Scam Letter(s) from Anna Wasilewa to Victor (USA)

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Letter 1

I am pleased that we'll meet and get to know one another. I hope thatyou will not forget me. Do you remember me? We meet you on datingsite. I ask you to address in order to talk and learn more about you.
You like me.
I send you a photo that you see and remember me. I hope you like myphoto. Tell me what you want to talk? What do you like? what do you love mostin life? What are your hobbies? I am interested to know more aboutyou. I love romance, and you love the romance?What would you want me to call you? how to call your relatives andclose you? I just call you that you were pleased to receive lettersfrom me. I speak to you and my name is Anna.I wait your letter. I hope you reply soon to me, and we continue ouracquaintance with you.
I to wait for your answer.

Letter 2

Victor I send you a photo where I to walk about the the girlfriend. I think she to you to like. Tell to me about her. How she to you tolike? Victor it is very pleasant that you me write me. So it is pleasant mecome today in the Internet of cafe and see your letter. I so am gladit.. Now I understand that you wish too as well as write I one anotherand learn more and more. So it is fine me become when I understand it.
And I am assured you to think of it too most or I is not right???
me you are pleasant that me write. But probably you are bad read thatthat I write. More precisely speaking I speak you about your photo.
You can badly understand that I write you. As at me English under theletter. I would like see it. I strongly to want what we trust oneanother and tell about myself. All what want what the nobility witheach letter is more about itself. Tell me you it agree with it?To me it is pleasant, that you to answer my message. I am glad toreceive from you the letter. To me to do it it is pleasant on theperson. I to be put on, that in the following letter you to write about yourself more. I strongly to wish to learn you. That it isbetter to learn you and to meet you that we it is pleasant to spend time as we it to want. You agree with me or not?
Victor me you are pleasant that me write certainly. As I come in the Internet of cafe what write the the girlfriend. And see your letter.
It is interesting me learn where you be all this time. Why not write me? I hope that you not precipices again and write me more about myself
Victor me it is pleasant that you remember me. It is pleasant that youme speak me. Tell me that you like do at leisure as you have a rest from work. That you like do in the mornings
Victor I am very glad, that you answer me today. I never got acquainted and I hope, that we will have a pleasant acquaintance. My friend leave for Czechoslovakia the the man. And I came to Internet of cafe receive from it letters what transfer its mother. Also has decided try too.
Victor I wish meet the man with which we shall be together happy. Also what my happiness and its dependence only from that together we or not. What, when we were together, nobody could stir us. And I amassured, that such can be. I in city do not have men who want serious relations. All of them leave, because there is no work, others drink many alcohol. The some people get acquainted only from sex. And it it is not necessary me. Serious attitudes are necessary me. Connected with a word family. I live in the Kirov area. Small small town Nema. I wish tell about myself more as. me of 28 years. My eyes vary depending on my mood. They happen blue, green. Basically at me brown eyes. My growth of 1.73 centimeters. like drink coffee in the mornings. And you love it? And I work in the local agricultural enterprise. I look after cows. It is a lot of work, but I not beafraid it.
Victor that you wish learn about me. Ask also I shall answer your questions with pleasure. I would like know about how you to represent the relations with the girl. What do you want from them? With What they should be? Victor I think, that the man and the girl should understand one about other, care, be pleased together. And you as think? What for you important in the girl? What should it be able? Ihope, that you send the new photos as. I shall wait for your letter tomorrow. I hope, that you not forget about me and it is obligatory write me.
With impatience I wait the answer .....

Letter 3

I hope that you would not think of that what to not communicate withme? And you today would not have time what to write to me the letter, but tomorrow I shall receive it and I can tell more about myself andlearn about you. I very much wait for your letter.
Very much very much I wait.

Letter 4

I send you today a photo, on which I the with girlfriends, to care and have fun. I to hope that it to like you Victor I am glad to learn more about you. To me to like, when you are detailed about yourself speak. I very much to appreciate it in relations me you are pleasant that care of me and speak such gentle words in my address. So it is good me become from it. me you are pleasant understand that want what me was good. I too it wish for you and I shall do all what you was good with me. me pleasantly your words and me from them the smile on the person is done. I now so am good feel myself from it.
It is pleasant me read and understand that I soon receive your letter more about you. me from it become well and the smile on the person is done Victor you not correctly to understand me. I to have in view of what in Czechoslovakia to live my girlfriend. And I to live in the Kirov area.
In small small town Nema. You its nobility? Look on a card and to see my city. I too to wish to learn about you more. Tell to me where you to live? Victor I too to wish to learn about it from you I very much hope, that I shall soon receive your photos also. Victor I wish to tell to you about the family. I live one. After I have left the house of the Boarding school, I to act on rates and became the good working woman. To me have given a hostel, and I live in it till now. At me it is a lot of girlfriends. But the best only two. One call Sveta, Galina. And here Galina has left in Czechoslovakia. You remember, I told to you in the last letter.
Victor I live one in the room. At us in village all men married, others have left for the next greater cities for work. And there to remain.
And consequently I yet married. I to not meet that with whom would like to be together. And here has decided to get acquainted with you.
Victor can at us will just as at my girlfriend or it is better? I only do not wish to hasten and I wish to learn you better. I hope, that you not against, and you will not hurry me. I very seriously to concern to it.
I wish to learn about your family? You can tell to me? Who your parents? Your brothers or the sister? What relations at you? At you it is a lot of friends? I think that much. I am right?
Victor I hope, that I shall receive your letter tomorrow. And when I shall come in the Internet of cafe it will please me. I do not know, why, but I very much would like to communicate with you. I to be afraid what to set to you many questions, and you to get tired to answer. I hope, what I to ask a little?
About what you wish to learn from me?
Tell Victor, I with pleasure shall answer.

Letter 5

Victor I do not know what to do. I have been at all. We all ask for help. No one else can help. Left to pay 521 dollars.
Victor I do not know what to do. Maybe you can help? I give everything and do not know what to do yet. Even I have nothing to sell. And do not feel like that would be our dream is collapsing. Am I wrong to sell the apartment, borrow money from all who know. Is it all in vain.
If you can help it succeed. And we'll be together. And what we dream of these days will become a reality. I feel so bad. As if the earth went from under my feet and I can not do anything. Victor I ask you not to be offended. Please understand me. And help. And we'll be together.
Victor You'll be able to do this?
I hope you can help. And all we can do it. I have not slept for 36 hours. I want to sleep. I hope that when wake up, go on the Internet in a cafe and get your answer.
And you can help. And after a few days, we will kiss in the arms of one another, make love, walk together. I've been waiting for this. And it really will collapse.
The only hope for you. Our happiness is in your hands. I did what I could. What else do I do not know.
Victor I am waiting for your answer tomorrow.
I love you Victor!!!!
I can not live if we are not together.
Your loving and gentle Anna

Letter 6

Victor I am glad that you can help us. Yesterday I learned how and what can be done. I was told that having such a company. Called Western Union. You hear about it? I need to go to the next town, to find out more. And tomorrow morning I go there. Tell me the address and I will try everything to learn in detail.
me you are bad that me not write and speak nothing about yourself. Why you be silent and speak anything. I strongly worry. I hope that you write me tomorrow and tell that with you occur, why you not write me today. I worry.
Victor I have been told that this is a good way and that I could get your help in an hour, after you send it. You do not hear about this? I still know all tell you.
Victor I'm so glad it worked out. And I'll be with you. And dreams will come true. And we all do and be happy forever. I woke up today with a very good idea. The fact that I'm with you. I sleep. And had a dream.
You carry me on hands in the house, the bedroom. And I so wanted not to wake up. But the alarm clock rang. I know that we will soon be together. And it will be so. Really?
I love you Victor!!!!
Everything will be fine.
Victor I send you my kisses. And go home to sleep. Tomorrow I will find out and tell you about what I learned. And soon I will fly to you on the plane. I'm already looking forward to our meeting. I so want this.
I do not have words that would describe it. Soon it will happen. And you see about what I say.
I love you Victor!!!!!
Victor I only belong to you. Because you're the most beautiful in this world.
Your loving and gentle Anna

Letter 7

Victor to me you are pleasant that to me to speak and approve. I am glad that you can to help to be together very fast to us. I so am glad that we with you soon to do our dreams in a reality. Of what we so dreamed and wanted in ours with you letters. I to become simply happy that all this is very fast a reality and we to be together.
I to me am lonely, that you to not write to me and to speak nothing. I to be put on, that you to help to be soon to us together in embraces one another. I with impatience to wait for it. I strongly to love you and to wait ours with you a meeting with impatience Victor I to hope, that you can help us through Western Union. I precisely to learn and to me to tell that they it to help us problems.
To you it is necessary on my full to them to send me the help. To specify a place of reception the Russian Federation, city Cheboksary, Presidential Boulevard, 31. My full name Wasilewa Anna Full name which to specify at departure to me to the help.
Full Western Union address, whence it to send me the help Exact sum of translation which it to send me Control number on which I to take away its help for me Victor I was put on that you can to help me as well as my girlfriend. I on it very strongly to be put on and trust what it and to happen. What we to be together more likely Victor I hope, that at you all to turn out, and I can pay a duty and arrive to you. I very much wish to be with you, and I with impatience wait, when we with you shall be together and are happy for ever. I love you Victor!!!!!!! And I am happy, that we to find one another and soon we shall in embraces of one another.
Victor I to collect and prepare all necessary and I can go now already to you. Only to pay a duty and could go. I so am happy. I cannot describe pleasure of my heart. I soon shall with you, and we shall make love, caress one another, gently to touch, kiss and we shall be the happiest the man and the woman.
I love you Victor!!!!!!!!!!
I shall be with you Victor. I dreamed of it more month. And I so am happy, that I shall be in your embraces. Embraces of the finest of the man, the most gentle and tender. MOST THE BEST IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!
I shall be with you Victor!!!!!!!!!!
I shall wait for your letter tomorrow.
Your loving and gentle Anna

Letter 8

Victor I do not know, how to me to be now. I to go to travel agency, to speak them our situation. To me to tell, that at you to go two weeks then we shall submit the case to court as you to not satisfy a condition the contract.
I simply to not know, that to me to do and as to me to be, if I to pay these before the termination of these of 14 days I without problems to arrive to you and we to be happy long and happily. I strongly to be afraid Victor. I do not want court. Also what to me then will be, and then in general where I shall live? I still will have nothing I here the vagabond, I to sell all, as I to think to be with you in your embraces. You understand?
That to me to do Victor. I ask you help us as be to be together as all is paid, everything, that is necessary for a trip is made, it is necessary to pay only these 521 dollars, and I can be with you.
Strongly to not suffice me you Victor.
I want to you Victor
Victor to me it is bad without you
In tears Anna

Letter 9

Victor, I strongly love you and hope you can help us be together soon.
I very much hope so. I just want to show you today, my passport overseas. I forget to put it in the bag. Tomorrow I need you to send it to you to understand that I will not cheat and tell you the truth.
Victor, I speak with a travel agency today. I say that I have until Wednesday. This is the last opportunity to fix it. Otherwise, it indulge in court. Victor, I strongly hope that you have time to help, together we will soon be. I seriously love you and hope that very soon we'll be together in the embrace of another one.
I strongly love you and hope that very soon we will overcome this barrier, and enjoy one another, when to meet and be together. I strongly expect that Victor
your Anna

Letter 10

Victor I hope that everything will soon change, and you will help us to be together. To enjoy one another, a good time. I strongly hope that you can, what you have time to help us be together. This is my last hope to ensure that we'll be together. And if you do not have time to make our dreams a reality, then I would be very bad, I suffer greatly from this, as it turns out that all my work and effort, everything that I sell and make a trip in vain, since I do not have to you stay and after all it is a bum I would strongly hope and believe that you still have time to help us be together, that's all I could do. My life and my fate in your hands if you Victor, to help us. That we be together if not in time to help, I'll be homeless here. Since I have nothing here, nothing will remain, as I think that will be with you soon in your arms.
I seriously love you. I completely trust you and wait for our meeting.
I hope you help soon, do you meet with our dreams and reality.
Alone, Anna

Letter 11

You come up with any nonsense Victor. What do you mean wrong? how do I get the wrong passport, you think long to come up with that? Why are you all seek? If I do not scorch duty until this Friday, I have a court that you do? What do you seek? you want to, I could not come to you, you want it? that generally occur Victor...
it hurts me Victor, I hurt? what are you doing this to me talk and talk. I feel lonely, I just do not understand at all? that happen to you. What are you telling me that you help us to be together. Now you have me say that the passport is incorrect. You scoff Victor?
it hurts me that you just play me Victor
Anna in tears



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