Scam Letter(s) from Evgenia to Chris (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Chris!
How are you?
It;s me Evgeniya from elenasmodels

Letter 2

Hello chris! I am glad to see your letter! I think that it is very good way to start our acquaintance! In the beginning I want to tell at once to you why I on a site! Simply I feel lonely and consequently have decided to find to myself the assistant to soul in the Internet!
You can ask me and why I have not found somebody here? I can answer you that I am already tired from such attitudes when young people very much are not serious also them the family and children does not interest! And I want it! That is why I have decided to find to myself the assistant to soul in the Internet! And why you search for the destiny in the Internet??? Now I very much to you to tell it is a little about myself! My full name is Evgeniya! As you probably already know, I live in city Surgut! It is very beautiful!
But I think that there will come one day when I shall leave from this city and somewhere I shall begin a new life! To me the Good impression about you was created. I think, that we can find the general themes. Inform please concerning itself. I shall be glad if you to me write the letter. I shall wait continuation of our acquaintance.

Letter 3

Hello chris! I am happy to see your second letter to me.
It will be fine, if we shall know each other more. Certainly, I cannot describe to you myself at once. I think that I very simple person! I wish to tell that I do not hide usually anything from people. I speak always that I feel also I do not love, when people not sincerely! You understand me?? Unfortunately, I have no person whom I could love. I wish to find suitable The person for a life, families and the good friend. I would like to care about The person and to love an ego. I wish to create family already. I search for the person only on correspondence, I search for the love! I very open person and I that I do not aspire to riches, But at the same time I aspire to the best conditions of a life, actually, for this purpose it is necessary To live. I so think. You it do not agree with me? I wish to tell to you about my childhood and more about myself! In the childhood I very much loved music. I played on a piano and on a violin. And till now I love music! My favourite flowers of a rose.My favourite color - green. I like to eat Various foodstuff: soups, salads, a pizza, various sweets and others. What do you like to eat? I also very much like to prepare.
I do delightful Dishes from meat. As I very much love a fish! I also like to go At cinema, in particular I love the American cinema. Last film, which I saw - Avatar! In the free time I usually watch TV. I listen to music from mood, When to me I am sad listen to silent music.
Our Russian songs very much Popular. You listened to them? Now I have no animals of the house. Recently at me was Cat and it unfortunately was lost I has been very upset, when it happens. I very much love cat, as they very silent, diligent and pure animals. As I very much love dogs, but my daddy never allowed them to hold to me! In the future I would like to have a dog! I think that I while have enough told to you about myself! I shall be glad if you can inform me more on you! I wish to know about your childhood about your life. I very much want continuation of our acquaintance! I had a good impression about you!

I shall wait for your letter with your photos!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 4

Hello chris! Is very glad to see your letter. I each time am pleased when I see your letter! I receive good mood on all the day when I read your letter!!!!!!! How at you has passed day???????????
How your day? I wish to learn you more and I would want that you too knew about me more. I think that the more people know each other that the more at them chance to construct the future! You agree???????? I wrote to you that I very much like to prepare!!!!!!!!!! Many spoke me, that I have huge abilities of work above kitchen. Basically, I very much like to prepare for a dish from meat and it at me It turns out always well. As I like to prepare for various pies. I put all heat and all energy in these dishes. Possibly therefore it turns out always well. Very often I prepare for the friends and certainly for favourite parents. When at me bad mood I very often happen on kitchen and I can prepare for something tasty. Though I I to eat it is rare. Simply to like me process of preparation of meal. Even when to me I am sad often I sit on kitchen. I do to myself green tea and I look out of the window. At this time I often dream. And you like to dream?????????? I think that if the person very strongly will want something that at it all to turn out. I as think that if the person will want the dream to carry out in reality that it will necessarily come true!!!!!! You agree with me?????????????? In childhood I it has been borrowed in gymnastics, I liked To play volleyball, basketball. I till now very much love sports! I always to support myself in the good form! I on a regular basis am engaged in aerobics and I adhere to a healthy way of life. You know for me very difficultly To wake up early in the morning and to go for work. But in one hour I feel well. You know when at me in the morning good mood that put at me necessarily to turn out successful!!!! And how you like to spend your day?? I do not ask you about your work! And that you like to do in current of day except for your work! I would like it the nobility! I hope, that I not to you became boring and that you will be to me and further to write! I think that you very interesting and kind person!

I shall wait for your letter!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 5

Hello chris!! I have good feeling to write to me. You show the big interest to me and to me it is very pleasant. It is fine, as I also have become interested in you. I to wish to create serious attitudes with the good person. And it is very important for me in a life. For me in a life the main thing is family and my future husband.
I think that each person dreams both happy family and the big love! I think that people always should find the happiness. I think that for happiness there should be no barrier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You agree with me chris???? I am happy, that we learn about the friend the friend more. I wish to tell to you about my parents. They remarkable people. Wash the father call Sergey. My father works as the engineer In the big building company. He is a cheerful person with greater feeling Humour. Possibly you already know that in Russia many people use alcohol, but my father fortunately does not drink much. It can drink on on holidays And when it has a rest with friends, but it is very rare and in the moderate quantities. But unfortunately my daddy smokes much. And it knows, that it awfully influences health, but it cannot wean. A name of my mother Svetlana. My mother works as the bookkeeper In the same company in which my daddy works. My mum very diligent person and it Does houses much. I always help with these affairs of my mother. In the future as the wife I would like to be similar to the mum! My mum very kind and understanding person! I can tell that my mum my best friend! I do not have from it any secrets and I always to it tell all! It can always take me advice! I very much love parents. I try to be independent of them. I to wish To create family. And I dream of the big love. I also wish to help mine To parents in the future. It is very pleasant to tell for me to you about my parents. I very much love the Parents and the sister. I still have a senior sister. It two years ago has got acquainted on the Internet with the man from Israel and now it lives to Israel. Now it is happy!!!!!!!!!!!! They are very dear people for me. It will be very interesting to me to learn about your relatives. And by an example of the sister I too have decided to find the assistant to soul in the Internet! It is very interesting to me! I think that for happiness and the future love of the person does not exist any barrier! I hope, that I have not tired you the letter and that you will be and to write to me further!

Letter 6

Hello Chris!!
It is very pleasant for me, that I also am interesting to you.
I am happy to see your letter. We learn about the friend the friend more.
We are widely separate, and letters from us only rally.
I to you to not tell about work. I work as the seller
The medical goods in one of drugstores of this fine city.
The drugstore to be nearby to my house. And it is very convenient for me,
As it is not necessary to overcome greater distances every day.
15 minutes are necessary for me to reach a drugstore.
My working day begins at 10 o'clock and to last within 8 hours.
In the working days in me the free time - is not enough. I work 5 days in a week.
On Saturday and revival I have rest from work. My very silent work.
Assortment of the medical goods in this very big drugstore.
I can dissuade any medicines of the person or preparations against various illnesses.
I have wide experience in it. Basically, many medicines buy against a flu.
And many people address to me for the help, and I am always happy to help.
Now I to search for other work above a speciality. I have finished institute on a
Speciality Marketing.
And now it is difficult to find work above this speciality.
Therefore I to work as the seller in a drugstore. To me my work - more and more
And to become more boring and I, to want to be taken a measure more serious,
Prestigious work.
In Russia it is a lot of people - unemployeds, also it is a problem - one of
But now the economy of Russia develops and adjustable. Also alcohol of a problem
In our country influences a national economy. It is a lot of influences of problems
Development of the country.
It is very interesting to me about a life in your country.
How your work moves forward? In you work is more interesting. All from us study
About each other it is more.
With each letter I have more and more become interested in you.
It is fine, which we can so that to inform. We understand each other, and I
Happy to it.

With impatience I shall wait your letter Chris!
With ideas concerning you yours Evgeniya!!!!!!!!!!!



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