Scam letter(s) from Olga to Roberto (Spain)

Letter 1

Hello dear Rodrigo
I am rather romantic,optimistic girl. It is not actual in our days to dream about a prince...But i still believe that somewhere is such man who will make my dreams come true. I am honest, tender girl, but, to my regrets, i don't have such person in my life for whom i can give all my love. I think that the most valuable things in our life are children and family. If you're agree with me, if you can give love and be loved please reply and i will give you all my tenderness,
warmth, attention and love. If i have interested you contact me at
Best wishes.
Letter 2

Hello dear Rodrigo!
I am glad that you answered me. I see you are interested in my message. First of all I want to tell you more about myself.
As you know my name is Olga, I am 27 years old, born in 1978 in a small Ukrainian town Stahanov. It's my native town and I still live there with my father. I also have got an elder brother Victor but he lives in the other city with his family.
I am 173 cm in height, I have green eyes and blond hair. I like to communicate with people, I'm always interested to discover something new and unexpected in people. I have a lot of friends and they say that I have good sense of humor. I prefer active kind of rest. I am an active person. I like to begin my day from doing some morning exercises.
I like pets very much and I have my own, Siamese cat Chinara. I adore her and like to take care of her.
As for my education, I have graduated from Medical School and now I work as surgical nurse in the hospital. There's lots of work in the hospital and it's very hard but I feel great satisfaction when I am able to help somebody.
When I have free time I am like reading, among all of the books I prefer travel, adventure and fantasy. My reading also depends on my mood and sometimes as every woman I like to read love stories.
I've told you something about me and my life, if you have any questions please ask, I will answer them with pleasure. I would like to know lots of things about yourself, everything you can tell would be interesting for me.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Warm hugs!
Letter 3

Hello my dear Rodrigo!
I am happy to have your letters and to have such ability to correspond with you! Your letters make me glad. Maybe you want to know more about me, my habits, my dreams? I would like to tell you something about them.
Most of all I like summer, I don't like when it is cold. I also enjoy the sea and when I have an ability to go to the seaside I am happy enough. But I can't enjoy it as often as I want as I am very busy at my work and I haven't enough money to go to the seaside every summer.
And in my dreams I imagine my beloved man and me near the sea watching the stars, hearing the noise of the waves... My hand is in his and we are together! I hope you understand me for the main thing for every woman is love and a beloved and loving man beside her! It is only a dream but I believe that it can come true...
I also like to find out something new. I like to find out new things in everything, I like history. As for me I think that it's really interesting to know more about different countries, people, customs and traditions all over the world. I like to meet new people and to know something interesting about their life. My friends say that I am an easy and rather open person and it seems to me that people like to communicate with me.
I've told you something about me and I hope that it's not everything what you want to know and our correspondence will be continued. I also hope that the distance doesn't frighten you and our relations can become closer... There is one thing I regret about. I am just a simple Ukrainian girl, my native language is Russian and my knowledge of English is very poor. That's why I use the service of a translation firm to correspond with you and it is rather expensive. I don't know what to do but I wish so much to continue our communication...
Waiting for your reply impatiently!
Letter 4

Hello my dearest Rodrigo!
I'm so glad to receive your letters. It's a surprise to me that I'd miss your message so much! I think that it's time to say to myself that it's more than a pleasant correspondence or friendship. When I think about you I feel that warmth is growing inside me. I've never felt something like that.
My friends laughed at me when I decided to search my second half through the Internet but I believed... And now they see my eyes are bright and my face is happy! I would like to explain you why I decided to search a friend through the Internet. I am disappointed in Ukrainian men. Some of our men are too practical, they think only about money or entertainment. Some of Ukrainian men like to drink and nothing more, they have no aim in their life. There's a great difference between you and them, I am sure that you are not like them.
And one more reason for searching my love through the Internet is that my girlfriend has found her second half through the Internet and now she lives in another country with the beloved husband and her marriage is happy.
You know, when I have free time I dream... I dream about sunny, warm day in the forest and we are together with my loving man. We walk under the green trees, and the weather is warm as his lips and hands.
When I dream about it all, it seems to me that I really feel him touching my body...
And do you have a dream? Can you tell me about it? Or maybe you would like to tell me about your ideal of perfect woman? All of us have a dream I think you do too. As for me the main thing I value in a man is understanding. It is very important, as for me, to feel each other, to help each other and to make the life of a beloved person easier. And I also think it is not hard to do everything for a person whom you love to make his life pleasant. As for me I will do everything for my beloved man.
Finishing my message I want to thank you for your letters full of warm words. I am glad that we continue to know each other more close and I hope we will go on discovering more things about our personalities. I hope you understand my point and I also want to know your opinion about relations between loving people. Your opinion is very important for me.
I'll be waiting for your letter with impatience!
Truly yours,
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