Romance scam letter(s) from Eugenia Nelson to Jason (USA)
Letter 1
Hi thanks for the message, You made my day! lol,I must say that I liked your mail and your profile! You look to be a unique man just after my taste and values. I hope you will like my profile as well, and the following about me:I am ”the catch" of your life!I am a sincere, honest, sensuous, sensitive faithful and passionate woman,I guess here's some information on my life,So I guess here's some information on my life. Jennifer Williams, single lady, never been married,with no kid,I was born in the month of Aug on the 10 Th 1982, and raise in fort lauderdale,Florida before I move my aunt in Nigeria, I'm in Nigeria right now with my Aunt, My life is simple and somewhat complicated.I'm very communicative,easy going,outspoken,also a very Romantic type,love to cuddle with my man,hold each other hands while walking,I'm trustworthy so far as people's tell me maybe I'm just laid back,lol.I also tend to have a good heart with so much of love to give and to receive.I'm the only child and Daughter of my parents,I lost my parent some years back while my father was going to get his finally approve payment of the contract he working for because,He was working as a contractor engineering before he died anyway, and i also lost my mom due to breast cancer. i want you to know that,I came from a Wealthy home but due to mistakes i made in my past relationship,my parents had WILL with lawyer that i must get married or have a Next of kin before i could claim my inheritance so i can manage all i get financially wise.. I am far from a millionaire and am not out for anything but love from someone. I need a man to spend the rest of my life with and who knows if it might be you.I agree about true love that a couple is bout caring and trusting each other.As well as helping both through everything in life esp our faith in God.I really loved how u see how a couple should loved and that just what i would loved to have in a Man.I totally believed we could be a good fit if it up to God almighty and our hearts too.I can't wait to hear from u soon and hope to get to know more about u too.well I pray u like what u see and let God do the rest.Tell me more about yourself.What is your favorite holiday? What makes you the happiest? When is your birthday?if you have some picture's to send them."The first sight of love is the last of wisdom."Feel free to proceed as you deem appropriate.I do hope to hear from you again. Lost Love
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