Scam Letter(s) from Irina Lishchuk to John (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello John!

Don't worry I opened all your pictures. I though I always commented about them. I like your apartment and view of the city very much! Your apartment is very cosy and modern. :) I have a DVD and VHS, so you can send me a video in any format. How are you? I am fine. Today I have an interesting news to tell you. Wow, I am so excited that I even don't know from what to start!!!

Yesterday I met with my aunt (she is my mother's sister). As I have already told you, on my mother's birthday my relatives were very much interested in my personal life and we talked a lot about you. She is a very nice intelligent woman and she works as a dean at one of the Universities in Brest. She loves me like her own daughter. She was so happy that I've met you and she proposed to help us to meet. She told that at the beginning of September will be the students tour to the USA and she proposed me to join this tour. Can you imagine??? I have not still believed. :)) She told because of I am young it's not so easy for me to receive a visitor's visa to the USA, so this students tour is the best chance for me to come to see you. The tour will be practically for a month and all this period I'll manage to be with you. I can't believe!!! I think it'll be a good chance to know each other better. What do you think of this? I am so excited!!! I think it's really a good chance to meet.

The tour costs 970 USD. Here is included the cost of a two-way ticket and my visa. The price is not low and without your help I will not manage to pay for it, but I think if we try together, I'll manage to visit you. That's why I need your help. Tell me, what you think. I so want to visit you!!! My mom and aunt are also very excited. :0) But they know that you are a very nice man and you will never hurt me, so they so want me to come to see you. I don't know what to tell you more, I am so excited!!!

I'll be waiting for your news on Monday. Tell me what you think.

Kiss you and hug. Have a nice weekend.

Yours, Irina

Letter 2

Hello John!

Thanks a lot that you are serious about us and want to meet with me. I am really happy!!! I am sorry, the last time I was so excited about the news and I gave you a short information. But now I'll try to explain you everything. The tour to Seattle (I don't know where it is. Is it far from you? ) will be from the 4th of September to the 30th of September. The best student of Brest State University will come to the USA to perfect their knowledge of English and to study customs and traditions of the USA. It's something like the students exchange. All the students will live in the families, but all that period I'll manage to spend with you. I will not be a member of this tour, for me it's only a chance to receive the student's visa and come to see you. As soon as I pay for the tour they'll give me the schedule of my flight. Now I only know that I will fly by Lufthansa company. And I think I'll be flying out of Minsk- 2 airport. I'd like you can buy me free tickets, but the problem is not in the tickets, but in my visa. If I join this tour I'll have a guarantee that I'll receive my visa. But if I pay for the tour I'll pay for my tickets also. So you can't buy me only tickets.

I must pay for the tour to the University myself and they will organize all the papers. The sum is really high and without your help I will not manage to pay. My parents can give me only 300 USD (They can't give me more, because I will need some money for the preparation also.) If you can help me the best chance to send me the money is through Western Union on my name (My full name is Irina Lishchuk). Unfortunately, I don't know how Western Union functions, but I know that it is even in my city. And I have heard that it's possible to receive the money practically at the same day. It takes about 1 week to receive a visa, so you see, we don't have a lot of spare time. It's necessary to pay max. till the middle of the next week. But if you can try to help as soon as possible. I want to pay to be sure I'll join this tour and come to see you. So, I'll be waiting for your news in the nearest time.

Ok, I kiss you and hug. Till tomorrow, darling.


Letter 3

Hello John!

Thank you for your letter. I try to understand your fears, your thoughts.... But why don't you trust me...? I didn't do any bad for you. Do you think that I feel myself comfortable talking about the money...? No. I even feel a shame to ask you for the help. But I don't see another way out. I can't pay myself. If my parents had the whole sum, I would never ask you for the help, but they can't help me... They can give me max. the half, so I need your help. And I don't see nothing terrible if you help me. We solve our life. Certainly I can't ask you to send me the money. I think you must want to do that yourself. I want you trust me. It's very important, because how can we plan our future... ? But I understand you, we know each other not for a long time. But this trip will be really a good chance to know each other better. I am not going to hurt you. I want to make you happy and be happy myself...I can't do the miracles, but if you like me like I am, I'll be glad to share with you my life. You answered me, you were interesting in knowing me better, you enjoyed talking to me, you like many things about me and now you hesitate. Everything I wrote you I wrote from my heart. I don't know what to tell you more. I simply want to see you.

So, you must take a decision yourself. Think one more time if you really want to be with me, reread my letters and you will understand. Your heart will tell you what to do. I have not still loose the hope. But I can't decide that instead of you. I'll be waiting for your news.


P.S I can find a phone, but I think it'll not change anything. You simply don't trust me...



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