Letter(s) from Polina Terentjeva to Peter (France)

Letter 1

Hi my darling sunshine Peter!!! My love, I am so happy to receive a letter from you:) And missed you so much, and your voice also!!! Darling, I was also waiting so so much for your call, but the phone was always silent. Darling, and also you are right, my telephone company is MTS, they have sometimes troubles with the connection, but yesterday some of my friends have called me, and everything was OK, so I am a bit surprised with the troubles!!!

Darling, and also I have spoken to Dad concerning money for the trip to you. You ask me if they are against, no they are not. They trust my choice and also they can easily understand that I have my own life, that I wish to build, to have relations with a man, love also!!! So, that is why it does not become a problem for them at all, and I am happy for that!!! So and concerning the money Dad shall be able to give me only 50 dollars, but please do not think that he is greedy or something like that. He has told me that now he does not have much, as all the savings they made with my Mom they have spent for changing the batteries in flat. Because now the central heating has been given, and we needed to change them immediately. He has only told me that shall have the salary at the beginning of November, and Mom also, and then he shall be able to give me 50 dollars. Just he really does not have much. Because he gets around 250 dollars per month, and for that money live Diana, Mom, he and me also. And from that money he needs to pay for flat and to buy food. So that shall be difficult, and I hope a lot that you could understand that. I am also sure that if he had that money, then he would give them to me with great pleasure for sure and even refuse to get money from you. So, darling, I shall need your help in it. And concerning the Visa, I have the application, the list of the necessary documents also, and I know the procedure. I have read about it in the Internet and also the travel agent has told me! Darling, and I think that you also have not understood me very much correctly about the Visa. The travel agency can not help with getting the Visa, and of course I shall need to do everything by myself, I shall need to go by myself to Kiev to the embassy, and to give all the documents. Just the travel agency has consulted me concerning all the costs. The payment to the embassy of France shall be 35 euro as I remember, or 40, do not remember exactly. But they have counted for me how much the insurance costs, which is necessary, the costs of applying necessary documents, photos, everything!!! She has not included in that cost only the payment for the train tickets! So, the travel agency can help me only in applying my passport darling, and that is all, and all the other I shall need to do myself!

You have asked for my postal address and it is: Ukraine, Nikolaev town, street Kirova, 21/10.

My sunshine, excuse me, need to go already, and hope a lot to hear your voice today!!

Love you and kiss you everywhere, yours Polina