Romance scam letter(s) from Angie Seun Sailes to David (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my love Good morning how are you , i missed you so much and i will miss you while am gone i hope there will be internet access there so we can chat and also send emails as well but i will not go with my phone I know that you are the only one for me. When I'm not with you, you are the only one I'm thinking of. Everything about you tells me that we can be together forever. Only you can make me feel like time STOPS when I'm with you. Only you can make things better when it feels like the end. Only you can be the one to smooth my fears away. For this I'm grateful and I hope you never leave. I love you. I love you so much email me or text me when you are awake i love you so much and kisses all over you Love always Mariam
Letter 2
Hello My love Well Baby.There is something i really need to tell you.Although its personal but i think i should be open to you as my partner.Before the sudden death of my late dad,He was working with this mining company and my Late Dad wanted to create some sort of investment for me before he died and he therefore went for a loan from a security company down here and he deposited 250 bars of Golds as its collateral.Well however, they agreed and sign as to pay back the loan at a certain point in time and unfortunately,my late dad passed way before that time and was not able to fulfill his promises.As such, the time of their agreement is due and as i have the only daughter of my Dad, the security company are on my nerves wanting me to pay back the loan or else, they will be the next owners of the Bars of Gold and which is never my priority giving out what my Late Dad left me.So i suggest i should discuss this with you and see where this goes.the Bars of Golds worth the sum of 3.700 million and thousand dollars and as such i cant let go of my treasure and so i urge if you could assist me work and get back my bars of Golds and so we could possibly invest into a business for our benefits and have a better life.whatsoever belongs to me is automatically yours and so i want us to do this.the bars of Golds weight 100kg per bar of bure aluvia Golds.What do you think and do you wanna put an hand in this?? Mariam
Letter 3
Hello Baby-doll David As i was trying to explain things to you..My Late Dad took a loan at the sum of 75,000 Dollars and which he was able to pay back the sum of 67, 000 thousands. So which my Late Dad is deb ted with the sum of 15,000 till date and he unfortunately died without paying this fee. The time of their agreement is due and the security company wants to take full custody of the bars of Golds if i don't pay back their fee of 8,000 dollars and besides the bars of Golds now worth the sum of 3700,000 dollars as each bar weight 100 kilograms of pure alluvial Golds and you know we can not risk to loose this treasure as left for me.So you being my husband and partner.i urge you help me get my bars Back and we can invest into this and if possible ship it there to you and so we can have a better life. we can sell this Golds and have a better life.Whatsoever belongs to me is automatically yours and so you do not need to panic.What do we do about this and i promise to get every single documents into you name as the next of kin of you help me retrieve this Golds back.I love you so much and hope you understand the short Scenario about the whole thing.I love you Love Always
Letter 4

Dear David, I just want to say that I love you and thank you for all the love and happiness you've brought to me. you know how much i love you and I know you have been loving me the same way, when I found you I knew I wasn't alone and I did not feel alone anymore. You were there for me when no one else was or when no one else understood. That means more to me than anything, David. I am so lucky that I fell in love with such an amazing person like you. I love you. we are short of food stuffs and i want you to send me something tonight to get some food i love you so much and kisses all over you here are some new photos for you love you Love always,
Letter 5
Hello my love David i love you so much and i care for you , well i have a adopted brother by my parents and he is daniel he is younger he is 20 years old and he plays football babe i lost my Dad in a Cancer and my mum is still alive we are always Happy Babe the People from the Security co called again today with treat Babe they Said i have to pay at least 2000$ this week or they are going to get my family in mess Babe i love you so much and i have no one apart from you , your the only one that can help me i love and cherish you so much please i know you love me so please do help me and make me the happiest Lady Please i love you so much, i hope you are having a Great and and i will be praying so you can Help me love always , i will talk to you when you get home from work kisses all over you Mariam
Letter 6
Hello my love i love you so much , what you need to know about the gold is when we are able to Pay the 8000 i can get access to the Gold and get it shiped to you so we can invest Babe and when we invest we can make life as easy as possible Babe , so i want us to get access to the gold before i fly to you Babe i love you so much and i care for so much you are all i want and you are the only one who can help Me so lets get about 10000 so i can send it all to you and also i will get everything to our name Babe i love you so much and i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you , i know we can make it we are on a good Team and we will make life easy your an angel sent from heaven and i know we are going to live happily i love you so much take care when you send the money i will Give you a reciept babe i love you so much and kisses all over you Love Always
Mariam Stagg
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