Scam letter(s) from Irina Lishchuk to Lawrence (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend! :-) Your letter has made my life brighter. :-) Thank you for answering my add at CL and I am sorry I answer you only today. I didn't have a chance to check my e-mail earlier, but now I promise to write you practically every day. (Certainly if only you want to know me better. :-)) To tell the truth, I don't know from what to start. Perhaps, I'll tell you a bit more about myself. I live in Brest, Belarus (It was a country near Poland and the Ukraine). Here I was born and here I have lived for all my life. Here live my parents and here I have a lot of friends. So, it is really the city where I feel myself like at home. I think, I have a very nice family. My parents are the very simple people, but very kind and intelligent. My father is an engineer-builder, my mom is an economist. I am the only child in the family, though I'd like to have a sister or a brother. But... I graduated from the Physical Training University in Minsk and right now I work as a trainer of gymnastics. Gymnastics is my passion, my life... All my childhood I took part in competitions and now I enjoy my work with kids very much. As you can see I have a nice family, good job, but I am a bit lonely. I so dream to meet a man who will love and care of me. Unfortunately, I have not yet found him in that country, so I decided to look for him abroad. I am glad to meet new people. And I hope our correspondence will help us to know more about each other. I think, it's enough for today. I hope you also will try to tell me as much as possible about yourself, your life and your habits. :-) One more time thank you for writing me. I am very interested in you and in our correspondence. Bye. Write me. Irina
Letter 2

Hello Lawrence! I am really glad to find your reply in my mail box. :-)I'll be glad to correspond with you. It was interesting to know more about you. It's nice that we have met and I hope that the distance between us will not interrupt us to know each other better. It's simply necessary to write as much and as often as possible. Now it's the only chance for us to talk, so write me. My work is fine. As you have already known, I work as a trainer of gymnastics at a School of Olympic Reserves. I work with a group of girls at the age of 6 y.o. They have not still professionals, but I do all my best and I hope, perhaps, one day I will proud of them. :0) I will not tell you more about my work right now, because I can tell about it for many hours. Perhaps, I'll devote a letter to tell you more about my work and my sport career. Certainly if it is interesting for you. :0) I like my life here, but for me is not important where to live, more important is to be with a right person. If one day we decide to be together I'll follow you everywhere. Yes, I'll miss my family and friends... I think everyone on my place will feel the same, but I want to have my own family also, I want to be happy. :-) I hope you understand my English well. I studied it for many years, but I think I need some practice. I studied it at school, at the University and now I try to study it myself not to forget. Unfortunately, I don't have a computer at home, I write you from my work, from one of the labs, but I'll do all my best to write you as often as possible. (Certainly, I will not manage to write you on the weekends.) I hope you will do the same. I think it's enough for today. Have a nice day. Bye. Sincerely yours, Irina
Letter 3

Hello Lawrence! I am sorry, I didn't have a chance to write you yesterday. But today I am with you and I'll be glad to tell you more about myself. Thank you for the new picture. I'll send you mine after weekend. I am glad you understand me well, we'll not have any problems in communication. On this weekend I am going to have BBQ with my friends. The weather is nice and we'll go to the countryside, on a river bank. We'll sunbathe and enjoy outdoors activities. I like an active pass time, more then to sit in front of the TV set. Though sometimes I like to watch a nice movie or Discovery channel. I enjoy listening to the music and reading the books. (I listen to Sting, Madonna, A-ha, REM, Cher and so on. I like detective stories.) Though I also enjoy jogging and swimming. I like to move and I think it's help me to stay in a good shape. I like my life in Brest, but sometimes I prefer to have a rest on the open air. I admire the nature. I think it's really the miracle that was created by God. I enjoy the wonderful sunsets and I adore the nature during the different seasons. I think when you are in the country you really have a rest. Though in Brest I have a lot of possibilities to develop intellectually. I can go to the theatres and the cinemas, visit museums and exhibitions. I think life gives us a lot of chances to learn something new every day and I think it's necessary to use them. I like to travel, to examine new places. I traveled a lot about Belarus and the former the USSR( I took part in various gymnastic competitions), I was in Poland, in Bulgaria. But I'd like to travel more about the Western Europe and to see the USA or Australia... I think everything is ahead. Well, I think, it's enough, I talk too much about my pass time, but I need to tell you everything about me. :)) The weather is wonderful, it's a nice sunny day and in the whole the mood is good. But unfortunately, tomorrow will be the weekend and I'll not hear from you... I'll miss your letters...But in two days it will be Monday and we'll be again together. I hope, to find a letter from you after the weekend. Write me. Have a nice weekend. Till Monday. Irina
Letter 4

Hello Lawrence! Today I have a chance to send you some more pictures of me. The first one is from my childhood and the other is taken in the park in Brest. A small girl has become a beautiful flower. :-) I hope you will like me on the pictures. They are specially for you. I will not write you a lot today, Internet works not very well here, but I want you to receive my pictures. Till tomorrow. I hope you will receive my pictures. Bye, Irina
Letter 5

Hello Lawrence! How are you? I am fine. I have a small break between my work and I decided to write you. I am glad you liked me on the pictures. They were specially for you. :-) Nothing special happened with me yesterday. My work is fine. I really enjoy working with children. They rise my mood by their numerous questions and when they make the success in gymnastics, I am really happy. :)) I am glad that I chose gymnastics as a career. I am glad that I have a good education and if it is necessary I'll manage to support myself, to earn for living. Though I am not a career oriented person. I need to feel near by me a strong shoulder, a reliable man. In future, I'd like to care about my husband and our children. I consider a man should be a breadwinner, but a woman should keep a house. Though at the same time I'd like to feel my husband's help in everything. (like in cleaning a house, so in taking a decision). I think when two people love each other they want to care and help each other. Do you agree with me? But certainly if the financial situation in the family is not good, I think a wife should work to help her husband. It's the life... That's why I am glad that I have a good education. And I think, it's always pleasant to talk to an educated person. :)) I enjoy our correspondence. Your letters make my life brighter. You can't imagine how I am glad when I see a letter from you in my mail box. You give me the energy for the whole day, that's why write me as often as possible. :)) Till tomorrow. Have a nice day. Bye. Sincerely yours, Irina
Letter 6

Hello Lawrence! Today is Monday, but there's no your letter. I miss you a lot. Write me sooner. On this weekend I went to my girlfriend's birthday party. At first we planed to go to the restaurant, but then everything changed and we were at home. But in any case, it was a nice party and we had a lot of fun. There were all my friends and one more time I understood, how it is important to have friends in your life. I am glad that in my life there are some people on whom I can rely on in any time, who will be with me like in the sad moments of my life, so in the moments of the happiness. Sometimes, I can't ask for an advice to my mom (I don't like to bother her), but I know that my friends support and help me in any situation. I really don't know how will finish our relations, but I know that I have found a new friend. Can I call you a friend? :)) Certainly I'd like you were in my life not only like a friend..., but I am afraid to foresee something right now. The time will put the dots on their places. Now I am glad that we can correspond and have a chance to know more about each other. Dear, I wish you to have a nice week. Don't work too much :)) and don't forget to write me. :)) Know, that every minute I am thinking of you and waiting for your letters. Talk to you tomorrow. Irina
Letter 7

Hello Lawrence, How are you? How are you getting on? :-) Please, smile for me now. I want to know that you are in good mood. :-) Dear, I am sorry, but today I don't have a chance to write you a long letter. I have the problems with the computer at work, so I've come at the Internet cafe only for a minute to write you that I am fine and I am thinking of you.:)) Internet cafe is not very close to my work, so soon it'll be necessary to come back. I'll try to write you more tomorrow. Dear, by the way, I want to give you my mailing address. I think, It will be very romantic to correspond by the mail also. This is my full name and address: Lishchuk Irina
Kosmonavtov Str. 4, Apt. 32
Brest, 225000
Belarus I'll be happy to receive a postcard from you and I'll be glad to send you my letter. :)) I have never received a mail from a foreign country. It will be very exciting... So, write me, I'll be waiting for it with a great impatience. I kiss you. Take care of you. Irina
Letter 8

Hello Lawrence, How are you today? I am glad you've received my yesterday's letter with my home address. Send me your picture and a copy of the magazine you publish. I'd like to see it also. If you give me your address, I'll write you a letter and send more pictures of me with a great pleasure. I enjoy writing you. :-) I am sorry we can't chat online. Don't forget that I don't have my own computer, I write you from my work and from Internet cafe. Today in the morning , while taking a cup of coffee ( I can't wake up without some cups of coffee), I thought, it should be a nice day. The weather is not bad and in the whole the mood is excellent. I adore the sun. It gives me the forces, but the rain makes me sad. For me it would be nice to live where the weather is fine during the whole year. But we can't choose where to born. :)) Another thing I understood that every spare minute I am thinking of you. I am thinking when I am at home and at my work, when I going to bed or do my shopping. You are always with me. It's really strange, because we have known each other for such a short time...I can't explain that, but it is the truth. I enjoy writing you. Every spare minute I try to foresee your next letter, I think about what to write you. If I had my own computer I would write you every spare minute. I like to share with you my life events. Certainly language barrier interrupts me a bit to express myself, but I do all my best. And I want to tell you, that your letters make my life brighter. Thank you. Thank you that you are with me. So, have a nice day... Kiss you and hug. Irina
Letter 9

Hello Lawrence, It's me, Irina. And it's only a short message from me to tell that I've caught a cold and I can't write you a letter. I am sorry, I feel myself weak and I can't write you a lot. But I knew that you were waiting for my letter, so I have come to the Internet cafe for a minute to write you some words. I hope, on Monday, I'll go to work, so I'll write you more. I am thinking of you constantly. Don't worry. You are always on my mind. Take care of you. Have a nice weekend. Till Monday. I kiss you and hug. Irina
Letter 10

Hello Lawrence, You can't imagine how I missed you, darling. :0) So many days without your letter... It was terrible. But I caught a cold and couldn't write you.... It was very hot here last week and only cold drinks saved me in such the weather. So nothing strange that I caught a cold. :)) Now I feel myself better, though I've still had a light headache, but on Friday and on the weekend I really felt myself bad. I had a sore throat and a high temperature. So all the weekend I spent on the sofa in front of TV or sleeping. :)) I wish you were near by me... You would care of me... Only mom and some of my best girlfriends came to see me. I know that if you were near by me, I'd recover in a minute. :)) Your care would be the best pill for me. :)) My work is fine. Everyone is interested in my health. I think, today they will not give me a lot of work to give me some rest after the illness. :0) I really have still felt myself a bit weak. But don't worry, in the whole, I feel myself better and I am not going to be ill any more. I hope, this week I'll try to write you every day. :)) I'll do all my best. I am really very happy that we have met. Have a nice day. Take care of you. I kiss you, but not very strong. I am afraid you can also catch a cold. :0) Bye, Irina
Letter 11

Hello Lawrence, Thank you for the message. :-) I am glad to hear from you, to know that you miss me. I miss you too... I was waiting for you reply and didn't want to interrupt you with my letters... I understand that you are a busy man, but try to find some time for me also. OK? Please, write me more. How are you? Irina
Letter 12

Hello Lawrence, I really enjoyed reading your letters. Thank you.:-) Your pictures are very nice. I like you on them.:-) How are you? I am fine, only today the weather is not good and it makes me a little sad. It's raining the whole day and in the morning until I came to my work, all my clothes was wet. It was terrible. But now everything is OK, I am reading your letter and it makes me happy. :-) Today I am writing you from my work, but not from my computer( I have not still had access to the Internet from my computer). I am not allowed to write, but I don't want to go to the Internet cafe because of the weather and at the same time I don't want to leave you without my letter. I tried to write you in the morning, but didn't have access to my mail box... I was really sad, but I couldn't change anything. I don't know if it is worth to write you a long letter today, but I want to write you. I hope you will receive it. Internet here really works not very well. My country is not so progressive as yours... But in any case, I think, only because of the fact that there's Internet we've met. We are too far from each other and I don't know if we met one day, but Internet helped us to meet. Now we can write and discuss many things, tell each other about our life and dreams...We become closer with every letter. I really believe in chance, in destiny. We could live by our own lives if one day you didn't answer me. :0) Something made you write me and now we are together. It's really a miracle! Though I prefer better to believe in destiny. Are you my destiny? :0) Yes, we don't know that yet...But I know for sure that you are a very nice man and you make me happy. And it is really very important for me... I had a usual weekend. On Saturday it was raining heavily, so the whole day I was at home. I met with my girlfriend, but we didn't do anything interesting. On Sunday I went shopping with my mother and it took us half the day, then I was at home, read, watched TV and simply had a rest. But today I have a lot of work to do. I have to go. Have a nice day. I am thinking of you. I hope you will receive my letter. Irina
Letter 13

Hello Lawrence Did you miss me yesterday? I was thinking of you constantly. Yesterday it was a wonderful day, it was my mother's Birthday ( I am sorry, I forgot to prevent that I didn't write you yesterday), but I missed you a lot. I wish you were with me. We had a nice Birthday party. Many relatives came to congratulate my mother and share this day with her. There was my aunt and uncle, two my cousins, my granny and some close friends of my parents. I don't want to describe what we did, but we had a good time and I felt I was in circle of people who love me very much. It was a wonderful feeling. I enjoyed talking to them, laughing with them... They were open and I feel their love and care in every word. And certainly they were interested in my personal life. :-) At first I tried not to answer their questions, but till the end of the evening they won and I told them about you. They were very much surprised, but wished us the happiness. All of them want to see me happy and smiling. :-) You can't imagine how happy I am when I am telling about you. They asked to tell you hello and their best regards. I hope one day you will have a chance to see all of them in person. I'll show you my city, you will see my friends and relatives. You will enjoy your pass time here. I have good news, but I need to check some information at first. But I hope you will like it also. How are you, my dear? Today is the first sunny day on this week. I am fine and full of energy. Now I have to go, but I'll write me. I kiss you, Irina
Letter 14

Hello Lawrence! Wow!!! you wrote me in Russian. Practically right. :-) I understand everything. I am also waiting for our meeting!!! I like you very much! Today I have an interesting news to tell you. I am so excited that I even don't know from what to start!!! Yesterday I met with my aunt (she is my mother's sister). As I have already told you, on my mother's birthday my relatives were very much interested in my personal life and we talked a lot about you. She is a very nice intelligent woman and she works as a dean at one of the Universities in Brest. She loves me like her own daughter. She was so happy that I've met you and she proposed to help us to meet. She told that at the beginning of September will be the students tour to the USA and she proposed me to join this tour. Can you imagine??? I have not still believed. :)) She told because of I am young it's not so easy for me to receive a visitor's visa to the USA, so this students tour is the best chance for me to come to see you. The tour will be practically for a month and all this period I'll manage to be with you. I can't believe!!! I think it'll be a good chance to know each other better. What do you think of this? I am so excited!!! I think it's really a good chance to meet. The tour costs 970 USD. Here is included the cost of a two-way ticket and my visa. The price is not low and without your help I will not manage to pay for it, but I think if we try together, I'll manage to visit you. That's why I need your help. Tell me, what you think. I so want to visit you!!! My mom and aunt are also very excited. :0) But they know that you are a very nice man and you will never hurt me, so they so want me to come to see you. I don't know what to tell you more, I am so excited!!! I'll be waiting for your news on Monday. Tell me what you think. Kiss you and hug. Have a nice weekend. Yours, Irina
Letter 15

Hello Lawrence! Thank you for your letter. I try to understand your fears, your thoughts.... But why don't you trust me...? I didn't do any bad for you. Do you think that I feel myself comfortable talking about the money...? No. I even feel a shame to ask you for the help. But I don't see another way out. I can't pay myself. If my parents had the whole sum, I would never ask you for the help, but they can't help me... They can give me max. the half, so I need your help. And I don't see nothing terrible if you help me. We solve our life. Certainly I can't ask you to send me the money. I think you must want to do that yourself. I want you trust me. It's very important, because how can we plan our future... ? But I understand you, we know each other not for a long time. But this trip will be really a good chance to know each other better. I am not going to hurt you. I want to make you happy and be happy myself...I can't do the miracles, but if you like me like I am, I'll be glad to share with you my life. You answered me, you were interesting in knowing me better, you enjoyed talking to me, you like many things about me and now you hesitate. Everything I wrote you I wrote from my heart. I don't know what to tell you more. I simply want to see you. So, you must take a decision yourself. Think one more time if you really want to be with me, reread my letters and you will understand. Your heart will tell you what to do. I have not still loose the hope. But I can't decide that instead of you. I'll be waiting for your news. Irina
Letter 16

Hello Lawrence! I am sorry if I understood you wrong.:-) My English is not so good.... I am sorry can't call you. If you want we can talk on the phone this weekend. My girlfriend is not against and I can use her phone. But to discuss all the details about the trip is better through the e-mail. I am afraid I will not understand you well through the phone. I'll worry. Write me more in your e-mail, please. I am sorry, the last time I was so excited about the news and I gave you a short information. But now I'll try to explain you everything. The tour to Birmingham (I don't know where it is. Is it far from you? ) will be from the 4th of September to the 30th of September. The best student of Brest State University will come to the USA to perfect their knowledge of English and to study customs and traditions of the USA. It's something like the students exchange. All the students will live in the families, but all that period I'll manage to spend with you. I will not be a member of this tour, for me it's only a chance to receive the student's visa and come to see you. As soon as I pay for the tour they'll give me the schedule of my flight. Now I only know that I will fly by Lufthansa company. I must pay for the tour to the University myself and they will organize all the papers. The sum is really high and without your help I will not manage to pay. My parents can give me only the half (They can't give me more, because I will need some money for the preparation also.) I understand that you are not a rich man, but I need your support. If you can help me the best chance to send me the money is through Western Union on my name (My full name is Irina Lishchuk). Unfortunately, I don't know how Western Union functions, but I know that it is even in my city. And I have heard that it's possible to receive the money practically at the same day. It takes about 1 week to receive a visa, so you see, we don't have a lot of spare time. It's necessary to pay max. till the middle of the next week. But if you can try to help as soon as possible. I want to pay to be sure I'll join this tour and come to see you. So, I'll be waiting for your news in the nearest time. Ok, I kiss you and hug. Till tomorrow, darling. Irina
Letter 17

Hello Lawrence! I was not going to scam you, I only proposed you to meet... I didn't do any bad for you. Why do you hurt me? If you don't want to meet with me, just tell me, but not hurt me with your words... I am sorry I don't know what to tell you more. I am shocked. Bye, Irina
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