Scam letter(s) from Ksenia to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi new friend!!! Please read my letter.
I am a young, energetic and active girl!
I want to find the best man!
If you have a desire to meet you!
I send you my picture and tell about yourself!
Thank you for your attention! Your new friend Ksenia!
Letter 2
Hello, my new friend.
Thank you for what you have not disregarded my letter. Frankly, I'm a bit worried and thought you can not answer. But now I see your answer and a smile on my face. I am glad that we can know each other better.
Previously, I had never been familiar with the Internet. Therefore, our acquaintance for me - this is the first Internet communication. In order for our relationship to continue, I would like to tell you more detailed history about me. As you already know, my name is Ksenia. I born 15 May 1982. Now I am 29 years old. My height 1.70 cm, My weight - 55 kg. I live with my dad and mom. I have no brothers and sisters. I was born in one of the most interesting countries in the world under the name of Russia. Russia - a country with a huge history, with their traditions and customs, which were created over the centuries and are to this day. Russia a huge country where a lot of lakes, rivers, mountains and beautiful nature. I believe that the main component of Russia are the people located here. I live in the city of Tara, I do not know whether you heard about my city and where it is, but I'll try explain to you a little bit. My city is about 3100 kilometers from Moscow. I have lived here all my life. I like my city. It is very beautiful but cold in winter. But I've grown accustomed to the cold. If you want know a little more then I'll tell you that later. I want to tell you a little about my parents. My dad, his name is Alexey, works as a driver of the truck. Pope carries food to shop in our city. My Dad likes the work he performs. Earlier, when I was little, I often rode with the Pope at the working car. I really liked the look of the car window. Of course, I can not tell you about my beloved mother. My mom works Valentina therapist. Work my mother is very responsible and difficult, because of my mom's health depends largely on people. I love and respect my parents. As a child, I, like all children attend school. I really liked the school because I could learn something new. I graduated from 11 classes, with honors, receiving a gold medal for achievements in their studies. After school, I went to university at a special "accountant." University, is a very interesting time in every life. At university I learned a lot of friends, has mastered the skills of my work. I tried very hard study because the parents have raised me, and I could not disappoint them. After university, I was faced with seeking work. It turns out that it is very difficult to find work for young people in our country. First, I worked very not by specialty, which has received. I worked as a salesman in a grocery store. But more recently, opened not a big organization to sell home appliances, which I am working as deputy chief accountants. I really like my job. I try to lay at a maximum. My friend, you probably think, why I am writing to you because I have all the good in life? In my life there very Chief happiness - I have no love! I am looking for the man who could truly love and respect me. I want to find a man who was able trust in all. I want to find the person with whom I can share the joy and sorrow. I want to find second half of the soul, the other piece, which I so badly need! My friend, perhaps it is you? Please tell me a story about you. Are you working? How is your life? What do you like to do? I am very interested to know you. I am very interested in Internet communication, as it is with me the first time. I look forward to your new email to me. "
Your new friend,
Letter 3
Hello, my dear friend Phill!
Thank you for your new, beautiful letter. I am madly glad that you did not leave me unattended. I am pleased that we continue to communicate and learn each other closer. Today is a very good weather. On my face smile. I do not know why, but now I smile more often. I like to communicate with you Phill. Today, I would like to talk to you about the relationship between a man and a woman. All of us, when you feel love, but not always those feelings that we feel real. Who likes the sake of profit, someone draws the monetary wealth. Very few people in this world love for real. Do you agree with me? I would like to build a relationship without deceit and mistrust. I think it is 2 main components. But in our country there are many men who are trying to use women only for *** and personal goals. A woman in our country has become a *****, which is 24 hours a day to work and take care of family. Men practically do nothing. I do not want to live with a man who would not respect me. When I was 27 years old, I met a man named Valerie. First, our relations have developed very well. We walk in the park, looking at the dawn, and followed the sunset. I thought I found a man who will love me for life. But after 3 months of our relationship, I learned that Valerie wants to use me just for the sake of *** and personal needs. I learned that Valera had an argument with friends about what is likely to tighten in my bed after 3 months of our relationship. I am very glad she had learned these details before he came into my confidence. I immediately broke off relations with this man. I'll never let me use. I want to find true love, without deception and provocation. I want a man like me, not as a ****** object, but as a girl, for which you want to live! I hope that you are just such a man. My friend, please, tell me about your past relationships? What do you expect from our relationship? I want to know you more and develop our relations. I look forward to your reply.
Your friend Ksenia.
Letter 4
Hello, my friend Phill!
I waited impatiently for your letter. Thank you for what you have not disregarded my story. I am nice to know you better. How do you sleep?
How is your day today? What are you doing? How is your weather? I think that all well and your day is saturated. My friend Phill, I think you would be interested to learn about what I love doing in your spare time than I'm fond of in life. My interests are mainly directed to the study of culture, architecture and folk life. I like painting, theater, and everything connected with art. I love listening to classical music. You know, when I was little, I read a lot of history books. I've always liked to learn the cultural values Europe and Asia, as well as the United States. I believe that you need to know the history that surrounds this world. Most important thing is that we live in a time of peace. In each country, followed cultural rules and Russia not exception. People devoted to religion, commit the worst sin. I want you to know my other hobbies. I love to play sports. I believe that the movement - this is life! I like to jog in the morning, before work. I try to go to the gym, because every girl has to maintain a good figure. In the summer, I like to ride a bike, swim, play volleyball and sunbathe. In the summer, I'm I love to meet the sunrise and see the sunset on the lake. Perhaps in the future we will be able to meet the dawn together, my dear friend Phill? In the winter I go skiing and skating. I've always wanted to ski down the mountain, but this is just my dream, which may in future become a reality! I love to read books. I especially love novels and love detective stories. I love listening to music. Particular I prefer, of course, give classical music - Bah, Mozart, Tchaikovsky. I like some electronic and pop music, too. I have never traveled outside of my country, so one of our deepest desires in life is a journey. I would like to look at the culture and people from other countries. I am very interested to know you. I think we will find a common language. All his friends tell me that I am cheerful girl. I really am an active lifestyle. I like interact and learn new people. I love the cheerful company. Now, unfortunately, I do not have much time to communicate with friends, as I have a lot of work. I am very calm, romantic and intelligent girl. In my heart I sensual and tender. Sometimes, I like to walk alone, in a city park. I look at people's faces, I see a lot of emotion. Someone enjoys life, someone's life is broken and there is no better chance to go back. But people continue to live. It's very painful to look at sad faces. If I had the opportunity, I would give everyone happy and smile. I've always wanted to with me was a man who can truly love me. I am looking for true love. Are you looking for love, too, Phill? I think that we are similar in many respects. In relationships, I appreciate the confidence, understanding, and of course love to each other. I want a man with whom I I will always understood me, never hurt and loved. I only want serious relationships. I do not want any games. I think that you're looking for a serious relationship, too, Phill? I look forward to your new email to me.
Your girlfriend, Ksenia.
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