Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Smirnova to Ron (Netherlands)
Letter 1
Hello my love Ron! Thank you for letter! I love you and think each minute of you! My grandma felt bad in the night saturday-sunday and I went to the village in sunday morning. This way I could not answer your letter. My granny feel a little better but need in some care. Probably I will go to her in the next weekend. I have received letter from travel agency and now I write to you this letter. I can receive tourist visa and it will be valid for 90 days. For visa reception is necessary to make some documents. Registration visa cost 60 euros. Visa will be done within 7-10 workdays. I need in international passport for visa reception and it cost 3200 rubles (75.74 euros). I will do it only 7 days if I will use services of travel agency. If I will do my international passport independently I should spent a lot of time and forces for it. I should pass medical examination in my polyclinic for 1300 rubles (30.77 euros). It's necessary for me to receive insurance policy. In our city there is a big insurance company "Spassky Gate" it makes the insurance of citizens leaving abroad. It's necessary if to me there will be an accident, or I'll be ill in territory of other country. The insurance company will pay all medical services and all other expenses in case of accident. This insurance policy costs 4500 rubles (106.51 euros). The insurance policy and medical inquiry are necessary for reception visa. Ticket to a bus form Cheboksary to Kazan cost 24 euros. The most cheap ticket from from Kazan to Amsterdam international airport cost 460 euros... The travel agency asks for services 120 euros. I will need in hotel reservation. I use the most popular travel agency in Russia and they can make this reservation for 90 euros and book hotel for me, but I would like to live in your home together with you. Will it possible? This way I will not need in money for hotel, I will need only in this document about reservation, because it is necessary for visa reception. In sum turn out about 960 euros... And I'm sad because of this cost. It is very big sum for me and I do not know when I will save up it... I love you and hope we will together sometime and will find a way for our first meeting. I will wait your letter! Anna
Letter 2
Hello my love Ron! How are you today? I worked today and a little got tired :( I heard about women who looking for money and I think they are silly people which earn money for the broken feelings. I hate them because of them many foreigners cease to trust girls from Russia. It is sad. I appreciate that you want to help me with money after my arriving to you. But I will need in money here when I will pay to travel agency. And I do not want to borrow such big sum of money. Because I never borrow money if I do not sure that will be able to give it back. Do you understand me? May be something will happen and you will need in this 460 euros for some reason there and will not help me when I will come. This way I do not know how I will be able to return this money. Travel agent gave me the most cheap tickets from Kazan to you. If you want, I can give their contact to you and you will communicate with them. Also if you have some doubts in my words, you can also call or write them. Probably they will be able to receive money from you. t is the most popular travel agency in Russia and have name Tez Tour. I never was abroad... I never was in your country. I did not travel at all. But I very much want to visit your city! I would like to learn much. I read about your country in the Internet and I think you have interesting history! Also I dream to visit Egypt sometime in the future... May be through 3-4 year :) I like a history. I like to study other countries. It is very interesting to me as several millenia ago Egyptians could construct pyramids. In fact then there were no special machines to lift such stones in some tons. It is a riddle for all. It very much draws me. Probably in the future my dream will be carried out. I believe in it... I hope that sometimes we will travel together! I hope that you like to read my dreams... And now I want to know more about your dreams. Which dreams you had in childhood and what dreams you have now? I think I can to realize these dreams for you if it will depends on me. I will make all for this! I dream about you, about our meeting, about our joint future... I love you... Yours Anna:)
Letter 3
Hey my LOVE Ron!!! I'm so glad to receive your warm letter! Every night when I go to bed I think of you before a dream. Sorry, but I not so good understand you. You want to receive my bank id and in the same time write that you are not able to send money to my bank account... You can contact with travel agency and just write them my full name Anna Smirnova. My travel agency name is Tez Tour and their site is Their phone number in Moscow is +7(495) 775-100-0. In Cheboksary phone number is 585888... Email addresses of travel agency: and Address in Moscow is 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya h.6 office 48. Address branch in Cheboksary is 73 Ivanova str., office 2. It is the most popular travel agency in Russia. I will be happy to visit you. i never have been abroad and never saw sea... It will be very romantic :) Recently I went in the Ice palace with my friend. She has invited me to go there. Do you like the skates? We had a good time and a lot of fun! I did not skate some years and yesterday was not so easy to skate:) I saw many pairs which skates and held for a hands each other. I looked at them and envied a little. Once I want to go with you in Ice palace and skate together! Do you have Ice palace in your city? I think that we will be looked well together. It will be beautiful sensation when around coldly and you hold me for a hand. I will feel heat of your hands, your lips... We will kiss and we confuse many people which will nearby. There are many people which hesitate to kiss in populous places. I think that it incorrectly. When you love the person then is not necessary to hide your feelings, it is not necessary to hesitate of surrounding people. Those from them who once loved or loves will understand us and will be glad for us... It so beautiful to kiss and look in the eyes to each other... I notice that there are people which closed their eyes when they kiss. I think that when one of our sense organs does not work, other sense organs are work better. When we do not see, we feel better. We feel in another way breath each other, warm lips. Do you understand me my love Ron ? I think that we are very close through our correspondence and now we can to write each other all ours thoughts. I told to nobody earlier that, what I write to you. I think that you is my destiny and we will have a happy and long joint life! I will wait your letter soon. One thousand gentle kisses for you my lovely Ron Anna
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