Letter(s) from Melda Brown to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

My love i went to the Immigration office today, and they cross checked all my documents and they saw no problem, I had to photostat all my papers.. Ouch Ghana,, Hmmm.. My passport, my Visa, and also my Birthday Certs.. everything... They said i am good to travel but i need to prove to the immigration How worthy of taking care of any uncertainties that may arise on my trip cuz my Visa is a tourist one for a Visit.. and we just talk and talk.. I just cant convince them... they are too Dumb for me.. I was given the form that I had Attached for you..

The Declaration form which states the reason why i need to secure My trip.. I dont have travelling insurance.. I made them understood.. that I am flying to my husband and that. he is gonna take care of me.. provide accomodation everthing. But No, these people are no where near this modern world to understand travelers like me.. showing me all kinda bureacratic stuffs in the constitution.. I was so pissed... Attached is the form, you can go through and know exactly what they trying to come up with for me I am really frustrated.. I cant drive back and forth.. knowing I am to take my trip on Monday..

Moreover i spoke with them at length and made them understand that i am having my basic travelling funds about 500 usd which is the only money i have left on me to travel with....but they said my basic traveling fund is not enough to travel with me on such a distance and that i will need at least a basic traveling funds of 10 000 USD to declare myself at the immigration check point. could be in travellers check, VISA travellers check.. and I was lost.. I feel like a stranger in Moscow in this little country..

Babe, this funds they asking for is just for a requirement sake at the immigration check point and will be on me till i get to you, as A show. to which Ghana Immigration deem it essential on traveller to secure his or her trip.. such that when he is there.. wont be a burden in his arrival place.. ensuring good diplomacy within the states.. thats explained to me... I strongly believe we can go through this stage since we almost through with every step in making our meeting a success. Well i am already holding an amount of 500 usd on me to travel with maybe i should search for more funds, babe i promise you that our love will forever survive if we can survive this last step together. Moreover this traveling funds will just be on me as a requirement and i will come to you with it. I think its all procedures for safety measure.. I talked to Chris my Uncle.. he says I need to come home .. so he can get or move some funds to me.. so when I come to you will get it back to him... We have waited for this moment of meeting and strongly believe it gonna be a success.... I just can't wait to see you at the airport waiting to welcome me.... I feel so happy inside and still having a butterfly feelings of making it together... Missing you a whole lot mylove,, Kisses all over you...hope to hear from you soon..

I love you.. Please call me now..