Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Ivanova to Mamoun (France)

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Letter 1

Hi my dear!!!!!!
I very much was delighted, when you have answered me, my dear.
You have very much liked me on this site and I have decided to write to you about myself. I search for persons with whom I can lead all life.
At me very serious intentions, my dear.
I very much would like to receive your photos also.
I ask you to excuse me for my bad English language, my dear.
I think, that you can understand my letters. At me the good teacher of the English language was. The knowledge of the English language remained at me from school, my dear. If to you there will be that that not clear, inform me about it, my dear.
Your letters will help me to understand the English language better.
My dear, I live in Russia, in city Civilsk.
It is very small city, my dear.
I want to inform you the truth, I have despaired to search for love in our small city, and I have decided to try to search my future love in the Internet.
I shall inform you about myself directly. My growth of 168 centimeters, weight of 52 kgs. Now to me of 28 years. I was never married, my dear.
I have education of the cook and higher education on economy.
Now I work, as the manager on sale of computers. I have no any children.
At me very beautiful eyes. I think, that you estimate my kind in a photo which I send to you. I like to go in for sports, I frequently go in fitnes club which helps me to hold the form. I do not smoke and I do not drink alcoholic drinks, my dear. I think, that an it - pledge of health. I think, that you agree with me.
I think, that appearance not the most important in the person.
In my opinion, the main thing in the person is his soul and his private world, but it is very interesting to me to see your photo.
My dear, I now live together with mum. I have told her, that today to me the letter from the person from other country has arrived.
She has told, that it is good, but she wants, that I was cautious.
We should understand each other, we should pass a long way before we shall understand, whether is valid we approach each other. But I think, that all will be good. I shall help you more to learn about me.
I have no the domestic computer because it is very expensive for me, but I can write to you from my office.
I shall inform you slightly about my city. It is very small, but very beautiful city, my dear. At us in city there are some theatres, museums and and buildings of culture. We with girlfriends like to go to a cinema and to look various films.
I most of all love spring in our city.
I like to go along the street and to listen to singing birds, to look, how children play with the paper ships on streams of water in streets.
I feel, how new life begins. But now from we were begun with winter, now at us it is very cold in the street. My dear, what your liked season?
My girlfriend advised me to search for whom that of the only thing in the Internet. I thought, that you will not answer my letter. I thought, that it simply a joke. I hope, that we well learn each other. I want to know about you, my dear more. Inform me please more about your habits, about your friends. Inform me where you live. What you like to eat? I ask it because I want to know about you all. Write to me about itself everything, directly.
Be not confused to ask me, I shall try to answer your questions.
I shall look forward to hearing from you. Also send please the photo.
Your friend from Russia,

Letter 2

Hi my dear Mamoun!!!!!!
I was very happy today when you has answered my letter.
It was very interesting to me to read your letter and to understand, that you have written to me, my dear.
It was very interesting to me for learning more about you.
You are similar to me! I very much want to learn about you more, I want to find out all. You that person of whom I so long dreamed.
Even my girlfriend encourages you and speaks, that I have made a correct choice when I have written to you.
I want, that you wrote to me the big and often letters that I was pleased to each your word, to each your letter.
I think, that you want to know about me more. As I already spoke you, I live together with mum. At us with her very much good relations and she my best friend and the assistant. She the most dear person for me. I very much like and I respect my mum. I always find with her common language.
I think, that you understand me, my dear. I have told her, that have received still the letter from you. She also is very pleased, that I have found such person, as you. But she speaks me, that I should be very cautious, that me have not deceived.
But I believe, that you will not deceive me.
I do not have any secrets from my mum.
I always speak her only the truth because I very fair person.
My father has left us 5 years back. We with mum would like to lose him.
I very much loved my father. I have sister who lives in Moscow.
She is more senior than me, her 34 years, my dear.
She lives in Moscow together with the husband.
I have many hobby. At leisure I like to read books and to watch TV.
I like to listen to classical music. I like to listen Bethoven and Chaykovski.
To what music you like to listen, my dear?
I also like to listen to simple good modern music to be encouraged.
I very much love a nature. I like to be in a wood or on lake.
About our city it is a lot of woods, the small rivers and lakes.
I like to float. I very well swim. In the childhood I participated in competitions on sailing. You like to float, my dear?
I very much love domestic animals. At me at home cat Barsik lives.
It very much funny and a clever cat.
I think, that you are interested in me.
Today to my mum the girlfriend will come and I prepared for a tasty pie.
I very much like to prepare, my dear. It is a pity to me, that you may not estimate a pie which I prepared today.
I want to know, you love what dishes? You use alcoholic drinks?
And than you are engaged at leisure? You prefer what kind of sports meets?
As to me, I like to look the big tennis. But still I love basketball.
My dear, you may inform me about the life more? Now I shall finish the letter, I shall hope for your fast reply. If you may, send me more photos.
When I shall receive your following letter, I shall try to answer you as soon as possible.
Have good day,
Yours Anastasiya.

Letter 3

Hi my dear Mamoun!!!!!
Today again it was very pleasant for me to receive your letter, my dear!!!
Dear, I wait for your letters as the nightingale waits for a summer.
How you, my dear? At me all is good, today at me remarkable mood.
My dear, it is very difficult for me to not have a house the computer.
But I shall try to write to you from my office more frequently.
I dreamed to buy the computer, but it is very expensive for me.
Dear, I want to ask you, when your birthday and who you on a mark of the zodiac.
I want to inform you, that it is very pleasant for me to read your letters.
I any more do not want to have anything general with Russian people.
In our city people only want to deceive each other and to me it is very bad among such people. I want, that you knew, that at me experience with one person was. With this person I was very happy, I thought, that I love him. It was 2 years back.
I was happy to carry out with him each day. I already dreamed of wedding, but there was a case which has changed all my life.
My dear, your photos very beautiful, you the nice person!.
Once I have found him behind reception of drugs.
I asked him to stop because drugs this big evil.
They spoil persons, my dear. But he did not listen to me and continued to use drugs both alcoholic drinks.
And all my plans on future have failed.
We have begun to not understand each other. he began to avoid me..
And I have decided to leave from him. But I shall not repeat more such mistakes.
I any more do not want to break to myself life, I do not want to break my heart.
I shall not trust any more to Russian people. I simply want to live happily, as the normal person. My very good girlfriend 3 years back also has got acquainted with very good person in the Internet.
They liked each other very much and in 2 months she has left to him for Australia.
They have got married and now they live happily.
At them the daughter recently has appeared.
They have named her Marina. After that I have decided to search for the love.
And I have found you, my dear. And I am very glad, that you write to me, my dear.
I want to be happy with the person and I want to lead with him all life.
I wait from the person of love and understanding.
I shall try to do persons happy, but without his help, without his love and understanding will do it very difficultly.
The love fine feeling on the ground.
My feelings to you are very fair also trues. Therefore I write you. I think, that you have understood, that I have written to you, my dear.
I want, that you have expressed the opinion concerning it.
Now I should finish. I promise you, that I shall write to you later.
I with impatience shall wait for your following letter.
Kissssssssss you,
Yours Anastasiya.

Letter 4

Hi my dear prince Mamoun!!!!!! I can name you so?
It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter today, my dear!!!
At me all is good, my dear.
Today in the morning I had very bad mood and only your letter has helped me to feel like well.
My dear, I already begin to miss under your letters...
And when you will write to me, I shall feel like always well.
My dear, it is very pleasant for me to know, that you understand me and are capable to listen to me.
It seems to me, that the understanding - main thing between people if they want serious attitudes.
If people are not capable to listen each other between them there will be no understanding and love.
For them any future will be the nonexistent future.
I am very glad, that at us all is good, my gentle, I am glad, that we understand each other.
I very much want to tell you many thanks, that you have answered my first letter and that we have found each other.
now all of us learn mine each other better and better and we get used to each other, my dear.
It is the most important in our life, I think.
My dear, I very much would want to hear your sweet voice, but I do not have phone...
But if it is required, I can call you from my neighbours.
I think, that if will hear a voice of the person you can understand about him much.
How you think, my dear, I am right? But I can correspond with you only on the computer.
I think, that there will be that moment when we shall be happy with each other..
I think, that you agree with me.
My dear, too it is very a pity to me that I do not have computer of a house.
I very much would want to have up to the computer!. My dear, Moscow to be far from my city.
My dear, I too very much wanted to see you in alive and to communicate with you close to each other.
My dear, certainly you are right!, I too want to find to myself of the only thing the man.
I want to live with one man and all life!.
I hope that we shall be together and we shall like each other.
My dear, I with the great pleasure would want to arrive to you.
But I do not have money for the ticket, and the visa.
At us now very good weather, in the street shines the sun though and it is slightly cold.
My dear, I very much want to continue my attitudes with you and I believe, that at us all will be good, my dear.
As I already spoke you, I work as the manager in small firm.
Now I work very much because my girlfriend and the fellow worker was ill.
It is very hard for me to work in 2 times more, but I try and hope, that at me all will be good.
At us in Russia is very difficult to live, my dear.
In America the manager receives wages ten times more, than in Russia.
I want to tell you, that 25.12.2004. at me will be birthday.
I do not know, what gift to do directly. The best gift for me it that I have found you, my dear. I know, that my mum for a long time prepared me for a gift.
She does not want to speak me, that she was going me this time and to me it is very curious, my dear.
On this Sunday we with mum shall go to church and I shall pray to your health, for your successful affairs.
My dear, I very much would want to have the child from loving person.
What you think of it? Unfortunately, now I should finish the letter, I should work.
I would like to write to you more, but at us still all ahead.
Please, write to me as your affairs how your relatives, what you do how your health?
I shall wait from you the letter very much very much. I shall grieve without my fine friend!!!!
Yours Anastasiya.

Letter 5

Hi my sweet Mamoun!!!! I was very happy today when I have received your letter, my dear!!!!!
How your affairs? How your mood? I think, that at you all is good.
I want it very strongly. I ask the God that you were happy.
I want to tell you, that my heart begins to beat more often when I think of you.
I want, that you have sent me all photos of you which are at you, my dear.
They will help me to feel you near to me. I want to feel you, my dear, I want to see your smile, I want to feel your hands.
I search for pure love and romanticism in attitudes, my dear.
I like, when all is beautiful, fine and romantic.
I wish to have the family, loving person.
I am very glad, that our attitudes with each letter become more and more strong, my dear.
I do not know how to describe to you it but when I see, that you have written to me, my heart becomes warm. It seems to me, that I feel something to you.
And it is more than simply sympathy, my dear. I even more often begin to think of you.
When we only began to correspond, such was not, my dear. Dear, what you feel to me?
It is very important for me to know it!!.
My dear, it would be very good if you visited my city.
But it will be better if you to me will help to visit your country!.
What you think of it?. My dear when you can pay my ticket, and the visa?.
My dear, I can visit you this month!. My honey, you may pay my ticket, and the visa this weeks?.
I would like to visit you as soon as possible.
Today I with mum have decided to descend on shops.
I wanted to choose to myself a jacket. But we with mum have not found anything, that would be pleasant to us. We with mum passed by wedding shop, my dear.
You would see, how there it is beautiful, my dear!!!!
I have presented myself in a wedding dress and it became very good me on soul.
There there was many dress of various style.
My dear, I ask you, you would like to visit our city?
I would be glad to meet you here. I long thought today of it.
My dear, I want to tell you, that I not to time did not meet such person, as you.
I want to see your pleasure personally, I want to divide it with you.
I want to know, what does you happy? I shall do everything to do you happy.
Give me chance, that to feel you a favorite and loving woman.
I shall wait your beautiful letter and I shall think of you each minute.
It is a pity, that I can not contact to you in a dialogue way.
We might find out more about each other.
Only yours,

Letter 6

Hi my love Mamoun!
I have received your letter, it is full of warm-heartedness and sympathies to me. I think that for that time that we with you are copied we very much pulled together and between us The feeling has appeared, I think that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you has taken a place in my heart. You on always will stay in my heart. Now it is beaten so frequently and only for the sake of you. It was filled with love with each your letter. It shivers from each your warm word, from that love with which your letters are filled. My heart now belongs only to you, my love. I am very happy, that you at me are. I for a long time did not test such fine feelings as now and to this I am obliged only to you. Only with you I again might feel such fine feeling as love. And I have grown fond of you on always!!! I shall love you up to the end of my life!!!! I thank the god for that that it has presented persons with such feeling as love. The love radically may change persons. And I feel it. Representing you I can and cry and laugh at happiness. I can sit and think hours of us with you, my long-awaited!!! I dream, how we with you meet and thrown each other in embraces. I pay with happiness, that we together. We have more whom it is not necessary, we live only the friend for the friend. We are full of desire to make each other a lot of pleasant. Such my dreams.At work I became slightly absent-minded also my girlfriends speak that I not the. They are surprised, that I began to smile and be pleased frequently. I became not a lot of absent-minded, because my ideas only about you, my love!!! There would be no minute that I did not think of you. You have taken a huge place in my life. Everyone see, that to me there is also I am not ashamed it. I am proud, that we have found each other and to me the hunt to shout it on all planet what all heard about my pleasure and were pleased with me. Yes, I love you!!!!! My love to you sincere and pure as morning dew after a rain. My love huge and she wishes from you only reciprocity. And you consider this carefully, please!!!!!!!!!!.
My dear, it would be very good if you visited me.
But it will seems to me better if I shall arrive to you!.
You can arrive to me the help to you?. You might send me money to the ticket, and the visa. And I would go to Moscow and did there the visa, and bought the ticket. What you think of it?. I talked about it to mum and she speaks that it well, she is glad to me and thinks that I shall be happy. She approves us and wishes only the most good. She has told, that to me, that probably it is bad to love persons and to not be with him beside. I have decided to check up her and have asked, she might release me from herself. She very long thought and has told, that I now adult and should think of it itself. She has told, that I should make all make happy of you and to be happy itself. But I know, she experiences for me and it is correct iioio that she my native mother and each mother thinks of the child. But I told to her, that you very good and careful person and she have calmed down.
My life, I think that we should meet, we should see each other look in eyes because through the Internet emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. You understand me? Every day I was more and I grieve without you more. You are necessary for me and as I think that I am necessary for you. So it is bad, that between us distance, but it not a handicap to two people loving each other. You with me agree my love?
The person flies even on the moon because it is interesting to him that there. And it is important for two loving people to be in a place and to be happy!!!!!!!!!! How you think my lovely on the account of it??? We should give each other only love and that that is interconnected to it. We became frank with you and I think that you want to learn about my sexual experience. In Russia all men only dream to drag you in bed and to do with you only that that him a hunt, they do not know a word love and they as animals only and dream to satisfy the force, but I do not want it, I do not want to be given the first comer that he has taken pleasure. The love it something from above she is given to the person to learn happiness in this life, to learn spiritual mood, and some men represent her only as sex, I think that it not correctly and I hope that you with me agree. I to want to have sex only with loved by the man. I to be given him completely both a body and soul. We together learn all depths of pleasure. Our passion will be poured out for limits of flat love and we shall enjoy the friend the friend all life up to last moment of our existence. Sex it first of all spiritual pleasure when man loves the woman and they answer each other mutual merge of bodies, and then already receive physical satisfaction. I hope, what I am right, mine Baby???
Today at me day off and we with the girlfriend walked on city, went shopping also I waited for the moment that you will write to me the letter and I have waited him. I feel that our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, and you feel it? You feel as I you I like???
I wait for your letter, whether it is important for me to know you share my ideas.
Forever yours Anastasiya!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 7

Hi my sweet heart Mamoun!!!!!!!
I love you so strongly!!!!
My fine prince, today I was so am happy to receive your letter again!!!!
At me even has intercepted breath when I have found your letter at myself in a mail box.
Love mine, you sound similarly to Romeo!!!!
I never from whom received such beautiful words, my dear!!!!
My heart begins to beat more often when I read your letters, I am simply happy from your words, my dear. I can not be far from you, my dear, I am not capable to suffer this torture more.
My dear, I ask myself, why I now not near to you.
I would give everything, that at me am only to be with you, my dear.
I would like to close the eyes and when I shall open them, I would like to see you, love mine. But it only dreams....
My dear how we may be together? If I only might, I tomorrow would sit onboard the plane and had flight to you.
And you would meet me at the airport with colors and a smile on your beautiful person.
At one moment I would feel your strong embrace!!!!! .
My love, today I learned in bank as you may send me money to the ticket, and the visa.
My love, go in any bank of your country, and send money through the Western union.
Now I shall give you the information that you could send money through the Western union.
You should specify my full name there. I should know from you your full name, and your full home address.
So go in bank and specify there my full name.
My full name: Ivanova Anastasia.
In bank to you will give control number of translation, write to me it in the following letter.
Also write to me your full name, and your full home address.
I would give a floor of life only to appear in your warm hands.
Sweet mine, inform me please, what to me to do? I can not live without you more.
I love you and you love me and if we shall not be together, I shall die.
In the street already darkens also to me it becomes sad.
My dear, love mine, I shall look forward to hearing from you.
My honey, write to me please faster. I shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience!!!!
I always shall be the safe for you, my dear.
I kiss you am sweet in lips, my prince!!!!!
With all love that is on the ground,
Yours and only yours,

Letter 8

Hi my love Mamoun, I is glad to receive from you the letter.
My love, I very much missed you, and your letters. My love, how you? How your affairs?.
My love, in me all is good, and my mum too in the order!. Thank for that that you care of it.
My love, I is glad that you want that I have arrived to you.
My love, I with the great pleasure shall arrive to you because I love you and very much I want to you.
My love, I learned the ticket and the visa how many will cost.
My love, all together costs 1235 $, into it enters: the ticket, the visa, and all information.
My love, I shall arrive to you as soon as you to me will send money to the ticket, and the visa.
My love, money you may send through the Western union. To me have told that it very reliably and quickly.
My dear, well I shall give you full: a home address, and the full name.
My love, I too went to bank and learned as you may send me money.
Employees of bank have told me that you should specify: my full name, and my full home address.
The information in which you will require bank.
Mine the full name: Ivanova Anastasia.
My full home address: street Baumana 130-12.
The name of my city: Civilsk.
The country: Russia.
My love, the information in which you will require bank to send money.
My love, I very much want to you I can not live without you. As soon as you will send money, I at once shall go to Moscow and I shall do there the visa and to buy the ticket.
You may go in bank though tomorrow and to send money.
And then I shall arrive to you as soon as I shall make the visa, and I shall buy the ticket.
I very much want to you my love.
I wait for your letter with the big impatience.
Your love Anastasia.

Letter 9

Hi my love Mamoun, I is very glad that you have written to me so quickly.
My love, how you? How your affairs?. I very much missed you and your letters. I LOVE YOU MY SWEET PRINCE.
My love, I is glad that you have money for mine the visa, and the ticket.
My love, you will send money on Tuesday?.
If yes, I then shall collect tomorrow things to go to Moscow to buy the ticket and to do the visa.
I today shall inform about it to the mum, that I shall arrive to you. I think that she will be very glad for us with you. I very much love you and already I want to be with you.
My love as soon as will send money on Tuesday, please do not overlook to write to me control number of translation.
To you will give you it in bank, write to me it at once.
My love why you have not sent me: your full name, and your full home address?.
Please write to me it in your following letter.
I wait for your letter with the big impatience.
Your love Anastasia.



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