Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Blohina to Joe (USA)
Letter 1
Hi dear!!!
It again I Olga!!!
Unfortunately I have casually removed your letter!
If you will send me him again I shall send you a photo and more information on!
Yours Olga
Letter 2
Hellooooo!!!!!!!!! I am very glad to see your answer! I waited your letter very much!
My name is Olga.
I never had correspondence before, but very much wish to get acquainted with you!
I write to you from the city of Kaliningrad. It is one of the most known and beautiful cities of Russia. I am assured, that you heard about this city?
To me 29 years. I romantic woman, which sincerely trust, that all the best still ahead! )))
I am single now and would like to find the good friend.
It seems to me, that you are surprised?)))))))) I always dreamed to visit your country and next month plan to travel for rest. I very much like to travel, but never was in your country. Therefore I search for the good friend to waste time together.
Well, it is a little about me.
I was never married and I have no children.
At me dark hair with brown eyes.
I have put for you some photo and I hope that they like to you!
Almost all my life passes in Kaliningrad and enjoy it. It is very beautiful city and much foreign tourists visit it .
I shall be very glad, If we shall be friends! I plan to receive month of rest from work, and I would like to visit your country as the tourist. I never travelled so far, and it will be very interesting to me! I would like to get acquainted with good man for serious.))) I always dreamed to live in other country, but long time did not think of it.
But in due course I have understood, that I really want it!
First I wish to travel for rest one and is possible in the future to move to live abroad and to build the new future.
I speak on English well, but my grammar leaves much to be desired. I hope that you understand all that I write?))))))
I studied English at school and constantly improve the skills.
You could be convinced, that I speak really well, but unfortunately I have lost my phone and I can not call yet.
I shall be very glad, if you will write more about yourself in the following letter!
You are very interesting to me and I would like to learn you better!
Certainly I shall wait your photos too! Have good day! Olga
Letter 3
Hello my friend! How there is your day?
I am very glad to read your new letter!
Today excellent day and I am filled by energy!
Correspondence with you is very interesting to me and I with pleasure write the new letter for you!
I wish to tell to you more about me and my life!
I very cheerful person and I am constantly happy to all that occurs in my life!
I sincerely trust, that our life not game and only on us depends what will be!
)))) I already spoke, that I am single and is opened for all new!
You already saw my photo and can present a little as I look.))))
My growth 168 cm and my weight - 51 kg.
I was born in the city Kaliningrad "Olgino" on December 25th 1980.
All my childhood has passed in this city. Now I live in Kaliningrad. I am the one child of my parents, therefore they very much love me.))))
My parents live in Kaliningrad "Olgino" now. They already very old, but their life always was the sample for imitation. I very much love them and I try to visit more often. My parents have study me to all good, that I am able in a life! I am very grateful that they have presented me this life!!!!!!
I live in Kaliningrad more than 29 years. At me a small apartment in which I live. Now I work as the hairdresser, as the master. I love this work very much!
Certainly the most part of my time it is devoted to work, but I use a free time as much as possible fun and useful.
Some times in a week I go in for sports to have a good figure and health.
Usually I float and fitness. It already became a good habit and brings great pleasure for me! At me many good friends and we often waste time together. I do not like to sit at home one! In my city many good place for walk, rest and entertainment. I and my friends often go to cinema, theatre, cafe, clubs or simply we enjoy walks on open air.
I love cinema very much! Especially I love comedies and animation! To me was very much remembered film " Yes Man " with Jim Keri!!! I looked it some times!))
You looked this film? Corporation of Monsters or Monsters VS Aliens? It is funy animation similar to the Glacial age or Madagascar!
It ` s very much funy!
Now excellent weather and in the evening I am constant outside of the house. I like to go on rollers very much! Often in weekend we go with friends for picnic!
I love the nature very much! My the most favourite animal it is a dog, but I cannot in any way dare to get to it!)))) Do you like dogs?
At me very cosy apartment and I very much like to prepare. I can prepare almost for any dishes main, that someone has eaten it.)))) Therefore my friends often come to me on a visit!
As I have already told, the main thing for me a healthy way of life, therefore I do not smoke a cigarette. I heard that many foreigners think, that Russian drink much vodka!
Certainly it not so though, but is a share of the truth. I do not drink vodka and I prefer little bit good wine. But only when there is a company and a toast.)))
I would like to learn more about you! It is really interesting to me! I would like to investigate you better, before I travel to your country. I wish to have
month of rest and to see all the most interesting! Now I do not have exact plans, but when I learn all, you will be the first, whom I shall inform.)))))
To me it is very pleasant, that my photos have liked you!)))
Certainly I wait your new photos too! Take Care Yours the friend Olga
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend! How are you?
I am happy to read your new letter!
With each new letter we learn each other more and this great pleasure for me!
Certainly correspondence will not replace to us personal contact but we already shall know each other before we shall meet face to face!))))))))))))
Forgive, I am not always can answer quickly. I do not have Internet of the house.
I go to the cafe Internet, when there is a free time.
Today excellent weather and I very much would be desirable to finish more likely work and to go to walk!
How there is your day? I hope that at you good weather too?
I very cheerful and active woman!
I like to think of a life and to dream of the future. All that remains in the past not so important, because the past already never will return. I have got used for myself only positive memoirs. I really dream very much and I want that my life has been filled by bright paints, pleasure and happiness. The people lives only once and only on him depends how they will spend your time and what will leave after itself.
Unfortunately many people forget about it.
I very much love Kaliningrad, but I get tired of haste the big city more and more. If to get used to this chaotic stream of days, it is possible to not notice as a life simply passes. But if to stop and better to see all that surrounds us, we shall be surprised as much do not notice.))))))))))))))
My childhood has passed in the to Village "Olgino" together with my parents. My parents have the house and a beautiful garden. They have created this garden together, when I was the small child. This surprisingly and beautiful place!!!
In a garden is a lot of trees and flowers. Most of all I like white roses!
Russia really very much big and beautiful country! I always dreamed to travel, but unfortunately had no a lot of time for this purpose.
In the past year I travel to Crimea for rest for the period of my holiday. Now it is territory of Ukraine, but earlier was part Russia.
This time I would like to spend my holiday in your country! It will be improbable travel for me! I hope that we become good friends and you will show me all the most beautiful and interesting places.
I very much love the sea, sand and shout of the seagull! My greatest dream to see ocean! I never saw it!
Sometimes in a dream I represent, as I go on a snow-white beach and waves cover my foots. Probably, therefore my most favourite color blue. It is similar on
color of my eyes. What color You love more?
You like to listen music? This great pleasure for me!
On work I constantly listen radio. I love music of different directions! But my favorites Duran Duran, Sting and Bryan Adams!
As I have already told, now I am single. I had relations before, but never was married. It is sad history. My last relations have ended several years ago.
Unfortunately in a life all varies and we not always can change it.
But now it is in the past and I with the open embraces meet new day!
I sincerely trust, that my happiness ahead and I shall find man, which will respect and love me. It seems to me, that for each woman the main thing always to be assured in the man, that this person never will betray you!
Unfortunately the economic situation in Russia is not so good. I many years think of a life in other country. I search only for serious relations and I trust, that I shall find good man! Now I most of all wish to waste time my holiday and to travel to your country for rest.
The main thing for me in relations between the man and the woman - trust, understanding, respect and support each other. I want that my man was for me the best friend and I have been assured him always.
Each woman wishes to be for the man unique and favourite. What in relations the main thing for you?
I very much wish to hear your ideas!))))))
I with impatience shall wait your new letter and certainly new photos! Have good day and good mood! Yours friend Olga.
Letter 5
Hello my friend
In Russia Christmas on January, 7th,
and new year at night since December, 31st for January, 1st!
So we still do not mark holidays!
I read your letter many times and it is very interesting to me! Our ideas really in many respects are similar, you do not think so? )))))))
My friend, what you do today? At us on work it is a lot of orders today and really many works. I had to try very much to receive time for rest.
When I read your letter, my mood it becomes better!
You make upon me impression of the serious person and I am very glad, that we have found each other! Relations between the man and the woman really greater theme for conversation. To construct the real relations it is not simple. It is necessary to make efforts, sometimes even to do something of that never made.
In the world it is a lot of people and many variants of our future are possible. We do not know, what waits for us ahead, but we can and should take the responsibility for our life! Actually, only our decisions and actions define a result and course of our life.
I have in view only serious relations! It seems to me, that it is not necessary to waste time on empty games and fun. I never had interest to it! Many people are not happy and constantly dissatisfied with the life. But what they have made to change it? They think out one thousand justifications to their failure, but do not understand the main thing - their happiness depends only on them! It is difficult to realize and take the first step towards to the happiness. Much easier to blame for all problems other people, to be angry or gloomy.
I often see men and women, who constantly quarrel, because of any trifle. They can be together, but it seems, that they can not suffer each other! It is really sad. Often people speak, that love and feelings in due course comes to an end.
But contrary to these examples, we can see people, which relation in the course of time do not lose the force and on the contrary receive new development! These people together a lot of years and are really happy!
I think, that first of all these men and women the best friends, which cannot the friend without friend. Only the real friend can support during the difficult moment and divide pleasure in are happy day! To me it seems, that in relations really main honesty, trust, care and support. If to lose even one of these elements, that all it will be broken. People, which understand it, are really happy! They are beautiful, they joyful, and when look at them become joyful. When in yours lives are such person all changes!
All that happens around not so important! Beloved have the special world, which belongs only to them.
It is really pleasant to look at such people!
But our life consists not only of pleasure and happiness. Many negative factors, which bring the spoon of tar in bank with honey. It is Russian saying.)))))))))))))))))
In lives there are financial difficulties, problems on work, bad people and it is a lot of others. It can often cause for destruction of happiness.
If people really wish to be together and to estimate everything, that they have created, then they will never leave each other in trouble and together to overcome all difficulties!
The real relations are necessary for growing up! It is necessary to care, support and look after another! The Love is similar to a flower, which will be lost without attention and care.
I always dreamed of such relations!
I sincerely trust, that in my life there will be this feeling and that it will be mutual.
The person, which never loses hope, belief and ready to struggle for the happiness it will be obligatory win!
I hope, that I have not confused you with my revelation? I only wished to explain my ideas for you! Always your friend,
Letter 6
Hello my sweet friend!
How are you my dear?
I am very glad to read your new letter! This great pleasure for me!
You become the good friend for me! I never suspected, that correspondence it is very interestingly! It is an excellent opportunity to learn each other! In fact, I write not simply letters for you! I put my time, my idea and emotion in each letter! It becomes a part of my life! )))))))
I am tired on work very much, but when I have read through your new letter, my mood it became better! You always find words, which find reflection in me! To me is very interesting all about your city, your house, your friends and relatives and certainly about you! I would like to learn, that you do usually and
as you spend weekends.
Almost I spend all free time with my friends.
I often go on a visit to my girlfriends! Almost all of them married and have good family! We can long talk or simply drink tea. When there is an occasion, we gather big company and go on walk. It very much fun! I visit my parents about two times a month. If I am not written to you after weekend, it means that I have left to parents for Olgino. But as soon as I return from my parents at once shall write to you!
Please tell to me, what interesting I can see and visit in your city?
Certainly the main thing for me to get acquainted with you, but it is very interesting to me, where do you live too. You can receive rest next month? I very much would like spend my rest from work with you. Most of all I would like to investigate you completely! I hope, that you will not be borrowed by work, differently I will not have no very much your society.
At us still will be time to plan all well, because in first I should receive my holiday from work. I heard, that much Russian tourists visit your country. It is valid so?
I already spoke you, that I like to prepare very much.
What your favourite dish? I would like to prepare for something especial for you!
This will be possible cream soup from brokoli with cheese or the hen prepared on the special recipe of my mum! MMM MM M mmmm mmm mm m
m!!!!!!!! It is very tasty!))))))))))))
You would like to test it? I shall necessarily make it for you!
Probably you would like to taste any traditionally Russian dish? I with pleasure shall prepare it for you, because this one of my hobbies.
Yesterday we went with girlfriends to small cosy cafe and had greater conversation! It was very interesting, but I thought of you and missed a little. )))) I asked to myself a question: " What you do during this moment? " Maybe you are thought of me too.)))
My girlfriends have noticed, that I little bit sad and have asked why.
I have told, that have got acquainted with you through the Internet, and we became good friends. I have told him, that I plan to travel to your country and to waste time together with you! My girlfriends were in delight from such news. They could not present, that at all I am capable of such adventure.)))
I have told all, that I know about you and all about our plans! My friends are very glad, that we have found each other and send you the best regards!
Today I again shall see them and I shall necessarily send the Hello to them from you too!
I wait your new letter with impatience!))))))))
Have good day! Always your friend Olga
Letter 7
Hello my gentle friend! How are you, my sweet?
I waited your letter very much!
I had no free time, that more quickly to check up my mail, but I knew that you have written to me! It is valid and I with pleasure read your new letter!
Today there was a big day on work and I will be very glad, that soon it is finished.
I always wait the new letter from you! I test the big excitement before reading through it! In fact I do not know, what you have written for me and it is similar to a pleasant surprise. Your letters it is valid as a gift for me and I always read them with the great pleasure! Not always good weather and there are small troubles, but I know that your letter will necessarily give me a smile on my face!))))))))))))))))
I am very glad, that my photos bring pleasure to you too! All my photos is made by my friends, when we waste time together.
How you today?
At me excellent mood!
Today solar weather and I wish to finish work more likely to have time to take pleasure in the sun and heat. With each new letter it seems to me more and more, that we already for a long time know each other! Our ideas are in many respects similar, you do not think so? I feel very cosy and easily with you!
With each new letter you become for me the best friend! You always give me many attention and care! Sometimes it seems to me, that our letters reduce distance between us! It is very interesting way to learn each other better.
I think that you have noticed on my photo, that I not the amateur of extravagant clothes. I dress all that would be desirable me and the main thing, that it was pleasant to me and it was convenient! It seems to me, that I appear equally well in simple jeans and a jacket or a suit for sports, as in an evening dress.)))
When we shall be together and you will invite me to a romantic supper, I shall necessarily dress one of my a favorite of evening dresses for you!
My sweet, what clothes you love more?
I have started to notice, that after acquaintance to you my life has started to vary!
Nobody sees me in bad mood, because I always cheerful. It seem to me, that You the reason for it.
You become the close person for me, and I always test deficiency your attention.))))))))))))
I would like to accelerate time and more likely to travel in to your country. But I should wait, when my chief will give to me rest from work. I can receive month of rest only once in a year, therefore would like to remember this travel for a long time. This travel will be possible by the beginning something new
between us.
I have noticed, that often think of you! You very good and interesting man! I always enjoy your letters! I hope that you think of me too?
I very much wish to see a place, where do you live and certainly it is better to learn each other! It to become my main dream! I understand, that now we have only our letters, but very soon I shall in your country and we can enjoy a society each other.
I should run, but I shall wait very much your new letter! It is a good habit for me!)))
I wish you good day! Take care Always your Friend Olga
Letter 8
Hello my lovely Joe!!!!! I waited your letter very much and missed your attention! I hope that you missed on me too?))))))))))))))))
In your new letter it is a lot of energy and heat and it makes me happy!
Sometimes it seems to me, that our letters is our especial world! It is the world of our desires and dreams! This world is created only for us a two! Each time, when I read your new letter, to me it seems that I get in this surprising world!
All troubles will stand aside! In our letters always good weather and a positive! It is our world of excellent mood! I always read your letters many times absorbing each your word! I would like to write more likely the answer, but I continue to read them again and again! I wish to take pleasure in your attention and care! It seems to me, that you put in everyone words a part of you!
Therefore your letters always make my day and raise my mood!
I cannot simply remain indifferent to your attention, because I feel heat, which you send me in the letter!))))))))))))))))
I all time think of our meeting and I dream to travel more likely to you! One clever person has told to me once, that all in our life begins with dream and from our desires!
It is a necessary minimum to create action! When we want something strongly it is necessary to put only enough actions and to carry out it! Certainly we cannot know precisely, that waits for us ahead, but I sincerely trust, that only we can create and change our life to the best!
I often think of our meeting and I represent as it happen! It is surprising dream and I trust that it will be executed!
Today not so good weather, but it cannot afflict me, because I know that the sun sooner or later will leave in clouds. Not looking bad weather at me excellent mood and I wish to transfer a particle my energy to you!
Today evening I shall go with friends to cinema on any interesting film. We yet have not defined, what film we shall look, but I will be assured that it interestingly!
It will be very cheerful, but I shall be absent on you!
My girlfriends always ask about you and about our correspondence! They asked to transfer you big Hello!
My gentle friend Joe, I wish to tell to you, that I feel especially well with you! You became the close person for me and I practically cannot without your attention!
It is similar to good illness.)))) we have found each other more recently, but it seems to me, that we already for a long time friends.
You are always very close to me and always care of me! To us very easily and conveniently with each other.
I feel it through your letters. Certainly I understand, that correspondence will not replace to us a real meeting, but we should have a few patiences and then there will come happy day!
I wish to see, hear and completely to learn you!
I know, that very soon happy day meetings will come!
I wrote to you earlier, that never was abroad before! I only travelled across Russia. It will be the most improbable travel for me!
I never suspected, that my life can so to change! I had no hopes for something new! It was before acquaintance to you. Only my girlfriends understood me and supported. I fondly thought, that in my life there is all, that I want, but I was mistaken! I was mistaken, because in my life there was no you!)))))))))))))))))
When we have found each other all has changed! I again breathe a full breast! My eyes shine brightly! My heart fights in a new rhythm! Our correspondence became a part of my life! Owing to you I have seen the new world full of happiness, pleasure and love!
I know, that soon we shall together it is necessary to receive only my holiday from work.
I should finish my letter! I Hope that my ideas have given you pleasure too!
I miss on you!
Have good day! Bye bye bye Yours Olga
Letter 9
Hello my sweet! How are you my dear?
I read your letter and I have a greater smile on my face!
All that you write finds reflection inside of me and makes me happy. At me the excellent mood also would be desirable to sing songs!
I waited your letter and wished to read through it more likely!
I always read your letters many times to absorb in itself all energy and emotions, which you have presented me!
This greater pleasure for me and I am grateful to you for all attention and care with which you do letters for me!
When I read your letter, distance between us decreases! Seem to me, that You beside and I speak with you!))))
I would like to write more likely the answer, but my ideas grasp a head and I will concentrate not much. I think of you many times in day, because it is a unique way to improve my mood! But all these ideas mix up, when I receive your mail, because I test the big excitement! It is necessary for me to concentrate a little to calm down.))) My sweet friend, as you feel when read my mail? You wait my letters as I?
I represent as on your face there is a smile, when you read it.)))))))))))))
I like to dream and plan very much!!!!!!!!!!
Only my dreams help me to reduce distance between us! In my dreams we already together! Only dreams give me energy and force to go forward! I see you in my dream!
I want that this dream became a reality! I really want it!
We did not know each other but all has changed!
You became for me the most close person and the best friend!
You are always attentive to me and care of me! I feel very conveniently and easily with you! I never tested anything similar! Certainly we should not hurry up! But I cannot be silent also! In my heart there was a greater heat! It warms me! This feeling grows for you my sweet!
I to speak constraint about it, but I cannot hold more it inside of myself!
I hope, that you feel something gentle to me too!
My sweet, I wish you good day!!!!
I shall wait your letter very much!
Know, that I miss on you! Yours Olga
Letter 10
Hello My lovely Joe! My gentle Joe, I missed on you very much!
I enjoy your new letter! I never received so a lot of attention, heat and care!
Today you have made me very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am overflown with emotions and my heart knocks strongly! My heart is filled pleasure and happiness and I wish to transfer it to you! Because you the reason of it!
I cannot hide it more! I love you my sweet Joe!!!!!!!!!
To me it is very pleasant, that my feelings find reflection in you! I hoped that you can understand me! I did not doubt, that you can make it. Today I am happiest, because you have approved my feelings completely! I would like to laugh and cry simultaneously!
I am madly happy and I can not hold these feelings inside of myself! I always dreamed of the real happiness, pleasure and love! It was only in me, but you have helped me to carry out all!
My Joe - you the reason of all changes in me! Only owing to you I could see the world in new paints!
I could not present, that at all it will happen to us! But I have understood, that I love you and I wish to be always with you, my darling Joe!!!!!!! You always gave me many attention, cares, support, tenderness and love. You really sincere, gentle, beautiful man. These are the main qualities, which I searched in the man!
Only with you, I feel conveniently and easy. I hoped and trusted that the happiness will find me! Then I have found you.)))))
I cannot still believe in it, but I know that waits for us ahead the big future! When I read your message, my heart strongly knocked, also the heat has grasped me. I never was so is happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your warm and gentle words touch my heart!
I feel as you speak it for me and to tone in pleasure.
It seems to me, that you man, which I always searched and waited.
I cannot hide more my feelings, and I shall not do it, because they belong only to us!
This all that is in my heart and I give it to you!
I love you my angel Joe! This is not simply gentle words, because I feel It goes from depth of my soul!
I cannot wait, when there will arrive happy day of our meeting.
It is my most important dream and I wish to be more likely near to you!
I love you my gentle Joe, and I dream to be close to you!
Tomorrow I plan to speak with my chief about my holiday. I hope that he will give it to me. I can receive month of rest from work and would like to spend this time together with you!
My angel Joe, as soon as I learn all at once I shall inform you!
Know, that I LOVE YOU my Joe!!!!!!
I think and dream only of you!
Kiss!!! Kiss!!!!!! Kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only yours Olga
Letter 11
Hello my love!!!!!!!!!!
I found out in travel agency that is required for our meeting. This travel agency has helped many Russian people to go abroad without any problems.
I saw letters with thanks words which were accurately exposed in this travel agency. I found out what documents to me it is necessary to make out for our meeting.
It is necessary for me to issue the visa and the passport for trip to you and registrations of the visa and the passport for travel abroad I need in the following documents: 1 - The passport for travel abroad.
2 - Medical test.
3 - Consular gathering is paid in addition.
4 - Two photos (5x5).
5 - The insurance.
6 - The information from a place of work.
7 - Documents on registration of a residence (a maximum of docks).
8 - The certificate of birth. It is a travel agency which will help to solve all problems. It borrows week.
After that I can fly to you!
My dear all this package of documents will cost to me $420
Unfortunately I can pay only $120
It - huge quantity for me. My love I have concluded the contract from travelling agency, I have given a part of money, and the second part to me has told, that I should pay, the ambassador will be my documents - ready.
I have asked my family and relatives. They cannot help also. I do not know, who can help to arrive to me to you.
I shall try to borrow from friends
As I need in you!!
And if I shall not be with you
I do not want to think of it even..
I shall try, consider something
Letter 12
Hello Joe! For me really there was a pleasant unexpectedness that you have decided to answer me. If I am fair did not expect that I can receive your message. It was very interesting to me to learn you when I have absolutely casually found your address. I the lonely girl, quiet, temperamental, but intelligent, creative, but in all love an order. In people I appreciate sincerity and ability to make a compromise. I would like to have acquaintance to the serious man interesting and frank, fair and sympathetic.
To me it is really pleasant that we can begin our acquaintance. I understand that to you would be interesting to learn much about me, to my life and certainly I will be glad to you to inform it. My name Olga, me of 30 years, my birthday on June, 4th. I was born and I live in Russia, in central parts, in small city Yoshkar-Ola. At me quite quiet character. I almost never am nervous, only sometimes because of work. But I think that it is at each person.
I have higher education, I have graduated from the university, economic faculty. Now I work as the bookkeeper in civil engineering firm. I like my work. First of all I would like that our relations were fair and sincere, I can tell about myself that I the cheerful and resolute girl. Is certainly sad to remember the past, but I would like to tell to you at once, I was in marriage and we have lived together 4 years, but happiness has collapsed at once when I have understood that I for it am not important. He could change and deceive me but when I have learnt to our marriage the end has come. Probably Russian men differ from men of other countries that they are afraid of responsibility, do not appreciate and are not always fair with favourite people. I since the childhood dreamt to be independent and have achieved it. Except my parents I do not have my congenial souls. I was the only child in my family, at me was not present brothers sisters. But I am not spoilt by parental caress, my parents as it seems to me brought up me correctly. I was fond of sports, but with the years to time for this purpose remains ever less. First of all in people I appreciate honesty. I would like to meet the careful, gentle and tender man with whom all pleasures of life would be twice pleasant, and problems dared twice easier. I do not know that else it is possible to tell now. I very much would like to tell about myself much, but in one letter it is very difficult for making, I think that you will agree with me, but at us is much still time and I think that we can discuss and tell still much each other. Certainly if you have an interest to continue our dialogue. You know, I would like, that you have told to me about yourself. Than you are engaged at leisure? As whom do you work?
How you like to have a rest? Whether is at you hobbies? It is interesting to me to learn about your life, work and interests, all that to you was to be told about itself, it would be simple us to communicate easier in the future if we trusted each other. Joe very much it would be desirable to see as much as possible your photos then I could present really you and is better learn and I think that to you also would be pleasant if I sent the photos in process of my possibility. Joe I hope that was interesting to read you my message and you have a desire to continue our dialogue, I hope for it, but all the same thanks that have decided to answer you as very difficultly to meet the fair and serious man which is ready to serious relations. Joe I wish you pleasant day and with impatience I hope and I look forward to hearing from you. Olga.
Letter 13
Hello Joe to me it is very pleasant that you have decided to answer again to me, it means me much and I really understand that you have absolutely good resolves. I can tell that I am glad that between us there was an interest and desire to continue open relations. I can tell that I am fair before you and it would be desirable to have reciprocity between us. We should is better learn each other and understand that we expect from this dialogue. Joe I very much would like to find really much in common, hobbies, interests between us, but the most important thing that both of us are lonely and we want only one to meet worthy companion of the life. Joe I can tell that I am keen on our dialogue, but not always I manage quickly to you to answer as now I work and it is necessary to give a lot of time work. But I understand that I should think of the future and it would be desirable to find a family and stability in relations. Joe I very much would want to see as much as possible your photos it will help me to learn you better, and very much it would be desirable that you did not forget about it, I can understand that you not always can send new photos, but I will wait very much. I also very much would like to feel whose that care, attention and tenderness of the beloved. I can tell to you that I had in the relation past but as then it seemed to me that it is that man, but in due course I have understood that he does not appreciate me, does not respect and all our life is not ready to be with me. Probably Russian men differ from men of other countries that they are afraid of responsibility, do not appreciate and are not always fair with favourite people. I love children, I dream of children and would like that wash future the husband loved and appreciated it. Joe I very much would like to learn a bit more about you, than you are fond and what you like to do at leisure, you love children? All for me it is important only because I want to understand better you and I will be very glad if we have fair relations based on trust to each other. Joe I can tell English, Russian and consequently I think that we will not have a problem in understanding and dialogue each other, I consider that the main thing would be desire and aspiration it is better to learn each other and in due course we can understand what relations us wait in the future. At leisure I like to listen to music, I cannot tell that the fan of a certain genre as I can freely listen to different music all it depends on mood. I like to travel, walks on wood, I love and I am able to prepare well meal. I like when in my house a cosiness and an order. I like to observe cinema. In life I very sociable and resolute and probably therefore at me am many friends, but there is no only one close and darling. Joe to me it will be pleasant if you again write to me and can send a new photo and I promise to you that you always can rely on my reciprocity. Yours Olga.
Letter 14
Hello Joe! I am glad to receive your new message. I just now could answer you to you, but I can tell that I thought and waited for your message. Today all the day long I have spent on work, there were many affairs and just now I had a free time to write to you. To me it is pleasant that you try to write to me often and to answer all my questions and attentively read my letters. I see that I am interesting to you. Joe, I am glad that we have such possibility to communicate. Ours with you acquaintance pleasure for me. You the interesting and sociable man. You write me remarkable letters and I can learn you well enough! I want to hope that our relations do not stop only on correspondence.
This my opinion and I want to be sincere with you. Now being on work I write you the letter because thought of you and even represented you what you to real life! I am glad that from one million people on the Internet, we could find each other and that is absolutely casual at me there was your address to write to you. It seems to me that it is destiny and I am glad that we have such chance at least to try to find understanding. I cannot name it in another way!
Dialogue with you is valid pleasure, now I know about you and you about me a little, you have forced me to believe that really eats possibility to meet worthy man which also searches the dream. Earlier I gave all time to work, and not when seriously did not reflect that I am lonely, now when I all become more senior I really have felt myself lonely and that very much does not suffice me whose that care and attention. But now at me other thoughts. Thoughts on you.
This happiness for me. I constantly think, whether all at you is good.
As you have spent day. That you do. Correspondence with you delivers me great pleasure.
It is very pleasant, when the man understands my feelings, understands my state of mind. Therefore I am not afraid to trust you my feelings. I do not know
why, but I trust you. I did not have such feelings to the man for a long time already as you know about my last relations and I was afraid to trust in whom that again. But you deserve my trust. I am assured that trust, this main thing for strong and happy marriage. I want, that we did not have secrets from
each other! You agree? We with you search serious relations which can lead subsequently to marriage! What plans at you? I wish you pleasant day and I hope that is fast again I can see your message. Yours Olga.
Letter 15
Hello Joe. I was madly glad to have possibility to read your message.
It is valid me pleasure and lifts my mood. I would like to apologise that not always at me happens quickly to you to answer, but so there was a situation that I should work much lately and I simply not always to have time to check up the mail. You know that I really think of you and I can tell that to me very pleasantly that our relations proceed and at all of us more desire to learn each other.
Last night, when I have come home, have made to myself a supper on one person. I sat in loneliness and thought much. Why I only have understood recently that the most important for the woman it not career! And the happy family, the happy husband and happy children. Now I would have a husband with whom I could divide this supper. The husband whom I could embrace and kiss before a dream. Children who would give us happiness.
Can be to me it has been foreordained by destiny to wait the worthy man, instead of to hurry up in such important decision. All can it even to the best because now I have you, dialogue with you delivers me pleasure. Likely it would be interesting to you to learn why I am still lonely also you likely ask this question. I want to explain to you why earlier I could not find the man for creation happy a family.
The main reason is work which takes away a lot of time and since the childhood I became already independent also much tried is achieved itself without participation whose that in the help. I studied much, after the termination of institute I have gone for work and now it is necessary to work much as I absolutely alone and me there is nobody to wait for the help. But I cannot tell that I have been deprived by man's attention. I had meetings with men, but all it was not serious. These men were afraid of serious relations or simply were not ready to it. In Russia many men have predilection to drink many alcohol and to it to fill in own lacks. Serious relations with such man never the good can be. I looked on TV that in other countries there are not enough men who are lazy and abusing alcohol. There marriage is very serious step to life and consequently I would not like to hurry up. I would like that relations have led us to it and I very much hope that it can will develop. I do not drink except a wine glass for suppers or on a holiday and not when did not smoke. Only on a holiday I dare to drink a glass of good white wine. For the sake of darling I am ready to make much and I would like that it was always happy and in good mood.
And I will try to do all for this purpose. I am ready to kiss, embrace him constantly. If only it did its happy. I want, that we enjoyed every day love, passion and tenderness each other. Joe it is interesting to me why you have dared to answer me nevertheless? Why all of you one more? There are many questions which are interesting to me and it would be desirable to learn from you, but it would not be desirable hurries up, as I think that we still will have a lot of time to set them. Joe I hope that my message will be pleasant for you and you learn about me that that new, and this messageis possible will cause in you only a negative, but I very much hope that it not so. As my relation to you with the big respect also would be desirable to find understanding first of all. I wish you pleasant day and with impatience I wait for new messages and it will be pleasant to see new photos. Olga.
Letter 16
Hi joe first of all I would like to apologize for so long my answer to you, but these days were really difficult for me on work and to me many work was necessary to have. But I am glad that already all was settled also I could find time to answer you. It was pleasant to read your message very much. joe first of all for an opportunity it is more better than our acquaintance and my knowledge you as the person I would like to ask to you some questions which to me pleasantly fairly to learn your answers. Simply it would be desirable to understand and more to learn is better why all of you are still lonely, why your relations in the past have not developed? What reason for it?
Certainly I understand probably to you difficultly to recollect and the last relations but if it so that inform I I shall understand.
Simply I see that you are more senior than me and I think that at you more wide experience in relations and it would be pleasant to learn from you fairly. It would be desirable to learn much, but it would not be desirable to bother you with the questions. joe tell to me about the character? What do you love? What hate? You would like to have children? Me the question also interests why Russian girls are interesting to you? joe on the Internet I read much about crimes, but there are also beautiful histories about happy relations. joe I shall well finish the letter and I hope again to see your answer. Olga.
Letter 17
Hello dear Joe. How mood? How at you work? I was glad to check up today mail and to see your messages. I'm fine and now I am on work. It was pleasant to receive from you beautiful and gentle words. I very much hope that it not simply words, and you really feel these emotions. Joe weather at us today bad and mood not so good, but I was glad that you think of me and do not forget me. To me it is sincerely pleasant that you value our relations and I can tell precisely that you became for me the loved one because my thoughts often about you. I do not hide from you that I very much would like that our relations developed. Certainly happens very difficult to transfer all emotions and sensations in the letter, but I would like that you could understand and feel that my relation to you and my feelings absolutely is sincere. You for me are important also I is really happy that we can to understand each other. I would like that our relations had tender feelings. I would like to tell to you that I feel when I read your message. In my heart there is a lot of emotion and all it thanks to you, you have given to me hope, warm and tender feelings about which I did not dream for a long time any more and now I would like that we could take the following step to our future. Joe probably at a meeting all would change also I it was not pleasant to you, but I sincerely trust that it not so. I would like to feel your support, your heat and tenderness of a touch of your hands, I would like to look you in the face and to tell to you all that I think. Certainly in the letter it is possible to write much, to tell love words, but in real all is much more difficult than a life. I would not like that it was so, I trust that we test to each other absolutely warm feelings which us warm and new forces allow to go many further. Joe you to me are important also I tell you it with confidence because now I think of you, I dream and I wait for that day when we will meet and we can tell it looking each other in eyes. I wish you pleasant day and I very much hope that I am fast again I can read your new message filled with love. Yours Olga.
Letter 18
Hello Joe, thanks for good and are sincere words. I am always glad to read your messages only because reading them I I learn you more and more, I try to get into your thoughts. In this time which we communicate I has sincerely like to you respect and tender feelings, I tried to you as it is possible to tell is better about myself about the life, about the hobbies and aspirations in this life. I always tried if there is a possibility to send to you a photo that you knew about that with whom communicate also I is glad that all it between us was mutually. Joe now I think of that to go further more and more and to be closer to each other. I think of that that probably if we now could meet personally many has changed in relations between us and we would even more be hung to each other perfect by tender feelings.
Joe I consider that one our meeting would replace to us one thousand our letters each other and we could understand much that occurs between us. Joe I would like to meet you and let our meeting was short, let week, but for that I could feel with confidence all yours emotions and the nobility that that you think of me in real life. In april I will have small holiday and I thought of that that would be possible to meet and spend fine together small weekend, I even learnt about that that is necessary to go to you as it would be very interesting to me and believe very important to see your life the eyes, to meet the family, but most important it to meet you personally. I could arrive to you certainly if it was possible and you would have this desire, but it is really unpleasant to realise that that I for rumpling it it is simply impossible only because I have now no financial assets to pay such trip, but I trust that if we want it also our desire mutual we can carry out it. Joe I will look forward to hearing from you very much. With impatience I wait yours Olga.
Letter 19
Hello my dear Joe. I am glad that today I was possible manage mail and to see your message. joe you even cannot present as often I think of you and ours with
you relations. I dream that our feelings could be real and we could transfer this state of mind each other. It would be pleasant to me to feel your man's care and attention, to be with you and to inhale aroma of your body, to feel your gentle touch and me madly it would be desirable you to kiss and tell so much. I would like to look in yours of an eye and to understand that us waits further. I really would like that it was possible. To me hard also happens very difficultly to transfer the emotions in the letter, but at a meeting I think it will be ready we easier and much better we can learn each other. It would be
desirable to be closer to each other. joe yes in some days I will have a holiday and I cannot change dates of holiday as I worked the whole year and waited for this moment very long. I really dreamt to have a rest from work and having met you I kept mind about possibility to organise our personal meeting. joe I really would be happy to spend these days together and I think that thanking a meeting much have changed in our relations. joe unfortunately the trip very expensive to me and at me is not present possibility to pay such travel but if I only could I has given much to arrive to you. It was a shame to me to ask you about the help, but my feelings are much stronger than principles and I thought that I could rely on you and probably we could meet. joe you have not correctly understood me as to the passport. For a trip to other country it is necessary to make out the international passport it it is required for all citizens, it is the passport stands out for 5 years. At me is the Russian passport, citizen Russia and even if you could make a remittance I I think that I could receive it without problems. joe yes I know that Olga in russia much, but I consider that when do a remittance write down full passport data here again there can not be an error.
joe if you could help and send me money I think that there would be no problems with it. I learnt that western union can make remittance for 20 minutes in any point of the world and there there is a confidential code to receive money and consequently here there can not be what that problems. joe unfortunately I cannot reconsider date of the holiday as it becomes according to the schedule of each worker and after end releasing again I will work much about one year to receive the next holiday. joe therefore I very much hope that you will help me to organise our meeting. Write I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Olga.
Letter 20
Hello my dear Joe. I looked forward to hearing from you and certainly I hoped that you can please me with the message. It is not a pity that we can organise this a meeting though I so hoped that you will find the decision because you want to see me. Certainly I understand that not always there is a possibility to carry out that that we wish, but for the sake of love I would be ready to make much. Joe and what you are ready to make for the sake of love? Joe our relations occur only virtually, but I all heart wish that it was real also we could be together. In the letter it is possible to write much, very beautifully, but words all it only while we will not meet personally. Only having seen you personally I could understand and feel your true feelings. You write me beautiful messages, but for me it would be important if you have told all these words to me personal looking in eyes because the sight cannot be deceived and it is possible to see much in the opinion of the person. Joe means we cannot meet and as though I did not try to explain to you that then I any more will not have such possibility for a meeting I think that you is high-grade not could to understand it. Joe well we will continue our dialogue and probably there will be in the future a miracle and we can personally meet. Olga.
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