Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Sezemova to Joe (USA)
Letter 1
Hi Joe. I am glad, that you have written to me. Excuse, that I answer you not at once. I have been occupied and could not come on the email some days. Now I had a free time, and I have decided to answer you. I with the girlfriend looked a site of acquaintances, and I was interested by your questionnaire. I have there no questionnaire, and on it I have written to you from the questionnaire of my girlfriend. Now it is a little about itself. My name Mariya. To me of 28 years. I live in Russia. In city Kirov. This city is approximately 1000 kilometres from Moscow. You live in other country. It is very interesting to me to learn on more about your country, about your culture. I think, that Russia and your country absolutely different. I always dreamt to leave in your country and to create there happy family. Here, where I live, it is not so good to live. Though Russia, and not so good country, but I all the same am well off. At us the girl very hardworking and true. I hope, you understand, that I wish to find the good husband for myself, that he would love me, and concerned me with all heart. I very much estimate people, for their fidelity and truthfulness. I very purposeful girl. I have in the life almost everything, except for the loving husband. I want serious relations. I have very good work, and I earn very good money. I do not have not enough nearby only the person loving me with whom I could create a good family, and live happily till the end of a life. I very much wish to create the happiness, and true love in your country. I send you the photos. To me too the photos please have gone. I hope you will answer to me in the near future. If I have not interested you please inform me on it at once. I hope for your honesty. Yours faithfully, Mariya.
Letter 2
Hello Joe. I am very glad, that you have answered again my letter. I felt, that I will interest you, and you will write to me. Why you have not sent to me the photo? I wish to see more than your photos. I will inform you the truth. I have written on by you to two more men from your country. But they have not answered my letter. Probably they will write to me shortly. But you have written to me the first, and I will especially concern your letters. I do not know, what exactly to you to inform concerning me. I think, that we with you will learn further about each other well enough. Joe I wish to learn more about you, and about your life. Inform me why you have decided to search to yourself for the girlfriend through the Internet? You are much occupied on work? You have no time what to go to club for acquaintance? I looked on the Internet, and have seen many any different sites of acquaintances. There are many people search for the love through the Internet. Here and I have decided to try to find the significant other through the Internet. You probably interests for what to us it is necessary to learn each other better? At me such age, that it is necessary for me to get the family. I want love. And I wish to marry. I wish to live in your country. I wish to work and raise there future children, with the favourite husband. I think, that ours outlooks on life coincide with you. And I think, that your country - a good place for a worthy and happy life. Joe we with you both search for love. And both we wish to live happily till the end of a life. You agree with me? Yes I agree, that we with you are many kilometres from each other. But I think, that for love distance not a barrier. I certainly not so trust the Internet. But I heard many histories who corresponded through the Internet, have then met and lived happily. I think, that the main thing in a family this trust to each other. I when do not deceive. Also I do not love, when to me lie. On the work I can use the computer. I probably did not inform you where I work. I work in the building company as the chief accountant. Our company is engaged in building of elite apartment houses. I work in this company 5 years. My work very difficult. But I receive good money for it. I do good residing. And my work very much is pleasant to me. Joe inform me concerning the work. Where you work? How long? Whether it Is pleasant to you? It is very interesting to me to learn more concerning you, and that than you are engaged. Today I send you still a photo. Also I hope, that you too will send me the photos. Joe I use the computer on work, and on it I can not be here long time. Now I should go. I with impatience will wait from you other letter. Write to me! I wish good day! Sincerely yours, Mariya.
Letter 3
Hello Joe. I to see glad again here the message from you. Today I have brought from the house still a photo, and I will send it to you. You liked my last pictures? How your day? How your mood? I hope at you all well? I to have MSN and web cam. Please write me yours MSN that I could to add you! Today I have received the letter from other person. It has appeared from city London. His name is Oscar. He has informed me, that he does not wish to have serious relations. And I have answered it, that I search for serious relations. And I will not write more to it. I promise you it. Joe I hope you well understand my language? Your language for me very difficult. But I try to understand it. I studied your language at school and at university. As went on special courses, on studying of your language. But I think, that my language is insufficiently good. On it I write to you through the translator. I think, that so will be faster and more clearly for you. I conduct an active way of life. I visit Fitnes-club some times in a week. I do not smoke, and I do not take alcohol. I spend basic time on work. On work me often send to business trip. I was some times in Moscow and in St.-Petersburg. You heard about these cities? You often travel? Where you travelled? Whether It was pleasant to you there? Probably you have photos from the rest? It would be pleasant to me to see them. I very much like to travel in the summer to resort zones. I visited Turkey. In our country as there are many beautiful places. You heard concerning Sochi? This city is the largest resort of Russia. I think you heard rather this city. In Sochi there will pass Olympic games in 2014. Joe I think, that it is necessary for us to learn better as much as possible each other. I wish to tell a little about the family. I have younger sister. Her name is Olga. It is much more younger me. And on it she while studies at university. My mum call Vera. It works as the doctor in local hospital. My daddy call Vladimer. It works as the engineer at oil refining factory. I live separately from the parents, but I often visit them. At us very amicable family. Joe inform me more, concerning the family. Whether you have sisters and brothers? How far they live from you? Than they are engaged? On it I will finish the letter. I hope tomorrow to see the answer from you. Write to me. Mariya. P.S. I do not see a photo from you, please send me your photo.
Letter 4

Privet Joe. How at you business? How you have spent yesterday day? Joe I to read your big letters. I the nobility that you to ask me some questions but when I to start to write you my letter I all to forget. I so much to wish to speak rather your letter. Yes I to love your letters. I to love that you fair and sincere. I to be as. If you to have any questions to write to me and I will answer it. Please not to be afflicted if I to pass that that. My English is not so good. Grief Yesterday my day has passed well. In the evening, after work I have come into shop behind products. And then did a supper. I in general like to spend houses a free time. I like to be engaged in house affairs. I very much like to prepare. You probably love a pizza? I do not like to have dinner and supper at restaurants on the fast. I prefer natural house food. I like to prepare seafood. Joe and what at you a favourite dish? You prefer what food? I wish to tell, that you are very interesting to me. We with you from the different countries. And at us different cultures. I do not know about you much. Tell to me more about itself. What hobby at you? Than you like to be engaged during free time from work? You prefer what music? What TV you observe? I listen to different music. It depends on mood. I like classical music. Sometimes I listen to a jazz. Concerning films. I like to look comedies, melodramas and historical films. I like to go to the cinema and in theatre. But because of work, I do not have not enough time what often to visit cinema or theatre. We with you already adult people, also cannot spend a lot of time for entertainments. You with me agree? I think at us many other cares. Joe I hope, my letters are interesting to you? They do not tyre you? I only wish to tell to you about the life, that you could study me is better. I can sometimes be very curious! Well? Many men invite the woman in restaurant or at cinema, and then offer the first heart of the offer. Many men do not appreciate women. But I the independent woman, and I wish to feel like the woman. Joe you should look at me first of all, as on the woman. But unfortunately we while far apart, also cannot meet. Though, I very much would like to see you. Ours with you acquaintance is very interesting to me. Many young and attractive men in Russia try to get acquainted with me, but I want serious relations, and I want the family not in Russia. It is very pleasant to me to communicate with you. And I hope, what to you too? You now my friend. And from other country. The Internet, very good thing. Joe I hope, that you are in earnest about me. I with you am always frank. Also I hope, that you too. Now I should go. I hope tomorrow again to see the letter from you. Write to me. Yours Mariya.
Letter 5
Hi Joe. Today such good day. The sun in the street shines. And at me from it such good mood. What weather at you? What do you do? You thought yesterday of me? I thought yesterday of you. Though I was strongly got tired after work. I knew, that you will write to me. I hope I do not bother you with the letters? Such big distance is a pity that between us. It is a pity that you do not live in my city. I could invite you at cinema. I could take away you on the car, and we could spend time together. Good idea! But you not in my city. You would like when be to visit Russia? What do you think of it? Tonight I go with the girlfriend to cafe. At us in a city many different cafes. But not all like me. It is pleasant to me in quiet, cosy conditions where is to few people. And where it is possible to communicate easy. Joe inform me please concerning your last relations. I want, that you would know, that I concern you with serious intentions. And therefore it me interests. What you involves in the woman? You prefer long relations? What wife you would like in the future? Clever? The beautiful? The generated? The cheerful? In the past I had some relations with the man. We met it approximately a floor of year. I wished to begin with it serious relations. But he has informed me, that it is too young, for family creation. And we have left it. I think, that between the man and the woman should be understanding about trust. The man and the woman should be first of all friends. I think, that the love begins with friendship. If the friendship is strong and mutual, then the love will be strong and strong. I very much wish to find loving person with whom I can to live till the end of a life. Joe I wish to ask you, you like to be occupied with household chores? What do you like to do on the house? And what you do not love? It is very interesting to me to learn about you as much as possible. Now I should go. I will finish on it the letter. Write to me. I look forward to hearing. Your friend Mariya.
Letter 6
Good Day Joe! I am again glad to see the letter from you. I am grateful to you, that you so treat kindly answers to my letters. I hope at you everything is all right? Now I listen to a song. It is a pity, that you do not hear this song. This song very romantic. And it has good sense. I like to listen to a song with sense. I like to dream and think of a life, under quiet and romantic music. Joe inform me that you do at present? How you spend the day? I wish to learn about you as much as possible. You wanted, what we would meet you? I think, that I can find money for our meeting. I very much would like to arrive to your country, and to be with you some time. Or there can be you wish to arrive to me to Russia? Joe inform me please, that you think rather our meeting with you. I when was not in your country, and it is a little to me to be afraid to enter into other country. Your country very far from me. And it is necessary for me to be assured, that I will be in safety in your country. You will care of me? It will be very interesting to me to see as you you live, and than you are engaged. I read your letters, and approximately I represent your life. But what it is better to learn each other, it is necessary for us to meet. You so do not think? You understand my interest? I the purposeful and resolute woman. If both of us wish to meet, I will think of it more seriously. Well, now I should go. I will think of you. Write to me. I with impatience will wait the answer from you. I very seriously concern you. Thanks, Mariya
Letter 7
Hello dear Joe. Today, when I have seen the letter from you, I had a smile on the person. When I went for work, I thought of you. I waited the letter from you. How at you business? I'm fine. How is the weather at you? Yesterday to me mum came. We sat and drank with it tea. We spoke about you. I have told to mum that has got acquainted with the good person through the Internet. Mum has asked, what is your name. I have told, that your name Joe. She has understood at once, that you from other country. Also has told, that it is very far. I have informed it, that we with you friends, and soon wish to meet. Mum has asked, whether the daddy knows about it. I have promised, that today I will come to parents, and I will inform them on you. I think, that they will be curious concerning you. Joe all time I think of you. I do not know as it to you to inform. I have to you some feelings. You very much like me. What is it? love? I do not know.... But I often think of you. I wish to ask you a question. You often think of me? Only inform me please fairly. For me it is very important. Your life has changed after our acquaintance? You have to me what be feelings? I probably will not sleep today. I will think of you. I am am overflowed with feelings to you. It is a pity to me, that I cannot express all feelings, concerning you, through email. Joe inform me please, only it is fair. You write to other women, except for me? I do not write to anybody, except for you. Joe I very much wish to meet you. We could solve a lot of prophetic between us. We could is better study each other. You would invite me directly in your country? If you want, that I would arrive to you inform me on it. I think, that I can find enough money what to arrive to you. I think, that it will not be the expensive. I visited Europe, and received the visa. And I think, as to a smog to receive the visa in your country. We are divided with you only a trip by the plane. I will learn more as me to travel to you. Today I will tell to mum that I wish to take off for your country and to visit you. I wish to change my life. I wish to start to build the happiness. I think, that we with you can be happy. My parents wish my of good luck, and I think, that they will not be against our meeting with you. I as should think of the work. I do not wish to lose the work. Here to me well pay, and if ours with you relations suddenly not grow. I should live in Russia, and work will be necessary for me. If you seriously want, that I would arrive to you I can take on work a vacation for one month. We can spend with you happy time together. Today I send you one more picture me. I think, that you will love it. I very seriously concern you, and is intended to have with you I will meet shortly. Now I should go, do my work. Do not forget, that I think of you all time. I will wait the letter from you. Yours Mariya
Letter 8
Hi! How are you Joe ? Today I have difficult day on work. I have been very tired Already. Nevertheless it is necessary to go for me home, and I should To spend some time, to reach my house. I should To place also my car in the paid parking. Yesterday I as As spoke, I have gone home to parents. I spoke with my family about you. Now all my family knows about you. I spoke them about you. You know, it It was very interesting to my sister, also she also asked about you. I Has answered their questions, and we discussed you last night. I spoke mine Family, that you the good person. After a supper we spoke about you only with My mum. Mum however has warned me that I should not rush off, To enter with you into relations. I was independent, I understand. I Has told, that you a kind the person and decent. If we had with you Relations it would be possibly necessary for you to speak with mine The daddy! It also very good Person. It to care much Our family. Everyone wishes for me only happiness. I have told to mum, that I wish to enter into your country and to look, how you live. Whether has asked Mum, you have invited me in the country. I have told, that you would be very much Are glad, if we have met you and had some time together. Most dear Joe, I also very much wanted, that you have arrived to me to Russia. I very much would like to acquaint you with my family. Here in our city The average salary of the worker of 250-300 dollars in a month. I do Approximately 350-400 dollars a month also are Good money for Our city. Anyway, I think, that I can be independent I To arrive to your country. Tell to me, you want, that I have arrived in you Soon? I wish to see, how you live, your country. If all are Are good, I should move to your country and therefore I should To visit the first you. After that we can go together to Russia. I I think, that it is good idea. You are ready to meet me? We could To know each other it is better. I will not prevent very much to you, if I I will arrive? Where I would remain? Expensively to live in your country? I ask about The foodstuffs and about hotel? I am probable I can remain in yours the house? Write to me about it. Well? I am very serious to speak with you. You have shined my interest, and I wish to meet you. We already adult people. I already work of enough of time also, I think, that I I presume to myself this trip. A question now in you. You want it? If you want, that I have arrived to you then I will choose for me most Convenient time. I should solve questions on work before. Besides I It should be ready independently and prepare my family, that I will be To be absent some time. I also should learn more information Concerning travel. It seems, you, that the person, which I in For current of long time searched. You kind and gentle. You loyal and The fair person. I am assured, that you the person of your word and you Can be for me the good partner in a life. I think, that in us All will be good. If we decide, that our relations should not To pass, I will come back at home, and we will be as friends. Well, I I will finish now the letter. I trust you and me to trust, to it you Are serious to me to concern. I wait your letter tomorrow. Warm Kisses, yours Mariya
Letter 9
Joe, I am glad, that you wish to meet me in the person and that you Invite me in the country. I really very much wish to see yours The country and your way of life. I should see it my eyes, and I think, That we will have happy time together. We now very much Good friends and I should tell, that our friendship can become The enamoured. You are valid very important - for me. In my life Now there is a good friend and it you. I am always true for my friends and Me never to betray. Besides I very much hope, that we Let's love each other! I really want, that between us was Love and warm feelings. I want, that between us there was also a trust and Understanding. I respect you very much, and I love you as the person! You, that type The person whom I would like in the husband. I think, that there, where, you Live, this very good place to live and a family. You thought of me Today? Tell to me please as you investigate your future? That you want in the future and whether you want, that I was a part of yours The future? You would like that your future wife, were till the end of your life? I wish to marry only once and to be happy. That you today Have made the especial? My day today, usual. Yesterday I lay down Late enough, and I thought of you. I think, that we would go with Parents in our garden it is close to a city. We have some bases And the small house. I like to remain there in the summer. Mine Joe, I very much I want, that you have met as soon as possible. I am valid, that To look at things and I think, it is necessary to be prepared for it It is good. As you understand, I should speak again and again with mine the boss And also with my parents. I think, that all will be good, and then I Should define time when I will be ready to a meeting. I already Travelled earlier to Europe, and I know to make travel to To other country, necessary to be well ready. I think, that I am ready To meet you. So, if you agree, that I have arrived to you then, I will start to prepare for it! Well? At first I will speak with mine The boss and a family, and then I will be included into travel agency. I already Sign with some rules for visiting, but I think, that for It - is a little trip to your country differently. I will inform you later, As I will have all things for preparation to arrive to you. Well? Inform me also when you would like, that I have arrived. Well? I understand, that you also work, but I think, that if you cannot To take a short vacation anyway, it will not prevent Us. I could remain with you the house, while you on work and then In the evening we could be one, and we will speak very much! I will not be To prevent you, to work! I want opposite, that you Have inspired. I would kiss you every day when you come home, And I would capture you! You would kiss me? We also could go, that To go! I do not want, that you have spent for me many money. Money is difficult, And therefore we could be simply at home, and I will be prepared for you on Supper! Also I can help you with work for the house, and I can make The order! I already dream of our meeting. I think, that I can call to To you it is very fast. I think, it now time to speak with you, To call. Allow me to call for you. Well? We Should speak with you before I arrive to you! I wish to hope, That you will love my voice. I ask you, that you have written to me Once again your internal telephone number, a cell of number and the number is probable Your work. Thus we can co-ordinate our time is better. I always got used, that all things to take correct, and I think, that we Let's soon speak with you. Well, I then will start to accept some Measures on our meeting. I will make all considered and is correct, which We have met a little faster. Well? I should take all things One. But I would like, which you have written me every day and also To inspire me! I think, that our meeting is necessary for both of us! I send my kisses to you! Also speak your friends and a family Greetings from Russia! Write to me soon! I will think of you and to dream about To our meeting. Only yours, Mariya
Letter 10
Joe, how are you doing? You grieved without me? You expected my letter? I hastened to write to you as soon as possible. I could not wait that moment while I not will close to the computer, to a little faster to see your letter and to write to you. You know, I have already started to take some measures for our meeting. I have decided, that first of all I will speak with my parents. My mum very well understands me and therefore I again and have again told to mum, that I wish to travel to your country to have a meeting with you. Mum well listened to me, and she asked about my plans. I have told to mum, that for me necessary to create a family. I have told also, that I wish to be happy, and she has understood my desire to live in your country. After that mum has told, that I already adult woman, and I have the right to build the life and to make decisions. I should build happiness together with the loved. For my mum the most important, that I was happy. Also mum has asked not to forget about our family never. I have told, that I will make only correct things. I, of course, very much love my family and I will never pass. I have told, that if I have possibility, I will always arrive to visiting, and also I will help. Anyway, I while in Russia and I reflect it is necessary all things. I really wish to build my life, and I am assured, that I really correct things. Then we have gone to speak with the daddy, and also I have told all to sister. My daddy always respects well planned actions. It respects accuracy and belief and therefore it has told to me, that again and again I should meet you in your country and to see your way of life, your house, your country. I should understand my feelings. Both of us should understand all things between us. Correctly? The daddy, of course, very much worries about me. Anyway, it is far, but I have told, that you will care of me. Anyway, my parents have approved my choice, and they have told, which will not be against, I have visited your country during some time and have visited you. I was very glad, because I wished to hear these words from parents! I should have support of my parents. They already adult people and they lived a long life, and they understand a lot of prophetic better me. So, I have met approval of my parents! I even have shown them your pictures! I have printed it on the printer on work! They have told, that you on a kind, very good and beautiful the person. You unanimously look, and the daddy will invite also you to Russia if between us things approach, and we will continue relations. I promised, that when I will arrive to your country, I will immediately call for my parents and also to leave the address of my site. Now I can go easy in agency of travel and learn all details, enter into your country. I think, that it borrows time to finish all documents. When I travelled to Europe, it was required approximately 4 weeks to receive the passport and then 2 weeks, to receive the visa. Now my passport already has expired, and I should make the new passport. I had the passport before, and now will faster receive the passport. If all things approach, I think, that in 2-3 weeks I can have all ready documents! During this time I will have time to solve all things on work with mine the boss. I will work some time to have additional money for my trip. Then I will take a vacation! I will speak soon with mine the boss about it. Tomorrow I plan to enter into travel agency, and I will write All of you details as soon as I learn. I very much trust you, also I hope, that you will not deceive me, and you will care of me. When I will arrive to your country, you possibly should meet me. I should know the airport closest to you, that I have arrived, as it probably is closer to you! I very much dream of you! I want a little faster that day our meeting, was. I want, which our feelings developed, also we had serious relations. You Know, we already during long time speak with you, and I have not told in All to you my surname! I will tell to you about it right now. My full Name Mariya Sezemova. I also wish to know in the greatest possible degree the personal information concerning you. Well? I really hope, that you loved all my pictures. I am assured, that you actually will love more than my appearance. This letter required from me whole 2 hours to write! I will go Now and I wait your letters. While my favourite Joe. Lift good day. Yours for ever, Mariya.

Letter 11
Hi my favourite Joe, I waited very much your letter. How - weather in you? How mood? When I will arrive to you, you will have good weather? Today the important day on our meeting. I spoke with mine the boss about a vacation. I have explained our situation. My boss, the good person. It close listened to me and set some questions. For example, how during long time I will remain? Also it asked my plans concerning the future. My boss very much respects me as the person and as the colleague. It knows, that I can always accuse of responsible problems. It is believed, that by me the clever woman, and I will take all things correctly. The boss agrees with me, that I should build a private life. It will not face it, and it will kindly give me a vacation during any time. It understands, that if I come back to Russia, and our relations, will not grow, I will demand work. The work place will be always required for me. I was, so is glad to it! So, my parents not against our meeting, my boss also. I am silent now about it. You also wish to meet me, and you wait, when I will arrive. It seems, all things go to us to, and it is very pleasant for me, that all so occur. I think, that this good beginning to our serious relations. Besides I feel, that I really correct things. I have to you many feelings. I wish to love! I very seriously think of you, I trust you. Also I think, that it is the big success to meet the good person on the Internet. I am assured, that a life you also very kind, are fair also loyal the person. Besides I believe, that you the gentle and cautious person. Possibly already today by the evening or tomorrow early in the morning I will be included into travel agency. I already was there earlier, and I know, where it is located. I should move to city centre on my car not to spend a lot of time. I wish to learn as soon as possible the necessary information and all rules to visit you. Tell please, what airport closest to you? It should be the international airport. I will check up about cost of tickets. You should meet me on your car, or I should take a taxi? How it will be more convenient for you? It will be more convenient for me, and it is pleasant, if you meet me at the airport! You can write my name on a paper and thus I can faster find you though I think, that I study you and without it! I already have for you a few gift. It is a gift. My parents will send also to you of a few gift from heart. I am assured, that I will take with me directly a lot of prophetic! I will take a dress! This beautiful dress and I ordered it at personal inquiry in studio. It it is very beautiful! Tomorrow I can inform you more information of rather our meeting. I even can already tell more precisely when I can arrive to you! You can be ready to our meeting also! You are excited to meet me? Well, speak all GREETINGS from me. I will write to you tomorrow. I love you! I KISS YOU! With hope, Mariya.
Letter 12
Mine Joe, I LOVE YOU! My parents and friends spoke to you hello! Mum has already asked as us business with a meeting. I have explained to mum, That everything is all right. On work of problems with a vacation will not be, and my boss Has told, that in any day I can continue a vacation. Today I have entered in Travel agency. They give a set of services. I have addressed to the lady with Questions, and it has kindly answered me all my questions. I have explained, That I wish to visit your country and the first question which she has asked Me: you were in this country before? I have told that was not present. You Have the passport? I have told YES! But my passport had restriction, and now It is necessary to prolong for me the passport. Also she has asked mine The marital status, my income, whether I have children, and other questions. I Has kindly answered each question. I also have explained, it before, I Visited Europe. After that lady has told to me, that then I not I will have problems with visiting of your country. She has explained to me about To the politician of other countries. Each country to care of people, which Arrive. They choose from candidates on reception of the visa and do not give the visa For all. Material stability is very important. Also the social The status and the purpose of arrival in your country. I already considered all details. The lady has explained to me, that I should go to Moscow for visa reception. I Never was in your country before, and therefore my personal Presence at embassy with payment of consular gathering is necessary. I I can arrive to your country approximately within 3 weeks. Also I Should tell, that if I send all documents through agency in mine City then, I should pay much more money. Besides I Should go to Moscow anyway and personally be present in Embassy. You understand about it? I observed, that site lists Works also checked visa cost. They - 70 dollars. I should you To say, that it is difficult enough and long process, that To receive the visa. To me have told, that I have more possibilities to receive The visa. By the way, I should receive the visa of the tourist, because it Quickly enough and more more cheaply. Besides I believe, that for We are not present now any requirement to receive the visa of the bride, Because it is our first meeting. You agree with me? So, in Embassy if I prove, that I come back back, they will allow the visa Without a problem. Here in Russia I have good work, my apartment, The car, also proves all it, that I will come back anyway. Therefore I can safely go to Moscow and receive my visa! I have It is a lot of information with that end in view behind which exception I travelled Earlier. I know also, that it will demand from me time, my forces and Money. I have time, I am valid! I the strong woman and I also we have Money with that end in view. I should tell also, that I could rescue Approximately 700 dollars with that end in view. I would have more, but I Has paid taxes. I approximately considered my expenses. I should fly To Moscow by plane and back. I should pay also for the visa, for The passport, for many other things documents. Also I should live in Moscow in To hotel some time and a payment for residing and for transport. I I think, that I 700 dollars will be spent with that end in view only. I read in The Internet, that it will be necessary to show for me the ticket back Russia. Without it to me will not allow the visa. It is a little Has broken me because tickets will demand many money. I wanted To arrive to you, and I do not refuse it. I am ready to spend with this The purpose my working hours, money and my forces. As I know, that I I wish to meet you. I wish to be with you. Both of us want it. On this I wished to speak to the reason with you about division with me roles of expenses. I I want, that you have bought for me tickets onboard the plane. I think, that It will be fair, because I also to spend much mine Money and forces and time. You agree with me? I ask you, that you Have bought for me tickets from Moscow to your closest airport. I Has already accepted all things here. I am ready to go to Moscow and to start to take all Things. Now, if you help me with tickets, I can go tomorrow already To Moscow. By plane I very quickly reach Moscow. Tell to me, you Will help me with tickets? You have money with that end in view now? I very much I hope, that you will help me. Between us there is a trust and feelings. We Both we wish to meet. Also for me it will prove gravity of yours Intentions. Please, you should not refuse me. We Really we correct things, and I am assured, that we will be happy Together. I wait tomorrow your answer and if you have money, and to me will buy Tickets, I will go to Moscow. Write me it. Excuse me, that I I ask you about the help. I think, that it is fair. You know mine The income, and you should present, that for me it is many money. I not I regret for money, and I will make all for our meeting. But I should have Your support also. We should be one command, and then we will be Are happy. I wait your letter and with hope, that you help me, also I will go to Moscow soon. I love you. I wait our meeting. I wish to see You and to kiss. To write soon, yours for ever, Mariya.
Letter 13
My Joe, I am glad to receive your letter. Even more I am glad, that you understand me. Joe yes I will arrive to you. I to want it above all. I am not similar that Russian girl which to play with your feelings and to ask what you to buy for it a dress. I ask a question it not to have money for a dress? A smile! Yes now I to wish to arrive to you even more strongly. I to wish to play that game rather your niece. I really to want it. It promises to be a lot of entertainment and laughter. We only should at once about about all agree. I to think that my Russian accent will be swept up. What will you speak all rather my accent? To be possible I your niece from Europe where not to speak English? What you to think? We should develop it. You to have a phone number? Please to write me your phone number and I will try call you from a public telephone booth. You can hear concerning my accent. Your thoughts? Now I am completely ready to go to Moscow. It is good, that you will be capable to help me with tickets. Now our meeting will take place really soon. I already called today in railway station, and I booked tickets to Moscow. Tonight after work I will go to my parents, and then they spend me to station. I will go to Moscow. I already took a vacation on work, and tomorrow I will not work more. I love you, and I know, that you very much wait for me!!! As soon as I will arrive to Moscow, I will immediately find the Internet - cafe and to inform you, that I have arrived to Moscow. I so am glad, that all things come nearer. It means, it soon we will together! I so wish to arrive to you more soon! I promise, that I will take all things correctly when I will arrive to Moscow. Wait for me, my love!!! I will hasten to our possible happiness. I should tell, that I understand now, that between us there is a trust. I sincerely understand, you want, that I have arrived to you. I the strong woman and my love to you will help me!!!! I on a correct way fortunately and I will struggle for happiness with you! It is very important to feel for me your support. I have been solved on travel to meet you. I want that you have written me every day letters. I do not think, that I will be during long time in Moscow. Possibly 5-6 days. I do not know precisely, but I will write every day to you and to inform concerning all affairs. Well? Well, I will not write very much today. I will be going to go for Moscow. We on a correct way. After my letter will be already probable of Moscow. Write to me Also. With love for ever, you love Mariya.
Letter 14
Hello my favourite Joe, How are you? I have many news to you! I took already much from prophetical. I have reached Moscow. I yesterday late at night have arrived to Moscow. From station I took a taxi and wanted, should enter hotel. But the taxi driver to me has told, which knows, where I can stop much more cheaply, it has offered, that I rented a room of all for 40 dollars. As the hotel has more expensive price for residing, approximately 70 dollars. As the room to be in the centre Moscow, I think, that to me had. I took with me directly some things to Moscow, but I did not take much from prophetical. I think, that I can take all things here quickly, and then I will go home and to wait for the house while all things are not executed. Now you should read attentively. I have passed today 9.00 in embassy and Has written the statement, on the visa of the tourist. Also I applied my pictures with that end in view. They have asked also about Place of my work. I used the certificate on the property My apartment also on the car. They also have now data concerning mine The income. The lady who accepts documents, has told, that now I the candidate on visa reception. Experience it has told, that I have more possibilities to receive the visa. It already to me has allowed probability of 90 , that I will receive the visa. The lady has explained to me which will transfer documents to experts on work with clients now. Also it will be necessary to speak it for me with psychologists and to transfer medical examination. I got acquainted in more details today with rules. It is very important, that I had tickets to your country and back to Russia. I should have a return ticket. This obligatory condition on visa reception. I have told, that I already about it know, and also I have told, that for me you will book tickets. The lady in embassy has told to me, that I did not speak about it loudly. It has explained to me, that I receive the visa of the tourist and consequently I should take all things independently. On reception of the visa of the tourist I should not have any guarantors. I should prove personally my serious intentions to stay with the tourism purpose. Also I should prove my material stability. Embassy to care of it. It is expedient. I go as the tourist, and I should have a steady financial position to have possibility to live in you in the country. They - very difficult rules, and I should obey to it because I wish to arrive to you. So, today I have written all statements, and also I have given all data concerning me. After my step, is purchase of tickets. You understand about it? You also should understand, that I should buy tickets for cash money from my name here in Russia. I should bring tickets in embassy as soon as possible, and also I give the receipt, that tickets have been bought by me personally. You understand? I will prove this my material stability, and the embassy will be assured, that I will be capable to come back to Russia. I should not speak anything with them about you because I go as the tourist. Now I should as possibly to buy tickets soon. It is good, that you have money for tickets. You should send to me of money for tickets to Russia, and I will buy tickets here. I will go now at the airport and to study cost of tickets. You checked cost of tickets? If everyone is under the plan approximately in 2-3 weeks, I can arrive to you! You understand about it? Mine Joe, I will demand from you the help. Tomorrow I study, how many money is necessary for me. I will find tickets the cheapest and convenient for me. Well? I do not want, which had the big charge. I will inform you tomorrow, how many money to you will be necessary to send to me, and also I will allow you then the information concerning tickets, that you could meet me! I am assured, that we take all things soon! We soon will meet. By the way, I thought of it as I can be, I receive your money here. I have no bank account, and probably we should use Money gram? We should be confident safety of money and consequently it is a good way. Well, I will come back now. I wish to eat already! I have got tired today, and I wish to take rest. In Moscow it is a little colder than in my city. Here it is very beautiful also. Write to me soon! I love you! I do all things only for us and ours Happiness. Do not pass about me. I demand you.
Yours for ever Love, Mariya.
Letter 15
My favourite Joe, I only to come back from the airport. I have It is a lot of news. I observed various flight of dates. The prices for tickets In Many relations depend on a class of the plane and from which I will be To fly and in how many. I wish to tell, that I, I will buy most Cheap tickets on board the plane. I considered many companies and Tried to choose most of all the Best tickets. I should tell, Cost of tickets Includes taxes and tax collections of taxes of the airports. One The ticket takes the on board plane from me 820 $. It is valid The lowest prices. It - not so the high price in comparison with 1000 $ On higher class. There there are tickets and more expensive. For example It - 1800!!! But such expensive places in the plane are not necessary for me. I I will fly in the cheapest class if only this plane Has connected Our hearts!!! Mine Joe, in other words I demand In 1640 $ for mine Tickets. Actually my visa is yet ready. I have nothing to do in Moscow It is necessary to arrive to my city to wait the visa, but only after How I show travel Tickets to embassy. I want To explain once again to you, that I should buy tickets directly Here in Russia. I should prove it my material stability. For me it would be better, if you have bought for me tickets, but it I AM impossible in our case because I receive the visa of the tourist, and Should show in receipt embassy on payment from my name. You Understand it? I very much wish to arrive to you. I wish to have with you the best Life, and I will not refuse it. We should trust the friend To the friend. As soon as I buy tickets, I will inform you information Concerning tickets, that you could meet me. I will show Tickets in embassy And then it is necessary to wait only, when mine Documents and the visa are ready. And we will wait our meeting! I promised in Embassy, that I will soon bring tickets. I very much we hope for yours The help. Please, take all things soon money, as it Possibly quickly. I will not bring your trust, It would be very much Good if you have sent me of money, as it possibly quickly, that Process of reception of the visa has been advanced. I plan my flight you 2 July . Joe, you understand, It can be day of our meeting!!! I so Want that it more soon to arrive! I would like to arrive to you, as It possibly quickly, but anyhow I should wait. I do much Things here. It is very difficult for me, I did not think, that to me will be So one here. I want, that you have sent me letters often. Thus I will feel your support. Please write words of love and Tenderness to me has more. Well? It very much helps. You have ordered to me about Trust, and I also trust you my heart. I will take all things correctly Here. I love you all heart! By the way, I ask, that you Used system of transfers Money gram. You know this system Transfers? When you will send money. Then I will buy tickets of travel and To show in embassy. I also wish to remind, that you used My information.
My information:
My name: Mariya
My surname: Sezemova
The country: Russia
City: Kirov
Street: Sovetskaja
The house: 34
Apartment: 15
I also should know, the remittance number that receives yours Money. These are numbers MTSN. This number to you will inform by transfer of money. Well? Also, to receive your money I require on your full The name and the city name from which you will send money. We Already have made much for our meeting. I will be removed up to the end, and we Let's receive our happiness! I will wait your letter soon! My heart Will break, but I know, it Soon we will together. With love, yours Mariya.
Letter 16
Hi my dear Joe! I to receive some rest and not the big dream and to decide to go again to the cafe Internet. I to see glad what your letter. Tomorrow morning I will go again to my agent and to ask what it to find to me flight through Minneapolis. Yes I to tell what it to find for me flight and itself I will go to cafe. I and to make. It is its work and let it to do it. I only ask a question why I should go through Minneapolis? It to be the good airport? Joe I can arrive to you through New Youk or Atlanta. Let it to take time from me but it will save money. Tomorrow morning I will go and ask what it to find to me tickets. But for me really it is not important concerning that through what city to arrive to you. I only to wish to be near to you. Joe you to know the name and flight number through Minneapolis? You as the nobility the price of it? If you to write it to me then I will go to my agent and to ask what it to give to me the ticket for this flight. OK! Tomorrow before there will be there I to look your mail. As I will write to you as soon as I will speak with my agent. To be fast we together! I can soon embrace and kiss you Joe! OK! I to go to sleep! I only to want to me good night and to you Joe successful day!
I Love you Joe! Your Mariya
Letter 17
Hi dear Joe! How are you doing? Hope that all OK! I to try to learn all rather my tickets. I to go to the airport and to speak with the girl in cash desk. It to take some hours what to understand in all. I is ready is ready to be broken off. As soon as I to tell what to help me concerning the ticket that to me to approach the person and to invite me to pass in an office. It to begin with that what to find out rather destination. I to tell that I to go Las Vegas. It to begin the review and to inform me that in Las Vegas it is possible to arrive in various directions. I to tell that I to wish to select the ticket what it not to be very expensive and what I to enter into the USA not in New York and in any other city. I it to inform me that there are much Air Lines and many various flights. I to ask what it to look most are easy and fast a way. He to inform me that in Las Vegas there are no direct flights. He to tell that will be necessary change. Further the ticket price depends on quantity changes time and is final from a ticket class. I inform that to me not necessary the ticket other class. Because these tickets to be very expensive. I to ask what it to look all tickets rather economy class. He to look it and to inform me that available many tickets from the various Air Lines. It to show me the long list. We to look all it is many hours. And I understand that in the USA I am a lot of cities through which I can to enter in your country. available as New York Detroit Minneapolis Atlanta Washinkton. Through any of these cities I can arrive in your country. I to inform what it not to consider New York and to look rather the friend to a city. We to look many hours. I to receive many information and my head was ready to blow up. I to understand that the most optimum variant to fly through Atlanta. It only on 200$ to be more expensive. As there was other variant with one change but it to be very expensive ticket approximately 2100$. That I to understand the only thing that if Air Lines similarly Delta Air Lines it to do that of the USA change in the USA. If Air Lines from Europe it to do it change in Europe. Similarly company British Airweys only one change in London and following in Las Vegas. I can pass customs in Las Vegas? But it is expensive ticket. Similarly I to speak that it approximately 2100$. I have come completely with hammered a head. Now I not to know at all that to me to do. Dear Joe I really to appreciate your care concerning me. But probably it is not necessary to buy more expensive tickets? I to understand that you to travel and to know flights all rather much. But I will probably go to you through New York or Atlanta? It will take some time from me but it will help us to save money. Tickets through Atlanta not on to be much more expensive. Approximately 1750$. Joe I really not to know what to do. Joe I to speak to you that is necessary for me 1640$ for my tickets. Joe please to go and transfer 1640$ for my tickets. If you to transfer to me it is more than money that I will look and choose my ticket from those money which you to transfer. I really to appreciate your care concerning me. Joe if you transfer to me 1750$ I will enter in your country through Atlanta. If you to transfer to me 2100$ I to enter in your country through London and to pass customs in your city. Joe but it is not necessary for me. I only to wish to arrive to you. For me there will be no value if it to take many time. If it to take my time that it to help to save money. Joe I only to wish to arrive to you above all. Me not to frighten difficulty my flight. In the final account all flights which to be to conduct only there to you. And this most important thing. To be fast we together! I can soon embrace and kiss you Joe! Your Mariya
Letter 18
Hi my love Joe! To see madly glad what your letters and your instructions. Joe I really to be on the sky with happiness that you the big traveller. You instructions to help me very strongly. OK! All one after another! In the morning I have entered with highly lifted a head to my agent. I to tell what yesterday much to listen to it and what he to listen to me today. If he does not listen to me and not to make so ea I I will wish to go to other agent. At first I to tell what it found to me the ticket in Las Vegas through Minneapolis. It to find the ticket and to show me it. I to go from Moscow to Atlanta then to go in Minneapolis and Las Vegas. I to tell that I to think that it is the good ticket. The agent only to ask what I to take some minutes and to look together with it on a card. I to arrive from Moscow in Atlanta it ? the USA. Then from Atlanta I to go through all the country on the north to Minneapolis. And from Minneapolis I again to go south to Las Vegas. He to tell that it is a bad way because I will cross across the USA 2 times before I to get in Las Vegas. I to tell that it is a bad way and to ask what it to pick up to me the straight line ticket. I to tell that I to wish to enter into the USA through Washington. And from Washington I to wish to go in Las Vegas. I will tell that I to go to cafe what to drink coffee and there is a salad. At this time it should find to me the ticket. I to leave in cafe and to drink coffee and there is a salad. When I came back all already to be ready. I only sat down on a chair it at once to speak that it to find flight. This flight to be the same through Washington which you to me to write. I to tell what he to inform me full cost it is the ticket. It to be 1780$. I to speak the agent that it is the good price but to me seems it is not much expensive. I to speak what it to take the same flight and to transfer my start for July, 3rd. It to receive blow. It is a lot of laughter! I not when not to forget his face. His eyes were ready to jump out. A lot of laughter! It to type the same flight and only me on July, 2nd for July, 3rd as the price to fall at once! The same flight to cost now only 1570$! It on 210$ is cheaper than this flight to cost on July, 2nd. And on on 70$ more cheaply my flight which it to select to me in our the first meeting! I to ask it why he not to offer me this flight earlier? Why he to deceive me in our the first meeting? His face to be red. It is a lot of laughter. He to ask applications from me! A smile! When I in the first time to come to see to it it that I badly understand flight and only to wish to gain money for me. But after your instruction he to understand that I not easy extraction! And I not so am easy for leading round in a finger circle! It is a lot of laughter! Further I to be completely at height. And the agent to be won. He to ask me only one question from where I all am the nobility. I only to tell that at me is the good teacher. Joe you my love! Joe I to be on the sky with happiness that you the big traveller! Your councils really to help me to win in this fight! The agent again to ask from me pardons! A smile! I to continue find out rather cost my ticket. I to speak that you to inform me that my ticket to cost 1570$. But why then my agent in the USA (Joe I to tell that you my agent in the USA) to have more cheap the ticket. I to tell that to me to find the same ticket for 1526$. The agent to be simply broken. He to tell that that it is most cheap the ticket. In this cost some money which they enters takes from sale of tickets. From this sum to pay in it the salary. Therefore he to try to sell to me more expensive ticket. A smile! He again to be sorry and ask what this situation not how not to affect on further our work. I to tell the agent that probably soon I will to travel often from the USA and back in Russia and I will think what to travel not one. He to tell that it always to my services. That now it will work only for me. He to promise that if I is the constant client that it will try to do some discounts on tickets. As he will promise what to find for me any ticket. A smile! I to ask what it to unpack my start on a leaf. I will tell that tomorrow I to come and buy the ticket! I to leave from the agent to feel the winner! Joe again many thanks that you care about about me. Without your help I could not understand with it. Joe it is ours with you a victory! To be fast we together. Hope that we will celebrate other big victory soon! I love you Joe! Your Mariya
Letter 19
Hi dear Joe! I could not go to sleep before not to check up my mail. I am glad that you to write me your letters. I to have a smile when you to speak concerning a cat. I to understand that now we should be very cautious. Now when it to go to our meeting we should not give more occasion that the cat worried. A smile. Again thanks for yours the information. Without you I would not consult also my head to sink in these tickets. Now I to know what ticket I should buy and how many it costs. Yes I to forget to speak. The agent to print to me on a paper all concerning my flight. I the nobility when my flight and as long I will sit in the airport for change. I will write you it tomorrow. Today it will take many time and I can not have time to send you my letter. OK! Now I to know rather my ticket and to know rather cost. But I still not to have money for this purpose. Dear Joe when you can go to Money gramme? If I to receive your money tomorrow that I will take my ticket and to finish all my documents. Then I will move home. I to have some affairs on work before I to go to you Joe. I to wish to finish tomorrow all affairs here and to go home. If to speak fairly I has very much become bored of my parents. I to wish to go to my parents and to spend some time with them before washing arrival in you Joe. OK! I to wish to speak to have the big day and me good night! The hope to see tomorrow your letters again. Tomorrow morning I will try to come as soon as I will wake up. Hope that tomorrow I can finish all affairs here and move home! OK! A gentle kiss in you Joe! Your niece Mariya
Letter 20
Hi dear Joe! I to see glad what your letter today. I only to understand concerning money. Now my head to be has been occupied by money. Yes 1500$ it to be very good. Only to go and buy the ticket and to go home to wait my start. But I the nobility that you to have the big check from your dentist. And I as to wish do all that I could for our meeting. I to have approximately 400$ with me. But I should take approximately 100$ for my trip home and my hotel here in Moscow. So I to have 300$. I to wish to take it with myself to you. I to think that it will be possible well if I to have some free money for hotel on a case if the cat to want to eat the mouse. Or the cat will do bad the mouse. As I think that I can to buy to you some gifts. OK! I all the same to spend it. I will use it for my ticket. As I the nobility where I can take still approximately 200$. I to consider that I to have only 500$ for my ticket. All the day long today I to break a head rather still some money but still not to think up that be. I can probably find still approximately 200$ but it will demand time and I am possible to suffer not good luck. My ticket to cost 1600$. 500$ which I to have and precisely to find. It to be good if you could help me approximately 1100$. If you cannot finds 1100$ that to transfer 900$. And I will work as a head for reception 200 more $. I really to require in 900$ for my tickets. I cannot simply find this money now. I that we to speak the nobility only about 700$ but it to turn here and it is necessary for me 900-1100$. I to wish to hear your thoughts concerning it. I as ask a question rather your dentist. It to give you the check on 8000$. It is really similar to that that dentists the richest people in the USA! A smile! Only some humour. Some spoon of honey in my letter! A smile! OK! To wait your answer! It is a lot of love and kisses in you Joe! Your niece Mariya
Letter 21
Hi dear Joe! I to see glad what your letter today. To me bad news rather your mum really is very a pity to hear. I hope that am fast it will be healthy. The hope that all will be OK! And it is fast your mum it will be healthy! OK! I am glad that you to try to leave from a cat today and to try transfer of money. When we to speak concerning a cat and the mouse I to recollect a cartoon film concerning cat Tom and mouse Jerry. A smile! The cat all time attempt to harm the mouse and itself to receive blow! A smile! I to love ioeuooeeuv Tom and Jerry! You to go cattle to the biggest bank in the world and they could not do transfer of money Money garm? It is really bad. You to listen to conversation of bank and all the same to suffer not good luck. Grief. Hope that today you can reach to Money gramme. But to be cautious concerning a cat. You to speak that the cat already to have some suspicion. I not to want what the cat to spoil all when we so close to our purpose. To try to leave from a cat and to go in Money gramme. But to be cautious and not to give an occasion to excitement of a cat! A smile! Joe I to have a question rather ONEX. I to go on their site of a network and to try to understand with it. I not to understand that concerning it. ONEX it to gain money putting up my money in various projects? Please to explain to me and I will be there. I as to wish to gain money. But it difficultly what to understand to me. OK! To write to me when you to leave from a cat and to come back from Money garm. Now I will be on the Internet and I will try to understand with ONEX! It is a lot of love and kisses in you Joe! Your Mariya
Letter 22
Hi dear Joe! I to have grief rather your letter. You to speak that you should go in Tennesse. Grief. When you to go in Tennesse? How long you to be in Tennesse? I can move with you in Tennesse? I to understand that you not to wish to go in Tennesse but you should do it. As I not to wish to remain with a cat alone. Without you the cat can eat the mouse. Joe I only should go home? Grief. Joe please to allow to develop the new plan. If I to go now home and not to finish my affairs in Moscow that I will spend many money. Joe let's develop are new the plan. To inform me number when you to go in Tennesse and when to come back. I can transfer my arrival to you and transfer my tickets. As I to have thought if I to arrive to you that I can go with you in Tennesse. So we to be together far from a cat. And the cat cannot catch the mouse? That you to think! I am really afflicted by it! Please to write me your thoughts! I to wait for your letters! A gentle kiss in you Joe! Your Mariya
Letter 23
Hi dear Joe! How you? I at home. I to be in a way and consequently could not write to you. When I to read your letters I have affliction that we cannot to do our meeting quickly and at once to go on station and to buy the ticket to my house. Yesterday I to arrive home but as could not reach to the cafe Internet. Yesterday to be put the big questions. I am a lot of people which I will speak what to move to the USA to have many questions why I came back? And when I to go to the USA? I not to know what to answer these questions. I not to know what to speak to them and consequently to look silly. Grief! OK! I am glad that your travel to go well. I am glad that you could to reach to your mum and to have with it some time. The hope that your mum will be soon healthy! I to understand that it to be all suddenly and you not to plan this travel. I to understand concerning a cat. I if to arrive I not to wish to remain with a cat. It to do mine meeting to you simply painful. I to understand concerning problems which we to have. Ok! I that we will soon have the nobility a meeting. I only to have I am a lot of questions on which not to know the answer. You to know the answer to these questions. When now I to arrive to you Joe? When you will move back home? When we to meet? I to speak that I to take wash holiday from work. I should go on work again what not to spend my holiday? What to speak me my chief rather my holiday? I should know answers to these questions what to plan my following step. But while I not to know answers to these questions I to go blindly in emptiness. Joe hope that travel is fast yours is finished. Hope what to be fast we together! To write me your thoughts concerning my questions. It is a lot of love and kisses in you Joe! Your Mariya
Letter 24
Hi dear Joe! I not where not to disappear. I not to have affliction on you. All OK! Work only is a lot of. It has pulled hard on me from different directions. Work is a lot of. From for it I not to write to you. As I to have some bad feeling. From for that that I came back home I to see that I to become aim jokes and sneers with the party of some colleagues on my work. You the nobility that are people which only to wait an occasion what to speak for your back any bad things. I try keeps from such people further. Grief. As to have bad relations with my chief. My chief to want what I to be in holiday now. I already to explain to it many times that now my holiday not to have for me not what sense. I to ask what it to transfer my holiday. My chief tells that it can to transfer my holiday on the beginning of August. If I do not go to the beginning of August it to cancel it. He to speak that in our firm to work many people. And it cannot make so all to be happy time when at them holiday. The schedule of holidays is painted also it any more that will not change. He speaks that it cannot to give holiday at once all bookkeepers. During time holiday my work should be made. It will have the person which to fulfil my duties in August. But it cannot find this person during other time. So from for carrying over my holiday some people not to be happy. Now carrying over of some holidays to cause some not content. Really difficult situation on my work. I should go on leave as soon as possible what not to lose it absolutely. Grief. Yes I to have only 30 days my holiday. It will not be added if I not to go now. It is more than that if I not go I can to lose in the near future my holiday absolutely! Grief! It is a lot of grief! To write to you after today or tomorrow! I the nobility what not to answer your questions. I will do it later! To finish here! Already to show curiosity and to sniff up some people! To spy why I so long to check mine email! To write to you later! Your Mariya
Letter 25
Hi dear Joe! Again I! The hope that you to receive my letter today. The second which I will write this to you today. OK! I remained one on work. I will tell that I to look some contracts and to finish some work. Now all to leave and I can easy write to you not being afraid that who that of workers of firm can see that I to write the letter to you from my work. Yes many problems on my work are valid. All people which together to work earlier from was got tired to become malicious. All to wish to receive their holiday. It necessary rest. I to think that after rest they again to become good. Though likely not all. I to think that some people to remove a mask and to show the present person! Grief! OK! We will not speak about the sad! How you? How your mum? Yes I understand that your mum cannot to recover very quickly. I to understand that it to have the big age. But I the nobility that am fast it to recover. I to wish the big health your mum! How it? It is better? What last operation? It to help? OK! To try to answer your questions. I not to understand at all that rather ONEX. I think that I cannot to understand even if all to be written on Russian . I not to understand that. I will not do ONEX in Russia. When I to arrive to you Joe you to me explain all concerning it and I as I will lift money there! How many money I spend in Moscow? I to spend really it is a lot of for me. I to spend for travel to Moscow approximately 700$. This all money including my journey to Moscow and in Moscow hotel, the foodstuffs, the Internet and various payments in for my documents. Yes it is the big sum. I to have affliction. I to have affliction that that I and could not move to you. It is not a pity to me this money. Money it only a paper. But I am not really a pity to me that and could finish all and move to you. Grief! OK! I to wish to speak again about my travel. I cannot wait to Christmas. Yes that to be very good what to move to you to Christmas. Cat to be far and we to have what danger. But I cannot wait this time. I to speak to you that from for these holidays in our company all to behave as madwomen. I Should to go to my holiday as soon as possible. Joe when I to arrive to you? When you to go home? Probably I to move to that city Where you with your mum? Your thoughts. OK! That rather my holiday. I to have my holiday only 30 days and it will not increase even if I not to have a rest at all. Grief. I to write you it to my letter today. Or not? I not to remember! OK! I should finish here! I will write to you tomorrow! OK! It is a lot of love and kisses in you Joe! Your Mariya
Letter 26
Hi dear Joe! How you? I am madly glad what to read your letters. I not to write to you because now on my work it is a lot of problems. Now it to be similarly flight Wolves. Everyone to try to eat another. Who that to see that I to use my computer for the letter to you and to inform it my chief. My chief to cause me to itself and to ask what I not to do it more. I will not tell that it to repeat. Now to write the letter or to read your letters to me it is necessary to move to the cafe Internet. Grief. I not where not to leave from you Joe! I always with you! Simply many problems on my work. Joe it is very a pity to me to hear that with your mum still not well. Hope that is fast it will be healthy! Joe I to speak to you that I should have my holiday. I should to have my holiday in August. I to speak to you that I to have a lot of excitement that my holiday will be excellent absolutely. I to want holiday and to wish to go to you. I to wish to stay to you in August. Joe hope that you will at home soon. Yes you correctly to understand my plan. I should have my ticket and to move to Moscow. If I have money for my ticket that I to buy it and quickly to pass reception procedure my visa. The ticket to accelerate reception the visa and to reduce stay in Moscow. But even if I will have all my documents will take some time for consideration of my documents. In embassy to me to inform that decision-making to occupy approximately 2 weeks. I to go in Moscow to buy the ticket. To give all my documents in embassy and again to move back to my city while it it will be approved! There to me precisely to tell for what day to me to buy the ticket and in what day I to arrive to you Joe! Yes to spend it is a lot of money in Moscow. But I not to have affliction. Money it only a paper. But this paper can help to have to us our meeting. OK! You to wish to send to me custom-made correspondence? You to wish to use usual mail. Our mail it is bad to work. It will take 2-3 months before I to receive usual mail. As I think that it can to be lost or stolen. I to think that it is bad thought to use it. I to think that it is better to use email for our communication! OK! I hope that am fast you to transfer me money through Money grame. Yes I can exchange the American dollars for roubles and on the contrary. It not what problem. I can exchange it directly in bank. As not what problem about an exchange dollars on roubles! I only to ask to understand you that as soon as I to receive your money and will buy the ticket be required 2 weeks before I can receive my documents the ready. Actually you can transfer money right now for my tickets. I can descend in Moscow and finish my documents. I only should know exact date of my arrival to you. I should know day of my arrival to you. I cannot wait Christmas. I should go on leave in August. Actually if it not to make in August that I can lose my holiday. I to wish to hear your thoughts! It is a lot of love and kisses in you Joe!
Letter 27
Hi dear Joe! How you? I to see glad what your letters today. Today I to write to you from the cafe Internet. Today my day is good on my work. After a dinner I took some documents and to carry to tax inspection. It to take only about one hour from me. I to carry documents and not to hasten to come back to my work. I only tried to come back on my work on foot and it took many time. I only to get tired from my work and easier to take walk. Then I to come on my work but actually my working day to be already stopped and to go I home. Now I to try to receive some walk before my dream. I to decide to go to the cafe Internet what to write to you the letter. In the Internet of cafe I can not be afraid that who that can see as I to write you the letter! How your mum? It is still very bad? I to ask the god what your mum quickly to be healthy. I to read your letter and not absolutely to understand rather the house your mum. Your mum to have the house but from for that that it will receive medical aid the government to take away this house? Why the government should take it? I not absolutely to understand. Probably in your country to have other laws. Please to explain me it. OK! I very much to wish to have our meeting. I will have my holiday in August. My holiday is actually compulsory. I to try to explain to you. Each person which to work in our firm to have the right to holiday of one times in a year. Our chief to make some list and to distribute time when each of workers our firm to go on leave. It to get to me on the end June the beginning July. From for that that I could not go to you I to transfer my holiday for August. In August I should move to my holiday. If I not to move to my holiday that any check our firm to see that I not to be in holiday. This infringement the labour code our country and my chief will receive the big problems. As very often to do check trade unions. My chief to be afraid of trade unions most of all. My chief to speak what I to go on leave or it will have problems. He to speak that if I not to wish to write and refuse my holiday that from it. But I to want my holiday. And consequently I still not to sign those papers. My chief Compulsorily to send me in holiday or to ask what I to write refusal from my holiday. I still to hold impact my chief. But it to become all is stronger. As I not to wish to bring my chief. Because any check will reveal infringement and my chief will have problems. My holiday still not to suffer crash but it already on the verge. Joe that to us to do? I understand that you cannot to leave your mum. I as will understand that your mum is healthy but not to know you when. I as not to know when our meeting. I to understand concerning a cat. Joe but we to do the plan rather your cat. What a cat I will not catch the mouse your niece! A smile! Joe we to have the plan concerning all. It is necessary to calculate only day when we to do our plan during a life. Your thoughts concerning it? OK! To finish here! It is a lot of love and kisses in you Joe! Your Mariya
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