Letter(s) from Lisa Brown to Laney (USA)

Letter 1

Hello. thanks so much for the reply u gave to me here.well i will like to meet u in person after the exchange of email..or dont like that?? or dont u mind talking through sending of emails to each other i guess that is also of the best way to get to know more about each other and work things out let start now well..am into selling of computers and laptops from one country and states to another.that is what i do for a living ...am single lady never been married.seeking the right man of mylife am ready to relocate to the right man of my life.i need a man who can love me and care about me the way i will also love and take care of him and making happy of been a man...but just that am not happy right now
let working thing out am also new to this site i guess we both something great in common if u will like to talk more with me well willing to see ur reply

Letter 2

Here is the infos which you will need to help me in sending the money through Western Union Money Transfer

Reciver's Name...LISA BROWN
Test question,....Lisa
Test answer...Home

As soon as you get the money sent i will need you send me an email which all the infos which you use in sending the money such as

Sender's Full Name.....
Money transfer control number {MTCN}....

That is all the infos i will need you to mail me and i will be on my way to you there .. pls i will need you to email me as soon as you get the money sent

Letter 3

Yes as soon as you help me with the money i promise i will give you 1000 and yes i will have to come down with cargo to help me bring my car down to pine bluff...pls just promise me you will never hurt me and you will show me true love as soon as i get to you

Letter 4

Text me as soon as you wake up

Letter 5

Hey hun,.. are you mad at me or something why did you stop sending me text ??

Letter 6

So do you mean you wont be helping me with the $400 anymore ??? just tell me hun and let me know my faith

Letter 7

you there talk to me