Romance scam letter(s) from Sandra Taylor to Victor (USA)
Letter 1
Thanks for getting back to me.... I dont really know what you are looking for.As for me i simply want someone to share my life with...Like you know Family is very important to me as is the idea of marriage. I am searching for someone who shares the following qualities with me. Thoughtful, loving, goal oriented, along with sense of humor. I love to laugh and smile. I also love to read, cook, and travel. My interests are many.. I am honest, intelligent, loyal, affectionate, easy going, romantic, soft-spoken and sensual. I'm romantic, caring, and much more! I'm "crazy" about all pets. espcially dogs and cats. I love nature and I like to travel. I like books and reading Bible .I'm looking for a partner for life..are you the one? Everyone needs their own interests, likes/dislikes, hobbies, views, etc because its these things that make us unique,It's hard to put it down in words what you think you may be looking for in someone; because sometimes you don't know what you're looking for until you stumble across it in the dark and stub your toes on it. Obviously you want to meet someone who has similar interests, hobbies, views, etc so there is some compatibility. Yet, on the other hand, if i am looking for a man i can share my life with , the man who is really himself and dont really make things hard, i will love to meet honest, caring, lovely, trust worthy man and who is one woman . the man i can share laughter, joke, fun , love, understanding with , i am also looking for a romantic man who can make me feel the taste i desire, who is God Fearing, open minded,Straight forward and Down to earth, I love to listen to variety of music, I enjoy in sharing a meaningful, intimate conversation with my partner. I believe in communication, honest, trust and respect are very important in any relationship I'm involved in. I am a very romantic, affectionate, sensuous and very passionate lady.I will never make my man feel unappreciated or be neglected, nor take him for granted. Hope to hear from you soon....... Sandra........
Letter 2
How are you doing i do appreciate the time you took in writing me, thanks for your interest, feel free to ask me questions and I'll give u the answer,do you mind answering my question's and let me know what you think, I will take them one after the other:, So what do you do for a living? do you got kids? if yes how many? and do you have full or joint custody of our kids, what do you like to do for fun? Your hobbies and interests can reveal a lot about you, and I'd like to learn more. Is there anything special that you're passionate about? I love swimming, taking walks down the park, observing nature, running and walking, I also love cooking and taking walks by the sea side, I'm passionate about a candle lit dinner with i and my partner holding hands together and sharing intimate things about each other. you have a favorite restaurant? Some like hot and spicy, others prefer comfort food. If you had to pick one type of food, what would you say is your favorite? I love American food and also Italian food and most times, I love to cook for myself. I love Mc Donald. I love comfort food. I'd love to talk to you more and see what develops. What do you think? Well my life has been filled with heartbreaks and i don't want anymore hurt or pains, I want to find a man, who wants a relationship based on "Truth, Real Love (not a Heart Breaker) I think Compassion, Friendship, Loyalty, and Honesty are the attributes that makes a good relationship !!!! I want to be able to do anything to make the man of my heart happy, because "I Love Him, not because he tells me to do Know what I mean? I want to feel Excited when we kiss!! When we hug!! When we hold hands while we are in public or our home.I am a dutch heritage... i was born in Netherland and was raised there.I lost my Dad when I was 15yrs and it seems a very difficult but I thank God that I've gotten over it even though I still miss him so much. I'm the only child of my parent.Mom got married to another man and we relocated with him back to the State (TEXAS) I am not "materialistic"!! I would rather have someone to respect, care for, and love from my heart & soul, then money!! Yes, money is nice, but it can't buy you real love. I just want it to be, that anything we were to "own", as "ours", not "mine" or "yours". Yes, I know that there are something's that will be mine, and he's, but do you know what I mean? I want to be able to "spoil him" by opening the door for him, or carrying things for him, taking his shoes off when he's back from work, for no special reason, but that I care for him. I too, have been hurt by the opposite, but I don't hold it against other men, because they have not hurt me yet. my late dad used to tell me that Every man loves two women; one is the creation of his imagination, and the other is not yet born, you might have been hurt before, but i believe Just because something good ends doesn't mean something better won't begin, i think Love is blind but after experiencing it for a long time you should become familiar with some particular spots. I do travel outside of the States because I'm a public health nurse and using my knowledge to help children and poor people accross the world, I work for Doctors without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontiers).Its an Humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural or man-made disasters, or exclusion from health care in more than 70 countries, right now, We're mobilizing the refugee of about 5,000 people mostly children from Cameroon refugee camp to Chad/Nigeria refugee camp because of lack of facilities in Cameroun and giving them Shelter, food and Medicals. I am in nigeria now, do you know where nigeria is? we got here last few weeks. I'm on vacation now and i can go anywhere i want for this period though still have a little girl(orphan)i'm attached to. I hope that we can get to know each other better, and see how things might go. I cannot "promise" that I might say or do something that hurts you, but I can promise that if I do, it won't be on purpose, it will be on accident. See, I don't know everything about your past yet, and I don't know what upsets you right now, but hope to know you better, so I don't say or do anything to upset you, because I hate that when I upset someone special to me. I love going out, taking walks down the park and thinking about my life, I love observing nature and cooking is also one of my hobbies. I love romantic movies. Can you tell me more about yourself? What do you really enjoy doing? What you do to have fun? What makes you laugh, smile, and cry? What kinds of music and movies do you like? I love romantic movies. Always remember that You can’t make someone love you, all you can do is be someone who can be loved, the rest is up to the person to realize your worth, i have a few pictures of me and the litttle girl i am taking care of right now her name is Darla, cant wait to hear back from you. Sandra............
Letter 3
thanks for your message although i am not looking for perfection rather I am looking for more than just an intimate encounter since i had lost my ex boy friend . hes a good man some times i feel very sad and lonely, I seek a caring man to wipe away tears and make me happy again , I want Someone special that would take control of my heart and soul,a man that is ready to taste the flavor of my excitement, capture my heart and know how to handle it with care. he should be open minded, adventurous, caring, understanding, faithful, generous, passionate, romantic hardworking . I...ll appreciate his desire to spend life's ups and down with me a serious-minded and sincere man, i beleieve that sincererity and honesty brings about trust which is the foundation of any solid relationship. Cos all I need is love, support and reassurance from my future partner. though he should be above all loyal . I hope for mutual respect for each other. my man should be willing to spoil pamper me, grow with me love me unconditionally, we should be able to trust eachother undoubtedly be focused towards eachother though i have a hugh urge for sex and i expect same from him. I don't need anyone to take advantage of my weaknesses or my strengths, I need someone who will appreciate me for everything that I am. I'm not afraid of heights I'm afraid of falling. I'm not scared of the dark; I'm scared of what's in it. I'm not afraid to love, I'm afraid of not being loved back. Giving away a heart can hurt ... having a broken heart can be life threatening, even to the strongest people. But, receiving one is the greatest gift, i think we as human beings when someone says somethingreally small and it fits right into this empty place in your heart. Its only those that dont have Human feelings that break peoples heart, well there is this proverb that says When one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls. Her husband entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize So they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, no human being must separate,I would like you to know that Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end, Lots of people do not know the meaning of Love !! i define it as a noble act of self-giving, offering trust, faith, and loyalty. The more you love, the more you lose a part of yourself, yet you don't become less of who you are; you end up being complete with your loved ones.I try to teach my heart not to want anything it can't have. I'm firmly convinced that it's better to spend your time looking for someone who will treat you right, than to waste your time with someone who does you wrong. Ever since I decided not to fall in love again. Now I need a nice and caring man that will take me beyond my imagination in life.a Man that will take good care of me till death do us apart. I'm looking for a nice man that will understand what it takes to be a father of our kids. I must honestly be open to you I don't cheat and I don't lie... My dream to have loving soul mate and life partner with whom I want to be until end of this lifetime.. I am looking for a sweet kind soul mate . It seems simple but the feeling you get from just a very few people is hard to find. i guess i did tell you in my previouse email that i I do travel outside of the States and hoping to find the love of my life and raise family with so i can quit this job,i really wish i could find one Honest man for a lasting relationship. will be coming home soon Sincerely Sandra .......
Letter 4

Hi Baby,I would love to be that woman you are looking for in life . i sincerely have feelings for you hopefully they will grow into something else when we meet and honestly i do like everything that i have read about you but i just don't know if things can work out for us because of what i have been through with men and what i am going through right now, I know everything i am saying is kinda blank to you but i will tell you as i have mentioned in my precious mail that there is this poor girl in my custody that i really like so much, she is more or less an orphan, her name is Darla, she is an intelligent girl and i am really fond of her because i know she will have a great future, baby i cant leave this girl here because she has a hole in her heart which is really troubling her health.....she is the only child of her parent....she has just her mom...she lost her dad when she was 4 she is just 9yrs old.....she has a hole in the heart is where there is an openingin the wall between the chambers of the heart. It may be between the two top chambers....a type of simple congenital heart defect.....Patients with atrial septal defects -- a hole in the top chamber of the heart -- should have preparative surgery without delay rather than wait for symptoms....i hope she gets ok..the good side is that MSF Uk has offered her free surgery.....but she has to be mobilized there to get the surgery and there are no facilities for that we worked raising funds for her from what was available..but its sad her condition has turned out to be an out budget now as there was no enough funds for all others gave up on her and left......i like her so much as she is very intelligent and i want to see how i can help her to survive and go for her surgery I just want you to know that a caring heart is all i need now some who want me for me and would like us to adopt this girl and i hopethat we remain together as one in true love and happiness. I did like you to know that I'm not putting a burden on you but if you truly have a heart that's caring and loving and really want us to be together,i pray that u would not hesitate i helping this girl with her health and hopefully making it back to the united states,...i would not mind doing that at least if i am in the position to...., I'm humble,meek and kind and I'm a down to earth person, I'm willing to humble myself before you, I hope that with all you know now, you would help this girl with any little you have for her mobilization down to the united kingdom and as soon as she is successful with the surgical operation we will work on getting us to the united states so as the girl to secure a good future. i am ready to do everything to make you happy for the rest of your life... I hope i can count on you in getting us out of here and bringing us over to your Loving Arms Soon...Sandra.......
Letter 5
Hello baby,
Thanks for the message i don't know that might makes u feel someone am sorry if that makes u feel some how u can let me know if u want to help the little girl or not How are you doing. i hope you have a nice weekend, i have been thinking and day dreaming how it would be when we get to meet each other, i believe we will be a perfect match we are not just need to take things one after the other, i really appreciate your care and concern towards Darla and really glad i met a good hear ted man some who will be supportive, love me as i will always love him, some one who wants me for me, some one who is ready to be a father, mother, siblings, soul mate, half, husband, companion and everything in life to me, i told Darla about you yesterday and she says she would like to meet you someday too,baby the total amount we needed initially for the mobilization of this girl down to the united kingdom
so she can get the surgery is 3630 USD but we have raised 1200 USD, so the remaining amount needed for this girl surgery is 2430 USD, as soon as we get this she will be flying to the united kingdom for the surgery and the time duration for the sugery will be about 2 weeks which i will be updating you as things is going, we can talk on meeting probably after 2 weeks and i hope you can help in sending invitation letters and helping with other paper works in getting this girl to the united states after the surgery, i really would like to meet you, live with you and get to know more about you and will be so glad if we can adopt this girl and assist her with her future, as i have said earlier in my last message i am not trying to put a burden on you and i think you will understand because with your words i feel you are a good hearted man and a type fo man every woman will dream of having, baby i will be glad if you can help with any little you can help with if you think you cant help with all of the stated amount needed for the mobilization of this girl, God will reward you abundantly with any little cotribution you make to this girl health, and God will everly bless a cheerfull giver, i dont have a phone here but i can give you our nigeria cordinator phone number so you can get ahold of me though phone and we can talk better, i will really like to hear your voice, his number is 0112348078144028 , his name is Dr Paul, just tell him you are seeking Mrs Sandra whenever you call, if i am around he will give the phone to me to talk to you, and In case you need health report from the hospital org in united kingdom you can contact Crystal specialist hospital ,38, charter house drive, new some, Huddersfield, west Yorkshire, HD4 7QJ, London-united kingdom make reference to Dr James Carter at this number +44 7045718016 and let him know you are one of MSF donors, below are some pictures of me and Darla, cant wait to hear from you, missing you Thank you for the kind and lovely message i think u have already go through the last message i sent to u i just want you to know how much u would be able to send to help the little girl with so i can give u the information which u would be sending the money through Western Union Office i hope u are honest and caring man and i hope u would do all u can to help this little girl before she give up on us i truly cant wait to be over there with u if u truly want me i just want you to try ur possible best to see what u can help Darla with as soon as she is ok and fine then we can talk on how i can come to be with u and spend the rest of my life with you if u truly want me waiting to hear from u if u truly care for real This is the information which you would be using to get the Donation sent and let me know if u truly care to help i just want you to know nothing is too small to save the little sick I hope u are not sick and tired of me and i hope u are not playing games with me u can call the UK line so u can be sure or call the Co-coordinator over here in Nigeria coz i just want you to be sure that am not after ur money but i will be so happy if you can help the little girl if so this is the information to get the money sent through Western Union Office Over there .....
> ZIP CODE : 23401
> You should email me all the full information given to u from the western union office over there and also email me the MTCN Number as well and i hope u are not here to play games.....I do understand u and am not into rush let me know if u do get the pics of the poor little girl and if u can try ur possible best to send the amount u can try to help with coz u never told me anything about this little girl in ur last message wish makes me think maybe u dint care about others mostly the young girl ....You can go ahead and send any amount u can help with for now nothing iis too small to safe Darla life ok dear but if u don't trust me or dont want to help the little girl u can let me know and thank for the best but if u do care to help coz as a human i will be so grateful is so that is the info's to get the funds if u want to help Darla Am 5.6 tall and u Your Loving And Caring Lady ..... Sandra.
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