Scam letter(s) from Elena Poperllo to Jan (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Jan !! I am very glad to get your letter. How are you?
Is everything alright? I am alright. Today the weather is fine. The sun shines brightly. I like such weather. How is the weather by your side? I will begin my letter with a story about my family and me. I think this is important for our correspondence. I want to tell much about my life. Jan I also ask you to write more about yourself, your life and your family. It is always interesting for me. And in this way we will know each other better. Do you agree? I have already written I live with my mom. We live in a one room apartment. But there is enough space for both of us. This is a small and comfy flat. My mother is a very kind, sweet, helpful woman. She is respected at her job. She has been always been my best friend. And we always understand each other. I love my mom very much. Unfortunately, my father passed away when I was a small girl. Jan can you tell me about your parents.
It is very interesting. My mother and I like to cook together. She taught me many recipes of dishes. I am very good at making different salads, meat dishes, soups and many others. I think my creations are very tasty. I like cooking simply because it is a creative process.
But sometimes I don’t have enough spare time for cooking. My work requires much time. But I am fond of my profession. I want to continue doing my job. I wrote about it to you. Now I am looking through several offers of working in schools in your country. Four schools offered me a job. But firstly I want to see them. And only then choose the best option for me. I think this is right. Do you agree? But now it is early to speak about it. I really hope to see you some day)…And you can give a good advice) Jan. I am very glad to tell you about me again. Hope you enjoyed reading my message. I feel our correspondence is good and it will continue further. I am waiting for your answer. Your Elena!
Letter 2
Hi my new best friend Jan !!! How are you? How is your job? I hope everything is alright. I can confidently say you are my best friend. I feel our friendship is continuing. I see you want to communicate with me. I also want to communicate with you. I have many friends here. My attitude towards them is good and to you good too. I like you. I would say that there is some extraterrestrial force between us. And it attracts us. Don’t you think so? I want to correspond with you. I want to write to you every minute. But it is impossible. You and I are busy people. I have only a couple of minutes to write you a letter. But I have an idea. If you give me your phone number I will try to call you.
OK? I will wait for your phone number so I can hear your voice. This is important for me. I understand we know each other not for a very a long time. We have written only a couple of letters to each other. But I hope you will not deny me and soon I will call you and hear your voice! Well… Jan you may think that a young and beautiful lady and still not married?! Young and beautiful) not shy)… But I think this is true). And I hope you also agree with my words?) Jan. I have not met my ideal man but I am sure it will happen soon. I feel it. I had relationships earlier. But that was not love. I can’t have relationship with a man without being loved. That is not right. Do you agree? That is the reason I am alone now. That is the reason I am looking for the real love Jan. Please tell me about your past relationships with women. I want to know what kind of person you are.
Do you understand Jan? I will wait for your reply and your number.
Yes! I am a persevering person)… Not only writing letters is important for me but also having a real conversation. I am sure you will write soon. I am waiting impatiently for your letter and will surely reply! Elena!
Letter 3
Hello! Hello! Hello Jan !
How are you doing? I am ok. The weather is not very good today. There are many clouds in the sky. That makes me feel sad. But your letter makes me happier. I am glad you don’t forget me and read my letters attentively.
Thank you for your phone number. I will call you in the near time. I hope I will be successful in it. I have never called abroad. I hope I will do it easily and hear your voice. Please wait for my call, I really want to talk to you on the phone. I think it will be a new step in our relationship. What do you think about it? Please tell to me, how - your work? All is good? I'm fine. I wish to tell to you one history from my work. One of the students asked me a question. Will I be always a teacher? I really did not know what to answer. Children always loved me. And they always were glad to come to my lesson. All the teachers notice this fact. Kids never are late and at that moment I heard such a question. I didn’t know what to tell. Life is not a bed of roses. And from time to time you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe I will work at this school or maybe not. We had long conversation then. I have explained to them, that each person should suit the life itself. Who cannot make the person happy. If the person does not achieve it. Today I have recollected the words which spoke children. Recently I had conversation with director. It to me has told, that your country requires teachers. Director spoke, these are mine chance to go to work in other country. Today I thought above this question much. Why to me to not try to work in your country. Probably, it is my destiny. I understand, it will be difficult to work in the another's country. But, I wish to try. I am not afraid of difficulties. I have got used to achieve the purposes. I hope, that at me all to turn out. Now I am familiar with you. I have more opportunities as I know you. You the good person. If the help will be necessary to me. I hope you to me will help. You not against to help me with your country? I wish to begin the life with a pure leaf. I hope you to me support. I shall think better above this question. I shall wait for your letter. I look forward to hearing. Elena.
Letter 4

Hello my Jan !How your mood today? I hope at all of you well. In my head It is a lot of ideas. I hope I shall make the correct decision. I think you realize that this is an important decision in my life and I could not make up my mind weighing all pros and cons. I shared my ideas with my mother. I told her all about us. She smiled and understood me. My mother can always understand me. She approves of my decision. She trusts you. She thinks you are a very good and honest man. And you can show me you country and meet me. I think also so. I want to write more about my plans for the future. I will speak with my Director. They have been offering me to go to for a long time. And I decided to agree. And this is due to you. I will tell my Director that I agreed to work in. I think he will not be against it and will be glad with my decision. And this is the right decision. The Director has been advising me to go for a long time. I will have to make a choice. I will come to you and we together will think about it. Will you help me with advice? Isn’t it difficult for you? OK Jan anyway now it is early to speak about it. My trip isn’t planned in details yet.
And now I want to think over my trip. This is a step to a new life. I want it Jan. I will tell about all I am going to do.You can give me your full address? Probably it is useful to me your exact address. I shall be grateful to you. I wait for reply. Hope you are happy that I decided to go to you? I think you agree! Bye bye. Your Elena!
Letter 5
Hellooooo my Jan !!!
I am very glad to see your letter and especially on such a day. Today is a very important day and I hurried to write you. I am in high spirits today! You know I decided to change my present life and the future and I made my mind to go to uk. I will work there in your country. And this is my last decision. I got up earlier today in the morning, went to school so I could speak with the director of the school.He was already on his working place. We spoke once again and I told him about my decision and he supported me. We spoke like we were friends. He is a good and experienced person. He picked up the phone and called the Ministry of Education. The director asked them to start the registration of all the necessary documents for me. He arranged some points so it would be possible for me to go to uk, they will make a working visa for me and an international passport. That was a long conversation. We discussed my trip, documents and about money. The Ministry of Education and our school will give money for the registration of the documents and booking the tickets. They promised that everything will be ready soon. I think everything works out and soon I will pack my luggage for the coming trip. I am very glad and happy. I believe that such a chance comes only once in a life and I should use this opportunity. I think you are also very glad that I decided to come to you! Jan please write about the latest news, what interesting is happening in your life? I think we will see each other soon and I want to know more about your life) OK here I am coming to an end with this letter and tomorrow I will share with you with the latest news of my preparation. I think you will wait impatiently for my letter) Your Elena!
Letter 6
Hello Hello my Jan ! I have great news for you today. I have spoken with my director. My preparation is going on well. He told that the Ministry of Education began the registration of all the necessary documents for the trip to you. I have got my salary and some extra bonuses, that is 500 dollars, a good sum of money. I will spend this money for my trip to you. He also told me that everything is arranged about it. They will make quickly a working visa and an international passport. I will have to go to Moscow to the embassy for getting a visa and a conversation. It will happen very soon. Today in the evening I will get on the bus and go to Moscow. I am very happy. I have so little time for the packing and the trip will be so long. But I am not afraid of difficulties. I am sure I will cope with it. Hope you are glad for me too. Will you be happy to meet me very soon?!
Jan Today I will prepare for my trip. It will take a lot of time. I will have to be at Ministry Education the to sign all the documents,
It was a good job and the people were nice.
I worked in the best school of our town. I want to meet with my friends and relatives. I hope you understand this necessity. I want to say good bye to my close relatives. I will pack the luggage in the evening and spend time with my mom, she will go with me the bus .
Jan I promise to write when I get to Moscow. I think I will find an internet cafe and will write you the day tomorrow as soon as I get to Moscow. I miss you). Wait for my letter. I will also wait for your letter. 100000000000000 kisses!!! Elena!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Jan ! How are you?Now I can say with pleasure that I am in Moscow. I got there in the morning on the bus and stayed at the hotel. Today the weather in Moscow is fine. How is the weather in your city? I have good news. Today I visited a hospital and got a medical insurance. It took little time, it is just a formality. I paid some money for the insurance and in 20 minutes I got the papers. Then I went to the embassy, I should say that was not an easy journey. Moscow is a huge city. And it took 4 hours to get to the embassy! I could walk along the whole city using this time)))… So I got there and successfully passed the conversation, I got my visa and passport. I am very glad that I made all this so quickly! And now I have got all the necessary documents for my trip to you! I am very happy! I feel like starting a new life! We will meet very soon! And I am worried about it now. How will it be? I imagine our first meeting, it is so exciting. What do you feel now? How do you imagine our meeting in the airport? Please write me about it .
I want to buy tickets tomorrow in the morning. I will find out about the nearest flights and will buy the ticket at once. I am so glad that everything is going well and this fact is pleasing. I hope you are glad too! Today was a hard day and I am tired. I need to go to the hotel to have some rest. I really want to come to you as soon as possible. Before going to sleep I am going to dream about our first day, I have already written to you about it)..
Tomorrow is going to be a hard day too. I will write you what I find out in the airport. Wait for my letter. I will also wait for your letter. With love! Yours Elena!!!
Letter 8
Jan ! Hello dear! The day started very well. I was in good mood but after some hours it got worse. I will tell why. Now I am in the airport, great there is an internet cafe. I wrote that today in the morning I will go to the airport to buy the tickets so I can fly to you. I knew an approximate ticket cost. It is not so cheap but I had money to buy it. And I did not doubt. I got here early in the morning and made my way to the cashier. I learned the ticket cost, it is 240 dollars. I had such sum of money but they said that it is a one way ticket and I had to buy two way tickets, to get to you and return.
That is the rule. I have to buy the ticket to come to you and to fly back, that is the law of my country, and I had to buy them at once. It is a guarantee that I will not stay to live there when my visa comes to an end. That is the order and I have to follow it. It is a great surprise for me. I have never been abroad and I have never thought about it. The most nearest ticket is on October, 28th. I have ordered it. I need to be in Moscow long. I have paid all of money for the ticket. At me remains a few money. The hotel here in Moscow night costs 100 $. It is necessary for me for residing 800 dollars. As I should eat still, and go to the Internet - cafe, to write to you letters. On these fine charges 100 dollars are necessary to me. I do not know now that to me to do. I do not have such money. All my money are paid for the ticket.
I cannot live in the street. I wrote the letter to my girlfriend. I asked the help from it. It has told at it there is no such money. In Moscow I do not have friends. I here one. Jan, it is very a shame to me to ask from you money. I do not like to ask money. I have got used to solve problems itself. But, in another's city I that I can not make. You can help me? I promise, when I shall arrive to you. I shall give you my first salary. I shall persistently work, and I shall earn soon. I write this letter with tears on my person. It is a shame for I. I hope for your understanding. I shall look forward to hearing from you. I hope for a fast reply. Elena.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Jan. I have come to the Internet - cafe. I am glad to see your letter. Your letters always bring to me greater pleasure.
I am grateful to you. Please forgive me for last letter. It is very a shame to me before you. I do not like to ask money. I have always got used to solve problems itself. But, in Moscow I do not have friends.
Here therefore I ask the help from you. Jan, I am grateful to you that you wish to transfer me of money. I need 800 dollars. This money are necessary to pay to me for hotel, to buy meal, and to pay for the Internet - cafe. Jan, I very much hope for your help. I know in banks there is a system western union. It is reliable and fast system.
You need to know my full name, the address. I too should know your full name, the address, and number which to you will give in bank.
Jan, I hope you can transfer me of money. I shall be very grateful to you. Jan, unfortunately tomorrow the Internet - cafe does not work. I can write only to Monday. I shall miss very much. I am now compelled to finish the letter. I shall look forward to hearing from you. Elena. My data who will be necessary for you in Western Union.
My address:
first name: Elena
last name: Sazonova
street - Smirnova, house- 12
post code - 446396 Krakovo
state - Samarskaya Oblast
counrty - Russia
Letter 10
Hello my dear love JAN. I only today could come to the Internet - cafe. Yesterday the Internet - cafe had a technical problem. Here therefore I could not write to you. JAN, I wish to explain at once to you, that you saw on the Internet about me. It is all tricks of my former guy. When it has learned, that I correspond with you. It has put into me the list scamer. It does not want that I leaved abroad. It wants that I was with it. JAN, I shall understand you. You will tell I just now I am justified. But, no. It is the full truth. I shall understand you. It is complex to you to trust me now. But, I very much ask you. Trust me. As I can prove to you, that I real. I do not wish you to deceive. I only wish to be near to you. JAN, I shall wait for your answer. To me it is very bad. That you think of me so. Elena.
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