Scam Letter(s) from Julia to Joe (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Joe!!! How are you!? What are you doing!? I am very very glad to receive your letter! I hope that you waited for my letter too. All day long today I have spent at work and I thought of you much. I thought of you and I thought that you will write me or not. And you have written. I will tell to you more about me.
My name is Yuliya, I am 27 years old. I have never been married, but I have been thinking about family and future for a long time. It is one of the reasons why I put my profile on a dating services. I lived in village with my grandmother till I was 6. She had nothing but me and loved me very much. My parents lived in city that time. I did not live with them, because they worked too much and they hadn't enough time to take care about little daughter. But when I was 6 they took me to their home. Since then I lived with them in one flat. First I went to school like others. After that I studied in musical institute. I worked in musical school as a teacher of music for some years after graduating. I play the guitar. I love my work, because I love music very much. What music i like? Mmm... At school I love rock music, especially ac \ dc, queen, rolling stones ect. Later I began to listen to lighter music, a little pop. Now I love the songs of different bards, I doubt you've heard this style but this is the best song that can sing in woodland camping, under the night sky near the fire ...
Perhaps, you will be surprised if I tell you, that I live in Russia.
Unfortunately it is so far from you, we are divided with the whole ocean in fact. You should know it, because probably you wouldn't like to continue our acquaintance because we have a huge distance between us. But I want to tell to you Joe, that if we want to meet in future, the distance will not be a barrier for me. If I love my man I must reach him even on edge of the Earth. I have allready travelled and visited some countries in Europe, France and Germany for example.
I made these trips as a tourist. Therefore, you should not worried about the fact we are far from each other. I don't worry about it and I have a feeling we should get acquainted by all means and it is possible to have relations with the person from other country. It is very interesting - other culture, thoughts, traditions. It's a good opportunity for me and you Joe. You can learn a Russian woman and our culture. I send you my pictures and I hope, that you will send me your pictures too. Joe, if you don't wand to correspond with me for any reasons, please tell me. I will understand you, if it is impossible for you.
Anyway I waiting for your e-mail, my friend.
Your Yuliya or just Julie

Letter 2

Hi Joe! I am glad to receive your message and I am glad also, that you have decide to continue our acquaintance. Do you like my photos?
Well Joe, I will send you some more today.
Honey, I think, that you understand already, that I have serious intentions to get acquainted with a good person and have serious relationships with him. I can't tell, that you are this person now. I know you only one day or a little more. But I'm seriously interested in you, and I want to learn you more if it's possible. I try to tell to you a little more about myself. I am a very romantic woman. I am always in a good mood and I love my life. I love cleanliness and cosiness and I would like to create it for my family. I am very curious, I want to see and try everything in my life; we have only one life. I like to cook. My another passion is music. I like various styles and I can't decide which is better. I just like a harmony of feelings and soul which creates the music. I like to communicate with interesting people. It is pleasant for me to get acquainted with men.
But these acquaintances never pass in something greater, than a simple acquaintance. I appreciate such qualities in men such as honesty and capacity to love. Fleeting novels and flirts are not for me. I am ready to give myself completely only to a man which I will really love. To a person I never doubt. Till this moment I have never met a man, who could touch my heart deeply. Thought I do not think, that I have specific requirements for men. I like, when a man is modest and simple. I think about appearance and even age of a man not so often.
The most necessary for me is that a man is kind, fair, caring and able to please a woman. Some people say, that love is not necessary. But I don't want to agree with it. Love between a man and a woman is a present. I want to find happiness with my beloved person. I think, that in life of a woman strong family and beloved person are the most important things; together they would bring up their children. I want to ask you Joe. Tell me, do you dream to see the woman every day near you? Take care of her heart and always to be together with her?
Can you describe her? Excuse me Joe, perhaps it's too early to discuss such personal things. But it is very interesting for me to know, which woman can attract your attention. Honey, I wrote to you my expectations about my future. I hope that our expectations are not so different.
Your Yuliya

Letter 3

Hi Joe.
I am glad to read your letter again. I am a little bit sad today, because it's very cloudy here, but I receive your message and it's like a ray of sun from the dark clouds.
Joe tell me more about your family. Do you have relatives? Which relations do you have? How much time do you spend together? I have very close relations with my family. My parents have been living together for a long time. My father's name is Alexey, he is 56 years old and he is a builder. My mum is 55 years old, her name is Helena.
She does not work anymore, she is a housewife. I see, how strongly my parents love each other for a long time. Sometimes I look at them and think, how good it is, when two loving hearts are so close. I hope that I will have similar future. We live in a convenient three-room apartment. One of these rooms is mine. We love to spend time together.
We often go somewhere together,cinema or cafe for example . Sometimes we do to fishing(in summer of course). This is my father's favourite hobby. Joe, you can look for my place on a google-map. You will see, that my city is located near river Volga. Volga is a great and wide river. When sun comes to a horizon and water starts to reflect sun beams, a beautiful scenery is opening! Water is being painted in a red color. And when you look around everything seems like you are in heaven...
Dear, you have already known, that I have emptiness in my private life. I did not tell you that, but once I was in relationship with the man. I thought that it was a true love. He was so careful and gave a lot of attention to me. But when we became close, not so much time had passed and I completely disappointed in him. I do not want to remember it any more. And I decided, that I will not wait, when my prince charming on a white horse comes here. I decided to choose the prince myself. Therefore I go to dating site. I thought that it was a good possibility to find the man which I would love, appreciate and understand. I defined in my profile, that I search a man more mature than I am. Because I think, that mature man is able to take care about the women better and able to appreciate her. I am ready to give this person everything, I will be always devoted to him. Dear Joe, I must finish my letter now. Write me the ideas you have while reading my letters. I will wait for your messages.
And i sent you a pic with my mom, hope you like this.
Your Yuliya

Letter 4

Hi Joe!
How are you dear? Is everything good? I have a nice day and hope that you are ok!
Joe, usually I don't tell about my deep ideas and opinions, but I wrote it to you, because I felt a desire to open it. To open it only for you. I am an independent woman, but probably sometimes I need a man, for which I can open myself and trust deeply - and when it happens it's so hard to think about it... I am glad, that I found understanding with you. It's very difficult to find the person who is sharing your thoughts about the life. Dear I see, that we have something similar. It's very pleasant for me.
Thank you Joe, that you have wrote me some details about your life and family. I understand you and your life better.
Joe, sorry but I can't write you more today. I need to go home, I will cook something tasty with my mother. We love to surprise our father. The last thing I want to tell you in this letter is that I told my parents about you. Don't worry Joe. My parents will not mind, even if our friendship is grow. I have joked even. I told, that soon I would go to meet you because we need to learn more each other and it would be a good experience. What do you think, they have answered? My daddy told: "Your life is in your hands, please do what you need". It's a joke of course. I think that it's too early to talk about a meeting. But I feel that we can build something together when we will learn more about each other. Dear do you feel the same? I hope. Please write me about it. Have a nice day and take care Joe! I will wait for your letters.
Your Yuliya.

Letter 5

Hello my friend Joe!
I am glad to receive your letter. Today is a sunny day. I walked with my girlfriend and looked around. So many people were walking too. It's so good to feel that your future brings something new and fresh into your life.. And what happened with you today?
Dear please tell me about your friends. What can you tell about them?
I would like to know it very much. How did you get acquainted with them? How did you become friends? Do you have a friend who is always able to help you? Hmmm, Joe I don't know why, but I have not so many girlfriends. And I have only one, which can always support and help me. Her name is Natalya. We are girlfriends for a long time.
I can tell you a story. when we were in elementary school, it was about 15 years ago, she invited me for my birthday. her birthday in early November and at that time has already come winter. I remember a day like today, early in the morning I went to the store to buy her a gift, I bought a book with a big beautiful tiger on the cover, it was a book about animals. there was much snow and I was very tired to walk through snowdrifts. I then went to her, I was very pleased with my gift and knew that she liked as well. we had dinner and then went into the street. in winter darkens almost immediately after dinner and we played hide and seek, sculpted snowman, built snow fort. I do not even know why I remember that day, but perhaps this is one of the most vivid memories of my childhood. since the day we started to make friends with Natalya and I am very happy to have found such a close person.

She is very good and devoted friend. We always have been together. When I told her that I had got acquainted with you, she was very surprised. She asked me, how could I be so brave. She asked me about you also. And I told her, of course. She think that you are a good man and wish us only happiness.
Dear I waiting for your letter everyday. I am very impatient. I hope that we will continue our relationship.
Joe, I thought about you... And I like you.
Your dear Yuliya.

Letter 6

Hello my dear Joe, I am so glad to see your email again!
It's so good that you wrote me about your friendship. It's very interesting for me. I think that friends are a big part of our life, even if you have only one. And it's absolutely fine if you have more!
I woke up today in a very good mood. I listened to the music and danced, I like to be full of energy each morning. And then I went to my work. The children were crazy today! Because it was a very sunny day and they didn't want to study. They would like to jump, laugh and play pranks!:) I can't be too serious with them, but I try to do that; I am their friend but I am a teacher too!
I would like to tell you about my likes and dislikes. I love simple things such as ice-cream (I adore it). I like sea, fresh wind and rain.
I like nature very much. And it's terrible that some people can't see its charming beauty. I like to dance. It's not a big part of my life, I just dance, when I want to do that. I like to spend time with a good book. I read everything, that interests me.
Well did you imagine our first meeting even? I wonder how you imagine that. I think that it would be fine if we could meet on a coast of the river or sea. We will sit on a little table and there will be a boat on which we have arrived near us, and nothing else. Only you and me.
And no one more. How do you think? Yesterday I went to Natalya's home and we spoke with her about many things. She asked me each time about you.
And she sent best wishes to you. How do you think Joe, can I send your regards to her? I do not want to leave, but I must go. I want to receive your letter again and again. I hope that you will write me tomorrow.
Your Yuliya.



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