its journey to you. That's why I hope that you will send money next week, that I had not had any problems because of this.
I guess it is an very expensive to go there so it will be like my dream to visit those perfect islands of love with you, my darling! My lunch break just flew so fast and I was so much in my letter and in exotic nature of Maldives so I feel like I almost have been there… But for me really doesn’t matter what place in the world to meet you! The place is not that important my only and only dream for now is to kiss your beautiful lips and to hold you in my arms. I’m strong enough do that, be sure! How have you been doing, dear Olerascall?
Love,Love, Love you…
Letter 22
My darling, thank you for being here with me as often as you can. It means a world to me. And there can’t be anything more important in my life than your love. And I’m sure you know that but I just want to tell you one more time how much I love you! And how thankful I’m to whoever up there that we met. I’ll do everything that in my power for our love to become stronger and stronger every day of our life. Yesterday I went to the flamenco concert. It was so unexpected. My friend called me and told that she had got a spare ticket and nobody can make it to the concert. So I agreed to go with her right away. I didn’t regret a second of time spent at the concert. I had never seen flamenco before, I knew that it was Spanish dance and that pretty much all. And I was totally impressed by the dance and the whole performance. It was all about expressing feelings, about love, about passion. It was great! And the love theme is so about me I just was into that dance and was almost ready to get on the stage and express all my love to you with the professional dancers together! That concert gave me so much energy! It’s unbelievable! I think I’m in love with flamenco may be because I have love in my life and I’m ready to share my emotions to people who lack of them. You know I’m thinking about just at least trying to do that flamenco dance. I’m not really a dancer but I think that the dance is not just about movements what were learnt, it is exactly about feelings expressing with the language of the body and it’s important to feel the music and I think I have no problem doing that. And what I want to do is to look up in the internet if there are any flamenco dance classes in our city right now.. Would you support my idea about dancing, my love? Doesn’t it seem too crazy? I love you, darling!
Letter 23
Hello my love! I need to feel myself next to you even if my letter for now. But soon, very soon we will be close to each other not only with our souls in the letters...
Today when I was walking at work I wasn’t in the hurry. I woke up in time and nothing bad happened that could ruin my schedule, like the other time with water that flooded my kitchen So it felt so good and when I went outside it started to feel even better with the wonderful weather and fresh air and sun.
I decided not to walk fast to work to the office that is always stuffy, I wanted to take my time and enjoy the nature. So I did… I was watching beautiful nature , thinking about you and on one of the trees I saw two birds. They seemed to be just sitting and talking to each other and when I came closer they flew away.. I guess I scared them..
but I really didn’t mean too. I was so amazed by these pretty birds.
I’m not that hard to get amazed if you noticed I hope you think that this is a good thing in my character.
When I saw these birds I thought that not that far away that day when we will be sitting next to each other and talk, talk and talk. And I think even the very first days when we will just meet I think we would like it to be just us and nobody else around. We will need to get some time to catch up all the communications that we missed in letters… See what you are doing to me? No matter what I see or what I hear it makes me think about you and about our love to each other, darling. And I know that this feeling will never disappear.
I didn’t know what it meant to be so crazy in love with someone before. I’ve read about such feelings in book or seen in films. And now it is happening to me and to you.. Isn’t such love the most amazing thing in the world! I love you, my dear! But I have to get back to work. Talk to you soon.
Letter 24
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message, I apologize for the fact that I could not write you yesterday because I was busy. Today, I am glad that I can write you a message and read your letter. Especially in your message, you told me the good news that now we can make our meeting with you real. I am very much waiting for this, and now I am very happy that we are soon going to meet. Even on Monday I met with her aunt and she told me that my visa and all other documents are almost ready. As I told you once, I've already paid for 600 US Dollars, and now need pay 950 US Dollars.
So you are quite right in your written report will follow, now that would totally pay for your arrival to you I need 950 US Dollars. Also, if you want I can write you again information about how you can send money. Please do not forget to send that money to my aunt on data Julija, because my passport is in a travel agency, and I can not take your money. I hope you remember this, but if you want I can write you again about how you can send money.
My love, just please tell me when you send money, which warned about his aunt and we were ready to immediately withdraw your money. I hope that soon we'll be together, and I am finally able to hug and kiss you. Now I conclude my message and I will eagerly await your response and hope that it will be the same with the good news. With love forever your Anna. P.S. I am sending you a photo, we had fun with my girlfriend. I hope that they make you smile.
Letter 25
Hi my love Joe. Thank you for your message, I was very interested in reading it. I always knew that you were very clever man, and not someone that will not deceive you. I'm glad that you have successfully turned out to avoid scams and do not lose 60 000 US Dollars. You are very intelligent and literate man, and I love it. It seems to me that you have to say about it, no matter what anyone else caught in a scam that person, and maybe he will get in jail for this bad act.
My dear, I just talked to my aunt Julija, and she said that it would be better that you send money via Money Gram instead of Western Union.
Because the Money Gram office is next door. But if you will be more convenient, would you send money through Western Union, then do it through Western Union. I hope you'll send the money soon, because I'm looking forward to our meeting with you. I'm extremely badly want to hug and kiss you, I want to be with you. Sleep and wake up next to you, make breakfast, lunch and dinner for you. Engage with you love. I look forward to this moment.
My love, now I do not what to driving school, because I have no free time, and training in a driving school also requires money, which is why I decided to postpone it. Maybe I'll continue learning when I'm next to you. Likewise, I am pleased that you liked my photo with my girlfriend, many of our friends say we look like sisters.
Now I will finish my post, I'm going home and going to bed. And I'll fall asleep with thoughts of you and dream about our meeting. I look forward to wait for your message tomorrow. Your Anna.
Letter 26
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message, I was glad to read it, and now I will be happy to answer it. First I'll answer your questions about the meeting. My love for Joe, Money Gram money transfer system is similar to Western Union. This is the same reliable and fast money transfer system, and for us to be more comfortable with my aunt that would take money out. You only need to find a Money Gram office near you and make a money transfer to the data that I have already written to you, and we'll take your money, then I will immediately pay the full its journey to you, and soon we'll be together and be happy. You can find the nearest Money Gram office on their website: My love, in Russia as it is warm, probably just when I take pictures, usually at this time on the street is cool or cold. Now I'm trying to choose a photo for you when I'm dressed and easy on me no trousers when it's warm. I hope you enjoy these pictures, maybe some of them I've already sent. I will send you a picture in a bathing suit, I did not when earlier did not show this picture to none, and I hope that apart from you is not who will never see. Because I trust you. Now I'm going to tell you about the photo I sent you in my last message. In the photo I with an ax, and I chopped wood. It was spring, and we went on a visit to the village, inhabited by relatives of my mother. The fact that this village has no heating, and for that would keep the house warm, they use a Russian stove. And for fun I decided to help chop wood, when I photographed. My love, now I'm going home and going to sleep with thoughts of you. I look forward to our meeting with you and hope that soon you will send money, what would I come to you. As well tomorrow I'm waiting for your message. Forever Your Anna.
Letter 27
Hi my love Joe. Thank you for your message, I was very happy to read it, I liked your emotions that you express in your posts. I am sorry that I could not write to you yesterday, because when I came to the internet cafe a few times, all the computers were taken. I tried to wait, but they are not exempt. That is why I am writing to you today.
I'm glad that you liked my photos and I am pleased that you will keep them to yourself. You're a real man and I respect you for it. Please do not worry because I do not use tanning machines. I photographed my friend at work, she works there. So you can not worry about it.
I look forward to our meeting with you, if I had the opportunity, I would right now flying to you. Because I love you and want to be with you as soon as possible. I'm glad that your side is Money Gram, and that you will not have problems that would send money. Now once again I'll write you all the information for which you could send money, and that we together with my aunt to take them Juluja. Name: Julija
Surname: Britvina
Country: Russia
City: St. Petersburg
Address: Street Pulkovskaya 8-68 As we talked in the office of Money Gram, this information will be enough that you could send money, and that we could easily pick them up. I hope that you'll be dealt this soon. My love, just one of your recent posts you were talking about November. I do not quite understand what you mean. I'll come to you in November? Or will you send the money in November? Explain to me I beg you.
I love you and miss you and hope that we'll be together soon. I dream about it. Now I will finish my message. And I will write you tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to your posts. Forever Your Anna.
Letter 28
Hi my love Joe. Thank you for your message, and I respect all of your decisions about my safety and about our relationship with you. I'll come to you while you're telling me to do it. And I'm ready to come to you in November. But my love, I do not understand when you send money, what I paid for them in the travel agency. As I already told you that I have already ordered all his journey to you. And I'm sure that the travel agency will not wait until November, what I would have completely paid for their arrival to you. This is even more fully to my trip you have to pay now, as I already told you before, that the registration process may take 8 weeks, so that I would have time to come to you in November, you need to pay for my trip to you now. So please tell me the day when you send money. My dear, today I have so little time, that is why today I wrote a short message and only about our meeting, because now it is very important. Now it's late and I need to go home that would go to bed.
And I'll fall asleep with thoughts of you. I love you, Your Anna.
Letter 29
Hi my love Joe. Thank you for your message, I was very glad to receive it. I am always very happy to your messages. All day long I look forward to with no time when I go to Internet cafes that would read your post and write your answer. My love, now I'll tell you all the facts about obtaining a visa. My visa will be obtained in time from 1 to 8 weeks, after I complete I will pay for their journey to you. That is, my visa is ready in a week, but also it may take longer. That is why I should pay for his trip today, that would just have time to get a visa and arrive to you in November. My love I'm not sure you can send me money via the Internet or not.
But you can learn about the company's website Money Gram (, but if it is impossible that would send money via the Internet, you can view the location of the nearest Money Gram office to you, then go back and easily send money . I am very pleased that you like my picture in a bikini, but soon when I come to you, you look at me in real life, when I'm without a swimsuit. And I think it would be like you more than a photo. I very strongly love you and want you, now I'm going home, and will wait for tomorrow, that would again read your message. With love, Your Anna.
Letter 30
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message. I was a little worried, due to the fact that you talked about that you go to an eye doctor. I hope that all is well, I beg you tell me more, because I am very worried about this. I'm always very worried about you, and pray that you would all be well.
My dear, I do not know about the problems of Money Gram to send money to Russia. If so, you may send money through Western Union. It will not be difficult for us that would take away your money. So you can do this as it will be faster for me because of the travel agency told me that as soon as possible to pay in full its journey to you, because it already held a very long time and they ask tell them the exact day when I I will fully pay for their journey. They also said that if I did not pay for a long time, they will cancel. So I hope that you will send the money soon, that I could fully pay for their journey to you.
My dear, I trust you, so when I'm with you, I will fully trust all of your decisions. Since I know that you are an intelligent man, and what do you do it right. Therefore, it is your Responsibility, because I love you and want to be with you.
My love, I'm looking forward to our meeting with you. I'll wait for your messages and i hope that tomorrow I will get it. With love your Anna.
Letter 31
Hello my Love Joe!!! I am so glad to hear from you. I very much like to receive your letters and to speak with you. It makes me very sad if I do not see the letter from you. I just don't want to lose you. My heart belongs to you and beats your name every minute of the day. I have never been able to talk to a man the way I talk to you and it fills me with joy.
My love, I'm sorry that you had had problems with eyesight, and you are doing right now that fight it, that it would get better and that would in the future you have not had problems with it. If I was there, I have helped you, and during the operation, I would have kept you in your hand, what would you make it easier to carry her.
My dear, now I understand the problem about which you spoke to Money Gram. But my aunt said that she had no problem receiving the money through Money Gram and there was not any restrictions. But I think that this is not a big problem, because you can send money via Western Union, because they send money to Russia without any problems. But as I said my aunt, for that would easily get money to Western Union need more data. Now I write you this data that you can easily send money through Western Union and we could easily pick them up: Name: Julija
Surname: Britvina
Country: Russia
City: St. Petersburg
Address: Street Pulkovskaya 8-68
Born Julija: November 24, 1967 I hope that now you will be prepared to send money quickly. Because the travel agency are upset that I've been unpaid for their journey to you. So I ask you to send money as soon as possible.
I used to feel empty, lonely, and left out because I didn't have anyone to share my thoughts and feelings with. Then I met you and became close friends and was able to express all my feelings about you and all the empty and lonely feelings left me. I am so blessed to have such a courageous the man who cares about me the way you do and who tells me she has no greater friend than me. That is very important for me to hear. I believe the bond we have together grows stronger every day and the words we speak to each other have much more meaning and become more personal and intimate with each letter we write. I love the direction our relationship is going and I want you to know that you are the most important person in my life. I see a very bright future for the two of us, full of sharing, laughing, playing, learning, growing, and most importantly, love. It's my Dream... Two Hearts United As One
Your Anna.
Letter 32
Hello my love Joe! I am so happy to speak with you again! I really see your love to me and it makes me especially happy! I really could not think, our letters will take such effect on us! Nevertheless I am ready to declare with the full responsibility now, that you are the main sense in my life! I so love you as far as the fish can love water, and a bird the sky. I love this world only what here I meet you. I love this sky because you too see it above your head. I love this air because you inhale similar. All environmental speaks me to me about you and I am happy to love you and to dream of you.
My dear, when we'll be together, together we will choose to purchase Wal-Mart. I'm already looking forward to this moment, and I look forward to your toys, I'm sure they will like me.
Okay, I'll tell my aunt that she was ready to withdraw money at Western Union as early as next week. Just please do it as soon as you it will be possible because the travel agency workers say that I do not pay for a very long time my journey to you, and that if I did not pay for your trip in the near future, they can cancel it. So I ask you what would you do it as quickly as it would be possible for you to.
We perfectly understand each other and I think that we are created to be together. In your letters you have shown many of the qualities that I consider to be qualities of the ideal person for me.
We shall be very happy together because we will create a wonderful life together. You appear to be a very romantic person with whom I will easily share my entire life. You have opened for me absolutely other world. It is the world of happiness and it is perfect. P.S. Today I found some old photos that have been made two years ago.
And I send them to you, I hope you like them. Also, there is a picture that should please you greatly.
Letter 33
Hello Joe! It really very pleasant letter to me. I want to tell to you, that I never before did not meet so special person to me! You became very important person in my life. Every day falling asleep and waking up, I think only of you. I really love you and I do not lose hope for that that we shall meet soon. It will be probable it is the big pleasure for us and I hope it changes our life! I am happy to think of it.
My dear Joe, I beg you, do not worry, I will confirm that I am your niece. And I'll behave well while you and I will be in society with other people. So please do not worry about it, because everything will be fine.
When I come to you, I'll take your underwear. Because I have a lot of beautiful lingerie, and I want to show it to you. So are we going to buy something that you like, when I'm next to you.
About your question, I go to church, but not often, because I have little free time.
My love, I do not quite understand your question about Cherry, I beg you Explain more clearly, and I will definitely respond to it.
I'll tell my aunt that you will send money as early as next week that we could pick them up. You all say correctly, that when you send a 1000 US Dollars, you will have to pay a commission.
Just my dear, you are asking me many questions about how you do the bedroom, and I want to tell you that you would do everything to your liking, because I trust you in everything.
There was time earlier when I only woke up in the morning, went to work and coming back fell asleep to wake up in the morning the next day. Now my life has so changed because of you! It has appeared many new paints and I do not understand sometimes as I could live without you earlier. Probably it was not life and simple existence. I did not live that time, I just now start to live, when I have met you! I dream spend the rest of my life with you. I only very much love you! Write soon! Always with love your Anna.
Letter 34
Hi Joe. I can't still believe and I am afraid to whammy but it seems to me that my dream is beginning to come true. That's why I say:
Hello, my long-awaited Joe! Now I think all the nights that soon I will see you. I have already imagined for thousands times this meeting, but even now I can't describe what our meeting will be. I am sure in one thing that it will be one of the most beautiful days in my life. Now, when I think about it my heart begins beating strong in my ****** and I feel a nice trembling in my body. I can't wait for the moment when I sit into the plane which will take me through thousands kilometres to you Joe, to my dream. Let our meeting with you will not be very soon. I am willing to wait those few months. But I think that nothing can spoil my mood, because I am far away from here in my thoughts, because all my dreams are about you Joe and about our meeting. I want to close my eyes and open them only at the moment when you meet me at the airport. I imagine how I go down on stairway and you are coming to me. And I want to rush to your embrace hear your voice, feel your smell and tell you in both languages what I will feel at this moment. I so really imagine all this. I am full with feeling that all this is happening now. And I feel for the first time that I am a beloved and desired. And I am ready to thaw in your embrace.I am thawing already now.
My love, today we, along with Julija will be waiting your message with the details of money transfer that would be as soon as I receive information, we along with Julija went to travel agency and I fully paid for their journey to you. You can not worry about it, because my aunt and Julija it when not deceive me. And no one except me and my aunt does not know the data, so we will easily pick them up.
Just do not except me who does not read your posts, I already told you about this before. Because it's my personal life, and this letter just for me, that's why I do not let them read to none. I tell my mom about you, but tell only what I think it necessary to tell.
Just your thoughts on the cherry right, I hope you like my answer.
Now I'm going home, but will soon return to an internet cafe that would look for your message with the details of their transactions. I love you XOXOXOXOXO many many times. Your Anna.
Letter 35
Hello again my love Joe, thank you for your message. I hope that you will get to solve the problem soon. Today we have the whole day waiting for your message with the details of money transfer, but did not receive. If your problem continues, please go to the office of Western Union, and sent directly to the office of Western Union. Today we also went to the office of Western Union, and they called the main office located in your country, and there said that you should have no problem with sending money. The same Western Union officials said that they day they give out a lot of money from America to Russia. Now I'm going home and going to sleep with thoughts of you. And I hope that tomorrow I will come to an internet cafe and get some good news from you. I love you and want to be with you and only you.
Letter 36
Hi my love Joe. Again, thank you for your message, I'm much happy to read your messages, they bring me joy, and when I read your letter I feel your love for me. I also very much love you and will love you always.
As I've told you before, I'm just very sorry that you had some problems with money transfer, I hope that today you will have successfully obtained to solve these problems. Just like I told you, if you can not send money through the Internet, you can go to the nearest Western Union office and send money directly from the office.
The closest Western Union office address you can look at them on the site. I think it should not be hard for you, and you will be prepared to send money so quickly.
I'll talk to his aunt that she was ready to take your money any time soon. Because I hope that you will do it quickly. Because of the travel agency, workers also rushed me to travel with full payment to you. Because already a lot of time passed since I ordered my journey to you, I hope you understand my situation as well.
My love Joe, I am very pleased that you appreciate me, appreciate my Honesty, appreciate my shyness. It proves that you love me. I am so much happy that met you, I thank God and my lucky stars that he gave me you. I look forward to wait for your answer. With love your Anna.
Letter 37
My love Joe, today we could not collect the money, because when we came to the office of Western Union, we were told Status: Transaction on hold, contact customer service for assistance As we learned with Julija that, in order that we could collect the money, you need to call or go to the office Western Union money transfer and confirm. They are asked to provide them with additional information about Julija. Such as her full address as well as date of birth. Now I write you this data. Born Julija: November 24, 1967
Address Julija: Russia, Saint Petersburg, street Pulkovskaya 8-41. My love, I hope that you will do it quickly. What we would now have time to take your money. After I'll take your money, I immediately go to a travel agency and I will pay them. I hope that today will I get from you, where did you say that about what I have just written, and that me and my aunt we can take away money. With love your Anna.
Letter 38
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message. With each your letter my love for you grows, and I'm getting more and more happy. So, I feel as close to us all meeting. This will be the most beautiful moment in my life, when you meet me at the airport with a bouquet of flowers, and as soon as I see you, I immediately run to you, what would hug and kiss you. When I think about these moments, my heart starts pounding very much, and I really get very excited.
My dear, I am very pleased that you understand my situation with a travel agency, and that you will try to solve this problem as soon as possible. And I very much hope that you will have time to send money today or tomorrow.
I'm sorry that I do not have other photos that would send them to you, but I'll try to make a new photo, or find other photos and send them to you.
I very strongly love you and want to be with you. And I hope that soon we'll be together. I look forward to your posts. With love your Anna.
Letter 39
Hi my love Joe. I apologize that it happened that the last time I wrote to you not the correct address of his aunt Julija. Because I wrote it on memory, and confused. So I ask you for this error.
Now we go to the office of Western Union, but they said the same thing as last time "Status: Transaction on hold, contact customer service for assistance" I do not know, you confirm the transfer of money or not, but I hope that you will do it soon, which would be tomorrow morning, we, along with Aunt Julija take the money, and I have successfully paid for their journey to you. I love you, I'll try to write you a longer message later today. Forever Your Anna.
Letter 40
Hi my love. This will be a short message that would only tell you that we together with my aunt Julija successfully took away your money, and now we go to a travel agency that would fully pay for my trip to you.
I'll write you a long message with all the news later. Now I just want to tell you that I love you and want to be with you. Forever Your Anna.
Letter 41
Hi my love Joe, I'm sorry that last night I was not able to write you another message. Because I am very tired during the day, as did many things for my trip to you. As I already told you yesterday we successfully took away your money, and then went to a travel agency and I fully paid for their journey to you. What now remains is to wait for some time, then I'll have to go to Moscow at the American embassy, which would be interviewed, and then will continue to register my visa. After that I will get my visa and wait for the month of October that would come to you.
My dear, now I want what you have written a day when I come to you.
Because I will not allow the embassy for an interview, if I did not take the exact tickets, because the embassy will be appointed by the visa, the date chosen me tickets. I hope that you understand what I wrote to you, so please write in a day in October I'll come to you? As soon as I select the tickets, I'll go to Moscow for an interview. As well I have good news, because my visa will be ready earlier, it does not require 8 weeks. Because, at the request of my aunt, my visa application will be considered one of the first. As she said that I could get a visa as early as next week. And as soon as I get a visa, simply waiting for the month of October, that would come to you. I think it's good news. If I find out other news, I will immediately write to you.
Now, my dear, I once again want to remind you that you wrote to me the day you wish that I would come to you, and I will buy tickets on the day and go for an interview in Moscow.
I love you very much, and I am so happy that we successfully organize our meeting with you. I look forward to the month of October, that would come to you, and enjoy each other.
Now I'm going home, because I have Thurs ay a lot of things around the house. I very strongly love you and miss you. I look forward to your message with impatience. Forever in your love Anna.
Letter 42
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message, I apologize that I was not able to write to you yesterday. Because I worked my journey to you, and then I came to the internet cafe, but all seats were occupied, I waited but none of the computers are not exempt. And I went home that would come today and read your messages, as well as write your answer.
First I want to tell you that I love you and miss you, now I want whatever the time passed quickly and soon was advancing in October.
What would you and I were together.
I spoke with her aunt, and she said that she would try to do so that I would receive a visa for one year, but it will be possible only after the interview at the embassy.
My love, now about tickets, I was talking with his aunt, and she said that I had to choose tickets for you, but I can always change them for the same tickets just the other day, with no additional charges and fees, so now I need that would you write about a day when I come to you, and I will book tickets for the day, then go to the embassy for an interview. And if then we will need to change the tickets for another day, then this will have no problems and will not have to pay extra money for fees. I hope that you understand what I wrote to you, and write to me on that day I will buy tickets now.
My love, I am very pleased that you care about my safety when I'm with you. You act like a man that would wish that I felt comfortable and that I had no conflicts. I very much appreciate it.
I look forward to the time that we with you were together, and I'm glad that it will be really soon. I very strongly love you and look forward to your posts. Forever Your Anna.
Letter 43
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message. I am very pleased that you understand my situation, that sometimes I do not have the opportunity to write you a message, because it depends not only on me. And I really like that you do not get mad at me because of this.
Just my dear, you understand me quite correctly, that it is necessary to choose tickets now, but because I have no problem I can change them at no extra cost. But you never wrote to me about a day on which I should choose the tickets. I ask you to write me a rough day, because now I have to go to the embassy for an interview, but I can not do this without a ticket. So please contact me as soon as possible the approximate date, do not worry because then the tickets can be changed.
My love, I am very grateful to you that you will do everything possible that I would have felt comfortable when I come to you. I had no doubt when you, that's why I love you so much.
Now I'm going home and going to bed, and I will fall asleep with thoughts of you. With love, your forever Anna.
Letter 44
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message, I was looking forward to it today. Just thank you that you answered all my questions. Tomorrow I will go to a travel agency, and I will book tickets for the October 23, and after this I will say I should go to Moscow to embassy for an interview. It's also possible I will report more news. And tomorrow I will write you about everything that I learned in the travel agency, as well as write data cards, which in the future we can change on a similar, but in every other day. My dear, I'm so happy that when we are together, we'll be the happiest people in the world. I know that when we are together you will help me and I'll just try to help you in everything that I can. I hope that time until October will be held quickly, whatever I could as soon as possible to hug and kiss you. And I no longer need to write letters to you, because every day I can be with you in real life. I am so much dream about it. Now I will finish my message to you, and go home, and as always I will fall asleep with thoughts of you and our first meeting. With love your Anna.
Letter 45
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message. I also want to apologize for what I did not write to you yesterday. Because yesterday I felt very bad, and the day was at home, since I was high temperature of about 38.8 degrees. And I tried to relax and drink tablet that would have had no complications. Today I feel a little better, but the temperature is, it is now less, about 37 degrees. So today I can not write you a long message because I'm going home now and will try to recover completely. Today come to my house, my aunt and Julija will tell me about the tickets, as well as about when I'll have to go to Moscow in embassy. So tomorrow I will write you all details about the tickets, and all other information. Just to answer all your questions.
I very strongly love you and I look forward to meeting with you. Your Anna.
Letter 46
Hi my love Joe. Thank you for your message. Yesterday I stayed home all day, that would finally heal. Because I do not want that there were complications with the disease. Today I feel great, and my illness completely go away, and so happy that I feel good again and I can read your messages, and write your answer.
I was so happy to read your messages, because I feel your love, and I am so pleased that you are so good about me. I just love you and want to be with you and only you. I look forward to our meeting with you.
My dear, if I understood you correctly, then the plans changed and I will come to you from the middle of December? Indeed this is so? I'm a little disappointed by these news, because it will have to wait longer time, but if there is no other way, then we will wait for December and meet with you. Because we have no problem to change the tickets for the month of December.
As I already told you I met with my aunt and she told me all the information about my trip to Moscow for an interview at the embassy as well as information about tickets.
My dear Joe, now I'll write you the details of his journey that I learned today. Today I have a very long time been in the travel agency and select the tickets to you. But we encountered a small problem, tickets are slightly more expensive than we thought. Now I will send you details of tickets to you, would you help me choose them. I selected two of the cheapest ticket for you, all of which I was offered. One ticket is a flight from transplanted into Amsterdam, Minneapolis, and the total travel time is 18 hours and 39 minutes. The second flight with a connection at first in Rome, then in New York and the total travel time of flight is 36 hours and 26 minutes. So you can see that the second flight, you will be flying to two times longer, and I am very afraid of this. But it is cheaper. Now I will write you the full information about it. St Petersburg Pulkovo Airport - Las Vegas (NV) McCarran Intl departure 23 October 08:00
travel time - 18:39 -
arrival 15:39
stop over 3h 5m Amsterdam, Minneapolis (MN) Flight KL3094 Airbus
from St Petersburg 08:00 23 Oct Pulkovo Airport
to Amsterdam 09:00 23 Oct Schiphol Arpt connection Amsterdam 1h 30m Flight KL6059 Airbus A330
from Amsterdam 10:30 23 Oct Schiphol Arpt
to Minneapolis (MN) 12:40 23 Oct Minneapolis St Paul Intl connection Minneapolis (MN) 1h 35m Flight KL9832 Boeing 757
from Minneapolis (MN) 14:15 23 Oct Minneapolis St Paul Intl
to Las Vegas (NV) 15:39 23 Oct McCarran Intl ----- St Petersburg Pulkovo Airport - Las Vegas (NV) McCarran Intl departure 23 October 17:50
travel time - 36:26 -
arrival 19:16
stop over 17h 5m Rome, New York Flight AZ541 Airbus
from St Petersburg 17:50 23 Oct Pulkovo Airport
to Rome 19:35 23 Oct Leonardo Da Vinci connection Rome 14h 45m Flight AZ608
Airbus A330
from Rome 10:20 24 Oct Leonardo Da Vinci
to New York 13:55 24 Oct John F Kennedy Intl connection New York 2h 20m Flight AZ5894 Boeing 757
from New York 16:15 24 Oct John F Kennedy Intl
to Las Vegas (NV) 19:16 24 Oct McCarran Intl My dear how you can differentiate amongst the first tickets to go to 430 $ more expensive, but it is the fastest flight. The second flight will be more expensive than we expect for 260 $, but it's a very long flight, because I have to fly almost 37 hours.
So do I need money for that would go to Moscow for that would go to the American Embassy, and as additional money that would remain in Moscow at the hotel while I'm there. I decided that I would go to Moscow by train, because it is cheaper, and it would cost me about 1,500 rubles in the same direction. 1,500 rubles is about $ 50, that is, for my trip to Moscow, as well for 3 days in hotel in Moscow, I will need about 2,000 rubles a day, and that's about $ 70 for a total of $ 210 will I need for the hotel. In general for my trip to Moscow, I need $ 310. My dear, I am ashamed that I want to ask you to help me with money for tickets, as well as with the money for my trip to Moscow. Maybe I would be able to find the extra money, but it took me a while, and since I have already sent on Thursday in Moscow, I will not have time to do to find the necessary money, and I hope for your help. It is also my aunt told me the good news about that as soon as I come to you and I will live with you, then I can give to the hotel in your country and take money back. This can be done immediately as soon as I come to you.
My love, I ask you that you sent the money the same way as you did last time, the data on my aunt. Because my passport is still in the travel agency.
Total, in general I need another 310 $ for a trip to Moscow, +430 $ extra for tickets, or +260 $ extra for the tickets.
I hope that my news is not very much upset you, and it will not stop us from being together. I miss you and love you, now out of preparation for my trip all of my spare time is spent on it. I love you and look forward to our meeting with you.
Letter 47
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message. I was very happy to receive and read them. Today I was busy all day, because I had a lot of work, and then just as I had business at home, that's why I came today at an Internet cafe so late. And now I'll try to write you a message quickly that I could safely return home. My love, you're absolutely right, I'm very much afraid of flying, and I will be very hard to carry a long flight. And I'll be very grateful if you choose the flight tickets are 2 times faster. So I hope that you will help me with this. But I want to remind you that the cost of these tickets will be $ 430 more, that is, if you help me with these tickets, you will need to send $ 430 as well as $ 310 for my trip to Moscow. In general, get $ 740. If this is for you is very expensive, I am ready to suffer and fly to you on a cheaper flight. Let it be hard for me, but I'm ready for it.
If you choose the second tickets are twice as long and they fly a little bit cheaper, they will have to pay extra $ 260, and then for the ticket and my trip to Moscow in embassy will need an additional $ 560. I am very sorry that needed extra money. I really do not want to do this, but I have no choice but to ask for your help. Just my dear, I beg you that you were quick to send money. Because in the next few days I have to go to Moscow, for that would go to Moscow, I should be paid for the tickets. I very much hope that you will send money today or tomorrow, what would we have with Julija, immediately picked up their, I booked the tickets, and then shipped to Moscow. I look forward to wait for your next message. I hope that you will write me soon, I very strongly love you and I dream about our meeting with you. With the most pure and tender love, forever your Anna.
Letter 48
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message, I was very glad to receive it and read it. In each of your message, I see that you love me and that you wish that we were next to you. When I read your posts, I hunt so much to hug and kiss you in this moment. What would you held my hand and I'll whisper in your ear, how I love you.
My dear, I have a very long time talking with her aunt, as well as with other employees of the travel agent. Tickets that I sent you, it was the cheapest, because all the other tickets will cost even more.
That's why my aunt picked me for these tickets. Because tickets are cheaper it will be impossible to find. The same workers travel agency, once again assured that I can always change these tickets without extra money. We also considered the tickets from Moscow, but tickets are obtained even more expensive. Because it is necessary to buy tickets to Moscow, and Moscow is very expensive vehicles, as well Airport in Moscow is in an awkward place, and there hard to get.
My dear, if you find difficult to 740 US Dollars, which I need for a quick flight to you, then you can send 560 US Dollars. I'll put up a long flight of strata, I do not like me, it will turn out, but I'm willing to take risks and try.
My love for Joe, now I'll write you a phone number Julija, that you could specify it, its number is +79379303663. I hope that now you will have no problems sending money. And everything will be fine. Now I'm going home and going to sleep with thoughts of you. I love you very much and will love you always. I look forward to your posts. Your Anna.
Letter 49
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message, I was very glad to receive it. My dear, there is not something bad that you drink wine sometimes it can be done that would have been fun. But I want to tell you that I did not when I do not drink much alcohol. But I like to drink a glass of good red wine at dinner, because as you probably know a good glass of wine at dinner is good for your health, as well as improves the appetite.
My dear, I am very pleased that you will send me 740 US Dollars, what would my flight was quicker for you, what would I feel good. I am very pleased it. And I am very glad that I'll be good to carry my flight to you, because it will be short. Just my dear, I beg you not to worry, because I wrote you the correct phone number Julija, so everything will be fine. And you can send money.
My dear, just about the money for the customs, and spoke with his aunt, as well as the director of travel agency, and she has been working for more than 5 years in the tourism industry, and they said that the customs will not need the money. Money at customs will be needed only if I take out a lot of valuables such as expensive or dear old icon painting. But I will not take it because I have no such values. I will take with them only the clothes and not something more.
So I will not need more money, so do not worry about it.
My love, I know that you will not hurt me, I'm sure. In my previous life was a lot of pain, and I was looking for a something similar.
That's why I chose you because I feel your love, your tenderness, and that when you do not hurt me.
I very strongly love you and I look forward to your posts. I hope that you will send money, because I must go to Moscow for an interview.
Forever Your Anna.
Letter 50
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message, I was very glad to receive it. Because I miss you. Yesterday I did not receive your message and was very upset about this, and even began to worry a bit, because before you write every day. But now I realize that there was a chance that you are unable to send a message. Now all is well and I am happy that I saw your message.
Now about the money for customs, once again I repeat to you that the travel agency told me that customs will not need money, so do not worry about it. Now all I need for what I would come to you, it's 740 US Dollars, for that would pay more for tickets and that would go to Moscow. This is all that is necessary for me right now what would come to you.
My dear, just now I want to tell you that now I need to go to Moscow for that would be interviewed. I should have been in Moscow last week, but since you did not send money, I could not go there. And my aunt agreed with the American Embassy that they would be transferred to my interview on 8-9 September. So I need to go as soon as possible to Moscow, and I hope that in the coming days you will send money, what I would have completely paid for the tickets and could go to Moscow for that would be interviewed at the U.S. Embassy.
Now I'm going home and going to sleep with thoughts of you, I hope that tomorrow I will receive your message. I very strongly love you and want to be with you and only you. Your Anna.
Letter 51
Hello my love, my angel of happiness. I hope that you enjoy what I have called you so. Because you are truly my angel of happiness, so as soon as you make me happy. And thanks to you I am glad of life, and I feel the happiest girl in the world.
My dear, I am very pleased that you will send money today. This is very good news. I hope that you will not have problems to send money via Money Gram. But if they have problems, then I ask you what would you send money through Western Union. As soon as I receive from you information on money transfer, we will go along with Julija collect the money. And immediately I'll be preparing for his trip to Moscow.
Thank you that you are your words, give me confidence that I have no problem going to be interviewed. Your words help me a lot because I'm worried because this is my first interview at the embassy.
My dear, I do not have new photos, but I'll make them strata in the near future, and send them to you. Maybe if I find a camera, then I'll call her friend that she would cause me **** photo. I think you will like it.
I very strongly love you and look forward to your next message with the details of money transfer. Now I'm going home and how I will always fall asleep with thoughts of fantasies about you. Forever Your Anna.
Letter 52
Hi my love Joe. Thank you for your message. It is a pity that it was shorter than usual. But I understand that you had a bad day. I hope that today your day a lot better, and you'll have time to do all your affairs, as well as have time to send money. My love Joe, I just want to remind you that if I do not have an interview at the end of this week, then I may have problems obtaining a visa, so I hope that you will send money as soon as possible.
I very strongly love you my angel of happiness, I miss you every day I dream about our kiss. I'll wait for your next posts, I hope that I will receive information on money transfer, because now it is very important because I must prepare for my trip. So I'll wait for your words of love. Forever Your Anna.
Letter 53
Hi my love Joe. I am sorry that I did not write you a message yesterday, because as soon as I receive your money, I immediately went to a travel agency and paid for the tickets. And then immediately went to Moscow. Because tomorrow morning I will be the first interview at the embassy. Now I have only recently arrived in Moscow, and write your message. I'll write you a long message, immediately as soon as I find a hotel, and then I will look for an internet cafe. I very strongly love you, I beg you, do not worry. I'll write soon. Forever Your Anna.
Letter 54
Hello again my love Joe. I apologize again that I was not able to write you a message earlier. Because as you know I was looking for a hotel, then I needed to relax after a night trip to Moscow. Now again I'll write you a short message, because I have to go back to the hotel and relax, because tomorrow I have to go to the embassy. And as soon as I return, I will immediately write you a long message and tell you all the news. I only wish that you would not be worried about me because I'm good. With love your Anna.
Letter 55
Hi my love Joe. I am so much happy that I can write you a message, I really missed you. I have great news for you, today I successfully passed the interview at the embassy, it was not difficult. I had to fill out several questionnaires, and to talk to the employees of the embassy. They were very nice people, in many ways helped me and gave advice, and at the end of the interview said that they give me permission to enter the United States of America. It remains only to come Monday to the embassy, to show them some papers and documents and to obtain a visa in hand. I am very worried about before the interview, and did not sleep well at night, just when I was tired at the embassy. So as soon as my interview ended, I immediately went to the hotel for that would relax and I fell asleep. And now, when I woke up, went into the shower (when I was in the bathroom, I very much want that you were there with me, and I hope that together we will take a bath when I'm next to you), after a bath, I ate and went to an internet cafe that would write to you good news. It remains only a few formalities that I must do Monday morning in embarsy, then I'll go back to St. Petersburg, and was preparing to come to you. I very strongly love you and look forward to your message (I was a little upset today, when she came now in an internet cafe and did not find your message). I love you and will love you always. If today I will not get the sleep early, I will come again in an internet cafe that would look for your message. Million kisses to you my love, from your Anna.
Letter 56
Hi, my angel of happiness Joe. Thank you for your message, I was very glad to receive it and read it. I feel your love, and love you more and more every day. I have a good mood, because of the fact that yesterday it was successful at the embassy, I am so glad this strongly.
My dear, when I come to you, we'll have a lot of time together, that would take a shower together and do a lot of other things to do together is very pleased with me, and I'm looking forward to this moment.
I do not like in Moscow, I love this city, because it is very big and it does not have a lot of beautiful places in my hometown. Also in Moscow, a lot of immigrants from poor countries of the former USSR, such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Moldova. And they are all very angry, probably because of all these reasons, I do not like Moscow, and I want as soon as possible back to St. Petersburg.
Now I will go back to the hotel because it was too late, and I do not want to go back at night because it's not safe. I very strongly love you and I will write you tomorrow. Just hope that I will receive your message. Forever Your Anna.
Letter 57
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message, I was very glad to receive it. I am pleased to read your letter with your words of love, and what you experience for me. I'm already looking forward to tomorrow, that would get a visa and then go back to St. Petersburg. Because there I can again write to you a long message, and close a few times to read your message.
Tomorrow as soon as I finish my affairs at the embassy, I will immediately return to St. Petersburg, so I want to warn you that you would not be worried if I can not write tomorrow you post. I'll try to write it, but maybe it will not I receive. I wish that you knew and always remember that I love you and we will be with you always.
Just as soon as I return I will try to call you, and I ask you what you wrote to me once again your phone number, that we could talk to you.
I look forward to our meeting with you. Now I want to do this especially hard, because I feel bad one here in Moscow, I do not love this city. There are so many people from the Caucasus, and I do not love this nation. No, I'm not a ****, but I do not trust them. As their nation has done so many terrorist acts in Moscow.
My dear, I know that today you have a day of remembrance for victims of September 11. And I want to express their condolences, it's happened in your country. I very strongly love you and want to be with you and only you. for all your Anna.
Letter 58
Greetings my dear Joe! I do not know how to begin my letter to you. But apparently you were right about the extra money to enter the USA.
I am sorry that I did not write you yesterday because I thought that I would try to solve the problem yourself and do not want to disappoint you, but I can not solve the problem.
I have one trouble. I have paid the visa and the ticket what to arrive to you. But it was insufficiently for an our meeting. Workers in the America embassy have told me that I should have additional money (they have told, that for that that I would arrive in America of me should be not than 18-20 US Dollars per day, at that time while I am in America. As my visa is made out for 3 months, these are 90 days, in embassy to me have told that I should have 1620-1800 US Dollars. It is the huge sum of money for me) what to reach to America will be necessary. I have answered that I have no additional money and it there was a truth, all that at me is it is 55 US Dollars order that would return to St.Petersburg, because my flight to you will be there.
They have explained to me, that additional money are necessary for that what to convince the government of America, that I the decent girl and when I shall arrive on territory of America, I shall not become the ***** or the **********, that I should have money for that what to live in America for the period of my visa. I have told them, that I really am the tourist, but the worker of embassy has smiled and has told that he is no time did not see the tourist without money.
These words very much have offended me. I have told them that in America I shall meet the loved person, but the worker of embassy would tell that I showed him money 1620-1800 US Dollars. And I again was compelled to answer that I do not have such money. But in any case I should show the worker of the America embassy 1620-1800 US Dollars.
And not that to me will not give out the visa. My dear I spoke them concerning that that I shall remain with you, but they have told that they understand me, but they may not without it as it is a duty of each citizen of the Russian Federation. For me it will be impossible to arrive to you if I shall not show them 1620-1800 US Dollars.
My love now I do not know what to do, because I was left with little money for that would remain in Moscow. I'll have to go back home on Friday or Saturday, because then I could not stay longer in Moscow.
And I want to ask you, can you help me and send the money? What would I showed them to the embassy and sent back to you. Please do not worry, it's just a formality, and the money not be spent, I'm just going to show them to the embassy as soon as I get a visa as soon as you send them back. My dear Joe, if you do not have the money, then you can ask to borrow them for a few days with friends or relatives, because I'll immediately send you your money back. If you send me money in the morning, then in the evening I can send them back to you.
I was so uncomfortable that I was forced to again ask for help from you, but I have no problem solving it, and I hope that you will help me in this situation. Tonight I'll come back in an Internet cafe that read news from you, and I hope that it will be good news. I very strongly love you, and I am confident that we'll solve this problem and have the weekend will be together. Your forever love Anna.
Letter 59
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message and your emotions. I am very happy and I am madly in love much your character. You have the character of this man, and when I'm not in my life have I met such as you. I would also like you ready to fight all the problems when we together, I will help you decide your problems.
I am happy that tomorrow you will go to the bank and will be sending money, it's very good news, if you all will turn out, I'll have time to get a visa this week and return home, and do not need to spend money for hotels. As soon as I get visa immediately I will go and I will send you your money back. Please do not worry, I will own to pay for sending money back to you, what you would receive the entire amount that was sent.
Recently, I myself do not feel very well, it's probably due to the fact that I have a lot of stress and nervous because of what is happening. But I hope that together we will solve this problem quickly. And calmly wait the time when we are together.
My dear, I understand the situation that now you do not wash tell me the exact time when I come to you. But as I told you, this is not the problem, do not worry because of this. Because I can come to you at any time as soon as you can. All you need is for me only to select tickets for you.
I very strongly love you and want to be with you and only you. Now I will go back to the hotel and I will fall asleep with thoughts of you.
I hope that tomorrow I will get from you with details of money transfer for Julija. I love you. Your forever Anna.
Letter 60
Hello my love, thank you for your message. I just was not a very good day, I felt bad, I very much had a headache all day.
I'm sorry that you can not borrow money from his friends, but I want to tell you that you would not get upset, we will do everything possible that we would be together with you. My love, I'm also very glad that you go to the bank for that would take the credit, but I just want to tell you that you did not specify the reason for the loan, this is something that would send money to me, what I showed them at the embassy. Because I was talking with his aunt, but she has friends who work in the bank and they said that if you specify the reason for this, you will be denied credit. And I think it would be better to specify another reason for the loan.
I hope that you will be prepared to take a loan and send the money, and then as soon as I get visa immediately I will send them back to you. What would you returned them to the bank.
I very strongly love you and want to be with you, and I hope that soon we will be prepared that would address this issue, what would we have ceased to be nervous and we could only wait until our meeting with you.
Now I'm going to rest, because I was so tired and like I said you do not feel very well. I love you and will wait for your message. Your Anna.
Letter 61
Hi my love Joe. Thank you for your message, I was looking forward to it. It is unfortunate that you had to tell me the bad news. But I understand that you are not to blame, because it does not depend on you. I'm not very good at politics, why can not I do not what to say about this on your Obama.
I'm really very sorry that it happened, and now I do not know what to do. I've already told all their friends about what they would have helped me, but they just is not possible. I spoke with her aunt but she just can not help me because she will not give credit, because she has not paid the previous loan to purchase the car.
Now I do not know what to do, go back home to St. Petersburg? What do we do? We are forced to abandon my trip to you? In my eyes the tears, I do not want to live without you. But I do not know what to do, now I do not want to live.
I'll wait for your next message, and listen to your ideas about what to do next. With love your Anna.
Letter 62
Hi my love Joe, thank you for your message. I just recently returned to St. Petersburg, and I am very much tired that's why this letter will be short, and I'll write a longer message to you tomorrow. I still can not stop crying because of what is happening. Because I just learned not good news. The fact that if I did not pick up a visa from the embassy in the near future, they will cancel it, and in order to get the visa the next time I may have serious problems, and just as I would have to pay again for registration visa and all other documents. And now I have a feeling that we are not able to meet when you do not. I do not want to live without you. I love you. I will wait your letter tomorrow. Forever Your Anna.
Letter 63
Hello my dear Joe. Thank you for your message, I was glad to get it.
Even if there was bad news. I very much and I can not live without you, I so much want that we with you were together, that I want to shout from the fact that I can not do something for this. You are not required to report to me, because I understand your situation and not get angry at you.
Today I tried all day to look for money, but I have this bad it turned out, I turned out only to find 200-300 US Dollars, and that's it. All the time I spend searching for money. And I did everything possible, I asked all my friends and relatives, but who now do not have much money. And I do not know what to do yet.
As I learned, I have time before the end of September, because if the end of September I will not show the money and pick up a visa, my visa will be canceled. That's why I worry so much, but in my heart there is hope.
I very strongly love you and want to be with you and only you. for all your Anna.
Letter 64
Hi my love Joe. Thank you for your message, and for such wonderful news that you wrote to me today. This is very good news. I am sorry that I was not able to answer you before because I was busy all day.
And now when I come in Internet cafe, I saw your post and now I will write a response.
My love, it would be nice if you send the money on Friday, then I will go to Moscow at the weekend, on Monday to get a visa and immediately send the money to you.
Now I am so much happy that you have told me such good news. You are truly my angel happy, and you make me happy.
My dear, now it's late and I should go home. Now I'm going to tell these wonderful news to his mom because she is very worried because of our meeting. And her the news will also be very happy. I'll write you a long letter tomorrow. I very strongly love you and want to be with you and only you. Forever Your Anna.
Letter 65
My love, I miss you, today I received your message. But I hope that you will write me soon. I look forward to your letter. I hope that you will write me soon. Your Anna.
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