Romance scam letter(s) from Regina Kalistratova to Greg (USA)
Letter 1
Hello Gagusailor,
I fulfil the promise. Together with the letter I send you the photos. I wish to ask you to be decent.
I the sociable girl, but I have got used to communicate in a reality. I like to see the person of the person at conversation and to see emotions. I hope, that now on your person a smile, and at you good mood.
Gagusailor, I have a higher education. I work. My work brings in my the good income.
My parents are live, but I live one. Already I the adult and independent girl. Often I see my parents. I respect and I love mum and the daddy.
Now I have a feeling of loneliness. It is a lot of mine girlfriends and friends already have a family. I also dream of a family.
I hope, that you have read my letter. Gagusailor, I do not wish to seem the bore. It is interesting to you to read my letter? Already I know, that you the decent man. Tomorrow I wait your new letter.
Set to me questions, and I will answer you. Ok?
Ah. I have absolutely forgotten to tell. I live in Russia. Gagusailor, I am glad, because I have a friend! For you distance a problem? Though you would not pay attention to distance between us.
We can communicate here and learn each other. You agree? Please, your photos have gone to me. It is assured, that at you a beautiful smile. Gagusailor, viewing of your photos will help me to learn better you and your life. Maria
Letter 2
Hello my good,
Today Saturday, I do not see your answer, to me that you do not write to me today becomes sad, I am upset as tomorrow Sunday and that that I will not see your letter. I think that that on Monday I can read your letter if you write to me, I think that you will read these lines of my letter as to me becomes, is sad or is lonely, as I wish to read your lines of the letter.
I think that you will write to me on Monday. As today at me the working day I reduced soon gather home but before leaving I will look mail, I think what even today you will write to me. Successful days off.
I look forward to hearing. Yours Maria
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