Scam Letter(s) from Alexandra Litashova to Rich (Netherlands)

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Letter 1

hello rich
nice to meet you!
i am very glad that you have written me the letter and that you want to know me more better.
you have interested me and i hope that it is not my first and my last letter to you.
now i would like to tell you a little bit about myself.
as you know my name is Oleksandra i was born in Russia and when i was 7 years old i came to Ukraine with my parents.
i was graduated from the institute, my specialization is journalism.
now i live in Sevastopol and work as the newspaper editor.

i am not marred and i haven't children although i like them very much! and i hope that in future i will have my own.

honestly speaking, i have added my photos in the Internet with one goal: to find the person with whom i would be able to build my family .
you can ask me why with the stranger.
i don't want to stay here in this country. i don't see here the future, not for me , not for my family. therefore i want to go away from here.

i don't know if you will write me again or not, although i hope that you will be interested in me, anyway i wish you good luck and anyway i am waiting the
reply from you.
your new friend, Sasha(my short name) .

Letter 2

hi rich
i don't care what they write about my profile.
i just closed it after i began to receive the spam and a lot of men are just crazy on this site.
they propose me some unacceptable things for me.

so i decided to delete my profile from this site.
that is all.

Letter 3

hello my dear rich
i just don't know how to tell you this.
i have very big trouble.
i had the traffic accident today.
my train was late for 4 hours and i had not time to wait for it becasue in that case i will not be in time to my plane.
i rented the taxi and we had the traffic accident at night.
the road was wet, it wasraining. and the driver couldn't stop the car in time and we were flying out on the edge of the road and digged into the tree.
the driver is very bad, he is the reanimation department in the hospital.
as for me i have broken the hand, some bruises, scratches and concussion.

thanks to god, ther is the internet connection here in hospital at the doctor's cabinet.
my dear i am so sorry for this.
i don't know if you receive my massage before you go to the aurport, but please anyway you will see it later.
don't be too much angree with me.
i understand it is hard to belive in all this delirium but i sware it is true.
and i am very sorry for this.
i am so frustrated and i don't know what to tell else.
i will wait for your reply.
i don't know may be tomorrow i will have the chance to answer you.



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