Scam letter(s) from Valeria Shipiguzova to Abdul (Bahar)

Letter 1
Hello My Lovely Man and My Sun Abdul!!!!!!
Abdul I am very glad to receive your letter. Abdul On my person tears happiness, happiness is what you wrote to me that you do not leave me alone. I would have died if not received your letter. I would have been very bad.
Abdul I am responsible to you. Sorry, I figured that I could Be with you. I promised you to come by, but not directly to be do it.
Abdul I hope you will forgive me that I do not have made a promise. I really want to do it. But for that, I could come to you, it is necessary to pay 440 euro. In this cost shall:
Receiving a visa
Paying your taxes with taxes
A trip to Moscow
Living in Moscow.
Medical review, that I am not sick.
Thus it would be necessary to make a lot of what I could to be with you. Me said that all the official registration papers along with a trip to Moscow and medical review is about 130 euro and tickets from 310 euro or more. There are tickets and cheap, but I was a temporary information and hence the approximate cost.
Abdul, I think about it, where to get money, but I still can not find that way. I do not know what to do, to find that such a large sum.
My love Abdul you tell me something that I'm not ready to meet you, maybe you got me in something not understood correctly ... Conversely I really want to see you and strive for our meeting with you. Strive to make so that we can be with you and get to know each other as best we can. Do you understand me? I did not tell you what I do not want to meet you ...
To me very pleasantly that you do not throw me and care about me. This is a very brave on your part. I really appreciate you in these qualities. I hope that we can be with you in the near future ...
I love you Abdul!!!!!!
I would do all that we will be forever together and happy. You are my prince. Abdul You are my dream and I want to live in this world with you!
I can not imagine, since it is possible to live without you.
Your and only Your love and gentle Valeria
Letter 2
Hello my love Abdul!
I'm glad to get a letter from you.
How are you? How is your day today?
I hope that what you all right. In your letter you tell me what you will not leave this year. sorry, it means you can not come to my country ...
You asked for my details, my full name Valeriya Valerevna Shipiguzova and my full address Russia, Liski, Lenina street 7, flat 12, as well as my cell phone 89177342113.
You asked me what I would do if I were in your shoes, I think once you can not come to me, is just one way for me to come to you my love Abdul, but it is your decision and I do not I can make it for you, so you need to own to think about it and accept it, whether we continue our relationship with you or not ...
The most important thing that our relations were always trust each other, if it is not something we do not work with you or anything good. Because without trust there can be no public relations, you agree with me?
I love you very much and wish that all our dreams, realized one day. I hope that we can be with you very soon.
At this point I will finish my letter and I will wait your next letter, with your love Valeria
Letter 3
Hello my love Abdul!
I'm glad to get a letter from you!
How are you? How is your day?
I hope that what you all right, and your day is going well.
With me everything is fine and I am a normal working day today. I was very happy to get your dreams, you just can not imagine how happy I was! I am glad that I have such a wonderful and caring man who loves me and will support in any situation. I love you! I want to be with you, I want to bind our hearts and souls into one, so they were odim whole, that we share with you the joy and sorrow together, I want to spend my life just to you. During our correspondence with you, I understand how you mean a lot to me and how much you love me.
Previously I did when I could not believe what I was able to meet such a wonderful man on the internet as you, it all seems to me what that tale, but I understand what it is we have you in reality and I am very happy about it. I love you very much and I hope that we will soon be able to be with you together. I really need you!
I see you decided to help me with the ticket ... what you noble!
Abdul, I thank you for your help! but unfortunately you can not buy me a ticket ... because the agency does not assume any obligation, if the ticket is purchased not with them. have a contract with a travel agency ... I have to do all they ... visa, passport, insurance and many other documents. if I'm going to do everything myself that it will take lots of time ... but it is very hard to make travel very, very difficult to get a visa ... For this I have to travel several times to the embassy in Moscow! it also costs ... difficult to do the most ... I'm not opustna, it is better it will be done by professionals! so I want to make documents available on the agency.
But if I want to make the documents in the agency that I should buy a ticket and ... according to the law of tourist business, agencies are not beneficial to their client did everything myself ... they have made a such a law, so that customers do everything through them ....
explained to me why .... If I sign a contract with the agency, they provide full safety of my flight and my life insurance, on the arrival time you have ..... They bear a heavy responsibility to the state for me. so I must find the money for the trip ... : (
But you just asked me how could you send money to me ... If I understand you correctly, what you want to help me so that I could do a full set of documents in his travel agency, right?
I have heard that there is firm MoneyGram, which provides money transfers, which makes it very easy and convenient, but I have never heard something more about her. I would be interested in and go to them in the firm to learn more about how it works and what it takes.
I do not know if you can help me, but my trip is very expensive for me. I do not know where to find 440 euro, with my ridiculous salary, I can not find it myself. I hope that you have a solution that in our situation with you.
I will wait your next letter. I wish you a wonderful evening.
With love yours Valeria
Letter 4

Oh my dear Abdul!!!
I have for you news! My lovely Abdul I have just come from embassy had conversation with the adviser. The adviser has told to me that is generally rules known there are such rules for those who came in Ireland and other countries. Dear Abdul your ambassadors are afraid that people go in Ireland for work as prostitution. Or simply illegally to work. They wish to secure themselves against it.
Therefore published the law that each emigrant going under the tourist visa in Ireland should have at itself a living wage. For Ireland it makes 30 euro on every day. For the Europe there is such rule too. But there the living wage should make little bit less. Approximately 20-30 euro on every day. As my official visit to you 90 day it means that is necessary for me 2700 euro. I am not guilty in that there is such law.
And I very much was upset in it. I very sensitive person. And it is very unpleasant factor for me honey. You know that I have no this money. I took money only for the visa and the ticket. This money are necessary to me simply to show them at customs. If you want our meeting as I am and will help in it that at a meeting with you I at once shall give them to you my dear Abdul. You know that I have no many money and not one in a many my friends have no is so much money.
I at deadlock dear. Such as you was so a near to me and now you start to keep away. In fact remains so not many time up to a meeting with you. And now there are such problems. But we are created to overcome problems arising on our love way. And I sincerely hope that I shall see, embrace and kiss you. I love you my dear Abdul, I miss you!
With love only your Valeriya.
Letter 5
My lovely Abdul !!!
I am simple in a shock....... I do not know what to do...... Me have not started up in the plane! I could not fly to you! My god... I do not know that has happened.... They simply have not started up me aboard the plane! To me have informed that I cannot fly and I should solve my problems with bank! I thought that it simply joke!!! But they have told that do not joke and will not start up me aboard the plane!
MY sweety I was in a panic! I have started to cry and beg that me have started up!!! I spoke them that probably it simply mistake.... I did not understand in what business! If I am fair even now do not understand that has happened! I in a panic and in a hysterics.......... My sweety now I should collect the thoughts and think what to do further! I shall go now to bank and I find out why they have not allowed to take off to me from the country! My lovely I think that it simply any mistake and I am confident that it not on long and all will be good! As soon as I shall return from bank I at once I shall write to you!!!!!! My sweety do not worry about it..... Now I shall understand all and I hope that to me will change the ticket and we can be together!!!!!!!! with love your Valeriya.
Letter 6
Hi my lovely Abdul!
I am happy to see your letter! I very much was frightened when yesterday have not seen your letter in the mail box! Probably your letter is not has not cunning me! So Abdul... All is very a pity to me that so it has turned out! It is very inconvenient me before you! You waited for me but I have not arrived to you! The truth is very a pity to me in fact I too very much wished to see you and to be with you!!!!
I simply hate my country! Why they could not tell earlier that will not let out me from the country! Then we could consider an exit from this situation!
I just went to bank and spoke with bankers! They to me have told that cannot let off me from the country! First I should give all of money for an apartment and then I can do that I want! I simply was in a shock! I really did not know about it!
I have started to work in hospital! It was 4 years ago! At this time our president was Putin! He very much worries about people in our country! He is the unique person which makes all that people in our country lived well!
And so.... he has signed the new law! In this law it was spoken about that that the salary of people rises and that it is possible to receive own apartment! It was very pleasant surprise for me!
At that time I could not dream of it at all! I have in detail found out about that how to receive an apartment!
The state has paid for me half of sum of an apartment and the rest I should pay!
Finest that that I could give this money in current of several years!
I consulted on my mum and she has told that it very well!
My mum have told to me that will help me to pay money to bank for an apartment!
I have signed the contract with bank and I should pay every month money from the salary!
I spoke you that my salary 80 euro in a month!
My official salary 210 euro in a month!
Every month the bank takes away from my salary 130 euro. Also my parents help me to give money to bank!
We have already given 5100 euro. The full sum 24200 euro. Now my duty to bank 19100 euro. From for this money me have not started up from the country!
In bank to me have told that while I shall not pay this money they will not let out me from the country!
I was in despair! I the truth do not know what to do! I very much wish to be with you!
But then I had an idea! I hate this country! I any more do not wish to live in Russia!!!!
I do not like this country! Each person to care only of itself! More nothing holds Me in this country!
I wish to be with you and only with you! You are necessary to me!
So my Abdul I now wish to sell these an apartment and for ever to leave to you!
We shall live together and we shall love each other! Market cost of my apartment is very high! It nearby 47000 euro.
I need to be given money to bank 5100 euro. And then I can sell an apartment!
My sweety Abdul I have not spent your money which you have sent me! I have not spent any euro!
You know that you my unique love! I know that now my unique meaning of the life it you!
I any more do not represent the life without you!
Now I sit I write this letter and to crying. We so close were from each other!
But because of money all it has turned out so badly! I hate money!
Because of these ***** pieces of paper people suffer and now I suffer also because I can not be with favourite and to create the family!!!!
My sweety Abdul I beg you help me to sell my apartment! Then I will have enough money to arrive to you!
At me on hands will be 47000 euro. The bank took your 2000 euro, which you sent to me.
Please give we shall try to sell my apartment! If to consider this money that to me it is necessary to pay 3100 more euro.
Please my dear give we shall make it! If we shall pay this sum that at us there will be many money and I shall bring all this money to you!
I simply do not see other way! I thought that I shall be with you! I thought that we will have a fine family! But now because of money all my dreams have collapsed! I so wished to be with you and only with you! My god as my dreams were fine! We wished to walk together on a beach, wished to love each other, wished to be together! But now because of these ***** pieces of paper all collapses!
My god and I so close was to you!
Now I wish to leave this country for ever! I see the future only in you!
My lovely Abdul I all heart wish to be with you and with anybody more!
I know that when we shall be together all it will be very good also we shall create fine family!
The most important to pass these problems now and then all will be good!
I so so so so love you also I wish to be only with you!
I trust.... No.... I know that you love me and will make all that we were together!
I trust in you because you at me the best and I very much hope that at all of us will turn out!
I want that you always remembered that I so so so love you and I wait that minute when I can feel your heat of a body!!!!
I with impatience shall wait your letter!
Kisses for my love Abdul!
With love only your Valeriya.
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